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February 16, 2010     The Ortonville Independent
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February 16, 2010

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Editorial comment GUEST EDITORIAL... Make a difference-fill out your Census questionnaire by Steven Renderos Next month, as the nation&apos;s decennial headcount gets under way, Minnesotans will begin receiving questionnaires from the Census Bureau: 10 questions that will determine how much in federal funds and how many U.S. House seats the state will be assigned. Although a complete count of people living within U.S. borders is constitutionally mandated each decade and participation is required by law, thousands of Minnesotans are nonetheless missed- some because they choose to be. Citing fear of government and disinterest overall as their top reasons why, as many as one in five nationwide plan not to fill out the form this year. Significant undercounting of Minnesota's population occurred in the last two Censuses. In 1990 about 20,000 state residents were overlooked; 10 years later more than 14,000 were missed. During a time of budget shortfalls and with a congressional district on the line, Minnesota can't afford less than a full count: For every 100 people who goes uncounted this year, the state will lose more than one million over the coming decade. "It's important that everyone be counted because of what it means for our communities," said Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie. "Funding for roads, schools, hospitals and even job-training programs are tied to the Census. If everyone doesn't participate we will end up shortchanged." But more than just federal money is on the line. Estimates are that an undercount of as few as 2,000 people in a state of five million-plus could make the difference in whether Minnesota retains its eight congressional districts, the number it's held since 1960. "Our nation was founded on the !dee of representative government," Ritchie said. "If Minnesota loses one of its congressional seats because of undercounting it will dilute our voice for at least the next 10 years." To boost participation among groups most likely to go uncounted Main Street Project produced Census guides, answering questions and addressing concerns that can get in the way of participation. The free guide-in English, Spanish, Somali and Hmong is available for download at Steven Renderos is a media justice organizer with Main Street Project, a Minneapolis-based nonprofit providing rural and urban residents the toms they need to more fully participate in all aspects of community life, I Kubly column Senate invests in Minnesota jobs Making job creation the first priority of the 2010 Legislative Session, the Minnesota Senate passed a comprehensive capital investment package this week. State Sen. Gary Kubly, DFL-Granite Falls, said that economic experts predict the bonding bill could create as many as 10,000 much-needed jobs throughout that the Senate's capital investment package included $67 million for local bridge improvements. "Most of these local bridge- improvement funds are spent on bridges in rural Minnesota," explained Sen. Kubly. "The support provided in this year's bill is at least $30 million more than what is included in normal bonding bills. These funds will go a the time to complete.this work," said Sen. Kubly. "Beyond providing the needed boost to job creation and economic activity, taxpayers will get more for their money by doing these projects when costs are down." The Minnesota House of Representatives is expected to take up their capital investment bill in the near future. Differences between the two b00oci< e,v00r00 . , / do00!et Letters to the editor To the Editor: On June 24, 2008, I had the biggest, meanest, hurtful hurt I have ever laid on my mind and body. I was going to end it. I really was. That is when I got a phone call from a niece, who was always close. We talked for two hours and 20 minutes. She let me know she cared. Then I had a session with someone who works with nervous and depressed people. I was told to let the hurt out. Do not keep it locked in. I found a lot of friends who showed me their love, kindness and understanding. This was a big help. I was also told the people (who hurt me) were condemning me. They did not care or understand. I find a lot of people that are hurt and keep it locked. I would like to tell it in a true way to friends and I found that this is the only way to unload this hurt. Also by telling the truth, I am not hurting them. They are only hurting themselves. I am 86 years old. I know the Lord was and is with me. If I could help someone, please call me. Si Ulrich Ortonville The Ortonville Independent (U.S.P.S. 412-460) . 