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April 26, 2011     The Ortonville Independent
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April 26, 2011

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D Editorial comment EDITORIAL... Long Overdue...Reform For American Government and Politics at All Levels!! (By JDK ) We'll wager if a poll was taken among all Americans, regardless of race, religion, education level, and political beliefs, you'd find near I00 percent strongly desirous of a big change .... actually a reformation...of our government and political system as it is today! The big problem, though, is that to even set out to begin that change, or even talk of it, you're up against a stone wall because those in power are so deeply imbedded in their operations, and have been for so many years, they are so at home with their dealings, corruption, their obvious deceit to their constituents, why in the. world would anyone have guts enough and the fairness to step foward and call for that reform! All lawmakers should stop arguments among themselves, stop feeling it their need to always create new laws, rather than de-lawing, stop making the wordings of law so complicated, it takes a Philadelphia lawyer to interpret, and cease even thinking of laws that further restrict a person's freedom. Our country should be, foremost, about the people rather than big and bigger government!! The shape America is in today is highly similar to what folks lived like under the British rule of over 200 years ago, the reason for the Revolutionary War, restoring life with more freedoms to those who broke away to form our United States of Americal Maybe our problem is the same of 200 years ago...that our system is so out-dated, so full of corruption, so entrenched with status quo, that elected officials care less and less about the average American .... rather their main focus seems to always be on their re- election and their own welfares and that of their many lobbyists! Consider, if you will, how many items that we feel clearly need reformation, and that we feel most Americans will agree" Term limits. 1).two six-year terms for Senate. 2) six two-year terms for House. 3) Two four-year terms for President. No tenure/no pension. A congressman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when out of office! Congress...past, present and future .... participate in Social Security. All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system and Congress participates with the American people. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do. Congress can no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or three percent! Congress loses its current health care system and participates in the same health care plan as the American people. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people. One of the most important reforms needed is to VOID all contracts with past and present Congressmen. The American people did not make this contract with made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in Congress should be considered AN HONOR, NOT A CAREER...just as it is considered today by most city and county offices. Our Founding Fathers envisioned citizen lawmakers, so they could serve their term or terms....then go back home and back to work!! Take a look at what Americans are so sorely offered in a Presidential election, with our present two-party system. We have over 300 million Americans. Of all these people, when election day arrives, we have two people to choose from ..... aside from a couple others in far minority parties! True, there are the caucuses held before, but so often the two left for the voters are a far, far cry from even likeable. An example is our last election, in which we feel we were not alone in thinking neither was capable of being our leader...yet we had no other choice. Why not allow anyone in America to file for the office,.and limit that he not spend millions to woo the voters, as if he were running a popularity contest! Rather have the requirement of each candidate to state his views on vital subjects and what he would do, and be held accountable for, if elected. There could be a garage mechanic somewhere in our great land, who would be a better leader for all American than anyone else. Elect businessmen who know what profits and losses are all about! Consider the millions of dollars spent on campaigns for an office that pays a trivial amount compared to the actual money raised or spent. This year, we understand President Obama has budgeted two BILLION dollars for his re-election campaign. If he really wants to be popular, why wouldn't he spend that amount on the poor people he thinks the taxpayers should support, rather than throw it to the winds in a campaign??!! Another suggestion we would like to offer for consideration by all Americans, especially those who are or may become a lawmaker, is to make it mandatory that for any expenditure by the jovernment that exceeds a certain figure .... somewhere into the billions .... that authorization for that particular spending must be approved by the voters by holding a referendum. This would allow the people to hold more power on how their tax dollars will be spent. In conclusion, all that we have talked about here is restoring control of America and its needs back to the will and needs of the people, rather