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May 25, 1922     The Ortonville Independent
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May 25, 1922

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PAGE 6 THE ORTONVILLE INDEPENDENT THURSDAY, MAY 25, 1922 I X)MMISSIONERS&apos; PROCEEDINGS Special Session, Auditor's Office. May 16. 19Z$+ i (Official Publieationl Meeting called to order at 10:00 o'clock a. m. by Chairman Lundberg: all members ot board present. Minutes of meeting of April lath were read and upon motion same were approved as read. Having called for bids for road work to be done on State Roads in the couDty for the year 1922. said bids to be opened at 10:00 e'clock a. m. on May 16th. same was the first matter under consideration. Bide received were as follows: Job 2201---Stete Road No. 6. T. A. Barr. grading $6.454.$9 and grave|- Ing $5.463.38. J. B. Green. gravelling $6.228.54. John Haney. grading $6.440.61. and gravel- ling $4.521.03. R. C. Schoen. grading $6.869.76. and gravelling $6,071.88. B. A, Haugen. grading $7.242.66. G. W. Kinney, grading $7.489.87. and gray- ailing $6.166.82. Minn. Rural Express Co., gravelling $5,- /09.61. W. L. Gerber. concrete culverts $1.312.49. Willmar Cons:. Co.. gravelling $4.795.58. G. L. Mowery. gravelling $5.415.63. Morris Cons:. Co.. concrete culverts. $1.- subsequently to February 1. 1919. expend- ed in permanency Improving. in accordance with plans and speciticationa therefor ap- proved by the Commissioner of Highways. roads known as trunk highways, described in Article 16 of the Constitution of the State of Minnesota and heretofore more definitely fixed and determined by the com- missioner of highways, on account of ann- tracts entered into and by said ounty dated subsequently to February I. 1019 and prir to April 25. 1921 moneys which, together with interest at the date hereinafter fixed as the date of the bonds ]erelnafter pro- vidcd for amount to as much as the sum ot $49.717.40, Whereas, the moneys se expended were de- rived from :axe6. or state highway aid. or temporarily" transferred from bond, inter- est or 'sinking funds, and none of such ex- penditures have been or are to be paid out of the proceeds of bonds issued under Chap- tar 265, Laws of Minnesota. 1919 or an other general law of the state, or of fund- ing or refunding bends of the county here- tofore issued or money to be derived from federal aid, and Whereas. the amount of such expenditures has been checked over and approved by the Commissioner of Highways to the extent for which reimbursement is hereby desired. and vVhereas, the commissioner of Highways has certified that the bends hereinafter spa:i* fled are such as will he paid by the state of Minnesota at their maturity out of the g0.0. - Trunk Highway Fund and only out of that Prendergast Bridge CO.. concrete culverts und. in accordance with the provisions of $2,125.09. Peterson Bros.. voncrete culverts $1,501.00. Job 2292Stote Road No. S. R. C. Schoen. grading $1.281.64. Larkin Const. Co., gradizTg $1.53.69. J. 1 Coyne. grading $1.089.63. H. M. NeLson. grading $998.76. Job 2203--Stete Road No. 4. John Haney, grading $4,865.07, and gravel- Emg $3.174.72. R. C. Schoen, grading $5.028.23, and gravel Nng $3,686,29. B. A. ]'wogen, grading $4.954,15. J, B. Glenn, gravelling $4.601.51, Morris Const. CO., gravelling $4,396.71. :Minn. Rural Fxpre Co., gravelling $3.- "3.55. Wilimar Const. CO.. gravelling $3.g20.16. G. L. Mowery. gravelling $3.826.18. Job 204State Road No. 2. J, B. Glenn. gravelling $6.377.81. W. E. Burns. gravelling $6,641.94. John Haney. gravelling $3,9Q5.01, R. C. Schoen $6,542.24, Minn. Rural Express CO., gravelling $5.- 492.39. Wilimar Const. Co.. gravelling $5.213.76. G. L. Mowery. gravellinff $5.503.03. Morris Cons:. Co.. gravelling $6.367.06. 1. 11. Reber. gravelling $5.194.08. lb 220&-.tate Road No. 3. R. C. Schoen. grading $2.537.52. and grav- alHng $2.522.00. Larkin Const. Co.. grading $2.406.22. and gravelling $2.806.24. J. B. Glenn. gravelling $2.673.48. W. E. Burns. gravelling $2.776.88. Minn. Kural Express Co., gravelling $2,- 295.84. Willmar Const. CO.. gravelling $2.139.04. G. L. Mowery. gravelling $2.