1lilt ii JAMES D. KAERCHER Publisher / Managing Editor SUZETrE KAERCHER-BLAKE Editor and Advertising Sales MIKE SWENSON Associate Editor / Advertising Rep .Tues., Feb. 16, 2010 Vol. 92; No. 5 - " o . . ., . C0ntlnuing the ORTONVILLE JOURNAL STAR Published Every Tuesday at 29 2nd St. N.W. Ortonville, MN 56278 Pedodicals Postage Paid at Ortonville, Minnesota SUBSCRIPTION RATES $34.00 per year in Big Stone, Lac qu Parle, Traverse and Swift Counties ir +Minnesota, Grant and Roberts Counties in South Dakota. $39.00 for all other counties in Minnesota and South Dakota. All others, $43.00 per year. Postmaster: Send address changes to The Ortonville Independent, Box 336, Ortonville, Minnesota 56278. NEW SUBSCRIPTION RATE SCHEDULE - ALL SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE BASED ON A FEBRUARY 1ST DUE DATE- Big Stone, Lac qui Parle, Traverse, Swift Counties in Minnesota and Grant and Roberts in South Dakota February ........... 34.00 August .............. 17.04 March ................ 31.20 September ........ 14.20 April .................. 28.77 October ............. 11.36 May ................... 25.56 November ........... 8.52 June .................. 22.72 December ........... 5.68 July ................... 19.88 January ............... 2.84 ALL OTHERS IN MINN. AND SO. DAK. February ........... 39.00 August .............. 19.50 March ................ 35.75 September ........ 16.25 April .................. 32.50 October ............. 13.00 May ............ :_..,.29.25 November ........... 9.75 June .................. 26.00 December ........... 6.50 July ................... 22.75 January ............... 3.25 ALL AREA OUTSIDE OF MINN. AND S(>. DAK. Februery ........... 43.00 , August .............. 21.54 March ................ 39.49 September ........ 17.95 Minnesota. The bill was passed by long way to help our rural townships versions will then be worked out in a There were a few that said to orget it. April .................. 35.90 October ............. 14.36 May ................... 32.31 November..,.,,..10.77 the Senate with a strong bipartisan 52- and counties replace or make safety conference committee. Sen. Kubly June .................. 28.72 December ........... 716 14 vote. improvements to their bridges." expressed hope that this bill would be iiiiiiii i i ' July ................... 25.13 danuery ............... 3.59 The capital investment bill will Sen. Kubly noted that the Senate presented to the govemor in time to I .i.I;.   i 0/i ;" "PUBLISHER'S LIABILITY FOR ERROR" provide support for important bill also included $70 million in take advantage of the spring The Publisher shall 0ot be liable for slight infrastructure projects all over the support of flood mitigation efforts, construction season.   j state, including roads, bridges, "Communities in our area typically "Minnesota s families - and t V IU changes or typographical errors that do wastewater treatment facilities, parks receive state support for flood economy - need the jobs that will be notlessen thevalue of an advertisement. " = OFF ALL The Publisher's liabiUty for other errors or and trails, and college campuses, mitigation efforts. Given the created with this investment, said omissions in conhection with an adver- "It seems to m,e that the best way to significant snowfall this winter, who Sen. Kubly. "I hope this bill can be ! .,"onUnu WINIER IIEMS ]tisement is strictly I,mited to publicat,on of grow Minnesota s economy is to get knows what sort of flooding this signed into law soon so we can get our the advertisement in any subsequent i \\; I tissue°rtherefund°fanym°niespaidf°r folks back to work," said Sen. Kubly. spring could bring,' said Sen. Kubly. state back on the road to economic " ". ,, "By making improvements to our "We need to complete these projects recovery.' RECEIVlN6 -.. the advertiffement. state's infrastructure, we 11 not only so we don't have to deal with flooding Anyone with comments or Ntw . II [ DEADLINES improve Minnesotans' quality of life, issues so often." questions on this legislation can I orient® ltli ,-, _.,v,da', jffuu',--  8PRIN6 IW.Ma .. 1 |Church notes- Saturday mail but create jobs and generate activity in Sen. Kubly noted that this package contact Sen. Kubly at 301 State I eHdes!;_mdt. / I 1 | Display ads - Friday mail every comer of the state. While there is affordable, citing figures from the Capitol, 75 Rev. Dr. Marti Luther check Ihem I Correspondence - Monday.mail Pictures - 5 p.m. Friday are a lot of blue-collar jobs created, Tax Foundation that show King, Jr. Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55155- outl  News - Friday afternoon there are also a lot of white-collar jobs Minnesota's per-capita debt level is 1606, or Classified ads- Friday noon for architects, engineers, and just 42nd in the nation. 651-296-5094. ,,,s,,,,.,o: (Any ad brought in later will be too late planners .... ...... In our struggling economy, labor__ I OL_00 tNq. __ ACRES ] to classify.) ...... OFFICE HOURS Sen. Kubly was especially pleased and material costs are low, so now is .m...:} .... /)omaet A Monday: 8 AM-5 PM • • • JIlO" t'q "; oei  e A Tuesday: 8 AM-5 PM Rural Amer,ca: Is ,t at r,sk : AWednesday:8AM-12NOON;1-5PM I IIB 85118 250th St.- Beardsley, MN • 320.265.6139 A Thursday: 8 AM-12 NOON; 1-5 PM | = "./ - m,u,  ,,,,o=,tho,,.vy. .  ,,,,=,o,.5oa, s. A Friday: 8 AM-5 PM this Legislative Session F Z 7 A Holidays may affect office hours.LETTERS POLICY ' Letters to the editor discussing corn- ' munity issues are encouraged, Letter writers should be aware that The Independent reserves the right to edit The 2010 session of the Minnesota sold?" want to trade off independent fuel and  ---- and/or condense letters for print. The Legislature is back at it today for the Peterson says parts of the state have safe, healthy food for this nation, then paper also reserves the right not to pub- first full week in action. Balancing the seen extreme increases in the market we must keep farmers on the land, and  lish letters that are unsuitable or for which budget is again the top order of bus j- value of agricultural land, driving up in order for them to be on the land they ---- it might be held legally liable. • Letters should contain the writer's ness, and Doug Peterson, president of property taxes for farmers. He'd like to have to make a profit. You can't go .... printed or typed name, signature, the Minnesota Farmers Union, says see adjustments in the Agricultural broke every year and expect to stay on 22 address and telephone number. there's some worry that rural Min- Property Tax Law to help stabilize that the land." Addresses and telephone numbers will fiesotans could be asked to shoulder problem. The main purpose of the law, Peterson says the Minnesota Farm-  --   not be published. Letter writers are asked to limit them- more of the burden. He hopes the ad- often called the "Green Acres" law, is ere Union will work with legislators on _---- selves to one letter per month. Please justments the state needs to make to ad- to base farmland taxes strictly on the increasing property-owner rights re- keep letter brief, perferably not over 350 dress the $1 billion budget deficit agricultural value rather than any "best garding eminent domain for power-line ___ words, and to the point. doesn't hurt those already struggling to use" value, and pipeline projects, addressing issues 29 AD vs. NEWS make a living on the land. Peterson says farmers have solu- with wind easement contracts and The "Ortonville Independent policy in "Are you going to increase fees on tions for the state when it comes to in- working on the state net metering law. 3-r- - I''ll determining what is advertising and what agricultural things? Are you going to dependent energy and a safe, healthy Net metering allows consumers who is news is based on one simple test: -- If an individual business or organi- hold the line on taxes? Are you going food supply, but he says what farmers generate electricity to be compensated 37 zation charges for admission to an event to shift property tax classifications onto need is the for costs of production to be for power they contribute to the dec- for an item or for a service, it will be con- ag land, and is agriculture going to be covered, trical grid.    4,= sidered advertising. In other words, "If affected disproportionately because of "You know, frankly, I've always be- tou charge, we charge." the value of the land currently being lieved that there are trade-offs. If you .... Advertising is the/ifo-blood of a news- roper. Without it a newspaper would I x cease to exist. The money a paper ti ..... receives for subscriptions and single Americ¢:m Heart paper sales is u.sed to pay for the ink and .tyAs .... paper used in producing the product. It I . sociation  ,o longer does so because of paper cost I increases: It still covers the cost of ink WErE FIGHTING FOR YOUR LIFE ..... and a small portion of the paper used. Advertising to a newspaper is like crops and livestock to farmers; meat and ..... ;roducts to the grocer; dresses, coats ONCE AGAIN... Clue ACROSS 58. Grassland, meadow 23. A British peer and underwear to the soft-line merchant; 1. Immediate memory 59. Don't know when yet 29. Blandishment and plows and tractors to the implement MANY THANKS .._ Basinger, actress 30. Clupeid fishes dealer. Without any of those items, the particular business would not be in busi- Recent new and renewal sub- 7. Austrian $ unit (abbr.) Clue DOWN 31. Capital of Niger nose. scribers io The Independent which 10. A baby carriage 1. Prevents harm to 32. In a dense way we gratefully acknowledge with thanks for your loyalty: 12. A nestling hawk young 33. Prevaricator ADS: 14. Overly 2. Region near Troy 34. Sphere of influence We reserve the right to refuse, an advertising without obligation to justify Joan Strei 15. Musical endings 3. Port in SE India 38. Term for our decision. 2007 GMC Sierra Denali - $21,900 Lawrence Millerbernd 17. Traditional Hindu 4. Coal 0il grandmother 4 Dr, Heated Leather, Sun Roof, 43,000 miles Roger Karels music 5.8th Jewish month 40. Razor clams genus POLICIES: Jean Ulrich 18.. Strays 6. Wise Men 41. Tones pleasing to A News: Our goal is to report the news as 19. Hickory tree genus 7. Colander or sieve the ear fully and accurately as possible. The staff's opinions will appear only on the Kevin & Peggy Rademacher 20. Bring into being 8. A funeral procession 42. Political plot opinion page. Kathleen Karels 22. Fine artist's brush hairs 9. In a way, watered 43. Apprehends A Editorials: Opinions published on this Gerald Adelman 24. In a way, flowed 11 Perhaps 45. 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