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June 1, 2010     The Ortonville Independent
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June 1, 2010

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friends and attending a small get- together of his OHS class of 1946 rules of the game and learn proper You'll find a photo,of Don with other form. For example, learning to stroke classmates elsewhere this issue, properly from a swimming coach can During his high schooldays, Don help prevent shoulder problems. worked, for' the Independent and One mistake often made is pushing recalled vividly when he helped yourself into sports or competition lev- I els that you're not prepared for. Corn- .. move a heavy-tonnage letterpress -~ ~ ' petition should be less important than Goss through a hole in the wall of Last winter we were advised by Ann tonville Independent" Kvidera and Roger Lundberg. Bert having fun and socializing. Sports pro- our former plant in the basement of Lundberg that the Big Stone Countv Saturday morning we met at the and I lifted the cover of the plaque as vide valuable ways to be physically ac- | the Odd Fellows building, back in Historical Society was in the process of Hilltop Cafe where we also had good the camera was rolling from Pioneer tive. learn skills, socialize and have what we think was 1944. Don later procuring a plaque honoring thefood and service and where we met old Public TV. Councilman Mike Dorry fun. f joined the Marines where he served founder of Ortonville. Cornelius K. friends Jim Hipple. Bruce Swigerd and made some historical comments about More adults than ever are partici- for many years, is now retired in Orton. After numerous emails and Dwayne Koehntopp, my First Sergeant the founding father followed by some pating in sports. Less agile and re- North Carolina., His father, the late phone calls it was decided that Or- when I enlisted in the Ortonville Na- history of the founder from me. silient than they once were, adults can Larry Wilson, was manager of tonville would be the perfect location tional Guard unit almost six decades Saturday afternoon we met at thebe more prone to injury than theyi Ortonvill'e's Liquor Store for many for our annual family reunion and also ago. Years later we both served as Big Stone National Wildlife Refuge for think. years. As you can see by photo, Don allow us to be present for the unveiling Command Sergeant Majors at the same an informative overview presentation You're more likely to hurt yourself By JDK is looking well and says he is feeling of the bronze plaque downtown. The time. by the manager. Alice Henley. Her talk if you haven't been keeping fit. Peg- 1t fine. We recall Don was a very hard date mutually agreed upon was July 10, q We then went over to the Museum was very keen on conservation and pie who take the winter off and start worker, as was his mentor for years 2010. The ball started rolling for motel to coordinate events with Ann Lurid- wildlife preservation rigorous activity as soon as the weather Reader Wayne Benshoof e-mails at the Independent. namely Heinie reservations, eating accommodations, berg and Bert Nypen and meet a new At meal time we all gathered,at the improves are prone to injury. If you try us a photo which we published sever- Balster. ride sharing, reunion t-shirt production, kid on the block. Don Lundell. A spe- Club House for a wonderful' mealto pack a week's worth of activity into al years ago, showing a 1931 Model * * * * * and then we found out Big Stone City ciat exhibit of Orton family photo- which was arranged by the managers, a day or two on the weekend, you're was having their 125th Anniversary graphs had been prepared by DonDarwin and Nancy. That was a great B Ford pickup that featured, in earlier Strong Part Ten also at risk. It's the sudden changes day Cornfests, Pioneer Meat Market ..... Celebration the same weekend. What Sherman and were now on display, dining experience in a wonderful loca- that really get you. the sudden jumps in fun? And they wanted us to ride in Beautifully clear reproductions were a tion to overlook gorgeous Big Stone activity. thewhenlateit waSHarlanOWnedparker.and operatedwayne,s bYe_ ThOUAnythingMUst NeverBut StriveThyself.To Be their parade. Fantastic? pleasure to view and cause us to remi- Lake. If you've been off for a while, don't Twenty-nine of our family were nisce. At 2 p.m. we were to meet at the Sunday morning most of us had try to do too much at first. You should mail indicates the photo appeared in To be what you are and to become eventually signed up to attend. Wow. Columbian Hotel for lemonade and breakfast at the Hilltop cafe where think about any sports participation or the St Paul Pioneer Press of June 21 what you are capable of becoming is Then I read with amazement thatcookies, again we had great food and service exeicise as something you need to pre- of this year. submitted by reader the secret of a happy life. Every liv- "Founders Day" was also to be cele- Next we shopped the farmers mar- and the pleasure of talking briefly with Vincein Stillwater)Parker" (now of Moonlight BaYson of Harlan. which ing soul has different talents, differ- brated as proclaimed by the Mayokand ket which was set up outside the Bob and Lois Pflueger. pareever for.levelWhateVerof sportYur youage anddo,What-it,s you'll find re-printed in our "old- ent desires, different faculties. Be City Council. Columbian Hotell then we happened Soon it was time to board our bus important to train your muscles and time" news section this week. yourself. Try to be anything else but Upon our arrival Friday we wereupon Jim Kaercher at Hartman's Super for riding in the Big Stone City parade joints so they have adequate strength, ! Wayne says it was sent to him by his your genuine self. even if you welcomed by the new owners of the Valu and had a very brief visit. We are celebrating their 125th anniversary, endurance and flexibility. Start