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April 26, 2011     The Ortonville Independent
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April 26, 2011

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Beckmans thrilled at new Coleman to appear THE CLASSROOM at Browns Valley life Mariah's Windhaven Public Library .............. ' ...... (and other pl ver the years) (Last in series) Contmnedinthisco/illbeactualavperifrfourdecades ......... .... .... With renewal of paper recently from ll tili !i!?ii5!ill  l Judy and Lance Beckman, former res- idents now enjoying a new life in  . (Brought up #7 out of 10 children born t .... p .... is, I'd have to h ....  :i White Salmon, WA, where Lance is .... e ofh,mor. Righm .... ::: employed with Wildlife...they send a most newsy letter, which we publish, in part, below, in a three part series. And other places I've be open minded would be when the First, from Judy: ...... :" : .... ": ":" :: :"' ImEPi. -' _ \\;':  hung out over the years doctor has him prepared for brain CI  .......... :::.:: .,:,.  :";..: .. "Hello to all our friends at ::.:: .::.,, : ::::  By Ario Janssen  surgery. The Independent," says Judy. .  :.:: : ::  In the remedial English classes I 6. My sister and her boyfriend .:.:..::.:.: :..:,.,.:..;::.::::,..: ,, :::, Lance and l read the paper ea- i :': ::: taught at a community college in kissed in the backseat of my car like gerly...from cover to cover! !i!i:,i::: : : i::;iil :ii Arizona, some of the students tried they were giving each other mouth-to- Miss Ortonville!" Story fol- ii :::::: ,: :i hard to be very descriptive and almost mouth resuscitation, cramming for an lows, in a three part series: iiiiiiiiiiiiiii made it-well, in a way; here are a few EMT exam. Strangest Behavior: Kitty is a stray .:: .::!' ..... *::: ::iii:i: 7. I taught my little brother to that was dumped at our house by some ,::i:!iliiiiiii:iiiiiliiiiii!ii2iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii:i:: " "iii examples.  1. Somehow it's impossible to write his name in the snow with 'you uncaring person. He's been here since .#ii::iiiiiiii::Niii::!!!!i::iiN imagine my folks doing what we know what,' and he bragged to his i  i : 2004 and has slowly worked his way : teenagers talk about so much, but I teacher about being able to do that. past Lance and into the house. So, his ...... :'N:.. guess they do. I'm sure I wasn't ere- It's a good thing we didn't have snow History buffs, books collectors, behavior on Thanksgiving was strange, ated like Adam and Eve. on the ground that day, or he would and avid readers are invited to hear indeed. Home alone this year, we sat Lance's conclusion that this death was tion on the white sturgeon resource in 2. As hard-headed as my dad is, he probably would have showed her. Patrick Coleman at the Browns down to our own special candlelit the result of a bear-cougar encounter, the lower Columbia River. Occasion- would never need a motorcycle hel- 8. We had a girl on our forest fire- Valley Public Library on Tuesday, Thanksgiving dinner. And just as we Apparently, in defending the deer car- ally, Lance thinks of something other met. fighting team. A lot of good she did! May 3 at 7 p.m. As Acquisition 3. My girl friend's dad waits till all She lit more fires with the guys than Librarian for the Minnesota prepared to give thanks to God for all cass, the cougar died instantly of a bro- than fish while he attends to his duties the facts are in before he gives his she helped to put out in the woods. our blessings, Kitty jumped up on the ken neck by a single swipe of the paw on the community council and seven Historical Society, Coleman will chair at the head of the table and sat from an exceptionally large black bear other boards, all of whom have sought negative opinion on anything. Signed copies of Arlo's book about discuss the collection of travel and eyeball-to-tabletop for the rest of the that had been frequenting the area. out his fisheries expertise. 