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May 24, 2011     The Ortonville Independent
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May 24, 2011

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Editorial comment Letters to the editor To the Editor: Today in Social Studies class we were learning about the Mayas and the Aztecs. Part of their culture included human sacrifice to appease certain deities that represented things that were important to their survival. The sun god was important because without him the sun would not rise and without the sun there would be no crops. Without crops there would be no food and with no food, the people would die. One sacrifice could even ward off the end of the world for another 52 years. The very core of all human sacrifice was fear, a fear that without the death of few, many would suffer. My students were horrified to find that more than 600 people per year were sacrificed in ritual killings in the temples. Some of them were even children. Many were women and some were slaves. Most were convinced that this was a necessary act. As I reflected on the day's lesson, I was reminded that many more children are sacrificed in the United States each day. Children who have yet been born are sacrificed on the "altar" of fear and convenience. The mother may fear what will happen to her or the relationship she is in. She may fear that the sun will not rise tomorrow and that there will not be enough resources for this new person. She may have been convinced by I To the Editor: I'm writing this to inform the public about a vicious dog in Ortonville. My daughter was bit by this big black mutt near Lakeside Apts. The dog belongs to a home owner on First Street. This is not the first time this dog has bitten someone. We'vecontacted the Ortonville By JDK Can anyone explain what has hap- pened to our Twins? What a complete about face...from winning the Confer- ence title last year and several years be- fore now claim the cellar of their division! There are hardly any plus signs...with lousy hitting, lousy pitching, lousy management, and so-so fielding! True, they have suffered a few injuries and some are still on the DL, but minus one or two players should not be that critical! As a whole, they appear to be no better than the best in the minor leagues. Only good thing is that they have no way, at present, to go but UP! We hope!! ***** Know where the saying "For the Life of Riley!" came from? Our grandson, Riley, thinks it Came from a movie years ago by that title! Right? ***** Where in blazes are the priorities of not only the Obama administration, but our major media as well7 Who cares about all the publicity given to the "love child" of Arnold Schwarzeneg- ger? Aside from himbeing a public figure, his junk stuff should remain per- sonal. And what has gotten into Obama? As if he doesn't have his hands 111 (or should) with our econ- omy...about which he has done little or he, along with his media friends are all focusing and "GA-GA" on trying to settle the borders between Israel and Palestine! Come on Obama put your efforts for the good of Amer- ica and our own border! In a nut-shell, what lousy leadership, if any at all! ***** Can't recall there ever being a great tribute...both via the air waves, and print,...hon- oring Twins legend Harmon Killebrew who passed away last week. Not only was he fa- mous for his towering home runs, but his personality was truly that of a real gentle- man...indeed, a great man who will live in Twins memories forever! In 1965, at Met sta- dium with father, Lem, we thrilled to one of those home runs in the ninth inning, a three run blast, lifting the Twins to a win over the Yan- kees! ***** Thanks to reader Diane Danielson of Ortonville for correcting us on a goof T' we had in our old-time news section "Down Memory Lane" last week. One of the persons pictured was ideniified Police Department, and they've refused to do anything about it. I just want to make everyone aware of this dangerous animal and hope he doesn't attack anyone else. Jessica Larson Bellingham as Eugene Danielson...but should have been correctly named Lowell Daniel- son. Diane, a sister to both men, in- forms us that Eugene, pictured here, a Captain for Minnesota's Highway Pa- trol in the Mankato District, passed away in 1983, and Lowell just died re- cently. Diane comments that the two men "were very good brothers ...when we didn't have anything else, there was something more valuable...and that was family!" Thank you, Diane, for help- ing us on our goof and your kind words! ***** The most remarkable Wayne "Whitey" Johnson is shown here in the cockpit of his World War II P-51 Mus- tang, when he was a member of the Flying Tigers' 14th Air Force, which flew many battles over the skies of China. Whitey, a native of Artichoke; will be at Big Stone City's Legion on Saturday, May 28, Armed Forces Day, for a book-signing of his book "From Farm Kid to Flying Tiger to Attorney." See further details of his book else- where this issue. ***** Some people take the cake when it comes to selfishness, greed, and a total lack of ap- preciation and lack of caring for the have-nots of our soci- ety. You need only heed what a 59-year-old man from Michi- gan said after a lady on Fox TV asked him if he felt guilty about still taking food stamps from the federal govern- ment...after winning $2,000,000 in a recent lottery. With the deadest-pan face and in all seriousness, the man said he "felt not in the least guilty." A "Hog" is what we call him! We hope in the hereafter he will receive proper sentence for his sin against his fellow man! Nice note today from long-time for- mer residents and still faithful readers, Dens and Barb Hauer, now of Ohio. She is a former Ortonville librarian and Dennis Mr. "do-it-all," handy man. They write: "Hope this card finds you all in good health and enjoying a