glow cousin, Barton Benshoof. son ofdeceive the entire world, and you will Econo Lodge, Munish and Raj .where so happy to see him much improved Mucfi to our amazement we were and then build up so you are ready LeRoy and Mac Benshoof. both be ten thousand times worse than we stayed for three nights. To our de- and smiling as usual, joined by Edna Paasche and Rend Bag- when the activity starts. deceased', formerly of Ortonville. nothing. Never waste any effort into light the motel has been completely Encountering a large crowd at the hey, two of the nicest ladies boasting Ledrning to listen to your body will i LeRoy was the son of Guy andHazel elevating yourself into something renovated and our stay was verycom- Columbian Hotel we were surprised by their age at over 100 years and all help you avoid injury. If you have pain i Benshoof. and Wayne's uncle, broth- you are not, to please another. Never fortable, the presentation of the "K@ to the dressed up in fancy attire just like it when doing an activity, stop. Never er of Howard Benshoof. Wayne says put on false masks to gratify your For supper we dined at the Matador City" to the oldest Orton grandson, was the good old days again, push yourself to play or exercise with Barton is retired and now lives in vanity. Never strain to be valued for where we enjoyed good food and also Don,, by Councilman Mel Reinke.The end of a much anticipated pain. If you pusla on through mild in- White Bear Lake. your accomplishments or you will nice live piano music during the meal. Then a letter, read by Bert Nypen. from weekend with good conversations with juries, you can aggravate them and .. ~. ~ cease to be valued for thyself.It was enjoyable talking with Ed and The Royal Norwegian Consul General, so many friends and relatives had un- ,make them worse. Consider the plants and the animals Lorene Kiernat there. Gary Gandrud, conveying his best fortunately arrived There has been so You can hurt yourself by overdoing Don't know what hap- of the field, how they live. Does a Fridayevening we were able totake wishes on thisspecial occasion. Norm many changes inthe topography and it even if you don't have pain. If pened ta the television crew cotton plant bear even one apple? in the "Music in Central Park" event Shelsta entertained us with his beauti- lake. Neil Speckeen made a special ef- you're fine during the activity, but have that was filming the Twins- Does a pomegranate tree ever pro- where we met Marcy Stotesbery. She ful singing of norwegian songs in the fort to find us so that he could visit soreness that night and feel fine the Orioles game last Wednesday duce an orange? Does a lion attempt told us about current happenings with native tongue. A bouquet of flowers about historical matters. next day that is often part of your body night. At one point in the to fly? Only man. of all livingthe Central Park Restoration commit- was presented to Ann Lundberg from We sincerely appreciate the hospi- getting used to the new activity. If game, we were told a fan things, foolishly stri,~es to be other tee with volunteers and their efforts to the Orton family in appreciation for her tality extended to the Orton family, you're sore for three days, you've done jumped onto the field and than what he was intended to be until get contributions to enable purchasing careful coordination of this entire Our visit will be very fondly remem- too much." I there was talk for about 10 life marks him a misfit. Misfits are picnic tables for the park. We also met event. Nice to visit with LaValle bered forever. Ortonville truely is the Doing different sports on different minutes as to his running the failures of the world, always Muriel Sherman. probably the most Berkner also. "Town with a heart." It was great to be days using different muscle groups or around the field...but never chasing after a more fruitful career senior supporter and active CPR mem- Upon arrival at the Plaque site on back in my home town. cross-training can also help prevent in- once did the camera crew they will never find unless they look ber. and also the author of a recent fine Main Street we met many old friends focus on that fan to show usbehind them. You cannot choose article about Central Park in"The Or- includingJim Benshoof,Diane jury. Different sports and exercises i viewers what was going on! your calling. Your calling chooses Could be the media did not you. You have been blessed with may have wear and tear on different I want to give the intruder any special skills that are yours alone, ill li muscle groups. If you cross-train, that publicity? Could be right! Use them, whatever they may be. and gives muscles and joints a chance to re- * * * * forget about wearing another's hat. cover. Strive for ~a total body mix of A talented chariot driver can win cardiovascular, strength training and How true it learn some- gold and renown with his skills. Let flexibility exercises. thing new everyday in this life? him pick fig and he would starve. Warm-up exercises, such as stretch- Thanks to a casual meeting recently No one can take your place. Realize ing or light jogging, before an activity with Rich Rundell of Ortonville, we this and be yourself. You have no helps to reduce the chance of muscle t know now how the name Rat Terrier obligation to succeed. You have only City Council members approved athe grant, of which they are responsi- Grossman informed the Council that strain or other injury. Make sure to was given to the breed 'of dog origi- the obligation to be true to yourself, resolution to purchase an In-Car Cam- ble for $300. Mork stated that they after receiving the bids to replace the cool down. For example, after a race, nelly called the English Terrier. Rich Do the very best that you can, in the era for the Ortonville Police Depart- were planning on replacing their cur- counter at the City Office that the low be sure to walk or jog lightly for five should know for he has