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April 12, 2011     The Ortonville Independent
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April 12, 2011

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Editorial comment By JDK Our granddaughter Clarissa Blake made us proud again this weekend, as ;he did a superb job of skating in the Lions" Ice Show in Watertown, SD. We were also thrilled to see her photo and short article about her and the Or- tonville Arts on Ice, outdoor figure skating show published in U.S. Figure Skating magazine. Daughter Sue took tile photo of Clarissa skating during the Ortonville ice show, wrote a short story and submitted it to the magazine, which published it in its April edition. Way to go Clarissa! Speaking of getting pub- lished, Linda Roggenbuck of Bellingham is excited to see the June edition of Dirt Rider magazine. The magazine fea- tures a photo she took of her son Dustin Roggenbuck in a dirt bike competition in Yank- ton, SD. The magazine held a photo contest and Linda's pic- ture was selected as one of the winning photos. The maga- zine hits the stands April 26 and will be available at Carl- son Drug in Ortonville. We take serious issue today with Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton! We think he is DEAD WRONG, re- garding his recent visit to North Min- neapolis, on his insistence that more effort should be placed by both govt. and private sectors in that area to hire more black persons, because he points out that the jobless rate there among blacks is said to be three times more than the jobless rate for whites. Race should have nothing to do with forcing employers in their hiring decisions. On the contrary, hiring of anyone should be according to the standards required for the particular job....and should adhere strictly to one's intelli- gence for the job. his work ethics and his talents for the job in consideration! What if more Norwegians in our state were .jobless than say the Germans, Italians, or Irish?? Would it be ex- pected and proper for employers to focus and push for Norwegian hirees ..,regardless of their abililties for the job??? Come on Mr. Dayton...wake up to reality and sane reasoning!! Stop being a racist by your actions for seem- ingly just the sake of your personal popularity among the blacks...or for any race or nationality. Focus on urg- ing hiring of everyday Americans as long as they qualify for their work as- sigment!! :g* ak g @ A brief comment on news we heard recently that Fox tel- evision news is dropping Glenn Beck. Good riddance we say....we never liked his tactics, his obvious senseless ramblings ...and we could never understand what he was talking about. In short, a mess were his shows, from start to finish! What a pleasant surprise to learn about the person featured in this week's "'Let's Never Forget" salute to Veterans is a person we highly admired when we were but 12 years old. We, speak of Ensign Bill West. a Navy pilot who flew in the early days of the war with Japan off the famous USS Enter- prise aircraft carrier. Bill was among the first American pilots to fight back against the surprisgJapanese attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. He was killed in a scouting mission and we be- lieve he was the first American war ca- sualty from Ortonville in the Japanese phase of World War II. Bill was some- how related to the late H.W. "Herb" McDowell, long-time owner of Or- tonville's Ford Auto Agency. We think Bill was Herb's nephew. We recall how we thought Bill was such a hand- some man in his dress Naval officer's uniform. Be sure to read the lengthy article composed by the usual authors for "LNF"...namely Judy Nichols and Jay Dee Ross, to whom we extend our deepest thanks! Hey...believe it or not...START THINKING SPRING...reaily, according to all forecasts, it appears one of our favorite seasons is, as they say, "just around the corner!" Friend Vince Parker of Stillwater adds some interesting info to our re- cent item about how cheap grocery items were years and years ago. Vince's comment starts out with "Wow...but here is more. Am sending an invoice my dad received from the Ortonville Hospital in 1959. I tried to run a percent of increase compared to today's health care...but I gave up, as I don't have any late health care costs." The hospital invoice Vince refers to shows a charge of $56 for a four day stay, plus $18.82 for drugs, $3 for lab work, $2 for treatments, and only $1 for