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June 8, 2010     The Ortonville Independent
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June 8, 2010

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i Urgent news for people who took ACCUTANE. 0 Yet another small-worlder! One day last week, while in the waiting room of an Orthopedic Clinic in Shoreview where daughter Sue was being treated, we struck up a conver- sation with a nice looking elderly lady, name of Connie Summers of Mendota Heights. We learned she had played-piano for 32 years at the former Harry's Cafe in Mpls. When we learned she had undergone two knee replacements, we asked her who was the surgeon. Her reply was Elmer Salovich, who we learned is still in practice, whose late brother. Wally, played center for the U of M basketball team, and another brother, Ed, also deceased, who was also an orthopedic specialist, with all of whom we were friends throughout most of our U of M studies. A num- ber of years ago Ed was our partner in a Patio Golf tourney, which the two of us won that year. Later, we called Elmer to ask if he knew of our long-time friend Ardell LaCombe who we knew had undergone hip replacement. His reply was that he "was familiar with the name," though she was not his patient. We recall one time Ed was performing surgery and he had asked his dentist friend, Jim Perry (also a friend of ours) to watch the surgery. Shortly after surgery began, Ed noticed a heavi- ness in his right arm. Perry had passed out, standing up, from what he observed. Ed's daughter is an accomplished Harpist. The whole family are devout Christians, mem- bers of Bethlehem Baptist church in downtown Mpls. Another opinion on politi- cal campaign advertising! When the campaigns heat up, candidates from all sides bombard the media with copy, whether truthful or not, and certainly the readers or viewers don't really know which is which. Instead of spending millions of dollars on such wooing, it should be required that each candidate publish a list of all impbrtant issues that he or she is for or against...and let it stand throughout the campaign!" Focus on ISSUES, rather then hype! Think you have it tough?? Think again!! Now we have heard the story that tops them all! We recall many years ago when our late brother-in- law, Doug Buechler, brother of wife Jeanette, was waiting for a heart transplant that never happened. When we related Doug's story to a friend, the friend shocked us when he replied "my gosh, think Of the donor!" We had always thought nobody could have it any worse! That is until we watched a recent Fox television report showing a grown man, perhaps now in his 30's, WITH NO ARMS AND NO LEGS!! He was born that way! Many times, he says he had thought of ending it all ...but after years and years of ask- ing God "WHY ME?" he is today living a most satisfying life, at least mentally! Tears came to us upon watching and hearing the story. Indeed, in this case. we doubt the world has ever seen anything Worse! Our prayers go out to this courageous soul! And we again find our- selves thanking God for our health...indeed, the richest asset any- one can have! Amen! More news on the talents of our young OHS golfers. Last week, we told of the achievements of Jade Hasslen, James Nitz, and Riley Blake. Now we include yet another...namely Jesse Roscoe of Big Stone City. Last week, playing with Mike Rausch, Jesse recorded a siz- zling 65, scoring a 31 on the front nine. Mike says Jesse would have maybe set a course record if not for bogeying two holes on the back nine. Terrific! And congrats! Long-time colleague and friend, Dave Torgerson, casually mentioned to us the other day "how fast time flies," in looking over a photo we have in our newsroom, showing our Goss offset press when it was installed back in 1965. Those pic- tured are Brad Hanson, Lois and Dave Torgerson. Bobble Lee Thorne, Gladys Reisdorph, Ron Kolb, Jim Kaercher, Bob Fuller, Lem Kaercher and Heinie Balster. Of those, Dave Participation fees, staffing approved by School Board The Ortonville School Board will has been The Board also addressed ployee contracts were also approved. keep participation fees for athletes the the policy on cell phone use and the Board members designated the Or- same for the 2010-11 school year and dress code. It was decided that the tonviIle Independent as the official dis- awarded bids for commodities at their Board members will meet with the ad- tr]ct newspaper and designated the monthly meeting on Monday, July 19. ministration to address those issues, official depositories for District Funds. Participation fees will be $60 for Lunch prices were set for the 2010- They include CenBank. Minnwest athletes in grades 9-12 and $30 for jun- 11 school year. Prices will remain the Bank, Wells Fargo, First State Bank of ior high athletes. The family cap will same as last year. Breakfast prices are Big Stone City, SD, Clinton State also refnain the same at $240. K-6 no cost, students in grades 7-12 is Bank. Minnesota Liquid Asset Fund. The Board awarded'bids to the Hol- $1.05 and adults $1.55. Lunch prices US Bank Corporate Trust Services iday Station Store for all types of fuel are K-12 at $1.75. grades 7-12 is $1.90 Bank of America. Farmers Saving and Western Consolidated Coop was and adults is $3. Extra milk cost is Bank-Colesburg, IA (QZAB), State awarded the diesel bid for the buses. $.35. Bank of -Bellingham and First