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April 6, 2010     The Ortonville Independent
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April 6, 2010

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Nillllllnlllllllll F To the Editor: law or have they changed this word as not come here to do good but to steal I applaud Governor Jan Brewer for well? When one segment Of society is identities, Social security cards (some having the guts and stamina to do her given the right to break the law then have been found to have up to a duty in protecting the citizens of every American citizen must be given thousand fraudulent SS cards. How Arizona. With Phoenix being the this same privilege. Imagine living in can this be possible?) and to do harm kidnapping and home invasion capital a country where one didn't have to to American citizens. Lets not forget of the world, she had no choice but to abide by laws. It would be nothing the horrible death of Robert Krentz take matters in to her own hands but chaos and destruction, the rancher in Arizona and countless because she was not getting the It has been said illegals do jobs that others like him who have met brutal needed help from the Federal Americans refuse to do. What a crock deaths bythe hands ofillegals. Government. Those are the ones who of baloney. I have seen to many The question is often asked what are suppose to be protecting us. Up to working two and yes even three jobs would Jesus do? It is very obvious a thousand illegals cross the Arizona just to make ends meet and they still what he did. He obeyed the law even border every day. This is a large struggle. These are the facts, though it meant treading the road to number by any ones estimation. American workers cannot compete the cross. He realized there could be America can no longer take on with cheap labor because they do not no working of government without hordes of people economically or get any benefits and yet they still need abiding the laws. environmentally. There are over 15 to pay for housing, various insurances, We can only hope other states will million citizens out of work and with feeding their families and the list goes follow the lead of Arizona and start jobs being steadily outsourced where on and on. How is granting amnesty putting the American citizens first. can these people turn? Where are the for up to 20 million illegals possibly The saying charity begins at home is sanctuary cities for them? Why isn't, going to help this situation? not only true but the only right and our Government helping? This is why Granted there are those illegals proper thing to do. so many Americans are angry. They who do work and work hard and see their own suffering with no help thousands more who are trying to Arlys Schiesser and yet others~ who are here illegally enter this country the right way and Ortonville seem to get everything they need. The seem to hit road block after road last I knew illegal meant breaking ['he block. But the majority of illegals do Letter to the editor: figuring out how to open securely The calls that we got from people locked doors and wandering away. that read the editorial in the Ortonville To be charged with child Independent were all from concerned endangerment because of this is people who have been hurt deeply by beyond all comprehension. We have the system. Who have had similar been present at two court hearings and experiences just as our son and his we expected that the children would wife are now experienceing with the be released back to their parents and Judicial system and Family Service of what was decided at these hearings? Big Stone County. Because of the Nothing? Now a third hearing is heartbreaking unjust charge of child scheduled in three weeks and for three endangerrrlent that was filed on them. more painful weeks these three little What parent in this county is there, children, that were forcefully removed that could possibly keep a four-year- from their parents will still remain in old child in their sight every second of foster care and will continue to be the day and night and not ever leaving denied all personal contact with their the child out of their sight? It would parents. be impossible. Their son is an Family Services is treating these adventurous little boy who loves to parents as if they had committed a run and wander and is very wise in crime against their children. These parents love and cherish their children and they are very protective of them. Our understanding is if they would plead guilty to the unjust charge against them, the children would be released to their parents and then the parents would be forced to participate in all of Social Services demands concerning family rehabilitation. In other words they are saying lie and say that you are guilty of the crime if you want your children back. These parents are not guilty of this charge, they are innocent and they will not lie. What a cold heartless system d they have come up against. Robert and Delores Buhl GraCeville To the Editor: Congress on June 71 1797 and signed I take great pride in having by President John Adams on June 10, attended high school in Ortonville. I 1797). The government of the United always feel a sense of self whenever I States is not, in any sense, founded on am back. Now that I live in the the Christian religion..." Our earliest Dakotas, I delight in returning home thinkers and many of the Founding regularly. I visited Ortonville this past Fathers were Deists, not Christians. weekend and attended the Memorial If we came together in Ortonville, Day celebration at the public high on Memorial Day 2010 to honor all school, veterans and military, then the onus is The program was thoughtfully laid on us to do so thoughtfully and out. The main speaker took a poignant respectfully. Americans of every color stand following Kipling. Sadly, I and creed share a responsibility to be submit that Americans do so easily mindful of as well as inclusive of the forget who we have been, who we are, diversity .that America has been, that and who we are becoming. I was which we are, and that which we are disappointed that the Reverend placed becoming. We owe this to all veterans, himself within this population, and we begin this through