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January 27, 1998     The Ortonville Independent
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January 27, 1998

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L O rt01lah -- . " " &apos;" NOTICE e0000ubhc notices TCI CABLEVISlON OF MN, INC. r Ma Effective with March 1998 bills, TCI of cept  Minnesota, Inc. will make the following D price changes Ih the communities listed, e Ort ECON be,ow The service rate adjustment(s)" i el P alll lJ .esVth .... NU ,f00rGA00E FO ,nd r udu ARE NOTI )ve ault D AMENDED PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE FORECLOSURE SALE January 12, 1998 FlED THAT: has occurred in the conditions 'v--"ea Dv I-)ennis D. "r'd n',rlgage dated July 6 1994, "l y " . D agt and Carol .juragt, husband and wife, as econulgagors to Minnwest Bank )atitahtief'=, f a r corporation, as Mortgagee, .tl_fi!, o record on July 6, 1994, in mms/ice of the County Recorder of the , I%-named county as Document No. ey w, Book 140 of Mortgages, Pages anranFt450. The Minnwest entered into a ,: and Mortgage Modification n:rymwe:; fdiatced October 21, 1994 _m, o record with the g ,Pg _'--'l'he land describe in the Jegel.Jgage is registered land. 3pro_v,je Mortgage has been ass gned as e tow,vs: None ty  original pnncipal amount secured t of Ihe Mortgage was: Two Hundred came"JlB n Thousand and no/100 d s .,000.00). nent iI action or proceed ng at law is now : W .ong to recover the debt secured by rk. lJortgage, or any part thereof. Jpe holder of the Mortgage has r, s =eplied with a l conditions precedent aut.nlleration of the debt secured by J, se the date of this notice the amount officil July; I, filinl =sitiol sheR OLVE BoS um be h abet lee d ntra Set fforl eco -naini cus gre te th e pn rms n the r insU the Mortgage and taxes, if any, 3Y the holder oi the Mortgage is HUndred Eighty-seven Thousand Hundred Eighty-four and 01/100 ,584.01). uant to the power of sale in the lage, the Mortgage will be sed, and the land descnbed as .JonGvemment Lot Two (2), Thirty-two (32), Township Hundred Twenty-two (122) ,u, Hang e Forty-six (46) West of 5 P.M., WHICH INCLUDES Lot ' (3) of said Government Lot Two I:XCEPTING THEREFROM ts Six (6) and Seven (7), Subject . at of said Outlots 6 and 7; 3 EXCEPTING THEREFROM Four (4) and Five (5) of said vemment Lot 2, GETHER WITH the dght to use the ght-of-way descdbed as Sub- ; A" on Plat, filed for recoro in me Recorder's office in Large Plat s, Page 27, subject to Trunk ,,way hght of way. e  by the County Sheriff ot Big '= ounty, Minnesota, at public on on March 12 1998, at 10:00 at the Big Sto;e County Law rcement Center Ortonville e time allowed by law for nption by Mortgagors or lsg. re" personal representatives or _, ,, twelve (12) months after the = sale. CLOSE PROXIMITY OWNERS AND LOCAL OFFICIALS BIG STONE COUNTY PLANNING COMMISSION Notice is hereby given that the Big Stone County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, February 10, 1998 in the Memorial Building at 7:00 p.m. in Clinton, MN Conditional Use Permit: Goldie A. Schmidt, Trustee of the Revocable Trust Agreement of Goldie A. Schmidt, Hazel Dawson and Mildred K. Nelson Legal Descdption: SE 1/4 NE 1/4, and Government Lots 1 and 2, Section 6, Township 120, Range 44; Excepting therefrom Railroad right-of-way and Subject to Highway dght-of-way. AND SW 1/4 NE 1/4, Section 6, Township 120, Range 44; Excepting that part lying below the 945 foot contour line as shown on the right-of-way map of the Lac qui Pade Reservoir Project, dated October 22, 1935; and taken for Flood Control purposes by Final Certificate recorded in Book "M" of Miscellaneous, age 362, in the office of the County ecorder, Big Stone County, Minnesota. This conditional use permit is to allow purchase of the above described property by the Department of Natural Resources. The above described property is zoned as A-l, Agricultural Preservation District, and the request complies with Section of the Big Stone County Land and Related Resources Ordinance, 1992. All persons interested may appear and be heard at said time and place, or submit views in writing or by representative. If you know of any interested property owner who, for any reason, has not received a copy of this notice, please inform him/her of the