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April 12, 2011     The Ortonville Independent
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April 12, 2011

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NOTICE ORDINANCE NO. 1%06 CITY OF ORTONVILLE COUNTY OF BIG STONE STATE OF MINNESOTA AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF ORTONVILLE, MINNESOTA ANNEXING LAND AND EXTENDING THE CORPORATE LIMITS OF THE CITY TO INCLUDE CERTAIN LAND NOW A PART OF ORTONVILLE TOWNSHIP. WHEREAS, the Ortonville Economic Development Authority has petitioned for annexation of lands legally described as follows: The Northeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter (NE1/4NE1/4) EXCEPTING THEREFROM Outlots One (1), Two (2), Three (3) and Four (4) of the Northeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter (NE1/4NE1/4), and Excepting Outlot 53 of the City of Ortonville, of Section Nine (9), Township One Hundred Twenty-one (121) North, Range Forty-six (46) West of the Fifth P.M., Big Stone County, Minnesota, subject to highway right of way, containing approximately 29.45 acres, more or less WHEREAS, Ortonville Economic Development Authority is the sole owner of said lands; WHEREAS, the area to annexed abuts the City of Ortonville and is 120 acres or less; WHEREAS, the area to be annexed is not presently served by public wastewater facilities or public wastewater facilities are not otherwise available; WHEREAS, the area to be annexed is urban or suburban in character or is about to be urban or suburban in character; WHEREAS, the Ortonville City Council held a public hearing on the proposed annexation on March 21, 2011, at 7:00 o'clock p.m., at the Library Media Center located at 412 2nd Street NW, Ortonville, Minnesota, upon due .and proper public notice as provided by law; WHEREAS, the abutting landowners and Ortonville Township were given written notice of the proposed annexation and public hearing as required by law; WHEREAS, no objection to the proposed annexation by Ortonville Township or any other interested person was received; WHEREAS, there are no special assessments assigned by the Ortonville Township to the above-described real property and there has been no debt incurred by the Township attributable to the property to be annexed; WHEREAS, Ortonville Township has waived any reimbursement pursuant to Minnesota Statutes 414.036 for the taxable property to be annexed. NOW THEREFORE, THE CITY OF ORTONVlLLE, MINNESOTA, HEREBY ORDAINS that the following described real property is hereby annexed to the City of Ortonville as provided by Minnesota Statute 414.033: The Northeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter (NE1/4NE1/4) EXCEPTING THEREFROM Outlots One (1), Two (2), Three (3) and Four (4) of the Northeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter (NE1/4NE1/4), and Excepting Outlot 53 of the City of Ortonville, of Section Nine (9), Township One Hundred Twenty-one (121) North, Range Forty-six (46) West of the Fifth P.M., Big Stone County, Minnesota, subject to highway right of way Upon roll call vote, the following voted Aye: Berkner, Doren, Dorry, Dinnel, Meyer, Thomas, Reinke. Nay: None. PASSED AND ADOPTED BY THE QRTONVILLE CITY COUNCIL THIS 4th DAY OF APRIL 2011. CITY OF ORTONVlLLE, MINNESOTA David Dinnel, Mayor ATTEST: Charleen Grossman City Clerk-Administrator (April 12, 2011) DICK'S CYCLE SHOP II Phone320-273-2181 Odessa, Minnesota NOTICE ORDINANCE NO. 11-04 CITY OF ORTONVILLE COUNTY OF BIG STONE STATE OF MINNESOTA AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND THE ADMINISTRATIVE CODE OF THE ORTONVILLE CITYCODE BY REVISING CHAPTER 96 BY MERGING THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE TREE BOARD AND THE PARK AND RECREATION BOARD. BE IT ORDAINED by the City of Ortonville as follows: Section 1. There is hereby created and established a Park, Recreation, and Tree Board for the city, which shall consist of the appointed members of the previous Park and Recreation Board. The Park Supervisor shall be an ex- officio, non-voting member of the Park, Recreation, and Tree Board. Section 2. Members of this Board shall serve without compensation. Section 3. The responsibilities of the Park, Recreation, and Tree Board shall be as previously outlined for the two merged Boards: Park and Recreation and Tree. Section 4. The Park, Recreation, and Tree Board