than the spend-free politicians, who today have our nation so far in debt...something over 14 TRILLION, that children of today will be living in poverty, or our nation will be broke, or America will become like the rest of the world, under constant control of government..or what is a clear definition of Socialism .... certainly not the America that has made us great and envied for so many years by the rest of the world ..... the world that has been saved through many wars and the giving of lives by Americans to remain free! And think what a business would be like,, what it would suffer if all its employees(or in this case lawmakers) were to balk and not work with management .... the business would be a sorry mess and no doubt fail! And as a final word, we leave you with this to ponder: Remember that sometimes in life, even the smallest voice, if its meaning makes sense, can be heard for miles and make a difference. The status quo is not always right, nor should it be dictatorial over our freedoms. The 26th amendment ..... granting the right to vote for 18-year-olds, took only three months and eight days to be ratified! Why so short a time? BECAUSE THE PEOPLE DEMANDED IT! That was in 1971...before computers, e-mail, before cell phones! Of the 27 amendments to our Constitution, seven took one year or less to become the law of the land...ALL BECAUSE OF PUBLIC PRESSURE! In conclusion, we are not attempting to say we know everything about everything, but do feel we know something about a lot of things, and ask only that you consider all of the above with an open mind, without prejudice, and know that our main concern is for a stronger America, with more freedoms and more opportunities for all Americans, who still live in the greatest country on earth..and we hope that fact continues forever, with God's blessings! Amen! Letters to the editor To the Editor: Last week JDK wrote on how MnDot has not removed the dead deer from the sides of State Highway 7. I would like to address another problem, TRASH! I drive the lake road every day, and now that the snow has melted, all you can see is trash! And the area from Co. Rd. 34 to Eternal Springs is the worst. (This is the area mentioned in JDK's letter). Please, can property owners pick up the trash? Our property is also along Highway 7. Our neighbors and I keep it clean so visitors can enjoy the view of the lake, not the amount of trash left in the ditches. Dead deer seem to be the last thing to be ashamed of! Candy Willenbring Clinton '- WINDSHIELDS ARE OUR BUSINESS... Along with Complete Auto Body Repairl Largest In-Stock Windshield Inventory ill Area Free Estimates 100% Customer Satisfaction .Certified Technicians on Staff YOUR COMPLETE AUTO GLASS & BODY ',;HOP PROGRESSIVE # 00,COLLISION & GLASS CENTER INC. [ii!ill!::: ii:|ii; t i.  i]iii] ]][] Steve and Linda Roggenbuck 109 SE Second Street Ortonwlle, MN 56278 k ......................... Phone (320)83922255 Toll Free 888-819-2255 .J ONCE AGAIN... MANY THANKS Recent new and renewal sub- scribers to The Independent which we gratefully acknowledge with thanks for your loyalty: Darlene Wilde Darrell Brecke Darrell Tober Daryl Klapel Dave Cloos David Baumgarn David Ellingson David Klages David Klepel David McLaughlin David Meyer David Miller David Pladson David Samuelson David Schlagel David Weber Dawn Maatz Dawn's Hair Designs Deanna Hughes Deanna Jordahl Debbie Brunder Delhart Anderson Delrose Karels Delton Sorenson Dennis Bakeberg Dennis Carlson Dennis Dwyer Dennis Kassube Dennis Kvatum Dennis Pansch Dennis Rademacher Derald Lindquist Deron and Sylvia Brehmer Dewane Stoddard Dewillis Anderson Diane Carlson Diane Dybevik Diane Roggenbuck Diane Stewart Dick Brown Don Adelman Don Cornelisen Don Lindquist Don Lundell :. 0 ,, de. ,,, ., an". .d" ",._... s,'at pvogrer% %prinq house d00anin 9 By JDK Our apologies to former residents and long-time readers Lance and Judy Beckman for the delay in publishing their experiences from Mariah's Wind- haven in White Salmon, WA. Judy's report was to be run in three parts, the first part ran several weeks ago, but somehow, somewhere, in our computer files, parts two and three got lost...but have since been found, courtesy of Lance's brother, Ron. Part two ran last week, and Part three, the final one, ap- pears this week. Our prayers go out this week to Jim Larson of Or- tonville. He is thanking the Good Lord and is aware he is lucky to be alive today, after a scare with blockage of 95 per- cent of his arteries...discovered by doctors "just in time!" Sur- gery included placing stints! Jim is also recovering from a broken left knee cap! When it rains, it pours, eh?!! A fine unsolicited tribute to Or- tonville Anesthetist John Sovell, from three metro area doctors who recently returned from a Surgical Safari in Haiti, namely Drs. Glenn Buchanan, Tim Pe- terson, and Kevin Unger. They write: "We recently had the opportunity to spend a week with John Sovell in Limbe, Haiti. Our surgical safari would never have occurred without John's generous commitment as one of the two anesthetists for our group. He is a great anesthetist and a true gentle- man, His knowledge and comfort with travel in third world countries reas- sured us all as we dealt with daily chal- lenges. Your community is fortunate to have him as part of your medical care team." Try this quote on for size, by Jams Freeman: "A politi- cian thinks of the next elec- tion...a statesman thinks of the next generation!" And what about this: "Rev. Kevin Brady recently told a town hall meet- ing in his district that we all needed to tighten our belts. Ironically, that same week, Congress voted its members a substantial annual pay raise. Some new form of belt tightening?" And why doesn't our great main-stream media "do some harping on that?" Ob- viously they don't have the guts, or don't like to offend our big spenders of our dollars! And this country is not in a mess? You decide! Are there any real leaders anywhere in this land who re- ally care about us average Ameri- cans?'