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February 17, 1998     The Ortonville Independent
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February 17, 1998

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Editorial comment GUEST EDITORIAL... Mother's tantrum treatment Temper tantrums should be reserved for children and lunatics. The worst tantrum I have read about or heard about was the one Rumpelstiltskin went into at the end of the tale which featured him. If I emember currently, he became so enraged that he stomped himself into the ground. A long time ago, I worked with a fellow who would go into a tantrum every once in a while. He would throw his cap on the ground and stomp on it. He never managed to stomp himself into the ground, but he did ruin a lot of caps. My mother had nine children whom she had to raise on very little money in the depression years. She was a wonderful and understanding mother, but she wouldn't tolerate tantrums. She hada method of treating them. It was what she called a "sidewinder." It consisted of the back of her hand against the side of one's head. She delivered it with the power of the thunder and lightning hammer of Thor. The last "sidewinder" I received was when I was six years old. It was good and lasting therapy. I haven't thrown a full-blown tantrum since. There was no money for counseling or behavior training for us kids. We didn't need any. We had good old Mother with her "sidewinder." -Lowell Danielson UNDER CLASS ROYALTY...Seated, ]osh Letrud, Ashley Thielke, Allison Foster, Prince Abe Dor, and Princess Kirsten Dragseth; Standing, Peter Danielson,-Mike Hughes, Janelle Volkenant, and Rebekah Zahrbock; not p,cturl, Brent Hanratty. (photo by Mike Barnhardt) Two vehicles hit on Main Street Friday the 13th proved to be an unlucky day as a two vehicle accident occurred at the "intersection on Ortonville's Main Street and Washington Ave. Marlowe Molden of Ortonville was traveling north on Second Street in a 1995 Chevy Capri Station Wagon about 10 a.m. Friday as Diane Hartman was driving her 1994 Plymouth van south on Second St. According to Officer Bob Meyer of the Ortonville Police Department, Molden attempted to turn west onto Washington when the vehicle he was driving collided into the van. The ambulance was called to the scene and Hartman's daughter Becky, 12, a passenger in the'Hartman Vehicle, was taken to the Ortonville Hospital. She was treated and released that day, Police estimated damage to the station wagon at $1,500. Damage to the Hartman vehicle was estimated at $2,500. New grandson for Irvin Adelman Stan and Jill Adelman of Bellingham announce the birth of their son, Isaac Irvin born Feb. 6, 1998 at St. Bernard's Hospital, Milbank, SD. Isaac weighed 8 lbs. 4 oz, and was 21 inches long. Isaac is welcomed home by a big brother Philip, age 4- 1/2 and a sister, Carolyn, age 2-1/2. Grandparents are Lewellyn and Joyce Void, Clarkfield and kvin and Veronica Adelman, Ortonville. " . n Cashtown reun,o set for Aug. i4th Cashtown Reunion will be held Friday evening, Aug. 14 at VFW Ortonville. All residents or business people and .friends, past and present are welcome. Anyone who has one special memory or photo of Cashtown, send to Archie Sealey, 227 Madison Ave., Ortonville MN 56278. CLUES ACROSS 1. All politicians do this 8. Alters 9. Type of energy 1 O, Expired 11. Deficiency disease 14. Transferred property 15. Riffraff 17. Creative persons 19. Imitates 23. Taking 24. Twyla  U.S. dancer 25. Exclusive group SOLUTIONS ACROSS 1. Press the flesh 8. Awakens 9. Solar 10. Dead 11. Beriberi 14. Deeded 15. Ragtag 17. Maestros 19. Apes 23. Nabbing 24. Tharp 25. Old boy network CLUES DOWN 1. Tartan 2. Send forth 3. Tai 4. Chopped up 5. Special event 6. Soft-finned fish 7. Listening 12. Have 13. Lepton 14. Placido , Opera singer 16, Child's toy 18. Rcedcd 20. Round globular seed 21. River territory, New Guinea 22. Quantitative