Bank Sara Lee Bakery was awarded the bak- Tim Henrich. Kathi Thymian and and Trust (Aid Anticipation). cry bid and Dean Foods Land O Lakes Deb Hoffman were appointed by the The next meeting of the Ortonville was awarded the dairy bid. "Board to be involved in the hiring School Board will be.on Monday, Aug. In other business, a closed noon was process of a new girls basketball coach 16 at 7p.m. in the school Library. discussed among the Board. It was de- along with the administration. The 4d " cided to leave the noon hour open as it 2010-11 non-certified nine-month em- FARM FAMILY PORTRAIT" done by local artist Doug Holtquist was placed at Lakeside Park with the help of Rausch Brothers Monument and the City of Ortonville on Thursday, luly 29. The piece will be Kid I i A deadly moved next to Strong Insurance later th,s week and eventually will be S a one n cars. [ocated permanenlly along lhe Minnesota River Headwaters Recreational Trail. combi nation duri ng su mmer High temps can bring As theheatrisesinthesummer, so perature can increase three to five Kulenkamp says that most cases are harmful algal bloom to lakes do instances of kids dying by hyper- times faster than adults, and so that can unintentional. Parents simply, forget be- When the summer sun shines and They often smell bad as well. "You thermia, or "heat stroke." because they lead obviously to permanent injury or cause they're dealing with hectic sched- temperatures climb, conditions are ripe don't have to be an expert to recognite are left in a vehicle unattended. Ac- death." ules, are distracted, or something in for Minnesota lakes to produce harmful water that might have a harmful algae cording to Safe Kids USA, 20 children There have not been any Minnesota their daily routine changes, like taking algal blooms. The Minnesota Pollution bloom." Heiskary said. "If it looks bad nationwide have died since March be- deaths this year, and Kulenkamp is over day care drop-off duty when the Control Agency (MPCA) is again re- and smells bad. it's probably best not cause they were left to over-heat in hopeful that it will stay that way. other parent is out of town. minding people that some blue-green to take chances with it." cars. She says some adults think it's safe "When there's that kind of change in algae can harm pets. livestock and even Humans are not affected very often, Ann Kulenkamp, communications to leave kids in the car for "just a mo- routine, people need to be particularly people, probably because the unpleasant ap- director for the Minnesota Safety ment" while they run a quick errand, alert, and just have some kind of re- -Algae are microscopic aquatic pearance and odors of a blue-green Council, says that it doesn't have to be but she stresses that is not safe for any minders for themselves." plants and are a natural part of any algal bloom tend to keep people out of a scorcher of a day to be dangerous for amount of time. Kulenkamp says those reminders aquatic ecosystem. Under the fight the water. But human health effects kids. The temperature inside a car can "With children, even just a few min- can include leaving your wallet, purse conditions, some forms of algae can can include irritation of skin. eyes and rapidly get very high compared to that utes can be too long Even at a rela- or cell phone - whatever needs to go become harmful. Blue-green nasal passages, and naurea and vomit- outside, and the effect on kids is far tively comfortable temperature like 70 with you that day - next to the child (cyanobacterial) algal blooms may worse than for adults, degrees, the car can still heat up to dan- seat, or set an alarm on your cell phone contain toxins or other noxious chemi- ing. Extreme cases can produce paral- "Children are much more sensitive gerous levels. Just as a rule, never or PDA to remind you to drop off the cals that can pose harmful health risks, ysis and respiratory failure to heat than adults are; their bodies heat leave a child alone in a vehicle, even if kids at day care or school. People or animals may become sick if An animal that has ingested toxins up much more quickly. Their core tem- the window is slightly open." exposed to these blooms. In extreme from an algae bloom can show a vari- cases, dogs and other animals have ety of symptoms, ranging from skin ir- died after exposure to lake water con- ritation or vomiting, severe disorders Farmers: Comment period on taining these toxins, involving the circulatory, nervousand "High rainfall resulting in nutrient- digestive systems, and severe skin le- rich runoff entering our lakes and fuels signs. In worst cases, the animal may livestock reforms long enough the growth of algae. As sunlight in- suffer convulsions and die. creases anti temperatures warm, we can These factors make it important to anticipate blooms of blue-green algae take a preventative approach to dealing on many of our lakes," said MPCA with potential harmful algal blooms. lakes expert Steve Heiskary. Heiskary There are currently no short-term solu- Debate is heating up in Congress now. in the Subcommittee on Live- period is long enough. He believes re- tigris to correct a blue-green algal about the U.S. Department of Agricul- stock, to come up and say. 