?'?'? Came across a most mean- ingful quote recently by the great Albert Einstein: "It is every man's obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it!" Sage advice, indeed! We thank good friend and a long- time reader Larry Roggenbuck for re- minding us today that we do, indeed, "'live in a unique area...pointing out some interesting facts about Big Stone Lake! 1.) Big Stone Lake is the lowest point (967 feet) in South Dakota. 2.) The Minnesota River is the headwaters of a mighty river that originates at the spillway between Ortonville and Big Stone City, and travels a 2,930 mile journey to the Gulf of Mexico. 3.) The twin towns of Ortonville and Big Stone City are located at the 45th paral- lel...exactly half-way between the world's equator and the North Pole!" Word today from Wayne "Whitey" Johnson, Artichoke native, who has written an ex- citing memoir of his life, enti- tled "From Farm Kid to Flying Tiger to Attorney!" He had scheduled a book signing here last year that was can- celled because of a blizzard. He has re-scheduled the event for May 28 over the Memorial Day Holiday. The signing will be at The Big Stone Legion, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Watch for more details the week of May 23. Recently we became curious as to what happened to a son of our favorite cousin on my mother's side who once visited us in Ortonville. Nick Harder, son of Elizabeth and Russell Harder, worked (when we last heard) as a home improvement editor for the Orange County Register daily newspaper in Santa Clara, CA. We knew his parents had passed on, but when we tried Nick's old number, we had no tried the Register office. We learned he passed away in 2006, and the paper in- formed us they would send us his obit- uary! What we read was unbelievable! Just listen to these few paragraphs about Nick Harder, who died at age 61: "Nick Harder served near and far, The Register's Home columnist escaped imprisonment in the Vietnam War and helped others survive everyday pitfalls. The Vietnam War was ramping up when Nick left college to join the Marines. He served in the Special Forces and became something of a doc- umentarian, shooting pictures from the bellies of helicopters, envisioning a ca- reer in photojournalism. Then Harder was captured. Imprisoned in a bamboo cage perched perilously , and agoniz- ingly, in water, he forced himself to re- main constantly awake to keep death at bay. He had to escape, or he would die. But how? Harder used the only weapon he had left: his teeth. He chewed at the bars of his cage until they gave way and he could slip from his captors' grip. His teeth were mined. He required extensive dentistry. He contracted malaria. But he was the only member of his group to survive, and he would take sleeping pills every night for the rest of his life to keep the awful nightmares away." Send Congress a much- needed message, long over- due! "Create an Economic Boom...ABOLISH THE IN- COME TAX! ...REPLACE IT WITH THE FAIR TAX!!!! Check it out for yourself, ask questions about it! Makes real common sense, because it is what it is...a FAIR TAX for a11!!!!!1 Now this is about the BEST of the small worlders we know of! A good friend of ours, is Mike Greenberg of Garden Grove, CA. A few days ago, we were paging through some news items on the Yahoo home page on our computer and came across a story about Tennis star Chris Evert playing a doubles match with a partner named Mike Greenberg of ESPN Radio. We e-mailed the news to the Mike we know...and to our surprise, he replied as such: "Jim, believe it or not the Mike Greenberg from ESPN was born the same day as me, Aug. 6, 1974 and has the same correct spelling as me. He's on ESPN radio show in the morn- ings called 'MIKE AND MIKE!" Some more food for thought. Why do us average Americans think of our elected officials as some sort of hierar- chy and so often when they sel- dom visit us for their vote-getting, we think in such awe of them ....rather than fac- tually regard them as what they actually better than we are, and remember they are bur employees who we hired to work for us. We are the hieararchy! iiiiii[::::::'":::i .......................... :iiii! ........... ;":ii":}":": ' 'i i:iii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiii!!siissi! ::! .... . : .. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: .............. The Ortonville Independent (U.S.P.S. 412-460) JAMES D. KAERCHER Publisher / Managing Editor SUZETTE KAERCHER-BLAKE Editor and Advertising Sales MIKE SWENSON Associate Editor / Advertising Rep Tues., April 26, 2011 Vol. 93; No. 15 Continuing the ORTONVlLLE JOURNAL STAR Published Every Tuesday at 29 2nd St. N.W. 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