shall be made up of five members, appointed by the city council to serve for a term of 3 years, shall choose its own officers and keep a journal of its proceedings. Members of the Park, Recreation, and Tree Board shall hold office concurrently with their current terms as Park and Recreation Board members. A majority of the members shall be deemed a quorum for the transaction of any business. Section 5. It shall be unlawful for any person or firm to prevent, delay or interfere with the Park, Recreation, and Tree Board, or any of its agents, while engaging in and about the planting, cultivating, mulching, pruning, spraying or removing of any street trees, park trees, or trees on private grounds, as authorized in Chapter 96 of the Administrative Code. PASSED BY THE ORTONVILLE CITY COUNCIL THIS 4th DAY OF APRIL 2011. CITY OF ORTONVILLE, MINNESOTA David Dinnel, Mayor ATTEST: Charleen Grossman City Clerk-Administrator (April 12, 2011) INDEPENDENT WANT ADS PAY PUBLIC NOTICE CLOSE PROXIMITY OWNERS AND LOCAL OFFICIALS BIG STONE COUNTY BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT Notice is hereby given that the Big Stone County Board of Adjustment will hold a public hearing on Thursday, April 21, 2011 to act on the following variance application: Time: 8:30 a.m. Applicant: Amos Wollman Property Owner: Lismore Hutterian Brethren, Inc. Legal Description: S 1/2, Section 28, Township 123, Range 47. Location of Hearing: Big Stone County Courthouse-Commissioners Room The applicant proposes to expand the currently permitted finishing barn by adding two more rooms to allow for additional pig space to grow larger hogs as encouraged by market trends. An additional 201 animal units is being requested due to shipping occurrences resulting in animal unit overages. The variance request is from Section III Subd. 1.C of the Big Stone County Animal Feedlot Ordinance, 2003 which specifies that no feedlot shall exceed 3000 animal units with a maximum of each county for the delivery of project S.P. 088-070-024, a district wide federal highway safety project that will provide safety improvements in the form of pavement markings, rumble stripes, and signing on selected eligible highway routes. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the proper County officers be and hereby are authorized to execute such agreement and any amendments, and thereby assume for and on behalf of the County all of the obligations contained therein. The Board passed the following resolutions revoking and establishing various highway numbers: 2011-12 revoking CSAH 2 and establishing CH 54; 2011-13 revoking CH 63 and establishing CSAH 35; 2011-14 revoking CH 78 and establishing CSAH 37; 2011-15 revoking CSAH 36 and establishing CSAH 23; 2011-16 revoking CH 66 and establishing CH 54. Complete copies of the resolutions are available at the Auditor's Office. Motion by Wulff, seconded by Olson and carried to authorize payment to Resource Data Services as an auditor warrant when the invoice is received to take advantage of a 3% discount. Chairman Athey adjourned the meeting at 9:32 AM. Michelle R. Knutson, Auditor ACTION ITEMS: 11-43 Accept the Resignation of HiJlary Hendch as 7th Grade Volleyball Coach: M/Thymian, S/Plathe and unanimously carried to accept with thanks the resignation of Hillary Henrich as 7th grade volleyball coach. 11-44 Set Date and Time for Superintendent's Evaluation: Supt. Taylor wanted to go on record that he would accept a contract for 11-12 with no salary increase. M/Klepel, S/Plathe and unanimously carried to schedule an evaluation but not approve a contract at this time. Klepel recommended that the Superintendent's contract be rewritten to eliminate the notification deadline for termination. Plathe disagreed with Klepel on this issue. He said that Supt. Taylor has done an excellent job as the school superintendent, and the board owed him some professional courtesy if they plan to terminate his contract. Henrich recommended having future evaluations prior to the termination notice date of January 15th. The evaluation date: March 8, 2011 at 7:00 PM - Superintendent's Office. 