time and place of the headng. Dated: January 23, 1998 By order of the Big Stone County Planning Commission Ronda Mass, Deputy Environmental Officer 20 SE 2nd Street Ortonville, MN 56278 (Jan. 27, 1998) NOTICE OF VARIANCE REQUEST PUBLIC HEARING BY THE BOARD OF APPEAL AND ADJUSTMENT OF THE CITY OF ORTONVlLLE Notice is hereby given that on Tuesday, February 10, 1998, the City of Ortonville's Board of Appeal and Adjustment will hold a Public Headng at the City Offices located at 315 Madison Avenue at 5:15 p.m. At the Public Hearing the Board will consider a variance request by. .Rural Cellular Corporation and the City of Ortonville. The legal description of the property is Lots Four (4), Five (5), Six (6) and Seven (7), Block Two (2), Crestview Addition, City of Ortonville. The variance request, if granted, would allow Rural Cellular Corporation to utilize Lots Four (4) and Flve (5) for a reflect updated inflation, applicable franchise related costs and programming fees, among other factors. CITY OF ORTONVILLE, MN MN0013; CITY OF BIG STONE CITY, SD SD0024 BASIC SERVICE Current Rate ............................. $20.83 New Rate ................................... 21.99 UNWIRED HOME INSTALLATION Current Rate ............................. $37.50 New Rate .................................... 44.95 WIRED HOME INSTALLATION Current Rate ............................. $18.75 New Rate ................................... 24.95 ADDITIONAL OUTLET CONNECTION (at time of initial install) Current Rate ............................. $12.50 New Rate ..........  ......................... 12.50 ADDITIONAL OUTLET CONNECTION (requiring separate tdp) Current Rate ............................. $18.75 New Rate .................................... 18.75 MOVE OUTLET Current Rate ............................. $18.75 New Rate .................................... 18.75 UPGRADE OF OPTIONAL SERVICES (requidng separate tnp) Current Rate ............................. $1250 New Rate .......... : ......................... 12.95 DOWNGRADE OF OPTIONAL SERVICES (requinng separate tnp) Current Rate ............................. $12.50 New Rate ...................................... 6.95 HOURLY SERVICE CHARGE Current Rate ............................. $25.00 New Rate .................................... 29.00 REMOTE CONTROL Current Rate ................................. $.20 New Rate ......................................... 20 BASIC ONLY EQUIPMENT* Current Rate ............................... $1.50 New Rate ...................................... 1.50 NON-BASIC ONLY STANDARD EQUIPMENT** Current Rate ............................... $3.00 New Rate ...................................... 3.00 *Available to customers who subscribe to basic service and use a converter to tune basic service only. *'Available to customers with a converter that subscribe to services beyond the basic level of service (i.e. a premium service).  ..... Non-standard (aerial beyono ]'o or existing cable plant or underground) installations not listed above will be charged at the houdy service charge. Commercial and premium installations are priced separately. Rates are exclusive of applicable franchise fees, FCC user fees and taxes. All prices and services, including programming, channel locations and packaging are subject to change. Depending on levels of service or programming taken, additional equipment and installation charges may apply. Customers must subscribe to basic service to receive other optional services. The local franchise authority address and phone number can be located on your monthly bill. If you have questions, please contact us at: TCI CAblevision of MN, Inc. 321 So. Main, P.O. Box 144 dizi, )tion )rge to w cou tern two )ss -AYI ler. taB I cel ;oi'= AFl_uagel, Hel,!)eth McLaughlin, - nderson & Brutla Charter =3 ed , W*J ....Mct.aughlin #127.3 s =...,o st. NW ,n -;=" 3' MO,gage t. 13, 20, 27, Feb 3 10 nt 9-2549 , ,17, 1998) NOTICE for _. am =, DIb'RIOT COURT nt l-l'l JUDICIAL DISTRICT rtBATIE COURT DIVISION " hi=gll OF MINNESOTA :uLY_QF BIG STONE a btOAJNFORMAL PROBATE OF 't =*tN. D APPOINTMENT OF m r... R_EPRESENTATIVE AND , To CREorro.s ngD W. HOOGESTRAAT, cellular tower and allow the City of ' Milbank, SD 57252 MTIME ALLOWED BY LAW FOR Ortonville to utilize Lots Six (6) and 1-800-843-4265 PTION BY THE