4. We all cried when they loaded growing up in Odessa are available at exploration narratives in the meal. He had never done that before, And we, the people? We picked 63 We've each set resolutions for this Grandma in the hearse and trucked Otrey Lake Gallery in Ortonville. If Society's collection, including nor has he since. We are guessing he, pounds of blueberries this year, but new year. You'd be bored, of course, her off to that waiting hole in the you would like to contact him, write to printed accounts of the Lewis and too, was saying thanks for being pro- other than raspberries, the garden pro- to know the specifics. But our resolu- ground. PO Box 1311, Benson, AZ, 85602. E- Clark expedition. vided warm shelter and, perhaps, for duced no great quantities of anything tions and yours, if you have them, can 5. The only time my coach would mail." arlo.janssen@gmail, com Brown Valley Public Library was still being alive, else. We fished, but set no records. We usually be bundled into this one story, one of three libraries in the state AND...our Favorite: Lance placed a proudly became grandparents in March An old Cherokee told his grandson of Lac qui Parle Mission Open selected to hostPatrick Coleman, road-kill deer carcass in front of the when son Todd married Monica and the battle that goes on inside all people, whose visit is made possible by the motion detector camera. The next day, became Dad to ll-year-old Mikayla. He said,"My son, there are two wolves HOg thi S day May 1 Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund he hiked down to see if birds and crit- Judy won the regional Sweet Adelines that live in all the people. One is Evil. se S u n 11 through the vote of Minnesotans on ters were feeding on the carcass and Novice Director award for her small It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, re- November 4, 2008. Coleman is found that (likely) a bear had dragged it chores and sang with Pride of Portland gret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, The Chippewa County Historical Renville built by Joseph Renville a renowned for his work for the a few yards away into the tall grasses, as they took ninth place in international resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, Society will be hosting an Open prominent force behind the Lac qui Minnesota Historical Society. In his On the following day, we both hiked competition and the Most Entertaining superiority and ego. The other is House at the Lac qui Parle Mission curatorial position he has been down and were startled to find the deer Chorus award from an audience of Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, on Sunday, May 1 from 1-3 p.m. Parle Mission and an explorer who responsible for adding approximately carcass gone, and in the precise spot it 10,000 people. She burst with pride to serenity, humility, kindness, benevo- The Lac qui Parle Mission is once led Zebulon Pike to the Upper had been, a dead cougar. There was no sing with Mikayla in the 235-voice lence,empathy, generosity, truth, corn- located six miles north of Mississippi. 100,000 volumes to the MHS library, ' making it the premier place for sign of any struggle, no scratches on Family Chorus. Lance continues to be passion and faith." The grandson Montevideo on Highway 59 and 2.2 The Mission is proud of its many the cougar, no fur lying about indicat- passionate about the future of the pre- asked, "Which wolf wins?" The old miles west on Chippewa County "Minnesota firsts" such as the first scholarship on all Minnesota topics. Browns Valley Public Library is ing two cougars may have been fight- historic white sturgeon, preaching the Cherokee replied,"The one you feed." Highway 13. A volunteer from the English school held in the Minnesota located at 15 Third Street South. ing over the deer carcass. The only need for hatchery supplementation. He Be present with the Creator. Be Historical Society will be on hand to River Valley, the first corn mill, the Call the library at 320-695-2318 for sign of trauma to the cougar was blood- succeeded in capturing the attention of quiet and listen. See what the earth is answer questions about this historic first woven cloth, and the first church more information. The presentation ied eyes and trickles of blood from the the media who just recently did a story saying. And, come visit!! site. There is no admission fee to bell that tolled. At this historic site is sponsored by the Minnesota nose and one ear. Washington Depart- crediting Lance's work in describing visit this site or to attend the Open the Dakota alphabet was formulated, merit of Fish and Wildlife confirmed the deleterious effect of sea lion preda- House. a spelling book in Dakota was writ- Historical Society, Browns Valley Hours for the 2011 tourism season ten, and the Bible was translated into Public Library, and Viking Library Larson Allen p nts 2019 for the Lac qui Parle Mission will Dakota. System. rese begin at 1 p.m. on May 1 and are 8 Please join them as they open the a.m.