fact SOLUTIONS DOWN 1. Plaid 2. Emanate 3. Sack 4. Hashed 5. Festival 6. Eel 7. Harking 12. Eat 13. Neutrino 14. Dorningo 16. Popgun 18. Ebbed 20. Pea 2 I. Sepik 22. Stat Thoughts for life Information Provided By Local MCCL What has become of America, the shining example of the world? "Choice" happened. I've heard it is better to abort than to abuse them. You can't argue that abuse is horrible but at least there is a chance that a relative, neighbor or teacher will save thetn. A fetus who will become a baby and then a child has no chance to be saved. He or she is instantly killed. The argument goes on because some people can't comprehend how a life begins. ONCE AGAIN... MANY THANKS Recent new and renewal sub- scribers to The Independent which we gratefully acknowledge with thanks for your loyalty: Mrs. Willard Sti - Robert Taylor Tom Karels Joe Radermacher Myrtle Johnson Joseph Spors Mrs. James McDonough Alice Woitte Althea Smith Roy Walter Twyla Hinneberg Irene Green Ken Scheff Jack Gable Ray Vaage Fern Lands Lee Hanmer Arlene Eckberg Anita Giese Mrs. Walter Brandt Ken Karels. Marquette Bank Emma Swezey Doug Anderson Anne Peterson Dan & Carol Lane Ray Bergeson Ernest LaBouc Harvey IGdman Jr. Harvey Kidman Janet Borman Esther Ell Donald Von Eschen Paul Ell Ray Heidtke Melvin Loeschke Russell Anderson Beulah Carlson Rev. A.S. Karels Florence Bergstrom Oscar Schlueter Mrs. Allen Hanson Roger Hynnek Tom Magee Mark & Kim Muenchow David McLaughlln Clifford Budgett Allen French Jennifer Thymian Marlys Johnson Lloyd Christopherson Andy McCarty Peggy Freiberg Jerry Fullington Gale Moore Marie Pflueger Hortense Ische Richard Qulst H.J. Parker Gerhard Linn Dorothy Pederson Hazel Bergseth Dear Mr. Ross: I recently read the letter from Mrs. C. J. of Indianapolis. I, too, am a large woman with only one breast My solution was to wear an ordinary bra, the same ones I wore before the surgery. In the left cup I have an extra hanky, in case someone else needs to cry. I also have an extra pair of socks in case my feet get wet, and a plastic baggie filled with marbles to prove I haven't lost mine I've had more fun with these items than any rubber boob could ever bring. Ms. M. J .... News-Tribune, Tacoma, WA Dear Ms. J.: Surgery may have left you with only one breast, but it certainly didn't diminish your sense of humor. I'm sending you $100 be cause one day you may find yourself out in rainy weather. I know you don't have an umbrella stashed away in your left cup, but the $100 you can now tuck away in there will provide you with the means to purchase one. Dear Percy: Time is ticking away and I'm going to be dead before I'm 40. I've tried every diet under the sun since I've been 18 (I'm now 29). 1 usually end up losing 20 pounds and then gain back 30 to 40. My doctor has advised me that exercise and proper nutrition are the only way to safely take weight off and keep it off. Joining a club would make me too self-conscious I live alone so walking outside after dark isn't safe. A treadmill seems the way to go and good supportive shoes. If I stretch my budget any tighter it will snap in two. For around $400, you could give me a new lease on life. At 330 pounds, I've got much to lose. I want it to be pounds and not my life. Miss P. K .... The Times, Cullman, AL Dear Miss K.: The weight loss business is a multi-billion dollar industry. Between special foods and drinks and pills and machines and gyms and trainers, someone is making a lot of money preying on the obese of this country. I'll spring for the $400 because I really want you to lose weight. But do me one favor-commit to finding an exercise buddy who will help motivate you to stay with the program. Otherwise, after a week or two, it will become far too easy to-sit on the couch and stare at your treadmill, rather than walking on your treadmill and staring at the couch. Good luck. Dear Mr. Ross: Ever since my daughter was 1O years old she