MORTGA_GOR ' Seven (7) to construct a water tower. (Jan. 27, 1998) / This would leave a minimum tpt depth of ," iM-OR-T-GOR'S PERSONAL One Hundred Twenty FourJc124) feet for E_SENTATIVES OR ASSIGNS YLDREDUCED TO FIVE WEEKS each entity. Sectiq,-I Four (4), NOTICE iER A,L,RRDER IS ENTERED Subdivision Six (6) (C) of the Zoning PROBATE COURT Ordinance requires a minimum lot depth " EIGHTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT l'" '_"''UTA STATUTES, of not less than One Hundred Fifty(150) '82.032, DETERMINING, PROBATE DIVISION feet. COURT RLE NO. P6-89-19 |T ^ UTHER THINGS, THAT THE Persons desiring to be heard with I:lr =,-,GED PR OV EMISES ARE reference to the proposed variance STATE OF MINNESOTA 'IL' =WITH A RESIDENTIAL COUNTY OF BIG STONE =' '" OR LESS THAN FIVE request will be heard at this meeting ORDER FOR HEARING PETTnON IARE NOT PROPERTY USED ORTONVlLLE PLANNING COMMISSION/BOARD OF APPEAL FOR DESCENT OF PROPERTY - ICULTURAL PRODUCTI IN RE: ESTATE OF !ARE ABANDONED. ON, AND ADJUSTMENT (Jan. 27, t998) GARY VAUGHN SITTER, Deceased !RESTED PERSONS iven that an robate of the will, dated has been filed with and the application informally probating ' objections may be filed in and the same upon notice of _given that ntment of Russel W. address is RR 1, Box SD 57216, as of the estate of decedent, has been devisee or other person may be entitled to personal representative appointment of the resentative and the is empowered the estate including, the date of issuance the power to sell, or distribute real objections thereto are (PUrsuant tO Section NOTICE PUBLIC HEARING CITY OF ORTONVILLE, MINNESOTA Notice is hereby given that a PUBLIC HEARING shallbe held on Friday, February 6th at noon in the Economic Development Authority Conference Room located at 41 NW Second Street, Ortdnville, MN to consider applications for Border City Enterprise Zone Tax Credits. The applicants, the County Assessor, representatives of the affected taxing authorities and any taxpayer of the municipality may be heard or may present their views in writing at or before the meeting. At the conclusion of such Hearing, the Border City Enterprise Zone Committee shall decide if recommendations to the City Council for Border'City Tax Credits requests is advisabl. Dated this 27th day of January, 1998. Border City Enterprise Zone Tax CredttCommittee of Ortonville, Minnesota Jeanette Knip, Enterpds Zone Coordinator (Jan. 27, Feb. 3, 1998) NOTICE OTREY TOWNSHIP NOTICE OF INTENT TO ISSUE CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the town board of Otrey Township, Big Stone County, Minnesota has adopted the following resolution: WHEREAS, the township board has determined that the Township is in need of operating funds to pay contractors for road repairs as a result of the 1997 spd fkxd; VnEREAS, approximately $40,000 must be raised in order Io have sufficient funds for the township to pay The petition of Phyllis Arlene Sitter, dated January 14, 1998, having been filed in this Court representing that the above named decedent has been dead for more than three years leavinO certain property therein described, and requesting the probate of the last will of each decedent, if any, and the descent of said property be determined and assigned by the court to the persons entitled thereto. IT IS HEREBY ORDERED, that said etition be heard on the 18th day of ebruary at 8:30 o'clock A.M. by the above named Court at Ortonville, State of Minnesota. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the petitioner gave notice of said heating in the manner prescribed by M.S.A. 524.1- 401 to all persons entitled to notice pursuant to M.SA 524.3-204. Dated: January 21, 1998 Gerald J. Seibel, Judge of District Court Diana Shelstsd, Court Administrator by Julia Berger, Deputy Attorney for Personal Representative Germain B. Kunz FLUEGEL, HELSETH, McLAUGHUN, ANDERSON & BRUTLAG, CHARTERED 212 - 2nd St NW Ortonville, MN 56278 320) 839-2549 32o) s39-2.0 Attorney Ucense No. #59018 (Jan 27, Feb, 3, 1998) PROCEEDINGS OF THE BIG STONE COUNTY BOARD (continued from page 8b) advertise Unit #3 and expand the offenng to the open market, with bids to be opened at 11:00 A.M. February 3rd. Motion carded. Mr. Pettis discussed correspondence adopt the followil r e,lution: BE IT RESOLVED, by the Board of