had a Rat things you do best, and you will ment for $5.635 at their regular rent camera system that they have in bid recieved was from Strei Construc- minutes so your pulse slows down Terrier for years. He claims the late know, in thy soul. that you are the meeting on Monday, July 19. Council- the CroWn Victoria with the system tion for $1,100. The council approved gradually. After a workout, when the President Teddy Roosevelt gave the greatest success in the world man Mel Reinke was not present. Po- they were awarded in the grant next the bid with Councilman Mike Dorry body's tissues are warmer and more name. after seeing how that breed of lice Chief Jason Mork informed the year as they have had some issues in abstaining, flexible, is also the safest time to do dog would go after the rats that once B ds[ council that half of the money would the past with their current system. This Due to the loss of one maintenance stretching'to work on your flexibility. infested parts of the White House. ear ey Man come from the Capital Outlay-Equip- will have both vehicles more uniform worker at the Ortonville Golf Course. Don't let the prospect of getting in- Rich also tells of several incidents on Pleads Guilty in ment Fund and half from the DUI Civil to the same type of equipment in each the council approved on the recom- jured scare you off. The benefits you the farm when he was growing up. Penalty Fund. car. mendation "of Golf Gourse Superin- .can get from sports and exercise are too The Rat Terrier we speak of would Vehicle Charge Due to changes in the MinnesotaIn other business.the c0unciLap- tendent Travis Strasser, thehiring of impotent toignore. dig under the old corn bins. chasing State Gang Taskforce, the Department proved a resolution of a fiv6 percent Nathan Stottler at step one Of the- Dealing '0pith an Injury of Public Safety has provide grant match for a FEMA grant for the Or- golf/parks wage schedule. If vouhave Severe pain. swelling or out the rats and a Black Lab, waiting At approximately 1:35 a.m. funding for departments in Minnesota tonville Fire Department 800 MHz The council went into Executive numl~ness.or can't tolerate any weight near by would team up with theTuesday, July 20, the Big Stonetowards the purchase ofln-Car camera radio system for $2,000. The Or- Session at approximately 7:56 p.m. on the injured area. contact your health Terrier, pounce on the rats and zap County Sheriff's Office arrested systems if the department fits that cri- tonville Fire Department along with Afterreconvening, the council reached care provider or go to an emergency the rats as soon as they appeared. So Brandon Garland, 24, of Beardsley, term The criteria was any squad car there you have it? other fire departments and ambulance arbitration relating to an employment room. It's probably okay to treat less outside a shop located at 24202 - severe injuries at home first. * * * * that did not currently have an In-Car services in Big Stone County were matter with a former City Administra- 870th Avenue, Beardsley, MN forCamera currently installed would be awarded a FEMA AFG Grant in thetor. Follow the RICE method: THIS IS SC ARY...and theft and motor vehicle tampering, available for grant funding, The Or- amount of $190,000. This was to pur- The next meeting of the Ortonville .Rest. Give the injured area time to something must be done to The Big Stone County Sheriff's tonville Police Depagment fit the cri- chase radios and pagers to be compat- City Council will be on Monday, Aug. heal. change it...for the good of our office had received several reports of teria as they currently do not have a ible with the 800 MHz radio systems. 2 at 7 p.m. in the Media Center of the -Ice. Apply an ice pack for up to 20 nation as we have always gas thefts in and around the area of camera system in their Trailblazer. The money would come out of the Fire Ortonville Public Library. minutes at a time. four to eight times a known it! Michael Snyder, of 870th Avenue and Highway 28 in The Ortonville Police Department Department Capital Equipment Outlay. day. the Business Insider, editor of Beardsley. Sheriff's Office personnel applied for the grant and were awarded CityClerkAdministrator Char .Compression. Wrap the area with "t h e e c o n o m i c c o 1 ! a p s e - did surveillance in the area. Garland an elastic bandage.," cites 22 statistics ws observed siphoning gas from a -Elevation. If possible, keep the in- that prove "beyond a shadow motor vehicle. Garland was arrested jured area elevated above the level of of a doubt that our nation'sin the act of taking gas from a pickup, the heart. middle class is being system- Garland wsa aken into custody and If you're using the RICE method atically wiped out of exis- held in the Grant County Detention but the pain or other symptoms get tence." He continues to say Center, Milbank, SD. worse, contact your health care "the rich are getting richer Garland appeared in court on provider. and the poor getting poorer Tuesday afternoon and pied guilty to If you would like more information at a staggering rate. Once motor vehicle tampering. The Court ....... on'Breaks, Strains, Tears Preventing upon a time,, the USA had dismissed the theft charge. There are many health benefits from ous of the sports-related injuries, and your soort, t~e sure eouloment nts . . , .... -ro-erfx and ou are u "- "~". Injuries feel free to contact Gail the largest and most prosper- For further information in regard to physical activity. Physical activity ira- although fatal head injuries are rare, p p y y sing it appropn- ,-, ........ ately. , ,~ ous middle class in the the sentence of the Court, please con- proves your fitness and exercisin~ and they are the leading cause of death - tJuman-watoner vro~ram L)evetop- , , playing sports can also help boost'self- from a sports-related injury. Traumatic tmumment ........ can nLav a role wKn- in-" ,,.merit and Coordination-Minnesota - - - - - l