the words In a public venue, do we honor all we choose to speak. veterans of foreign wars or the military, generally, by emphatically Rob Walsh excluding everyone except Christians? Valley City, ND To end an opening prayer with the proclamation "in the name of Jesus il Christ the Savior of the world" is exceedingly irresponsible. These words reflect a myopia that can not and will not be sustained in America. We must be mindful that each of the world's major religions was and is represented in the military (according to an article in Population Bulletin titled America's Military Population in 2004)? I was reared as a Christian in Ortonville, yet I have traveled to many distant destinations in this world--including countries where the Savior of the world is not an influence. Some of America's veterans and military have their origins from these places. America is changing. Perhaps, it's more accurate to say that America is returning to its roots. George Washington, America's foremost veteran, issued these words through a representative of the United States on Nov. 4, 1796 (approved by li U.S. Sens. Amy Klobuchar and A1 drinking water to those areas," Sen. grant tp fund wastewater system im- Franken (D-Minn.) announced that the Klobuchar said. "All of Midnesota provements. The City of Milan will re- cities of Elmore and Milan, in Min- benefits from projects like these that ceive a $1,388,000 loan and a nesota, will receive $8,457,000 in promote public health, protect our en- $1,217,000 grant to be used for water funding to go toward water and waste- vironment, create jobs, and support and wastewater system improvements. water improvements. The projects, local infrastructure." The funding is being administered by which are funded through the Ameri- "Ensuring that rural Minnesota fam- USDA Rural Development's WEP pro- can Recovery and Reinvestment Act ilies have clean drinking water is im- gram.WEP provides loans, grants, and and with regular U.S. Department of. perative," said Sen. Franken. "This loan guarantees for drinking water, Agriculture (USDA) "Water and Envi- Stimulus funding puts the necessary in- sanitary sewer, solid waste, and storm ronmental Program funds (WEP), are frastructure in place, protects the envi- drainage facilities in rural areas and intended to provide jobs while improv- ronment, and creates much needed cities and towns of 10,000 or less. Pub- ing rural America's infrastructure, jobs. As far as I'm concerned, that's a lic bodies, non-profit organizations, "It is critical that we look out for the win win win." and recognized Indian tribes may qual- safety and health of Minnesota's rural The City of Elmore will receive a ify for assistance. communities by helping deliver safe $2,939,000 loan and a $2,913,000 GERTJE-VAN LITH AMERICAN LEGION POST 229 AUXILIARY in Big Stone City, SD held a Popp)' Poster Contest at the Big Stone City School. The winners are pictured above and receiveda monetary gift. In front from left to right are fourth grade winners Tyra Biever, Erin Fryer, Miranda Giossi, (all tied for third place), Mikhail Thomson, Emily Bolsta, (tied for second place) and Nicholas Staeling-first place. Second row left to right are sixth grade winners Dylan Pillatzki-thurd place, Anna Lee-second place, Mikala Gimmestad-first place; seventh grade winners Desiree Raffety-third place, Emily Torgerson-second place and Mariah Kuefler- first place. Back row left to right are eighth grade winners Alex Giossi-third place, Joshua Sherod-second place and Noah Kottke-first place. There was a man long ago... who came into the world a sinless human being. He grew and taught what's right. He taught that all have sinned and no one is righteous, no not one. But he was hated for telling the truth. They took him up on a hill and he died on a tree. If another was sinless then the one who hung on a tree lied and the tree episode did us no good and we are all lost. Think about this. Your eternal destination depends on it. PERFORMING TAPS atthe Memorial Day Services in Ortonville were OHS Band membersColin Plathe, left and Tate Messmer. I Checkur web site www.ortonvilleindeeen clues ACROSS 1. Manuscripts (abbr.) 4. Small explosive noise 7. Helps little firms 10. Without (French) 12. Macaw genus 14. Ad : improvise 15. Actress Eckland 17. Raja's wife 18. Cotillion 19. Make too non-specific 22. Turned down 23. One who is owned by another 24. Wolf (Spanish) 25. Breezed through 26. Anne Domini (in the year of Our Lord) 27. Railroad track 28. Lean-fleshed fish 30. Bachelor quarters 32. Laptop 33. Aluminum (abbr.) 34. Bollard 36. A brief infatuation 39. Wipe out information 41. Shell glyptography 43. Dime store founder 46. ,Abnormal breathing 47, One of the Greats 48. Curved sword 50. Digested 51. Coarse file 52. Queen of Sparta 53. CNN's founder 54. Gidget actress 21. An insect wing Sandra 28. Corkscrewed 55. Fall back time 29. Hydrocarbon in fuel Clues DOWN 30. Genus asimina 1. Mutual savings bank 31. Poplar trees (abbr.) (Spanish) 2. Indian lute 34. Angrily rebuke 3. Talk in a tearful35. Expression of manner disappointment 4. Skinned 37. Relating to an ecological sere 5. NW Algerian port 38. Heated earth 6. A sheet Of glass in a window 40. Pitcher 41. To call (archaic) 7. Shrinks up 8. Drank excessively42. Storage structures 9. The highest point43. Male undergraduate 11. Takes dictation social club 13. Gentlemen 44. Towards the oral region 16. Nonindustrial society 45. Belgian River 18. Finished second49. Long tailed rodent 20. Hollow stone The Ortonville Independent (u JAMES D. KAERCHER Publisher / Managing Editor SUZETTE KAERCHER-BLAKE Editor and Advertising Sales MIKE SWENSON Associate Editor / Advertising Rep Tues., June 1,2010 Vol. 92; No. 20 Continuing the ORTONVILLE JOURNAL STAR Published Every Tuesday at 29 2nd St. N.W. Ortonville, MN 56278 Pedodicals Postage Paid at Ortonvllie, Minnesota SUBSCRIPTION RATES $35.00 per year in Big Stone, Lac qu Parle, Traverse and Swift Counties ir Minnesota, Grant and Roberts Counties in South Dakota. $40.00 for all other counties in Minnesota and South Dakota. All others, $45.00 per year. Postmaster: Send address changes to The Ortonville Independent, Box 336, Ortonville, Minnesota 56278. 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