$01.80. Morris Const. Co.. gravelling $2.629.76. [ob 2206---State Read No. 2. J. B. Glenn, gravelling $3.573.41. ]F C. Schoen. gravelling. $3.175.80. John Haney. gravelling $2.641.67. Minn. Rural F_.xpress Co.. gravelling $2.- L17.22. Willmar Const. CO.. gravelling $2.696.40. G. L. Mowery. gravelling $3.105.43. Morris ConsL CO.. gravelling $3.399.02. L R. Reher. gravelling $2.998.02. ]Portable Culvert Bids; (For 12 fL. 15 ft., 1 ft.. and 24 it. re- ect[vely : Elk River Concrete CO.. $ .74. $ .98. $1.29. $1.80. N. D. Metal :Co.. $ .76. $ .96. $1.14. Northfietd Iron CO.. $ .79. $ .97. $1.16. Klauer Mfg. o., $ .84. $I.10. $1.24. Lyle Culvert Co.. $ .76. $ .94. $1.12 Austin Western Road Mch. Co., $ .73. S .96, $1.IS. Berger*Mfg. Co.. $ .79. $ .97. $1.17. Upon motion by Commissioner Knudson. oved by Cmmissioner Geenty. the fol- lowing bids were septed and contracts or same were drwn up, signed and filed: Job 2201--State Road No. 6. gradin T. A. Rarr and gravelling, John Haney, and on,ee culverts, W. L. Gerber. b 229--State Road No. 8. geadin. H ]L Nelsen. e Schoen, and gravell|ng. Wilndar Const Job 2204--State Road No. 2. gravelling Haney. Jb 220tete Road No. 3. grading. Lar tn Const. Co.. and gravelling. Willmal nst. Co. Job 2206--tare Road o. 2.- graveiin tVillmar Cons:. CO.. portable culverts. Elk ]PAver Concrete ]rodu-Co.. il, concrete tional culverts, and N: Dak. Metal Co. all metal Culverts. "Class B.'" The next matter taken t/p was the open fag of  bids for two local we@d inspector Jm per Section 8. Chapter 80, Laws of 1921. Bids received wer as foll?w: . J. J. Maier.. GraceviUe. Minn.. $98.00 per month and ten cents per mile for car. John W. Belzer, Ortonville. $1.10 per mth and 12 cents per mile for car. S. atoa. Octonihe. $100.00 per month and 10 cents per mile for car. Ed. Shult. Oonville, $I00.99 per month and S cents per mile for car. F. J. Driseoll, Beardsley, $I00.00 per Chapter 522. Laws 1921, and ,v hereas, this county desires reimburse- ment from the State of Minnesota out of the Trunk highway for such expenditures. Now. Therefore. Be it resolved that" the County of Big Stone. Minnesota. issue its bonds in the sum of $49.717.40. That seid bonds shall be 50 in numbe, numbered eonsecutively from one (1) to fifty (50) (1 to 50) in- clusive, shall be of the denomination of $1.- each except bond No. I. which shall he in the denomination of $717.40, shall be dated May ,1, 1922. and shall mature as o principal aa follows: Bonds nmnbered 1 to 10 lisive, on M4v I, 192. " Bond numbered It to 20 iMfluSive, on May 1,  1933. Bonds numbered 21 to 0 ineusive, on May 1. 1934. Bonds numbered 31 to 40 inclusive, on May Io 1935. Bonds numbeeed 41 to 60 inclusive, on May 1. 1936. Said bonds shall bead |ntorest at the rate of five per cent (5 per sent) per annum, pay- able seminually on November 1st and May let. in each year. wkie shall" be evi- denced by appropriate intert coupons, h evidencing the interest for a six month's period, and. shall be payable as to principal and interest tt the Mercbanto National Bank of St. Paul, MinneaotL That said bonds shall be In mdtaaily the foliowins form. with the nseeary paris- tions a to numbers, denominations and ma- turities, which said form is hereby approved and adopted:- No. 2. $1,000.00 United States of America State of Minneseto County of Big Stone TRUNK HIGHWAY REIMBURSEMENT BOND. KNOW ALL MEN BY THEHE PRES- ENTS, that the County of Bi Stone, Minne- sota. acknowledges itself indebted, and for valu received promises to pay to bearer ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS ($1,0O0.O0), in Gold Coin of the United States of-the present standard weight and fineness. on the 1st day of May. A. D. 1032. with int- erest thereon from date until paid at the rate of 5 per een per annum payable semi- annually on the 1st day of November and 1st day of May. in each year. upon presenta- tion and surrender of the annexed interest coupons as they severally become due. both principal and interest being payable at the Merchants National Bank. in the City of St. Paul. Minnesota. This bond is issued by said counLv under authority of and in strict compliance with the laws of the State of Minnesota. there- unto ennhling, and more particularly Cha tar 522, Laws 1921. on account of expendi- tures made in permanently