miscellaneous...for a total bill of only $80.82. To this, we echo Vince's WOW with our own' WOW! Vince concludes with his usual cheery note to "keep the presses rolling!" As Lem would say, Vince, we certainly will...the Good Lord willing! Could be a blessing in dis- guise, so to speak...Twins sec- ond baseman Tsuyoshi Niskioska breaking his leg, thus giving top prospect Luke Hughes....called up as a re- placement....a chance to show his highly touted hitting abil- ity. We don't mean to wish any bad luck for Niskioska, but thus far this season, his batting average has been atro- cious....strictly bush league. No doubt because of his play- ing in Japan, he is not accus- tomed to major league pitching, which we hope he has learned is far superior to what he has faced in Japan. He may be great on defense, but his learning to hit in the big leagues is obviously going to take time...hopefully for the Twins, it will be less than more time! Go Twins!! WHAT A CRYING SHAME! Actu- ally a disgrace to man's intelligence. We refer to the likes of every single lawmaker in our nation's Capitol. If the taxpayers had the authority.., other than at voting display their obvious dislike, all of the lawmakers should be fired on the spot for acting like a bunch of two-year-olds in their dismal efforts on the 2011 budget....a job that should have been taken care of months before, instead of trying to show the taxpayers how hard they were "working over-time, night and day, to prevent a govt. shut-down!" And then the budget is a far cry from what us taxpayers deserve! All of them, by their battling among them- selves, continue to show us they could care less for our taxpayer dollar or what our wishes are: In the main, for less government and more freedom for the voters. We can't imagine how any of them can look in the mirror and feel good about the work they are NOT DOING for what we expect from our dollars. They are spending like drunken sailors! And what is even scarier is to think, for a second, of the billions of dollars some of them are tar- geting to spend for the 2012 elections ! God help America! God help the voice of the average, hard-working Ameri- can! Indeed, the story in Washington is daily becoming what anyone can plainly see is NO LAUGHING MAT- TER!!!!!!!! " ::i::i...?:.:.:.,.: ............. i::,.:.::.:.?:?:::: .,: ili .....  . B/:,ta ................... : .......... "" [i [i!ili!ii ======================================================================= ........... m,:::::::: eD C004e-00 tl,5, I:I01..I T | C $ City continues discussion on cost of lots f()r Hwy 75 project The Ortonville City Council held discussion regarding updated options for development along Highway 75, the Economic Development Land at their Monday, April 4 meeting. The EDA had noted that the project would incur the total costs with the im- mediate return of one business ( an of- fice building with five new employees) and the basic infrastructure in-place to market the development of the initial project area. Council member Angela Doren stated that the EDA has received calls over the past years from businesses in- terested in that area with no idea at what it would cost and take to get busi- nesses in that location. "I strongly believe in this project," said Doren. "Especially after the Cen- sus came back. When your under 2,000 people in a town, any amount of people you lose has a huge impact on your city." A draft layout for lots, streets and utilities for the EDA property was pre- sented at the councils previous meet- ing, with an estimated cost for the installation of utilities and streets to serve a small business located near Highway 75. He provided two options. The first option would include in- stalling an entrance off Highway 75 at the south end of the property with an estimated cost of $612,500. The second option would include installing the en- trance off of Highway 75 at the middle of the property with an estimated cost of $622,500. An updated option, which would extend the water north which would service 17 lots, was provided at an estimated cost at $454,500. This does not include storm water treatment or electrical. Cost for the seven frontage lots with upgrades were estimated at $35,000 9er lot, while the nine back lots were ONCE AGAIN... MANY THANKS Recent new and renewal sub- scribers to The Independent which we gratefully acknowledge with thanks for your loyalty: Justin Kaiser Justin Scholberg Kandi Tetzloff Kanthak Small Engines Karen Hardwiek