Commissioners of Big Stone County, Minnesota, the County Highway Engineer be and he hereby is authorized and instructed to pay by regular rates for 1998 for all hourly county highway employees; BE IT FURTHERRESOLVED, that the County Highway Engineer be and he hereby is mstructedto hire such miscellaneous and semi-skilled labor and such machinery and equipment as may from time to time be required at the prevailing rates in the community. Motion made by Throndrud, seconded by MaRs and carried to adopt the following resolution: 98-03 BE IT RESOLVED, by the Board of Commissioners of Big Stone County, Minnesota, the County Highway Engineer be and he hereby is authonzed to purchase gravel material from venous pits at the prevailing rates for graveling and regraveling Big Stone Coun.ty roads dudng the year of 1998. Motmn made by Krueger, seconded by MaRS and carried to adopt the following resolution: 98-04 BE IT RESOLVED, by the Board of Commissioners of Big Stone County, Minnesota, the County Highway Engineer be and he hereby is authorized and instructed to pay by regular payroll up to the amount of five thousand dollars for emergencies off the regular county road system. Motion made by Lane, seconded by KrueRer and carried to adopt the following resolution: 98 - 05 BE IT RESOLVED, by the Board of Commissioners of Big Stone County, Minnesota, the County Highway Engineer be and he hereby is authorized and directed topaz, the prevailing rate for per cubic ;erdm,le for hauling equipment used in the sudacing and resurfacing of-county roads. The rental of compensation for such equipment shall include operators, fuel, lubricants, repairs, insurance, supplies and all incidentals necessary for the satisfactory operation of equipment. Motion made by Throndrud, seconded by MaRS and carried to adopt the following resolution: 98-06 BE-IT RESOLVED, by the Board of Commissioners of Big Stone County, Minnesota, the county Highway Engineer be and he hereby is authorized and instructed to impose weight and load restrictions as he deems necessary on any or all county roads and County State Aid Highways pursuant to Chapter 500, Article 4, Section 1, Subdivision 3 of Laws of 1959. Environmental Officer Darren Wilke, was present to review various environmental office matters. Motion made by Throndrud, seconded by MaRs and carried to adopt the following resolution: 98-07 NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Big Stone County Board of Commissioners approves of Big Stone County entedng into a Grant Agreement with the State of Minnesota to receive state funds for the implementation of its comprehensive local water plans, the administration of the wetland conservation act, administration of the DNR shoreland program, and MPCA feedlot permit program, under the terms of the Grant Agreement and all statutory re[lirements; and AT THE BIG STONE COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS, authorized the expenditure of $1,41300 cash and $16.747.00 in-kind contributions to match the Natural Resources Block Grant and the Grant Agreement. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Chairperson of the County Board of Gommissmonere and the County Auditor are authorized to execute the Grant Agreement together with all related documents. Membership on the Water Plan Committee was discussed with follow- up contacts to be made before appointments are completed. Motion made by Krueger and seconded by Lane that the Water Plan Committee be authorized to allocate Natural Resources Block Grant and State Revolving Loan Funds. Motion carded. Mr. Wilke stated that the Gary Zick of the MPCA had inspected the damage done to the gate at the Beardsley landfill site and that new signage and additional fencing are to be installed by the state. He distnbuted information rearding the Green Preide Swine operaUon that is being proposed. Motion made by Torgerson, seconded by Lane and carded to approve the agreement with Apex Environmental Services for work done at the Main Street Industries site Doug Tomschin, V.S.O. and Emergency Management Director, discussed the hazardous materials exercise which had been conducted. Motion made by Throndrud, seconded by MaRs and carried to adopt the following resolution: 98-08 WHEREAS. the State of Minnesota has been given a grant by the