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February 11, 1981     The Ortonville Independent
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February 11, 1981

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WHAT IT WOULD BE LIKE TO LIVE IN BERLIN By Britt Sandro Grade 9 Since I have never been out of the United States, I can much less toll what it would be like to live in Berlin. From the movies I've seen in my German class, and other places, I can toll it's a big and busy city. It appears to me that the people have a rushed and busy schedule much like ours in the United States. The city is very beautiful With many modern buildings, but the Gedachtniskirche still stands in memory of their leftovers from the war. And now there is the "compact" added on, which is the newer part of the church appearing llke a women's compact with the lipstick standing along the side. The city has many adventurous places to go, and much to see, even ff you aren't a newcomer or tourist. Even the townspeople like to go out on a bike ride and sight see.l guess even those in small towns enjoy sight seeing their town once in awhile. Berlin appears to be a very nice place to visit, and there are many other cities in Germany to tour also! THE ARTIST IN ALL OF US, FROM PREHISTORIC MAN TO ME K/m Scheff 7th Grade, Art Class The caveman wanted to express the things he felt and saw Just  much u we do today. When they saw something that was new or that they hadn't seem before, they would draw it in the sand or dirt to show others what it looked like. They soon found out that they needed symbols which would take a lot less time than drawing, everything out. Similarly, today we have abbreviations like a green light for go and red for stop. Later, they found out ff they put dirt, water and berries together, they couldmake different colors. Blood and chalky rocks could also be used. In prehisr/c times, the people didn't have pictures to look at as we do today . They had to have good memories. If they saw something, they had to IF I WERE A CAVEMAN ARTIST Lisa Sis 7th grade, Art Class Well, I suppose I'd better start from the beginning. My name is ,, Ooff. Of course, I live in a cave i since I'm a caven. I have a wife named UUff and a boy named Chouf. IF I WI,E A CAVEMAN ARTIST When I was little, I always By Ugh(trmudatodintoEnglish) usod to writoon our walls. I usod My name is Ugh. I am what some symbols like an antler for you would call a "caveman one deer; two antlers for two artist" or as we call it, a deers and so on. I used rocks to "recorder." writo and once in awhile, I found colored chalk, too. My parents didn't llke me writing in the living room or in the front of the cave cause we didn't want our company to see it. That's why I colored on the back walls. Drawing on walls was about all I did. Sometimes, though, I'd take a stick or burnt piece of wood and write in the sand or on a rock. I guess I had fun in thoso days. Now I've passed It on to my I record or keep track (in for form of pa]ntlng on a wall) of all the kills of the hunters in our tribe. (Kind of boring, huh?) Well, not to me! I sort of enjoy painting all over walls without someene tolling me I'm crazy. Why don't I Just toll you a story about my "change of colors." One day Pegh (the most well- known huntor in our tribe) came in with three deer, five buffalo, four elk and ten geese. Pagh sa/d to me, "Ugh, I want Jenny Knutson 7th Grade, Art Class paintings were quite drab after they got old and dried so that's probably why Pugh wanted something mere colorful. So, off I went to flnffsome new colors and tools to paint Pugh's animal catch. All of a sudden, I found a bright red berry hanging on a tree with many more like it. I stuck a couple into my pocket off I sot again. This time I went along this path that led to the hunting grounds. It suddently dawned on me that I had better start back since it was nearing nightfall. Along the way home, I found some more interesting colored objects that I decided to take with me. The next day I decided I'd try out.some of my new "colors". First l'ook my red berry and rubbed it along the wail to see ff son, and he enjoys that. It gets my game painted on the front it would color the wall. That him active anyway and keepa wall where  can see it. didn't work! All that happened hbut of trouble. Also I want you to use the most was the berry mushed all over Oh now! I'd better go now! I see my son is Just marking all the walls of our cave! I wonder where my'son picked up that bad habit? 