Karen Huber Karin Moser Kathleen Karels Kathryn Rien Kdio Keith Hoffman Ken Toner Kendra Rademacher Kenneth Adolphson Kenneth Kuefler Kenneth Simonitch Kevin Dragseth Kevin & Peggy Rademacher Kevin's Body Shop Klein National Bank Kristi McLain Krueger License Bureau L. Mueller Lac Qui Parle Swcd Lalah Holtquist Lamoine Herrmann Larry Anderson Larry Bunting Larry Dahle Larry Haugen Larry Kiernat Larry Pederson Larry Roggenbuck Larry Weber Laverne Wiley Lavonne Perseke estimated at $23,300 per lot. How to pay for this project is the big question. "I think we would have a better un- derstanding of financing in late May in St. Paul when we would find out about state funding," said Councilman Steve Berkner. "I don't want to put this off too long, but the real question is what purchase at lot on Rita Road, #3 of Course Air. The City offered her the lot for $7.500 plus special assessments, which is what previous lots have cost. The council approved the cost and Swenson will keep in contact with the City to let them know whether she ac- cepts the offer. Christie Boyle of the Ortonville can we afford and where is the financ- Ambulance Service informed the coun- ing coming from. I think we all want this, it's just how do we pay for it." Discussion then centered on the cost per lot and on a motion by Berkner and second by Councilman Ron Thomas the council approved the cost of frontage lots at $45,000 and the back lots at $33,300 which the EDA will present to the interested business if the City should go ahead with the project. The motion passed unanimously. In other business, Jessica Swenson came before the council requesting to cil that Ambulance #19 has had prob- lems with the siren and lights on the vehicle. Council members approved sending the vehicle to Everest Emer- gency Vehicles for repair. Boyle stated that she would like two people to take the vehicle, Council members voted to pay one member with the other going as a volunteer. The next meeting of the Ortonville City Council will be on Monday, April 18 at 7 p.m, in the Library Media Cen- ter.  35 m 52 57 61 64 Clues ACROSS 1. Male sheep 4. Make an explosive noise 8 9 26 27 44 51 27. One point E of due S 29.7th avatar of Vishnu 32. Woman making her 63. Wild sheep of north Africa 64. Woman (French) 65. No. French river debut (abbr.) 33. A guiding spirit 34. Town of Jesus' 1st miracle 7. Upper left keyboard key 66. Senior officer 10. Freshwater duck Clues DOWN genus 1. Coarse files 12. Armenian King 928 - 953 2. Opposite of digital 35. Surmounted 14. House member tiUe 3. Lilongwe is the capital 36. Prayer beads (abbr.) 4. Slender long-tailed 37. Picasso's mistress 15. Starchy food made of parrots 38. Rich in decorative dried orchid tubers 5. Obeahs detail 17. Haystack 6. Political action 39. Unit of time 18. Afrikaans committees 43. A set of steps 19. Sylvia __, Am. 7. Expungings 44. Toilet powder poet 8. A very large body of 46. Paddle 20. Takes upon oneself water 47. Doctor of Medicine 22. Adult female hog 9. Jr. to a sergeant 48. Board cutters 23. (abbr.) 11. Disappear beyond the 51. Port of ancient horizon Rome 13. Bonxie 53. River in South Africa 16. Metacomet of 54. Tense Pokanoket 56. 74820 OK 18. Two-year-old sheep 57. Opposite of LTM 21. Mister 58. Br. University town 24. New Zealand red pine river 26. Irish Republic Irritate 25. Quarrels 28. Appropriate for young women 30. Chest cavity bone 31. Directed a weapon 33. Nothing more than 34. Keyboard partner 39. Meets the Danube at Belgrave 40. Adult male pigs 41. Point midway between NE and E 42. Least crazy 45. Ricochets 49. Coach Parseghian 50. __ Te Ching by LaD Tzu 52. Dead body of a human being 55. Plural of 18 across 57. Indication of skin damage 59. Oasis (Arabic) 601 A legally binding command 61. Woolen Scottish cap 62. Common stuffing herb The Ortonville Independent (U,S.P.S. 412-460) JAMES D. KAERCHER Publisher / Managing Editor SUZETTE KAERCHER-BLAKE Editor and Advertising Sales MIKE SWENSON Associate Editor / Advertising Rep Tues., April 12, 2011 Vol. 93: No. 13 Continuing the ORTONVILLE JOURNAL STAR Published Every Tuesday at 29 2nd St. N.W. Ortonville, MN 56278 Periodicals Postage Paid at Ortonville, Minnesota SUBSCRIPTION RATES $35.00 per year in Big Stone, Lac qui Parle, T'averse and Swift Counties in Minnesota, Grant and Roberts Counties in South Dakota. $40.00 for all other counties in Minnesota and South Dakota. All others, $45.00 per year. 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