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January 22, 2002     The Ortonville Independent
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January 22, 2002

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NOTICE PROXIMITY OWNERS AND LOCAL OFFICIALS LINTY PLANNING COMMISSION given that the Big Commission will hearing on Tuesday, 12, 2002 in the Memorial 7:00 p.m. in Clinton, MN. ;ion Permit: David M. Gens (Gibson) Gens Government Lot 4, Lots 1, 2, 3 and 5, Township 122, Range 44. permit requests the above property on Lake into six lots to be called Section 7.1. of the Big Shoreland Management 1993 specifies that each lot Jgh subdivision must be natural state for the use with minimal alteration. sons interested may appear . at said time and place, or Views in writing or by : L/l)ntative. If you know of any 4A property owner who for an " s &apos; Y .me!]_ n..recelved a copy of this ",=-tfmase Inlorm him/her of the time 2Tll.of the heering ;ermJ[January 3 2002 o, S,o.o Coon00 t ,_h e Planning Commission NE vrlnmental Officer no i (dan. 22, 2002) NOTICE PUBLIC HEARING given that there will -uarmg held by the Upper Valley Area Agency on hearing will be held at 1:00 February 5, 2002 at the Civic Center for the Area .002 implementation regiver funds. of the hearing is to kregiver support networking respite and will employ a be accepted at the k office in Appleton prior to the or accepted at the public (Jan. 22, 2002) B,.g Stone County Pr::ipitatJon Data ''''""'' Cross-Cultural Updated by John C_,uraam ,,,17, Adventure: A   1=  1=  ,, .o,.     2ooo ,.   South Dakota Janiry 0.72 076 004 0.61 -011 220 1.48 3.19 2.47 1.19 0.47 1 18 0.46 0 77 005 1 23 0 51 Fcuacy 0.66 0.93 0 27 029 -0.37 056 -0 10 0.53 -0.13 1.13 0.47 0.16 -050 105 039 205 1=39 , 137 053 ,, 3,, 11 0,2 -085 143 00, 191 05, 1-4, 007 09, -0,0 05, -081 Family in China Apcil 2.24 4.31 2.07 298 074 0.60 -1.64 322 0.98 2.71 047 1 72 -0.52 1 31 -093 6.30 4.06 May 2 73 1 50 -1 23 3.39 066 4.25 1.52 0.99 -1.74 2.99 0.26 4 14 141 371 098 2.91 0.18 361 222 -1.39 298 -0.63 1.54 -2.07 2.01 -1.60 3.13 -0.48 2.11 -150 2 11 -150 3.99 038 by Lyle D. Olson July 3.39 541 202 6 51 312 5 05 1.66 3 63 0.24 515 1 76 391 0.52 739 400 372 0.33 AugUSt 3.01 2.26 -075 519 2,18 3.39 038 359 0.58 3.37 0.36 209 -0.92 0.70 -2.31 163 -138 September 2.19 2 55 036 3.58 139 3.22 1.03 1.37 -082 0"6 -173 22' 007 274 055 316 097 The "To Do" List: Jan. 21, 2002 209 2 94 085 304 0.95 4 23 2 14 359 1.50 4 63 2.54 021 -188 151 -0 58 0 79 -130 0.99 094 -0.05 0.24 -0.75 1.57 058 O64 -,0.35 155 056 006 -,093 437 3,38 2J7 11s SDSU professors have been Now there's a Walmart in o     13._4 1_20 0.17 .o.37   o.22 :z   0.  traveling to Kunming since 1987. Kunming, with larger-sized and Total 2354 2459 1.05 328.4 930 28.87 8.33 24.36 0.82 2841 487 19.50 -4.04 2752 3.98 2856 502 That longevity is really helpful. In inexpensive clothes we're told. We 1985 David Hilderbrand, now dean don't know exactly what it stocks, rotal excess Preopitation January1,199411vough Dec, ember 31, 2001equals 2633 inches of the Graduate School, went to and the labels will be in Chinese. China with other chemistry depart- We do know that previously hard- Memorials mcnt heads. "Although I visited to-obtain items will be available. several universities, it was in many Tap water is not safe to drink or Independent want ads forcancer ways serendipity that wc wound up use for brushing teeth, so professors with an exchange agreement" with engaged in a daily routine el"boiling The following memorials were Yunnan Normal, he wrote in an e- and filtering water. Bottled water , received by Frances Fridgen mail. "To my knowledge, of the 15 and a water machine now eliminate CARD OF THANKS Memorial chairperson in memory of: or so universities involved in that that hassle. Cards of The family of Ralph Karels would Verna Plata by Betty Van Lith. first visit, our exchange agreement Our what-to-take list includes thanks like to thank the Bellingham First Shirley Kanten by Helen is the only ongoing relationship gifts for officials, students and Responders, Marietta Ambulance, Dr. Skogberg that ever developed." Chinese who befriend us. We'll Bob Ross and Dr. Huntington, and Myrna