-8 p.m., Monday-Sunday, Lac qui Parle Mission for the season Card shower for through Labor Day weekend there- and share one of western Minnesota's Blanche Twist audnt report to City Co ,I after, best kept secrets. For more informa- unc The Lac qui Parle Mission which tion please call the Chippewa County overlooks the beautiful "Lake That Historical Society at 320-269-7636, Speaks" was begun in 1835 by the email them at Tom Keep of Larson Allen pre- street with curb and gutter. Public the Border Walleye Challenge on April Congregational and Presbyterian, sented the 2010 audit report to the Or- Works Director Tim Scherer recom- 30. Vendor licensing will be the re- ministries. The original church or visit our website at tonville City Council at their meeting mended that the Council consider sponsibility of the organization renting building was built in 1840 and is on Monday, April 18. He reported that doing the McCloud Street Project as the facilities. Councilman Mel Reinke known as the first church and school the General Fund should maintain a proposed in 2009 because of the po- cast the lone no vote. erected in the Minnesota River Thompson recovers six-month reserve, but has only four tential for a force main break. A request by Julian Boucher for the Valley. The present wooden chapel, months at this time. The council asked that the Utility use of Riverside Park for a Trail Ride a Works Projects Administration at Fargo hospital According to the audit, the Golf Committee and Street Committee meet on June 7 was approved provided they. building, stands on the site of the Fund lost $18,000 irl 2010 and has a in joint session to prioritize needed clean up the park after the event, original adobe structure. Shine Thompson of Ortonville is cumulative $128,000 negative cash localimprovement projects. Jeanne Svendsen, representing the Inside the chapel, exhibits recovering today at Essentia Health balance. Keep also reported that Fair- Council members passed unani- Big Stone Food Group, asked to use describe the missionaries and their Hospital in Fargo, ND from a way View has a healthy reserve fund mously a resolution approving calling Lakeside Park for a Farmer's Market. traumatic brain injury he suffered for maintenance and repairs and that for bids for the purchase of nine air re- The council approved the request al- work, the Dakota people, and Joseph from an assault Friday. the Debt Service Fund is solidly lease valves and vacuum valves for the lowing the group to use one shelter at Renville, who linked their worlds. A Shane'is a 2006 OHS graduate funded, replacement of valves located on the the park each Saturday from 8 a.m. to primer written in Dakota is on dis- who is attending Minnesota State The City Council approved a Street main sanitary sewer forcemain that noon from May through October ex- play. Visitors can ring the church Community and Technical College in ............ Committee Recommendation to adver- transfers wastewater from the City's cept Corn Fest weekend. It was also bell, echoing the sound of the origi- Moorhead. His parents ask the rise for bids to sealcoat. They also ap- main lift station to the wastewater agreed that the group would leave no nil, traditionally known as the first community to keep Shine in their proved advertising for bids for treatment facility at a total cost not to trash behind, church bell in Minnesota. Less than a prayers. Cards can be sent to Shine Bituminous Mix per ton laid, Class 5- exceed $40,000. The council passed unanimously to mile north of the Mission is Fort at 74535 367th Street, Ortonville, 500 to 1,000 tons, pit run 500 tons, In other business, the council ap- authorize entering into a Letter of MN 56278. Blanche Twist (Kelzer/Schmieg), sidewalk removal per square foot, curb proved a recommendation of the Park Agreement with Ortonville Area formerly of Rosen and Madison, cur- and gutter removal per lineal foot, in- Board to increase private swimming Health Services for the Heli-pad serv- rently a resident of Northridge in stall sidewalk per square foot and in- lessons from $45 to $50 for four les- ices contingent upon the approval of Ortonville, will be celebrating her stall curb and gutter per lineal foot. sons and from $65 to $80 for eight les- the City Attorney. 