improving--earls known as trunk highways deribed in Arti- cle 16 of the Constitution of the State of ':Lmota; and hetefom dmitob- desig- .:,-fixed and ed by the commie- It is hereby_. CERTIFIED and RECIT hrt all acts. conditions and things required by t'e Constitution and Laws ofthe State . Minnesota. to be and to be done precedent o and in the issuance of this bond. including the execution of the certificate of the Com- missioner of Highways required by Chapter 522. Laws 1021. a copy of which is endorsed hereon, have been properly" done, happened and been .performed, in regular and due form and time as required by law. and that the total indebtedness of said ounty, lneludi4 this bond do not ceed and eon%tIa.tiooal or statutory limit. " :.The full faith, credit Lnd" reS' o staid, county f : Big Stone, ]innesota, are hreby irvocably pledged fo tim unetmd payment of the priieipul and interest ot this bond at maturity, . IN WITNESS WHEREOF. the County Board of BSto Couh. Minnesota. has caused :hie bond to be si'by its chair- man and by rite Cmt Trnr, and coun- tersigned by the .ounty Auditor,, and sealed with hla offiebai (, this .................. day of ........................ : ......... -- ..... A. D. 1922. said bids for the sale of said bonds, be puo lished in The Ortonville Independent. a newspaper published at Ortonville. Minne- sota. once in each week for at least two.suc- cessive weeks, the first publication of which shall be at least fourteen days prior to said date of meeting, and said newspaper is here- by designated as the newspaper in which said notice shall be published. Be it further RESOLVED. that the County Auditor is authorized and directed without delay to cause to he published in said newspaper once in each week for at least two sue- cesslve weeks, a notice in substantially the following form. Nettce gf Sale of Trunk Highway Ralm- bursoment Bonds of Big Stone County. Minnesota. NOTICE iS HEREBY GIVEN. that on the 271h day of June. 1922. at I0 o'clock a. m.. at the Court House. in the City of Ortonvllle. Big Stone County, Minnesota. the Cunty lard of said county will reecive bids for the sale of $49.717.40 Bends. in the denomination of $1.000.00 each. except one bond in a mmtller amount, of said county, to be dated May 1st. 1922. to bear interest t the rate of 5 per cent per annum, paY- able semi-annually, to mature as to princi- pal as follows: . Bonds numbered 1 to 10 inclusive, on May let, 1932. Bends numbered 11 to 20 inclusive, on May let. 1933. Bond numbered 21 to 30 inclusive, on May 1st. 1934. Bonds numbced 31 to 40 inclusive, on May Ist. 1936. Bends numbed 41 to 50 inclusive, on May 1st, 1936. said bonds to be issued under Chapter 522. Las, Minneseta, 1921. on account of ex* penditures made in permanently improving roads described in Article 16 of the Con- stitution of the State of Minnesota. All bids must be accompanied by a certi- fied check in the amount of 5 per cent of the amount of the issue, payable uncondi- tionally to the treasurer of said county, to be forfeited to the county in the event that the successful bidder fails to take and pay for the bonds In accordance with the terms of his bid. The Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids. By order of the County Board. A. V. RANDALL. County Auditor. Big Stone County. Dated this 18th day of May. 1922. at Or- tonvllle, Minn. Be it further RF, SOLVFD. that the C_nty Trmsurer, : re, ceiving the purchase plaice of said bonds. authorized to deliver said bonds to the order of the puhaser" to whom the same may be hereafter awarded, on payment int the treasury of said county the amount of the pnrehaser's bid therefor, and that the proceeds derived from the isauance 0 said bonds shall be placed in the fund of said county out of which the Qriinal expendi. tur were made. but shall be first applied to the payment of any outstanding unpaid watTanto issued or to be issued on account of  eXldttur. Be it further RESOLVED, that the full faith, credit end recourees of Id county of Big Stone. Minnesota, and this county board as such. be and the same are hereby irrevocably pledged for the punctual payment of the principal and interest of said bonds as matnrity. Commissioner Steen seconded the motion to adopt