0 vibrant colors you can find to paint my catch so that it will stand out rnong,all others!" Well, I couldn t very well say no to Pugh (be is s R. sin. ml weighs 250 lbs., when I'm only 5 ft. 7in. and la 15s.) since he had caught so many animals. I decided I would try to do Tny best. To make colors, I had been using mud and clay mixtures for brown, chalky rock for white, blood for red (whlch would sort of dry rusty) and Juice from leaves for green. For painting tools, I had been using my fingers or sometimes toes, a stick, a bone (preferably elk bones because they are so my fingers, leaving a red blob on the wall Then it finally came to me to squeeze the juice out of the berry and use my hair suck (a stick with horse hair on it) or a bone to paint the juice on file wall! The next week (it usually took me a week to finish recording a large catch), Pugh came back to see what te pating looked like. When  saw hew colorful it was, he slapped me on the back and tom me, "Ugh, seeing that you did such a nice job on my catch, I'll recommend all my friends to bring their catches to you so you can record them!" "Well, gee whiz! Thanks so much .... ha, ha, haauaa!" I When Mary O'Neill told us that That follow you as you walk. purple was the great grand- Black is a crow mother of pink, in her poem Flying in the "What is Purple?" in our room Black is the eight legged 6, fifth grade's reading class, that spins her web in your we set out to defend some of barn. the other colors. Black is the mud "WHAT IS YELLOW?" You make for a day or two after Jeff  it rains. Sun is yellow Eric Arndt Black is the smoke, That comes out of the chimneys In the morning light. Sunflowers are yellow bloonng in the bright ght. Corn is yellow in the fields With rows of beans for their neighbors. A crown is yellow on the king's head Made of riches like gold. The Immn is low when it,s ripe But beware when you take a bite Because I assure you that it won't be a delight ' A banana is yellow, which every- one knows A monkey thrives on it with delight The yellow sand is burning to a crisp in the desert. "WHAT/S BLACK?" By Jody Ulrich & Dawn Siewert Black is a witch Flying in the night Don't forget the shadows on a cold, winter day. Black is dark It could never be white. "WHAT IS GREEN?" By Greg P.amet & aom Hecke Grass is green ARer a spring shower Little Martian men come down fr tbe y Kmi.g people l t Ume For food on the planet; so they won't die. Gram are the leaves mt get e,ot rain Gresn is the spinach that we hate toeaL Cabbage is green When it is freshly picked The garden is green When covered with lettuce. Billfolds are heavy When filled with money. Even a freg is gree, Whne Jump00g the BOOKS ALIVE Jodi Paulson Grade 5, Room Z0, Kampen Sometime why don't you sit down and read a book! It's good for you! I think books can be very interesting. Reading is lots of fun ff you're into mysteries, like I am. There are lots of books about mysteries: Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, The Hidden Door, The Cat Sitter Mystery, The Mystery of Three Mile House, Mystery of the Fat Cat, and many others. Dell Yearling books are good, too. Here are some of them: Isabelle the Itch, More Adventures of the Great Brian, Paddington Marches On, The Chicken Box Papers, all Raggedy Ann Stories, Martin Luther King Jr., and others. So you can sit down and read. Books are for any type of person: shy, funny, weird, smart or cute. Read a book! You'll find they are terrific! & HOSTAGES IN ORTONVILLE Brad Jacobs Type, S. Klrkeby What would we do, the residents of O,anville, ff the hostages would have been to Ortenvme tmtend of Gecmany? It would be our reapensibflity to try and make them as comfortable as possible, and not pressure them to toll about their ordeal in Imn. The thing to do would be to lot them make a list of me minss mey weuld me to do  in Ortmvllle, and go from there, instoud of throwing a blg party or mmlen, becauso some of them may Just want to relax und unwiud from the whole crisis. I think It would be great ff the town of Ortenville saw to it that the families of the hostages could be premmt when the plane arrived. I think most peeple would donato that money they could spare, for the cause of The Ormnville, Page 4b Wed., FeK MY MY HOMETOWN By Steve Sis EngiL 9, Mr. Nelson .One reason why Ortonville is so special to me is the people English 9, who live in Ortville. All the Mike people in Ortonville are friendly, of the Green Bay 'ffney give me help if I have put Ortenville, problems, or they give me map. Ortonville, information ff I need it. One big population of 2,665 reasoi why they are so special is located in the middle in the way they support our state on the athletics. The stands are packed to South Dakota. with spectators for both home The churches and away games. They also almcstin support our summer recreation town. The most program. For example, they is the Catholic Churcb.1 our hahaU team by churches in buying equlvment and uniforms English, Witty, z for baseball. Omgregatienal, Another reason why Ormville God and the First is so apeclal is because of a big Curch. homn in business. Just recmtly, The hospital and Jurgens Hardware had home expanded their inventory to a most zigzag much larger store than .what it Ortvllle. The was before. Ortenville's hospital are Dr. bInemm range  Ross, two of the best. restaurants to hardware stores a very nice place to  to kumrance compmes, gets old, is the Moat of the people in biggest nursing Ortenvil]e are rel/g/ous, so Stone Connty. religion would be another reason The people in why Ortenville is so special, but because of Ortonville has nine churches: people are without e Catholic, one Baptist, e places in which tiunal, one Methodist, work is the Big one Jehovah Witness and four Plant, ?