90th birthday May 3, 2011. Her fam- This is for work that is being done in sons. The next meeting of the Ortonville ily is hosting a card shower from the City. The council then passed a motion City Council will be on Monday, May friends and relatives. Discussion was'then held on the that there be a $100 refundable deposit 2 at 7:30 p.m. in the Library Media Blanche fell in her home in August Utility Improvement Project for Me- and a $35 user fee charged for use of Center. 2009, broke her arm in several places, Cloud Street to include a 28' rural the Lakeside Park Concession stand for and given those injuries plus her vision and hearing limitations, she is no longer able to live alone in her School Board gets BPA home. She is alert and interested in Door Prizes family and area news; she appreciates cards and visits, Her address is pd pt Twist, 1075 Roy Street, Ortonville, MN 56278. u ate, praises drama de Blanche (ADV) by Kathy Nelson At the regular meeting of the Ortonville School Board on April 18, BPA members, who will be attending the Nationals in May gave presenta- tions of their projects. Senior BPA members, Colin Plathe, Tate Messmer, and Charlie Taffe showed their animation soft- ware project entitled "One Middle Aged Garbageman Became A Superhero" and junior Rachel Berger, who will be participating in Digital Medium Production presented a pro- motional video entitled, "Big Dreams." Board members wished them good luck on their trip to the national competion in Washington, DC. The pre-school and Early Childhood Family Education staff gave information to the board pertain- ing to their programs. Laura Lamb and Kerry Dorry gave a program summary of the ECFE program and the Early Childhood Initiative. They stressed how important it is to reach young children and to nourish the brain development at an early age. Preschool teacher, Kylene Nelson, also explained to the board how the three and four-year-old preschool program is operating in the Ortonville district. Currently there is one class of three-year-old students taught by Nelson and two classes of four-year- old students taught by Nelson and Vicki Amdt. The board was thanked for their ongoing support of these pro- grams. There was discussion carried over from last month's meeting about pos- sibly taping the school board meet- ings. After going over the cost of get- ting and setting up the equipment, it was decided to wait. The action was tabled. Information was given about the MSBA Student Scholarship program. The program offers a scholarship to a senior who participates on the local school board. In other business, a contract with SW/WC Service Co-op was approved. This program helps stu- dents in K-3 who need extra help in reading. Also approved was a 2013- 15 Technology plan, and Superintendent Jeff Taylor was appointed as LEA Representative tbr the Title Programs. The supply and capital budgets were discussed and approved. The capital budget covers such item as the cost of technology, equipment, sports equipment, textbooks, busing and supplies. Total expenditures requested were $318,683.00 with transportation ..................... being the major cost. Board member .......... Mike Hamson asked about the possi- bility of replacing textbooks with I- Pads. The board voted on the forms to replace Sue Spors, Kerry Klepel and Kelly Zahrbock on unrequested leave :: of absence. This is the second step of a three step proposal to combine sec- ond and third grade classes and a title position. The final proposal will need ,: to be approved at the May board meeting. In addition, the teaching contract with Roger Sandberg was terminated. Jay Trenhaile has agreed to act as .... school psychologist for next year with no salary increase. A new table saw was purchased with a safety lock on it. The old saw was declared surplus and will be advertised for sale. Taylor informed the board that the school is continuing to advertise for volleyball coaches. In final discussion of the evening all the board members gave praise for the Ortonville school play, "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat," that had been performed the preceding weekend. Everyone agreed it was outstanding and every- :: one associated with the play ,should be commended for a wonderfffl job. ( Check out our web site at ) : Stop in and view artist Fred Cogelow's life-size sculpture... "A Penny Saved...?" oo0 Ask Dianne, 113 NW 1st St. Ortonville, MN 56278 Phone 320-839-6123 Toll Free 1-800-335-8920 Is A Penny Earned! Vickie or Mary about our special CD rates/ \\; "Heritage of Excellence!" 00CenBank Member www'cenbank'cm FDIC I LENDER to*t .s,, ::i'iiiii ::::i ! '%::ii Page 2 INDEPENDENT Tuesday, April 26, 2011