said resolution, and the roll being called, the same was adopted by the follow- ing vote: Ayes:--Nels Lundbert. tto Meyers. J. F. Geenty. Ole L Steen. K. G. Knudson. Nayee :--None. The matter of making final payment for trees and shrubs planted in the Court House yard by O. M. Osen of Ortonville, was dis- cus, and upon motion by Commissioner Knudsen. seconded by Commissioner Geenty it was postponed until the adjourned eion to be held May 23rd, 1922. Due to the fact that the Board was not able to transact all business before them it was moved and seconded that they adjourn until the 23rd day of May, 1922. -. A. V. RANDALL. Clerk of Board. Adjourned Session, Auditor's Oice, May 23, 1922. Pursuant to adjournment of meet- ing held on May 16th, the Board. was called together by the Ohaiman; all members of Board being present. Minutes of meeting of May 16th were read and upon motion they were approved as read. A delegation from, the Village of Beardsley appeared before the Board and presented a petition for a state road. After considering same Cn- missioner Meyers pffered the follow ing resolution slid.moved its adoption: BE IT RESOLVED, that subject to +the approval of'..he Commissionerof Iighways, the  followimg described road be and is hereby designated as a state road in Big Stone County, to- wit: Beginning at the quarter line between sections 16 and 17 in town- ship 124, range 48 and extending due north on the section line to the Tra- month a d 10 cents per mile for car. Jos. . Perick, Ortonvilh. $70.09 per " .................. Ci'n"'of"'ty--'' .... verse county line. month and I0 cents per mile for car. C. F. Fereh. Odessa. $100.09 per month Big Stone County, Minnesota. Commissioner Geenty seconded the nd 5 cents per mile for car. - ........................................................................ motion to adopt said resolution an: B. Mikkeison, Ortonville, $7.45 per day County Wrearer. upon being put to a vote Commission- and 8 and 85-100 cents per mile. Big Stone County, Minnesota. S. A. Holimer, Clinton. $3.00 per day and Countersigned: ers Meyers, Geenty and Knudson .............................. .-- .................... voted Aye and Commissioner Steen S cents pet" mile fo oar.   .... voted No. Motion carried. John t{. Chapman. Jrtonviile. $75.00 pe (Seal)  : month and :$ cents per mile for ear U n motion b  " " The foUowiI  "O be IdntoA on the bak th rpo y tomnssmner R R. George Correll, $75.00 per men ....... --'= -nt o er mile for car ot tam bond:  - Geenty seconded by Commissioner "Mis Kae  Foley, Graceville. $3.00 per day _ _ .OR.R NO... :. .... :"T"':" . _ , Steen the following applications for and 10 cents per mi for car. _ ..... 1, v. m. . ,o,.,mimoner,ot man- refundment of taxes were comend- P. E. Vanhorn, Ortonvine, $109.00 per ways. o e sve  ,e,  rsoy a .^ . *+^   i i " month and 10 cents per mile for car. certify that the eottt Of  l, Mmne- u .... e o e&X 0 .mln SS on. Roilin Lyman, Clinton, $100.00 per month sots, is entitled to iatle  its ons In tee l'lUgO denze1--Reuction in vama- mad l0 cents uer mile for car. aggregate sum of $49.717.40 under Section { # |,nA ; t|o K A  101 --- - -- " 22 Law I I" ..=.  ...... o .  ,  .-- Thos. Schhmme. Chnton. $75.00 per month 2. sub.tion {b). of Chapter 6 .. s :02 , 45 H E Zimmerman Reduetio- in and 7 cents per mile for car. t.hi  eLd aibidnd wt:nszt omaMncene aa o * . -- . it Win. Cossel. Granville, $,6.OO per month tielir m=idat Yot of tim  H' moneys and credits valuation, City and 8 cents Per mie-for, ear. " .... Y - "-" - - In  way of Oonvil]e. Emil Ostlind--Reduv- lqels A. Beck, OrtonvUle, $I$00 per mot und nd only ou el teat un nceor= ,__ . Pe-ual  ...... Rx ; @ und 8 cents per mile for ear. ance wath the provmon8 ot unapter 522. uOx[ lie r  tt rrb 5  , '7 ........... m Geen Laws 1921; that said bonds are to be Ortonvflle. upon morton Dy mm_o . ' knows all Trick '-h---]tehnbt ........ conded by Commissioner "Meyers. the.. bid | Bonds of B l= S----- --- to t dated Upon moloR Dy ommmslner .f Wm. Casel was aed fo m 0rt[ .. , , ..a ,^ ...,. ,.. .. Geety Seconded by Commssioner end of the county whfch |/ludd al tor- -- " ..... "?li ..... " ....... -: -- " -- ,, " e (1 to ty (0) ne uv . Steen the application of Ida Pomroy tot. north of the line runmng from th ] -*" o*  -i r,. ,.. . .......... illage of Foter eaet to the northeast :or-| a,=-'Ats";,; ........... zor reeuczlon m vmuauon o real e- r ?f iebo mw:_t, r  uthi  .nd (commi;r:s SI) "C. M- lUBc tale situated, m theo ctty of Ortonvfl]e tes . ,eCx was  o  t own ....... .h .l,lH ]1 territory Commimdounr of HiEhway WaS referred back to he T Board th of thWabov mentiomt U. .... o the   Ml for a recommendation and the alH- .......... Bt- Stone COUnty Tnat tee  a to 4 bon4 ..^_ ^ [r   . .A  ............ 2..-- -----+ were d00ed the aria sam u . , us  O'-the "'- Of '  -- " eo get aior with- aa aVriati ...................... __ .... --" --- to bel ApHcd;ions from the Legion t.000,00 this  in!t_ of t. 13,000,. er ....  ..... Dollara [ Of (ceville. Beardsiev and Clinton, of the County ,mtners n ................ .td .. r---- - that t satd o=rd ato $1,- ($ ...................... ) ._ -.------:-| asking for appropns for l- #90,00, The mat  dii -= - unn--' '"t 7"'" "  "=1  v.= wen rL, a fter .-tat" " a motion wsa ma by ..=Lm. Ste mtsslone n a mouon a ........................ to Trunk Highwap Relmbmrmmt Bond dated  Gee L tein put t a yoty. iner .S+ o ................... =Z-_- _--+-___:_ one st Ortonville be allowed _90 mrs en ce  o. -.ny_  $2.00 be allowed to the G. A. P, Past motlonttn eaStwashtSdeasredV0t wthjoat. as . 1 me Countosma: ...................... Count-----Temm. at ville also and that the A tldl- Coffiioner c,nty the.  a m tor be iustaxtctect to issue his rants for the abovb amounts. Motion /ton to alYPropriato $500.00 tovrard a Con- gF Fair to be held in the fall of lS2. and tM  fair is be the appropon i, not made. Motion seconded  Cmls- aoner Knudsen and apon bein put to a vote same was carried by a mnlmos vote ef the Board. The matter of appropriating money for a munty agricultural aent having been taken p at the meeting Of the Board on the lath ef April and postponed until the meeting ef May 16th. said matter wa now en rip. There being a large delegation present the tter was ajourned to the court room where petitions were presented and argu- ments heard both for nd against an agri- cultural arent. The delegation was then dismissed and the comm|ssionere rtturned to their office where Cemmiioner Geenty made a motion that the C=-mty Beard make no appropriation whateVer for an Agricul- wrai Aent for the year beginning July 1, @Z. Motion seconded by Commissioner Meyers and upon belng put to a vote. Com- missioners Geenty and Meyers voted Aye dnd Commtssioners Steen and Knudson voted No. The chafrman then cas his vote which was Aye. whereby said motion was carried. Commlssi6rner Knudson offered the follow- reseutton and moved its adoption. Whereas. exclusive of moneys derived from flral aid, the county of Big Stone has County Auditor. Be it further RESOLVED, that tim. ehalrman of ,this Board. tim .County Trnrer, al the n- ty &udttor be and th m  unthoriasd and dirted to cam said bonds to be pre- Oared in said form 8d e0mto the same 'on behalf of the county, and that the County Audltor be and he is hereb#" authorisod to seal said bonds with his offlehd seal and that the chairman of this Board. the County Tas- urer and the County Auditor be and they are hereby authorized to execute the eoDons of sa|d bends by the facsimile of their-signa- tures, printed, lithngraphed or engraved thereon, td tim: said bonds when so e.xe- euted shall be ple in ti eustody of the treasurer, lobe by him delivered as herein- after provided. . Be it further RESOLVED that bids for the purehnse of said bonds hereinbefore eet@ed. be optmed and considered by the County Board of said county at a meettng thereof, which is lwre- by fixed 0 be held at the Court House. in the City of Ortonvilie. Minnett. at 10 o'clock a. m.. on the 27th day of June. 1922. Be it further RESOLVED. that no:lee of said meefln of this Board to be held at the time and place above specified fr the consideration of seeond'by Commissioner Meyers and upon being put to a vote same was carrie& A c0mmuon from Dr. C. L Oliver regarding the exemption from taxation of the Graceville HosqMtal was read and upon motion by Com- missioner Meyers, seconded by Cam- missioner Knudson the matter was refeed to the County