Howen by Orin Haukos. We've gotten advice from those take Mount Rushmore posters, CARD OF THANKS the whole nursing staff at the John McCallum by Ervin who preceded us, as well as assis- South Dakota pins, SDSU pen and The families of Ruth Kilvington Ortonville Hospital. Your support and Mikkelsons, Shirley Kindt, Fran tance from Kunming natives. Last pencil sets, Jackrabbit Journalist would like to thank everyone for the care for Ralph and us was wonderful. Fridgen. Orin Haukos. Robert week Jin Liping, a graduate stu- mugs, Harvey Dunn postcards and kindnesses shown to us at the time of To Fr. Bob for the many visits, sup- Schreincr, Miranda Redfield, Joan dent, wrote the address in Chinese Greg and Jodi Latza's books (Back Ruth's death. The staff of Northridge port and prayer that was given to Ronglien, David Jones, Jan Fellows, for our shipments, on the Farm; Hometown, SD and were wonderful in the gentle way Ralph and our family. We would also Tom Kindt, Helen McPherson, Betty He Rui, also attending SDSU, is South Dakota: An Alphabetical they cared for Mum and we thank like to thank everyone who visited, Saeger and Adeline Burgess. a former employee in the Yunnan Scrapbook ). them for that more than they can sent cards, flowers, food and phone Alice Gess by Jim Loeschke. Normal office that handles Some gifts will serve double know. Thank you also to Pastor calls. To Zahrbock Funeral Home for Ray Karels by Jeanette Fedt, Joan exchange professors. She went to duty. Before giving away the Shalom for her gentle touches, caring taking care of the arrangements. To Ronglien and Berthold Hillman. Kunming during Christmas break. Latzas' books, I'll use them to teach words and prayers and thank you to the grandchildren, great grandchil- John and Carrie Jurgens by John She delivered my resume, a box of both language and culture. Ditto for all of the special people who brought dren and in-laws who helped make Jurgens. items and said she would check out Joseph Marshall's Likuta Way, food, sent cards, visited with us or the service special to us. To Steve, Robert Ronglien by Lucille our apartment to "makc sure every- John Miller's South Dakota: A remembered us in thought and prayer. Susan and Kassi Karels for the beau- Luchsinger. thing is in order." Journey Through Time and other GaleMitteistaedt, tifui music. Thanks to St. Mary's If) lights in memory of past Last summer I met Yanhong resources. Lynn, Dave and Melissa Corcoran, Circle for the wonderful meal. It's Moose members and families from Huang, who had just finished her One's birthplace and family are Merle Kilvington, wonderful to live in a small commu- the Moose Lodge #407. master's degree. She's teaching important in China. Material from Angel, Greg and Naomi Zollner, nity, with so many caring people. 2) lights in memory of Jean English at Yunnan Agricultural the Glacial Lakes and Prairies Tonya, Rod, Zach and 52-1 The Families of Ralph Karels Nelson from her daughter and family, University. I will deliver her diplo- Tourism Association will help us Karen and Rob Hardwick, Jack and ma. In an e-mail this week, she said share our roots. We'll take the Taylor Barnhardt, CARD OF THANKS David. she is looking forward to welcom- Olson family history book my aunt 52-1 Shelly and Matt Bernhardt We would like to thank all our rel- ing us. recently finished and a Powerpoint CARD OF THANKS atives and friends for the cards, Ride ,Safe ... Oh, thejoy of contacts and foot- presentation of our lives in eastern Thanks for the second prize I won memorials, flowers and food brought stay on the steps to follow! There is, however, South Dakota. at the Water Monitor open house on to our home after the death of our a slight problem-China changes We'll take pharmaceuticals, card Tuesday, Jan. 8th. dad, Raymond Kareis. A special trail, continually, so it's hard to get a games, a laptop computer and a 52-1 Cathy Karels thank you to Father Bob for his visits handle on exactly what to take. printer. We'll each have a camera. to see Dad, his prayers and his words When Dick Lee, my department If we have room we might toss in w Check oat our web site at  of comfort. Thank you to Fr. Agdus head, went in 1991, many items instant oatmeal, Grape