had strange behavior. We kept thinking she'd grow out of it. By the time she was 14, her school pressured us to take her to a psychiatrist. We'd be light years ahead if she hadn't been misdiagnosed. In other words, she ended up on the wrong medication. That's been the case for the last 4 years. Out of sheer desperation, finally we changed doctors. This was brought about from a crisis because one day our daughter decided to "remodel" our house. While we were gone over a weekend visiting my mother, she ripped out all the carpet and tore the wallpaper down. The good part is she has finally been diagnosed as bi polar and is now on the right medication. For the first time, she is stable enough to live in a group home where the rent is $6130 a month. We've got the first 2 months covered, but it will be several more months before our daughter will be well enough to seek employment. Could you help with $1,200? We are really tapped out financially and emotionally. Mrs. L- A .... The Journal, Fairfax, VA Dear Mrs. A.: Good thing you weren't gone for an entire week-no telling what level of renovation your daughter would have pursued. From what I understand,bi-polar can be treated effectively with medication. Count on my $1,200 for an additional 2 months rent at the group home. And perhaps by the grace of God, she'H one day realize independent living. Editor's note: You may visit Percy Ross' web site at w,w. thanksam illion, corn Write Per O, Ross, P.O. Box 39000- B, Minneapolis, MN 55439. Include ),our phone number and the name of this publication. All letters are read. Only a few are answered in this column; others may be acknowledged privately INDEPENDENT WANT ADS BRING QUICK RKULTS! ] "Post" drops Copy this week from Bud & Colleen Tilbury of San Jose, CA: We are always happy to receive our Independent and enjoy getting the news from our hometown and communities around. I regret to say we are recognizing fewer names then we used to know. I guess that means we are getting to be of the older generation ! California has been suffering terrific rain storms. We are so fortunate to be away from any flood areas, but driving and being out in the driying rain is a real challenge because people do no slow down or drive carefully, so as a result there are II I III a multitude of car accidents each day of the stomi. Many people areloosing homes on the hillsides from sliding soil and of course the mountains not only have the sliding but large trees that fall and crush homes and autos. Many of these people do not have insurance that covers such disasters. It's so expensive individuals cannot afford to carry that kind of coverage, Hope your winter is mild - you had your damage last yar! Hello to all your friends. P.S. - Arlene, I see you are still hanging in there! Good for you! At the time Bud and I are in excellent health and hope to stay that way for a while. EMPLOYMENT FOR OLDER WORKERS Are you 55 or older? Are you becoming a bit restless in your retirement? Is your income less than what you need? Do you have any of the following skills or interests: Janitorial, Handy Man, Clerical, Cooking, Home Health Aide, or Sales Clerk? If YES is your answer, call Hilda at (320) 855-2440. EOE The Publisher JAMES D. Managin Editor & Advertising BRIAN ;ASHAM NIKKI KELZER Ad and Printing ROBERT'FULLER Rant Manager ARLENE WIESE Office Manager KATHIE Computer and TAMMIE GIESE PHIL ;LAKE layout BILL DWYER & BOB Pressmen IIST;NOVAK Camera NANCY Collater ooeo Tues., Feb. 17, 1998 Pul/Jslmd E Pmxka Pos $25.00 per year In Parle, Traverse Minnesota, Grant in South Dakota. counties in Minnesota Dakota. All others, $33.00 Postmaster: Send addreSS The Ortonville Indepen( Odonville, NEW SUBSCRIPTION RATE -ALL SU SCRIPTIONS ARE A FEBRUARY 1ST DUEl BoStOne, Lac qui Parle, unties in Minnesota Roberts in South February .............. 25.00 Uufch .................. 22. 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