Attorney. Ccanmissioner Meyers offered th following resolution and moved its adoption: RESOLVED: That the Board of County Commissioners hereby author- izes the purchase of a Workman's Compensation Policy from the Lee- day Guarantee & Accident Company, subject to its terms and provisions to protect the liability of this county un- der the operation of the Minnesota WorkmaiVs Compenon Act (Gen- eral Laws of June 1, 1921 to the State of Minnesota) and any of the amend- ments thereto." The above motion was seconded by Commissioner Geenty and upon being pqt to a vote same was carried by a unmous vote of the Board. Mr. H. Erickson of Clinton ap- peared belare the Board regarding the appropriatiofi<to the Big Stone Coun- t Fair Association, and asked that they reconsider the action taken at the .meeting held on May 161h, and .that they allow an additional $500 to said Association. Commissioner Steen hen made a motion that the action taken at the previous meeting be re- scindecL Commissioner Knudson sec- onded this motion and upon being put to a vote Commissioners Steen and Knudson voted Aye and Commission- ers Geenty aud Meyers voted No. The Chairman then cast his vote in oppo- sition to the said motion whereby the motion was declared losL County bills were allowed as fol- lows: County Revenue. Miller-Davis Co., blanks, files, envelopes etc ........................... $ 43.90 W. M. Welch Mfg. Co., Text Record books etc. for Supt. 19.12 Louis F. Dew Co., pencils ........ 2.10 Free Press Co., Balance on in- voices included in Warrant No. 13647 ................................ 10.00 Ortonville Journal, court cal- anders, tationery etc ........... 84.85 Graceville Enterprise, letter heads and pu. notice ............ 13.05 Ortonville Independent, bill heads, envelopes and publish- ing ........................................... 29.08 Clinton Advocate, publishing notice (weed inspectors) ...... 2.70 Curtis 1000 St. Paul, Curtis Fibre Envelopes ...................... 6.37 The Improvement Bulletin, publishing notice of road contractors J. H. Sul|ivan:'0000'nE';i00= 23.60 lion returns--Graceville twp. 1.50 R. G. FarHngton, Co. Attoro" ney, R. 1 fare to St. Paul in Rothi case and auto live . ery and expenses to Wheaten in S. C. Kight case. ............... 48.71 A. V. Randall, Co. Auditor, serving 1 day on canvassing beard ........................................ 3.00 Hayden French, Clerk of Court fee for delinquent R. E. tax, 1920 ........................................ 101.40 Gee. Goodhart, sharpening lawn mower for court house 2.00 F. Paterson & Son, hauling fuel for court house ...................... 12.04 J. D. Ross & Co., labor and material (repairs) ................ 5.85 Chas. E. Scofield, plmium of Highway Engineer's bond .... 7.50 J. F. Geenty, Com'r. 1st Dist., mileage attending meeting May 16th ................................. 4.00 K. G. Knudson, Com'r. 2nd D i s t, mileage attending meeting May 16th 5.20 Ole I. Steen, Com'r. 3"rd'"fli'st:: same .......................................... 1.80 Nels Lundberg, Com'r. 5th Dist., same .............................. 1.60 County Poor. W. E. Broderick, Mdse. for H. VanHon ................................. 10.00 Pioneer Store Co-op Co, mdee. for Mrs. J. Karsten ........... 15.00 Home Merc. Co., mdse for Al- bert Jessup .............................. 19.54 Same, Mdse for Ed. Sehoen- roc ......................................... 5.00 Monarch Elev. Co., fuel for Dick Rikimoto ..........  ............ 13.45 Dr Bolsta, Karn, O'Donnell., & Shelver, medical atten- dance for Clarence Lova .... 5.50 Same, medical attendance for Harry Elteson (tramp) ........ 50.00 Mrs. E. H. Barber, board and care of Mrs. E. A. Bell, Mar. 16 to May 16 ............ 36.00 Vicar C. F. Johnson, board and care of John Stronberg, Mar. 15 to May 15 ................ 61.0( Minn. State Sanatorium, board and treatment, Ervin Gauer for April ............  ........  ........ 42.75 Ottertail Co.  SbnatoHn, ear , and treatment of/Mrs. J0hd Betts for months of March and April ................................ 106.75 F. Paterson & Son, hauling fuel for Bob Banks 2.00 Same, Mrs. E. A. Bei[':::::::::: 2.75 Same, Chas. Leet ..................... 