-Up, the Lutheran church.. Most of the churches get along quRe well. hospital, the school Some of the churches form others. groups that help raise meney for The majority of the thepoororbelpcellectclothlng Ortonville are for people in such places as greatest Guatemala. But mainly, they residents attend help educate the young and old as the Catholic, about Jesus Cdst. Lutheran churches. Education would have to be Smeoftbe best MoOm*reasmwhOrtonvis are the Matador, PdY special. Ortenvmes nudn high and Lagoena school is old, but in good The Ortonville condition. Not too  ago, we the same as any other added a brand new gym to has an elementary replacethe old one which was school. The rts built in 1. We also added an participato in are: ludust arts shop and a rectal country, sheP. Otm.vme High School has ., maY oPportunit  education choaso from. One conld chooso from classes such as industrial fortunate in many arts, metal tech, auto can be especially d00r00ct bu/mm, typing, home from food to furnitur eeommdcs, art, music and many  grocery stores more. Ortville has many Owl and Bill's opportunities for athletica too. Hilltop grocery and One could cheoso fra inch two otber stores. If footh hab piece of mach,,.ery cross eomdry, track go? K-g, remember what it looked like. (Say they saw a buffalo and wanted to draw it; the animal wasn't going to stand there and pose.) Luckily, today we can take a picture or find a photo or painting of it in a book. It is easier now for people or artists to draw beautiful things. Hundreds of years ago, people just loved art and they would paint frescos on the ceilings and walls of the churches. The art was for beauty and also to educate the church-goers. Two we.-known fresco painters were Michelangelo and da Vinci. If we didn't have art,. we would have a difficulttlme in school. (Scl/assosenCe' math, English and shoP use art. We use pictures to help teach k/ds how to read. Posters and pictures make it easier to learn. Students use art in school to draw designs of homes, floor plans, landscapin_g and blueprints. Without the use of art, the esigned world would be othing. Our clothes would be laln; they probably would be lke the clothes in the prehistoric Irnes. Also, you could not toll tour school books apart, so mu'd have to look through them md see which ones you wanted. I'm glad we have art. In verything we do each day, we se art-just like the cavemen id in prehistor/c days. English, Room 306 Dan Beckman ff I had $1,000,000 as a gift, st of all I would put it in the L/ Iverson ?th Grade, Art Class Mender) or a reed from the fiver ff I could get one. The colors on my other By Lisa Sehmidt Spec. Ed. Rm.  THE ARTIffr IN ALL OF US In history we have art all the way hack to the caveman. He used crude paints and tools; but even with all that against him, he got his point through. Now when I draw, I don't use what the cavemen did, but I use the .same principle., a feeling, a way of expretng  in my own way. We ar't all great arUsts such as Rembrandt or others, but we do have some Jantmry 20, 1981 President Carter left office, and Rsagan took hls place instead. The ,l Americmm hostage got free three minutes after Reagan was inauSeratod. That means after be got to actually be president. Pres/Theden Iranian people  wanted t Carter to meet the hostages in Germany before be wast out of office. They hoped he world have to pay his way hack because they didn't like him, but it didn't work out that way. talent. Last night at eight o'clock.the In art class I sR by one of our hestages arrived at Algiers. best artists, R is hard to look at Then they are going to Germany her, drawings and then look at mine. Sometimes I want to give up. I've tried not to despair, but to do my own thing. I'm learning that maybe we can't all be terr/flc artists, but we can each do our own typo of art work. We can ezprem ourso/ves and enjoy art. And, that's good enoughor me! bank. Aftor that, when I grow up, I Would probably use it to pay for me to go to a big college to Play football. When I go to college I will have to get acqtmnt with the other p/ayers. Now I wantto be a wide receiver so I have to play catch and back to the United States. First people thought that they might not make R with the war between Iran and Iraq. At night they shoot down any airplanes that come by, because they can't see what kind of airplanes they are. L'n and /raq don,t weut to any clmnces on losing their lives and