U.S. Department of Transportation under the Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness (HMEP) Program; and WHEREAS, Big Stone County has applied in good faith for HMEP monies for a full-scale exemise; and THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that BIg Stone County fully agrees to the terms of the grant, and, with the passage of this resolution, officially requests the Division of Emergency Management to enforce the contract in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations; BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, THAT the Emergency Management Director and the County Auditor be and hereby are authorized to execute the and seconded by Mass to reinstate Mr. Tomschin to five days per week for the months of January and February, with the matter to be reconsidered at the March Board meeting Motion carded. Following Board review and discussion, Chairman Torgerson made the following committee appointments for 1998: AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT: Throndrud, Cindy Nelson, Darrell Pettis, Joe Berning, Ed Roeder, Sue Kaess and Bill Mellon AUDIT: Throndrud, one representative from each of the major departments AGRICULTURE: Krueger, Maas, John Cunningham CLAY COUNTY JUVENILE DETENTION CENTER: Krueger, Joe Beming COMMUNITY ACTION COUNCIL: (includes RIDES advisory committee) MaRs and Throndrud COUNTRYSIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH: Krueger DITCH AND ROAD: All Board Members JOINT DITCH AUTHORITY: Lane, Torgerson, Krueger EXTENSION: MaRS and Krueger ENVIRONMENTAL: Throndrud, Torgerson, Darren Wilke (includes WRAP group) FOOD SHELF: Lane INVESTMENT: Throndrud, Cindy Nelson, Dan Hanratty, Darrell Petrie INSURANCE: Torgerson, Lane and no more than two representatives from Revenue, Social Services, Highway LAW LIBRARY: Krueger and Bill Watson LEGISLATIVE: Lane, Krueger, TOl,?in, Throndrud, MaRS STREET INDUSTRIES: Toerson INNESOTA RIVER JOINT POWERS: Krueger, aRemate Torgerson PURCHASING & PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: Torgerson and Throndrud PLANNING & ZONING: Maas and Torgerson PRIVATE iNDUSTRY COUNCIL: Chief Elected Officials Board; Throndrud PERSONNEL AND LABOR RELATIONS: Torgerson and Lane PIONEERLAND LIBRARY: MaRs PUBLIC SAFETY: Lane and Krueger REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE: Torgerson RESOURCE CONSERVATION & DEVELOPMENT: Throndrud REVOLVING LOAN FUND: Lane SOIL AND WATER CONSERVATION DISTRICT: MaRs and Lane TOQUA PARK: Lane and Krueger VETERAN SERVICE OFFICE LIAISON: Torgerson TEAM: Torgerson and Throndrud WATER PLAN TASK FORCE: WOMEN'S ADVOCACY RESOURCE CENTER: Krueger Chairman Torgerson reappointed Richard Schneck to the Extension Committee for a three year term. Motion made by Torgerson and seconded by MaRs that Sioux Engineenng be instructed to develop the Environmental Assessment Workshesr' on County Ditch #2, based on their quote that the cost will not exceed $1,000.00. Motion carried. Discussion was then held about the high cost of county employee/retire health insurance. The contract with Dennis Goldberg Associates was reviewed. The auditor also requested that the Bosrd resume prior deliberations about developing a position t6 handle the responsibdtties Of personnel management. The Chairman adjourned the meeting at 4:15 P.M. SPECIAL SESSION January 13, 1998 Chairman Torgerson called the special Big Stone County Board meeting to order at 1:00 P.M. in the boardroom of the county courthouse with Commissioners Krueger, Lane, Throndrud and MaRs present. Also present was Bill Watson, Senator Chaflie Berg, Darrell Pettis, Skip Wright, Mark Ronglien, Paul Bridgeland, Mark Dybdal,d, Norman Haukos and Judith Pattison. The meeting had been called to consider a grant agreement with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for additional temporary stabilization measures at the Long Tom Lake dam. Skip Wdght area hydrologist with the Department of Natural Resources explained that under the terms of the contract the coqnty would serve as the administrative agent for $7,500.00 in grant funds. A 50/50 match would be required from the county. The DNR is wanting to increase the stability of the dam before spring runoff begins. County Engineer Darrell Pettis stated that the highway department has already