11-45 Review and Approve Policies 411, 411 A&B (Retirement Incentive Policies): M/Thymian, S/Hoffman and unanimously carried to approve policies 411, 411 A&B with the proposed Members Present: Mary Gustafson, of person Mr. Taylor is. He also felt that Timothy Henrich, Debbie Hoffman, Supt. Taylor has done an excellent job Marlowe Klepel, James Nelson. and in providing financial stability to the Kathi Thymian district. Mary Gustafson also asked Members Absent: Michael Hamson, John Plathe Also Present: Supt Jeff Taylor, Julia Schneider, Susan Spors, Sandy Josephson, Liz Ketz, Lynn Keller, Trevor Keller, Cathy Radermacher, Bonna Rasset, Karl Dorry, Sheila Hoernemann, Wayne Huselid, Bob Foley, and Kyle Kirkeby 11-49 Agenda: M/Hoffman, S/Henrich and unanimously carried to approve the agenda as presented. 11-50 Evaluation of the Superintendent: Prior to the meeting being closed Robert Foley speaking on behalf .of the Ortonville Education Association stated that Supt. Taylor Is very visible in the halls, and greets the students and staff. In the eleven years that he has worked at the school he can't remember a time when Mr. Taylor didn't greet him in the hall and ask him how he and his family were doing. He said that is just a testament to the type Marlowe Klepel for an apology for the following comment that he made at the March 1, 2011 meeting: "1 guess I am the only one that cares about the kids" She said all of the board members care about the kids or they wouldn't be here. A complete copy of her statement is on record at the district office. MfFhymian, S/Henrich and unanimously carriei:l to close the meeting for the evaluation. The meeting was re-opened at 8:20. The board discussed changing the evaluation date and form for future evaluations. Superintendent's Report: Supt. Taylor passed out and reviewed information from Minnesota Rural Education Association (MREA) about possible education funding changes. Adjourn: 8:37 PM James A. Nelson, Chair Deborah E. Hoffman, Clerk Strength team to motivate, 2000 animal units of swine. Wade Athey, revisions to paragraph F. All persons interested may appear Chairman Board Members Reports: Thymian attempt record in Graceville and be heard at said time and place, or attended negotiations seminar. Henrich: submit views in writing or by representative. If you know of any PROCEEDINGS OF Dress code and student behavior at Area residents vales audiences. He overcame child school events need to be enforced more interested property owner who, for any strictly. Klepel: Please put student - young and old, abuse and poverty. While he eccllcd reason, has not received a copy of this notice, please inform him/her of the time and place of the hearing. Dated: April 6, 2011 By the order of the Big Stone County Planning Commission Ronda Maas, Deputy Environmental Officer 20 SE 2nd Street Ortonville, MN 56278 (April 12, 2011) PROCEEDINGS OF THE BIG STONE COUNTY BOARD March 15, 2011 The Big Stone County Board of Commissioners met in the Commissioner's Room at 8:30 AM on Tuesday, March 15, 2011. Chairman Athey called the meeting to order with Commissioners Berning, Olson, Sandberg and Wulff present. Also present were Mike Swanson of the Ortonville Independent, County Attorney Bill Watson and County Auditor Michelle Knutson. The Pledge of Allegiance followed. Motion by Sandberg, seconded by Olson and carried to approve the minutes of the March 1 ' regular meeting. Motion by Berning, seconded by Wulff and carried to approve the agenda. Commissioners reported on the following committees: Olson - RDC/HRA; Planning & Zoning; Dream for Kids; BSAG Local Foods Sandberg - Audit (2); CBSL Athey - Planning & Zoning Wulff - Pomme de Terra; RLF; BSAG Berning - Countryside Public Health Motion by Wulff, seconded by Sandberg and carried to appoint Commissioners Olson and Berning as the County's representatives to the collaboration meeting with area officials and representatives from the Center for Small Towns. Attorney Watson reported that they are working on a contract with the BCA for e- charging and will bring it to the next meeting for approval. Attorney Watson informed the Board that due to an upcoming termination of parental rights case, there will be expenditures for expert witnesses. This will be discussed further at the Welfare Board meeting. Environmental Officer Darren Wi/ke reported that the Planning Commission is recommending approval of the conditional use permit (CUP) for the Cakes Boarding Kennel. Motion by Olson, seconded by Berning and carried to approve the CUP application as recommended by the Planning Commission. Discussion was held on the County landfill. Motion by Olson, seconded