land. He/sman Trophy and get drafted. to the pros where I make the money. I wish I could start football camp with the Houston Oilers. I would then get to play with Kenny Stabler and Earl  whearetwo of the with the quarter back: If I'm best football players today in the good enough I might win the NFL replied as I wearily trudged outside to find some more berries and flowers a paint a whole new group of catches on the walls of the recording cave. MY DREAM , Tammy Taylor Grade VI, Mr. Roggenbuck's When I was eight years old, I had an odd dream. One day, the teacher assigned WHAT'S AS IMPORTANT AS stories about what the students A NEW PRESIDENT? wished they were. My friend Chris Bartz wrote about being a piece of S. Kirkeby-TyplngClass bubblegum. Yesterday Ronald Reagan That night I dreamed I was a became President of the United piece of bubble gum sitting on States. This was a big event for the gum counter, the people 'of our nation. A new I was in a store called P.D.Q. President, a new chance for our where kids came to get gum and country to gain back the respect candy, that is due our great nation. A chubby girl came over to Then it happened, Only a few look at me and the other pieces hours after Mr. an became o gum. She picked me up, and President, the hostages were threw me on the counter, paying freed, and with them the burd two cents for me. (I'm not that that had been on every cheap, or am I?) American citizen. A new The girl unwrapped me and President is very important, but shoved me into her big mouth, the hostages are just as She began to chomp and chomp important to this nation. We should all be very grateful for and chomp! I was terribly uncomfortable, our new President and our fellow I saw those big icebergs and I Americans returning home for they are as important to this screamed as loud as I could, but nation as a President. no one could hem- me! She stretched me out until I snapped back into her mouth! . i Only if she knew what she was doing to me! Time passed quickly; now it was seven o'clock, time to get up for :hool. My brother woke 'me up an said, "Get ready for school!" wants to tmy a small efficient I'ingingthefamflieshere. aad many more. OrtenvtlleHlgh Morris Rod Weeder All in all, I think it would School has supplied our ath]etlc good places to go. rt  @A .create an exc/temeut nev  with the most usuallybastob and weuld dmwthe peq of   equ/pmt is'a goBenksaregr .e clcser together, by , and a weight machine. qg stores are .  together and  " and tacUi.g sled, a ow Americans rebU reheuminOrtmvmeis domnheveto memsolvesin the UnitodStatos goodifone wnntsto buya big- hard as j. C. of America. house, but not so good ff one Wards, C. Mayme's and house. There have been many houses going up for the past throe or four years now; but they cost a little mo then most of the older hewes. I,m sure ene would flud a nlce houso if he just took his tme and looked. Most of the beusos In Ortonvine ure in b,xl to fair cendltien, but me mig rm into a few that are in very good  or very bad cendRien. The heuses thet ure in very good couditiun are more than likely the new homes while the ooes in bud comUtten are more than likely the old enes. Ortmvtlle's 8intoner Recr,.-en Pregram runs from about the fln week In June to abeut the eecend week of Aagust w effip of swlmm Immm. qm pmsram suppl/es various actties to help eU a.d toeers keeO .during  vacaUo releasod from Ira, after 444 days of captivity. They left the  zt with the c/. "Death to Reagan and Down with America," from the LUm at tbe aL, wrL Prom/ra. to Algiers and ttm to  w crmeny was the path the Anricans were to take before coming to the United States to meet their hunfl/es, who they haven't so for 14% months. The hestages soemed to be all rl pamUy, but mmUmy no one knows. 7be dmm checked all of the bustages over before leaving Into and said they ssomed to be in good PhYSI and memd eondiUee c'm/dering all that they have bee.00 The hestages came off the plane In Algiers at about 7:45 good Ortenville. Jurgen's and Gan are Ortenvme for and Anchstettor and Drug are the unly Ortenvflle. For other there are Ben P'rankl, and the Yardst. Recreation is acttv/ty when ene is out athletic field and skating rink are SOnic of otle's  shauld much smaller in because of Big te lx,neNow that the hostages are it's time to start co.uting over, with 1 day of freedom and z day of : wotrV  the 00.m00es of hos00es aud for Xmertcan people as vvred.PraY ers have been Dan Sedepenn00 Samo00 BIG DAY IN THE U.S.A. Yesterday, at approximately 11:03 a.m., 3 inaugura  Scripts On minutes Ronald Reagan was as our  president, the 52 Next Page American hostages were p.m., wearing the clothes Such actl.viUesthat can betaken wore when they gave th ot are  tennis, soahaU, c'tstmasmeesages.  essons, arts and craft,.tee bail ad mmy me. AH these make my hometown Grade 5, Room 1 eh special to me, because I have !t" --,-- / \\;,.l I ORTIIILLE " l