1.00 Same, moving household goods and fuel for Mrs. J. Karsten 4.00 Road and Bridge. . F. W. Engdahl, expenses as highway engineer, April 15 to May 15 ..................... t ...... 117.72 Walter Elms, assisting engin- eer, April 17 to May 15 ...... 72.80 Robert MacMurphey, assisting engineer April 18 to May 15 128.40 H. A. RoRers & Co., 8 Ctmst- erman 50' fillers . .......... .: ..... 8.06 Ortonville Independent, pub- - fishing notice to onrs 3.60 Russell Grader M. Co., cut- ring  drag blmlee-ete. 52.q5 Upon motion Board ed. Date of next meetinff is June 27, 192. A V. RANDALL, erk of Board. Frame is issuing new centime imin in bronze aluminnm. To SZL MOrCC on umsn Stom--. In lmbeto C6m ld he m.t. v zffitt Harold Zut.Z idra Zahrboek, ward The State of Mimummta, to  Z. bo, LaWren Zhrim Elmer Zahrhe Harv Zshrbeek, Hmt lmzd t  .Zahrboek and all persoM mo of certain land tt,douS'lx'+ to said wardL The peUtto of mH'gatw- bork u relprmeut=tive of tim atom mmd wards, being duly filed in this mrt r- santing that It is  az for the he interest of  estate and of all inter- ested therein that certain  of said wards daerPoed therein be mort and prying that a llama be to her trauted to mortam the mmm. Now, therefore. Fen and eesh Of y mm lmmby it] mad  to show ause. if any you hove he,re thkt oqt. at the Pro- bate Court Rooms, in t Court House In the City of OrtonvtUe, Coun of Big Stone, State of Mimeeots, on the ad d Of June, 1922, at 10 o'eioek a. m.. wb the prayer o! said petitl  not trunted. Witno the Jnd of 8uid  nnd the seal of said ourt,.this llth day of M, 1922. (Se) R.B. HUDSON. W.  PREUS, Attorney for er. Citation for Hearing on Petition for! 4, Probate of Will 1[ Professional and Estate of ]gnatious A. Foell. [ STATE OF MINNESOTA, County of t Business Directory Big Stone. In Probate Court In @ Ortonville Electric Shop l EVERYTH/NG ELECTRICAL Phone 49 for prompt and efficient servia S. A. RARR, Proprietor. @ the matter of the estate of Igna- tious A. Foell, Decedent. The State of Minnesota to Maud Feel|, Danford T. Foell, Catherine Foell, and all persons interested in the allowance and probate of the will of said decedent: The petition of Maud Foell being duly filed in this court, representing that Ignatious'A. Foell, then a resident of the county of Big Stone, State of Minnesota, died on he 7th day of April, 1922, leaving a a will and testament which is pre- sented to this court with said peti- tion, and praying that said instrument be allowed as the last will and testa- ment of said decedent, and that let- ters testamentary be issued thereon to Maud Foell, now therefore, you, and each of you, are hereby cited and required to show cause, if any you have, before this court, at the Probate Court Rooms in the courthouse, in the city of Ortonville, county of Big tone, state of Minnesota, on the 12th day of June, 1922 at 10:00 o'clock a. m., hy the prayer of said petition should not be granted. Witness the honorable R. B. Hud- son, Judge of said court, and the seal of said court, this 161h day of May, 1922. (Seal) R.B. HUDSON, Probate Judge. 'W. C. Preus, Attoey for Petitioner.; (First Pub. May 18. 3w) Order Limiting Time to File Claims and for Hearing Thereon. Estate of Ann Melle. STATE OF MINNESOTA, County of Big Stone. In Probate Court. In the ,matter of the estate of Ann Mellon, I)eeedent. Letters of administration this day having been granted to Nora Tolin; It is ordered that the time within which all creditors of the above named decedent may present claims against her estate in this court, be, and the same hereby is, limited to six months from and after the date hereof; and that Monday the 20th day of November, 1922, at 10:00 o'clock a. m., in the Probate Court Rooms at the courthouse at the City of Orton- viIle in said County, be, and" the same heiby is fixed and appointed as the time and place for hearing upon and the examination, adjustment and al- lowance of such claims as shall be presented within the time aforesaid. Let notice hereof be given by the publication of this notice in the Or- tonville Independent as provided by law. Dated May 16, 1922. R. B. HUDSON, Judge of Probate. R. G. FARRINGTON, Attorney for Petitioner.. (First Pub. May 18. 