by Wulff and carried to authorize the County's intent to transfer ownership of the landfill to the State of Minnesota with the condition that they are responsible for updating the abstract, filing the plat and other necessary procedures to complete the transaction. Motion by Berning, seconded by Sandberg and carried to authorize payment of the following claims as presented by Auditor Knutson: Computer Professionals $ 3,793.33 RDO Equipment Co 2,297.81 Royal Tire Inc 7,656.57 Office of the State Auditor 4,275.13 Traverse County 2,700.00 Tri County Co-op Oil Assn 3,040.68 West Con 29,370.18 Ziegler Inc 2,043.48 52 Pymts Less Than $2,000 12,350.90 Total $67,528.08 Motion by Olson, seconded by Wulff and carried to offer a letter of support for business initiatives in Beardsley as requested for a small grant application to the State of Minnesota. Motion by OIson, seconded by Berning and carried to approve the technology purchases as presented by County Recorder Elaine Mar!Jg. The expenditures will be taken out the of the Recorder's Technology Fund Reserve. County Engineer Nick Anderson presented various resolutions for the Board's approval. Motion by Sandberg, seconded by Wulff and carried to adopt the following resolution: 2011-10 WHEREAS, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MN/DOT), and the City of Ortonville and Big Stone County wish to partner in the operation of a Sand/Salt Building; and WHEREAS, said partners have prepared a partnership agreement to address the day to day operations; and WHEREAS, the County of Big Stone has received the aforementioned agreement. NOW, THERFORE. BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of the County of Big Stone that the Board does hereby authorize the Chairman and Clerk to execute the Sand/Salt agreement with MN/DOT. Motion by Olson. seconded by Wulff and carried to adopt the following resolution regarding the Joint Powers Agreement for the Administration of Federal HSIP Safety Grant Project S.P. 088-070-024: 2011-11 IT IS RESOLVED that Big Stone County enter into a Joint Powers agreement with the Eleven Mn/DOT District 4 counties of Backer, Big Stone, Clay, Douglas, Grant, Mahnomen, Pope, Otter Tail, Stevens, Swift, and Traverse for the following Purpose: Define the rights and obligations of THE ORTONVILLE SCHOOL BOARD February 17, 2011 The Ortonville Board of Education met in regular session on Thursday, February 17, 2011 at 7:00 PM in the Library. Members Present: Mary Gustafson, Michael Hamson, Timothy Henrich, Dabble Hoffman, Marlowe Klepel, John Plathe, and Kathi Thymian. Members Absent: James Nelson Also Present: Jeff Taylor, Julia Schneider, Joel Stattelman, Kathy Nelson, Marcy Fellows, Bonna Rasset, Susan Maus, Sandra Haugen, Susan Spors, Robert Foley, Sara Wollschlager, Mary Klages, Glenn Henningson 11-36 Agenda: M/Klepel, S/Hamson and unanimously carried to approve the agenda with the following additions: 11-37.2 - Add $4,121.18 to bills for a total of $433,460.74 11-37 Consent: M/Thymian, S/Plathe and unanimously carried to approve the following consent items: 1137.1 Approve January 20,2011 meeting minutes as presented. 11-37.2 Authorize payment of February, 2011 bills in the amount of $433,460.74. 11-37.3 Approve Cash Balance Sheet and Investments. DISCUSSION ITEMS: 11-38 Ice Cream Machine (Basketball Booster Club): The basketball booster club is asking the district to purchase an ice cream machine for them at an approximate cost of $6,348. The purchase price plus interest would be paid back to the school with profits from the machine at a monthly rate of $250 with a final balloon payment in March 201 2. The boosters would be responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the machine. The following concerns were discussed: Insurance: The booster club would need to be added as an additional insured at a cost of $100 and would still be subject to the $2500 deductible. Junior Class Concessions: Ice cream sales would be in direct competition with the junior class concession. Junior class concessions are used to pay for prom, graduation gowns, and annuals. Plathe thought this could be worked out. Increased janitorial duties due to ice cream spills. It was recommended that the basketball boosters contact the wrestling boosters about using their machine. Supt Taylor said he would rather have the school own the machine if it is going to be in the building. M/Plathe, S/Gustafson and unanimously carried to table this issue until the March meeting. 