Nuts, maca- ww.ortonviUeindependent.eomj] Karels, Fr. Roman Spars, Fr. were difficult to get. MaryJo, his roni and cheese and chocolate Ambrose Karels and Fr. Bob for cele- wife, likes popcorn but couldn't (mostly for me). , brating the mass, to the Rosen and find any. If they saw peanut butter In spite of changes through the Ortonville choir, mass servers, to at a market, they bought it immedi- years, we have learned for certain Are you or someone you know Catholic Aid members who said the ately because it might not be there from those who have gone before us a victim of Domestic Violence? rosary and the ladies of St. John who again. Others had trouble finding that our experiences will be price- The abuse can be prepared and served the meal. Thank clothes that fit. less. PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, you to the Ortonville Hospital staff SEXUAL. and the Northridge nursing staff for all the love and care they gave Dad "" If you need help or just want to while he was a patient there. Thank talk, call you to all who remembered him with FULL , THE WOMEN'S ADVOCACY prayers and visits, especially Fr. RESOURCE CENTER Agdus and Sally Roggenbuck. A spy- 320-839-2.331 or 800-974.-33p9 cial thank you to Dr. DeLuge for hi prayers, his caring and thoughtful All services are free and ways during this difficult time, and to confidential." the Zahrbock Funeral Home for all COLOR - - the" courtesy shown to us. May God mmmmmlmm bless all of you. Ei.ghth Judicial District Raymond Karels FamilYl I-I] uardlans ad Lltem PHOTOS DRYWALL &  Eighth Judicial District is seeking Guardians ad Litem to 20 hourSforOrtheleSSinterestsPer monthof childrenaS an independentinvolved contractor STUCCO of any  )citing in the court Sheetrocki Taping Texturing Ill ystem. Training and supervision provided. Must have FREE  digital r--Oh r--"h ine, healthy concern for and rapport with children and be,,e helpful.  CallEenings'CntactJohn o- o;:ra o attend local court sessions during daytime hours. Some 321}-568-2149 or teJ!'J Hourly stipend paid and expenses reimbursed. lkell 605-432-1752 . )rtm _ .,pplication forms available b caliin 320 231 6570 The Ortonville ' o co " Y g " - am. t y ntacting Eighth Judicial District Administration, DRIVERS, OTR i I P.O. Box lO;7ioislm::uMNst562Oln t: by e-mad: preferred.Reefer experienCeLate model Independent staff, conventionals, will be reproduced on ' APPLICATION DEADLINE: Call Pat 4:30 PM - Tuesday, February 19, 2002 1-800-843-9933 photo quality " 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM M-F paper. tinnesoh ClossfeJ AJ,,ehsnq rtwoA M C A ..... www.m n news FX] pePne'.op q i  sizes up to 8"xl 0" $S OO " Call 800-247-0507 hocnea/. Great fishi and near na01ea. Century 21 lsl RD OFFUTT COMPANY Soultm Trust. 800f255-9487 m Pett'ta MN is .g a 11 lirae Ilrs/l'p oerson. For .LORADo CREEKFRONT - more mkxmation please  218,'346-5557 NORTH CAPTIVE, FLORIDA Now moe than eyed Let our tt<l ilul retreat restore -,----.-,,=,.ur P.ooty Mtn " --- your soul. Vacation in un,ue  homes, rx,t,'xa m l r__ _ vuvat :x)O ys  wtr o b'nk our comers, . aOviom or ttNt hour ,-,'u,nioo 'lt.  One a recorO  2001. Cah prizse, t Jam out fr IlaO". 800/472-786 w't.safetyl' ---, . la. 800/41-4875 VENICE BEACH FLORIDA Con'do ae guest rooa w kitchen, sos I lx:Imom r,e w/paste 0eachvw, Ir,i, acuzzL JOHNSON FARMS TRUCKING po, ,,,lk to hlstlc ao,,mtown.  'eakla . NO Is loolang Io OTR drhem, owner omtto. L49 malllab lr d. NO no.,l rns. irudea 800/255-8471 www inn- at -tt',e-beechom "1'Ida,, Available At  w", a,,., o, ,,..,xt .t. ,, th"_ ovr" mi.k p to roug..'t Minnmmta? Call this GOT A CAMPGROUND MEMBERSHIP CASH OR TIMEsHARE? te Csrvh kx stttlured nts, afllui, real We'll take  Sef41  Of ? Carl  10esl. Don't -" " ' "'-" '*-" " THE Ir or MNA for more lotldll use the rest! World WOe Vacaor',s 800/423.5967 ms,arance gayouts. 800/794-7310. __ 612-332.8844 www, re.saea o. EXPLORE Minnesota fortravelinfo:651-296-5029orS00.657.3700 0 -.----- INDEPENDENT _-=-n,,m you can lace yo Explore ,-s--,,=,o,,t Ev,,.o,o,. Minn4sota ad,,-',,ll ..,.....o.eto.o 29 NW Second Street Ortonville. MN 56278 [ %- Phone 320-839-6163 Fax 320-839-6157 ly, Jan. 22, 2002 ----= "'" INDEPENDENT Page 11 []