3w) MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE SALE Default having been made in the payment of the sum of One thousand one hmdred seventy-one and 40-100 Dollars, ($1,171.40), which is claimed to be due and is due at the date of this notice upon a crtain Mortgage, duly executed and delivered by John Pullis and Hana Pullis, his wife, mort- gagors to The Farmers & Merchants  State Bank of Correll, Minnesota, bearing date the 1st day of March, 1920, and with a power of sale there- in contained, duly recorded in the of- rice of the Register of Deeds in and for the County of Big Stone and State of, Minnesota, on the 22nd day of Mmh, 1920, at 9:00"o'clock, a. m. in Book 54 of Mortgages, on page 240, Which said Mortgage, together with the debt secured thereby, was duly assigned by said Farmers & Mer- chants State .Bank of Correll, Mort- gagee, to John H. Mayne hy written assignment dated the 24th day of March, 1920, and recorded in the of- rice of said Register of Deeds, on the 25thday of March, 1920, at 9:00 0'eotk a. m., ih +Book 46 of Mort- gages on page 192. -- ,And whereas the said John H. Mayne, the assignee, Mortgagee, and holder of said Mortgage, has duly elec- ted and does hereby elect to declare the whole principal su of said Mort- gage, due and payable at the date of this notice, under the terms and con- ditions of said Mortgage and the pr of sale therein contained; and wheas there is actually due and claimed to be due and payable at the date of this notice the + "sum of nine thousand three hundred eleven and 69- 100 ($911.69) Dollars including prin- cipal, interest, and delinquent taxes, and wbereas the said power of sale has become operative, and no actioa or proeseding having been instituted, at law or otherwise, to reover the debt setmred by said Mortgge or any part thereof- .+., +.++ given: that by virt Of_ pow o salo pursuant tO me su,m su e, made and provided, the-md Mort- gge dl be foreclosed -by a sale of the premise8 dvibed in and com- vwrd M viz: ection+N/ne (9), Township ehnnr, four (44), ad eon om h-=L- sixt (160)) aes morn or s; eerding to the survey Of, a. tuated in Big Stone County and State Ot Minnesota, with the herod/- and appurtemme which sale will be made by the sheriff of said Big Stone county, at the front door of the Court Homm in the City of Or- tonville in said county and State, eel the 19th day of, June, 1922, at i0.01 o'clock a. m., of that day, at lmb'l vendue, to the highest bidder for cuh, r to pay said debt of nine thdUsand / tinge hundred eleven and 69-100 Dollars ($911.69.00), mad interest and the taxes, if any, on said prem- ises, and Sevtyoflve Dollars ($75.00), Attorney's fees, as tipulated in and by said Mortgage n ease o foreclosure, and the disbursements allowed by law; subect to redemption at ay time within one year from the t date of sale, as provided by law. J Dated April 25 A. D. 1922. ] JOHN H. MAY/rE, [ Assignee of Mortgage.I W. C. PREUS, { Attorney for Asslgee of Mortgage. [ OrtonviIle, Minn. t DR. CHAS. IL CARL [ VETERINAR/AN I PhonesDay 61. Night 51 [ Clinton - - - Miunm Graduate Veterinarian [ Office in Wm. Cummens Bldg. I Tel. 79 Ortonville, Minn. BELVA m' t KAERCHER TEACHER OF PIANO AND HARMONY 0rtonvine FOR TRUCK SERVICE j ! and any kind of light and heavy Draying| All Orders Given Prompt Attention J Hausauer Bros. [ .PHONE 68 DR. F. W. DUNN CIELROPRACTOR D. D. WHITE, D. C.. PL C. Splm,gruher 12-13-14-15-16 Shumaker BulidlnE Ortonvilio CoL Wm. Wellendorf AUCTIONEER i Thirty yrs" rienco. No p on your property. Call or write me y and get in oa am early date. Ortv/lle . . . @ @ I COL. J. W. BELZER I Real Estate, Merehundiz Pure Bred Steef | and Farm  A dalty ] | For dat wrlto me at OrtonvUle | Gradmtto of Jones Auction School ' [ ! 4" J. A. JOHNSON PIANO TUNING AND REPAIRING PHOIT,S--Re 194. Furn. Store 88 All Work Guaranteed Ortonville Mlnnsets KODAK PRINTING ENLARGING Prompt, Qaa]tty xlee, Mlerato THE REED STUDIO t DR. R. D. RIFENBARK 1 PwmciAs One Block up hill from Gunderse's q'ug Store Vapmr-Salpimr Cabinet Tnmmm (For Rheumatism. neuritis, etc,) F. L. BROWN ! TH JLKH l Ortonville o . . & SON I JOE BAYER Of the Ortonvllle Taliorine Co. J All klnds of cieaning and P [ Ittiy done | WILL FINCH ]Plume $-L AU Work Gusxsnteed @ 4, R SALSBURY "TWR WRLL DIGGER" ftson Y'ms" lberm CorreH, mlc O ,, [--T+III+T +- ....