invested over eleven thousand dollars in temporary flood mitigation work at the dam but the DNR was requesting additional erosion control. Icy, slippery conditions make hauling of rip-rap to the site almost impossible and both Mr. Pettis and Mr. Ronglien felt that additioral dirt work could no longer be done now that temperatures have dropped. Board members agreed that maintaining the integnty of the dam was of great importance and the work completed thus far should accomplish that. Given the existing conditions, consensus was that nothing more could be done this winter Finalizing design of the permanent structure and developing agreements between the county and all agencies involved is now the priority. NRCS will provide hydrologic data for design standards and the county will contract out design of the structure. Construction costs will be funded 100%. Motion by Krueger and second by Mass at 2:25 PM. to adjourn the meeting Motion carried. Judith Pattison, Auditor David Torgerson, Chairman 4-H clubs L BEARDSLEY GO-GETTERS By Jenna Heck, Reporter The Beardsley Go-Getters had their meeting on Jan. 10, ]998 at Don's Alleys. Roll call was what you liked for Christmas. They voted for Carrie Olson to come speak to the Club about the self determined project. Each family brought a snack for the club. They had bowling at Don's Alleys. I [ ' QU.MJTY CLOCK RE.PAJR Antiqu * Mantl 400 Day "Anniverry Striking Chiming . CRAIG RANDLEMAN ogToNvIl.t, MN 320-839-2357 a Certified <1 Clockmaker ' Watchmaker Call After 6 p.m. for Estimates I II i PAY OFF CREDIT CARD DEBT Credit Problems OK 1 Day Pre-approval Fixed Rates ....... i II See us at the MILBANK FARM & HOME SHOW Wed. & Thurs., Jan. 28 & 29 Check Our Show Special on Parts and More agreement and thereby assume for and Court otherwise certain contractors, from the DNR expressing dissatisfaction on behaff of Big Stone County all of the tice s f WHEREAS, the amount of the with the temporary flood control contractual obligations contained " Certificate to be issued fails within the measurers which had been performed therein. debt limitsforthetownship; on the Long Tom Lake dam. His Mr. Tomschln distributed information WHEREAS, the township, board is response had been to place the matter regarding travel trailers which were authorized to issue Certificates of entirely into their hands. Guidelines . provided by FEMA to residents in East Indebtedness under M.S.& 366.095; regarding payment of PERA benefits to Grant Forks and are now being made ! : January 22: 19_. NOW, THEREFORE, an election may part time employees were discusseo, available to county govemments for use I 1 be called on this proposition by filing  .Board consensus [ng that those as they see fit. Motion made by Krueger 0 --' with the town clerk a petition signed by rures oe strictly adhered to. various and seconded by MaRs to authorize Mr. , Is/Diana Shelstad, town voters equaling at least 10 percent .oitcn issues were reviewed. A Cluote Tornschin to acquire one of the trailers ' Registrar of the number of voters at the last rrom Sioux Engineering for completion and to execute the waiver form on -' Is/Diana Shelsted, regular town election. The petition must of an environmental assessment behalf of Big Stone County Motion i;:iL,hreiner ' Court Administrator be received by the clerk no later than workshest on Ditch #12 will be obtained, carded He then discussed the FEMA FARM EQUIPMENT. 3M SOUTH HIGHWAY 15 ... ........  5:00 p.m. on the 16th day of February, Landowner bills for work done on funding which many townships and 1998. ditches were discussed. It was agreed cities are waiting to receive and has yet MII.BANK, SOUTH DAKOTA 57252 =,,none (6OoJ =sz-o ro 187 Further information may be obtained that approval from either a county to be released by the state. He N 56278 by contacting the clerk, Eugene Nelson, commissioner or the engineer was requested approval to remain at : -,B ," 839-P..551 at 273-2133 or the chairman, Ronald needed pdor to performance of any type temporary, fuU time statqs so that he m] Thompson, at 273-2314. of work. Motion made by Mass, could continue to monitor the status of Regjal. 97597 (Jan. 27, Feb. 3, 1988) an. 27, Feb. 3 1998) seconded by Krueger and carried to these funds. Motion made by Krueger ,a.. 2"/. ,99s INDEPENDENT Page 9b