11-39 2011-12 Budget Discussion: Supt. Taylor reviewed past enrollment and staffing information including the areas where past staff reductions have occurred. He noted that 11-12 projected enrollment is equal to 08-09 enrollment and recommended using the 08-09 staffing as a guideline for making staff reductions. He also reviewed the District's current fund balance, staffing, and future fund balance scenarios showing different levels of revenue for the 11-12 budget. A list of possible reductions needs to be prepared and the Resolution Discontinuing and Reducing Educational Programs and Positions needs to be completed at the March meeting. Klepel felt the superintendent should provide a list of possible cuts. Supt. Taylor said he is prepared to do that when the board tells him to what degree they want to make cuts. He doesn't want to put staff through unnecessary stress until he knows what the board wants to do. Plathe recommended offering early retirement incentives to encourage additional retirements. The board agreed to meet on Tuesday, March 1st for budget discussions at 7:00 PM. 11-40 Review Proposed 2011-12 School Calendar: Before or After Labor Day: Supt. Taylor presented two calendar options. One option showed a start date before Labor Day and the other after Labor Day. After much discussion the Supt. was asked to prepare three calendars with after Labor Day starts for the board to consider. 11-41 Review Goals: Supt. Taylor gave an update on the following goals: Curriculum: The district continues to be involved in MRVED curriculum review, has made upgrades to the math curriculum this year, and is considering integrating college algebra courses into curriculum. Technology: The tech integration program is helping teachers integrate IPADS into their curriculum especially in the special education area. Student Achievement: There are 14 students participating in the elementary peer tutor program for second semester. Staff continue to expand the Response to Intervention program in primary grades. OHS is offering a structured study hall for junior high students, a MCA math prep course, and additional on-line and post secondary courses. 11-42 MSBA Board Development Programs: MSBA offers 2-3 hour board development sessions for $850. Gustafson thought this was a lot of money for the time when we are trying to make cuts. Henrich agreed but thought if it helped to make a better board it may be worth the money. No action was taken. surveys on March agenda. Superintendent's Report: We have missed 2 snow days with several late starts. Staff and parents have been informed that make-up days will be February 18th and February 21. Any other missed days will be made up per the school calendar. Kara Helgeson has been awarded the MSHSL EXCEL Award. This award recognizes juniors who participate in MSHSL activities, hold-leadership positions in school and work voluntarily in their community. have an opportu- nity to see some- thing unique and inspirational when Jeff Warner's Ultimate Strength Power Team will attempt a new world record in brick breaking on WedneSday, April MRVED Representatives will meet with 20 at 6:30 p.m. at the Graceville staff to discuss how MRVED can help . CoELmunity Center. The event is free our district. A Nature Adventures and open to the public. Assembly for the elementary was recently held in cooperation with the Big Stone City School. Sandy Helgeson wanted to thank all of the staff and subs for their cooperation in filling subbing positions. Confirm Meeting Dates: Budget Meeting - Tuesday - March 1, 2011 - 7:00 PM - Library Superintendent Evaluation - Tuesday - March 8, 2011 7:00 PM Superintendent's Office Regular March meeting - Monday - March 21, 2011 - 7:00 PM- Library Adjourn: 9:37 PM Ortonville Public School Board of Education Meeting Minutes March 1, 2011 The Ortonville Board of Education met in special session on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 to discuss the 2011-12 budget at 7:00 PM in the library. Members Present: Mary Gustafson, Mike Hamson, Timothy Henrich, Debbie Hoffman, Marlowe KlepeL James Nelson, John Plathe and Kathi Thymian Members Absent: None Also Present: Jeff Taylor, LuAnn Hanson, Julia Schneider, Joel Stattelman, Pat Thompson, John Olson, Susan Spors, Cathy Radermacher, Sandra