splen- diferous spring season. You may have noticed we are somewhat late with our renewal as we were on vacation in northern Etirope in the past month! Dennis has enj6ed the good food in Germany and was trying hard to get through the best Belgian beer working his way through 700 varieties (ha! ha!) Best to all, Barb and Dennis. ***** Shocking news today from class- mates Arlen LaCombe and Lois Knopf both of Ortonville, that another of our 1948 OHS classmates, Pat Berdan, has passed away in Wesley, MA. We have learned that buriel for Pat will be in Ar- lington National Cemetery, as he Was a retired US Naval officer, a graduate of Annapolis Naval Academy. His inter- ment will reportedly take place later, as he is on a waiting list at the cemetery. Cause of death is not known. Immedi- ate survivors are his wife, Janee Gay (nee Grosenick) Berdan and their two daughters. Complete obituary appears elsewhere this issue. Our very first memory of dear friend Pat dates back 70 years ago when we were seventh graders...he was in 4-H and talked us into joining his 4-H club. We would bike about six miles to his family farm for meetings! ***** others that this is a responsible and good thing to do. This child is not sacrificed in the view of the public, rather in a legal clinic, often without the knowledge of people who could have prevented this needless death. What could we do to calm these fears? I made the comment in class, "Why didn't they just quit the sacrifices and see if the sun would rise and .the crops would grow." I say the same thing to our country. "Why don't we stop the killing and see if the sun will still rise and life will go on." Kristin Roe Ortonville Minnesota college students face mounting loan debt Republican state lawmakers in Min- nesota have refused Democratic- Farmer-Labor Governor Mark Dayton's proposed budget compro- mise, sticking to an all-cuts approach to close the state's deficit. Proposed cuts to higher education currently amount to 14 percent, resulting in the lowest funding level in over a decade. Joshua Winters, executive director of the Minnesota Public Interest Re- search Group (MPIRG), says tuition has doubled at many of the state's pub- lic colleges in the past decade, and is already out of reach for many young people. "It becomes less and less, frankly, a public education, and more and more an education that's only affordable for those with the means. As a result, many qualified high school graduates are going to have a much more difficult de- cision when they look forward, in de- ciding whether they can afford to get a higher education." He adds that an educated workforce is vital to the state's economic future. MPIRG is a student-directed advocacy group, and Winters says college stu- dents across Minnesota are calling on lawmakers to take a more balanced budget approach that includes revenue options - an approach he hopes will slow the trend of rising tuition. Winters thinks part of the problem is that there are some inter-generational gaps between lawmakers' own experi- ences with higher education, and the realities that face students today. "If you look back 30 or 40 years, people were graduating with higher ed- ucation degrees and very little debt. You could work a summer job essen- tially and have enough to pay for your college education. Now, that's just not true; the average debt is now $20,000." At the University of Minnesota- Morris, 77 percent of the school's grad- uates face their first major career search saddled with over $25,000 in student loan debt. After completing his sophomore year at Morris, Lucas Felts is already $15,000 in the hole. He says he and his fellow students are really struggling to find a work-school balance. "When the University says that we're only allowed to work 10 hours a week, if you do a work-study program, they're making it clear that we should I To the Editor: This year, in between the picnics, ball games, family gatherings and events typically associated with the Memorial Day holiday, don't forget to thank the veterans who have made it all possible. While we generally think of veterans as those who served in Vietnam, Korea or World War II, there are many veterans from more recent armed conflicts such as Operation Desert Storm and certainly from Iraq and Afghanistan who deserve thanks from a grateful nation. be focusing on our education, but stu- dents are having to take out full-time jobs while in school because they don't want that debt load." Felts is a little nervous about his prospects, so he's taken on a second major "I would much rather just get one degree and have a lighter work load, but because of the job market and my need to pay off debt, I've had to add an economics major to be more mar- ketable." While he has considered pursuing a master's or law degree once he gradu- ates, Felts is resigning himself to the idea that he will likely need to work first to pay off his debt. State-by-state data on student loan debt is at Because of their sacrifice, we've been entrusted with a democratic system of government, that while not perfect, has provided us more freedom and liberty than any other government system known to exist. That's worth celebrating, not only on Memorial Day, but throughout the year. Sincerely, Jay Backer PO Box 244 Graceville 10 Min. to Mall of America High Speed Interact 15 Mini to Mystic Lake Casino FREE Coffee & Donuts onvenient to Downtown Minneapolis and St: Paul ONCE AGAIN... MANY THANKS Recent new and renewal sub- scribers to The Independent which we gratefully acknowledge with thanks for your loyalty: Reed and Michelle Stein Renetta Schliemann Richard Connelly Richard Ehrenberg Richard Fish Richard Guse Richard Mueller Richard Nichols Richard Schneck Richard Steiner Richard Tiegs Richard Verheui Rick Taylor Ricky Paulsen Rita Ouradnik RJB of Big Stone Inc. 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