Josephson, Pat Heiser, Bonna Rasset, Susan Maus, Marie Papasso, Kyle Kirkeby, Matt Lamb, Tanny Mayors, Renee Eustice, Lynn Keller, Trevor Keller, Robert Foley, Glenn Henningson, Kelly Gustafson, Stacey Gustafson, Jon Fellows, Sara Wollschlager, Ryan Danielson, Kathy Nelson 11-46 Agenda: M/Plathe, S/Thymian and unanimously carried to approve the agenda with following additions: 11-48 - Marlowe Klepel Personal Statement 11-47 Budget Discussion for 2011-12: 1. LuAnn Hanson Business Mgr reviewed four different revenue scenarios and their effects on the fund balance 2. Supt Taylor provided the following list of possible reductions for board consideration. The staffing reductions would bring staffing levels back to pro- consolidation levels: a. $53,643 Reduce 2nd grade to one section b. $53,643 Reduce 3rd grade to one section c. $10,000 Eliminate school's support for BPA travel to nationals d. $13,380 Eliminate .286 science position e. $2,100 Eliminate COGNOS Data Warehouse contract with SWlWC Services Coop f. $5,000 Purchase tech support from Big Stone County g. $28,793 Reduce title by .6 FTE 3. Supt. Taylor told the board they would need to vote on recommended reductions and approve the resolution discontinuing and reducing educational programs and positions at the March meeting. 4. Supt. Taylor was asked to bring cost estimates to the March meeting for the following items: a. Increase admission fees for extra- curricular events by $1.00 b. Increase participation fees c. Use concession money to help fund junior high and 9th grade sports instead of prom d. Eliminate coaching/advisor positions for junior high and 9th grade activities e. Reduce custodial staff f. Reduce food service staff 11-48 Personal Statement- Marlowe Klepel: Klepel read a personal statement about class size and achievement. Copies of his statement are available in the district office. Gustafson said she was for smaller class size if we could afford them, but that didn't seem to be the case anymore. Class sizes of 27-28 students were common in Ortonville in the past and those students were successful. She checked with Willmar and they currently have 27-28 students per class in elementary. She asked the elementary teachers that were present if they felt they could handle a class of 27- 28 students. Two of them said "yes" with additional title help for math and reading. Upcoming Meetings: March 8, 2011 Tuesday Superintendent's Evaluation - 7:00 PM - Superintendent's Office March 21, 2011 - Monday - Regular Board Meeting - 7:00 PM - Library Adjourn: 9:05 PM Ortonville Public School Board of Education Meeting Minutes March 8, 2011 The Ortonville Board of Education met in special session for the superintendent's evaluation on Tuesday, March 8, 2011 at 7:00 PM in the superintendent's office. Jeff Warner and his Power Team will perform a wide array of feats of strength including crushing bricks, bending bars, ripping phone books and busting baseball bats. Warner currently holds five world records in breaking bricks using his forearms, elbows and sometimes his head. Warner believes the breaking of bricks is often symbolic of the "breaking of the bonds holding one back in one's life".Warner's dramatic life story inspires, educates and moti- in sports, he also had learning dis- abilities and spent his school years in special education classes. Warner went on to become a pro- fessional wrestler known as JW Storm only to throw it all away through the abuse of drugs and alco- hol. Today, Warner brings his message of "tough times don't last but tough people do" to schools and communi- ties around the nation The Ultimate Strength Team will be providing an assembly earlier in the day at the CGB High School. "Each of us is born with a destiny and created for a great purpose" according to Warner, "I bring a strong message to students on The Power of Choice." Admission to the evening event is free. Check the website: http://www.j e ffwarners ultimat- to learn more about Jeff Warner and the Ultimate Strength Team. PRINTING Is Our Business THE ORTONVILLE INDEPENDENT . Motorcycles/ATV's/Scooters/ Lawnmowers Overhaul's, pods and accessories on hand Not sure if we handle it...just call Dick NEW COUNTRY LOCATION: Watch for Big Stone Cry. slgn 14 on Hwy.717S (blacktop two miles east of Odessa) turn east on Cry. 14 and go approx. 2.5 miles. 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