'Give the big form is long overdue, and that the is a member of an interagency work ture's (USDA) proposed rule on live- boys more time," I think is a little disin- USDA's proposal gives small farms a group that's spreading the word that bloom Once a bloom occurs, the only stock marketing practices. Filed June genuous fighting chance to remain viable, blue-greefi algae should be-avoided, option available is to wait for weather 18, the agency says the rule is intended The Packers and Stockyard Act of "Level the playing field between the "When in doubt, best keep out." ad- changes, such as significant rainfall. to level the playing field for small live- 1921 was supposed to guard against farmers and the lawyers and the end- vises a poster the group has distributed wind shifts or cooler temperatures, to stock producers by strengthening pro- price discrimination and market me- runners and the judicial system, end"we around the state, disrupt the algae's growth. The key to tections against what it terms unfair nipulation, but Peterson says the guide- will have a better economy in rural Most algae blooms are harmless, solving algae problems long-term is to market practices, lines were vague and have not been Minnesota it's that simple. We'll be however blue-green algae, when pres- improve water quality by decreasing - the amgunt of nutrients that runoff car- This marks the halfway point in the enforced. As a result, he says, small ableto produce more liVestocl at t bet- :ent: in high concentrations, can produce rles into ltkes. ...... ": toxins. Blue-green algae are found public comment period, although the livestock producers have been driven ter price, at a higher quality for con- throughout Minnesota. but thrive par- Formore information about harm- House Agriculture Subcommittee on dut of business because they couldn't sumers " . Livestock is now asking that the time compete. The USDA is accepting publiccom- ticularly in warm shallow, nutrient- ful algae blooms, go to ' period be extended an additional 60 to "You need to have the component of merits through August 23 on the pro- rich lakes. Often occurring on 120 days. Minnesota Farmer's Union competition in the free enterprise sys- posed rule. Meatpackers and corporate downwind shorelines, it is in these calgae.html or call 651-296-6300 or 1- President Doug Peterson thinks it's a tem. We have not had a fair and level livestock and poultry producers are blooms that humans and animals most 800L657-3864 The mission of the Minnesota Pol- stall tactic that favors the meatpackers' playing field when we sell to packers condemning .the proposal as a contra- often come in contact with blue-green lution Control Agency is to work with lobby, or processors. It's been on their side - diction of established legal precedent, algae and where the risk of algal tox- Minnesotans to protect, conserve and "The 2008 Farm Bill stated that this and typically when it's on their side of and also have lobbied Congress and the ins is greatest. rule was to be fully completed by June the desk. the money is in their pocket. USDA asking to extend the comment There is no visual way to predict if improve our environment and enhance 18, 2010. Congress has known about not ours." period, a blue-green algal bloom contains tox- our quality of life. this for quite some time. and for them In Peterson's opinion, the comment ms and is harmful to humans or ani- . _ ackpack set for mals, and distinguishing blue-green Project B algae from other types may be difficult for non-experts. But harmful blooms are sometimes said to look like pea " on Night Aug' 11 SsUPm"greenpaintrflatingmatsflean Stone Distri buti (c D yur part t helpup Big Lake!j/ Project Backpack is returning for day, Aug. 11 from d-8 p.m. attheNew group acted on a desire to help the local 201 0 t,,n y m^'t-----" Ortonville Deer the third year of helping families pre- Life Community Baptist Church at 605 community with a hands-on activity pare for the school year. Start-up N. Minnesota St. in Ortonville. There that would 'help families struggling school supplies are provided to fami- are over 300 eligible children in the with the stress and costs gee new Hunt o available lies in the Ortonville and Big Stone two schools, so the need is great in our school year. The group receives done- City, SD schools in grades Kinder- small community, tigris from individuals, businesses and garten through 12th grade who are eli- Some of the items supplied are groups from around the community to Portions of the City of Ortonville allowed to purchase one (or more) gible for free or reduced-meals, backpacks, notebooks. Kleenex. fold- purchase the supplies will be open to archery deer hunting bonus deer permits for this hunt by special permit again this year. Archery hunters wishing to partici- Eligibility is based on last year's ers. pencils, pens, trapper keepers, If you would like to donate to this This deer control program is an effort pate must be at least 18 years of age numbers, which are supplied by the reams of paper, erasers and calculators, worthwhile project, you can mail your schools, since the information isn't This is just a partial list of items that tax-deductible donation to Project to reduce the city deer population and by the opening day of the hunt. available for the upcoming year yet. are available. The supplies are based Backpack, 605 N. Minnesota St.. Or- the damage to property the deer Applications for the hunt and No proof of eligibility is required to re- on teacher's lists that the schools pro- tonville, MN 56278. A receipt will be cause, copies of its regulat!ons ill be avail- ceive the supplies, just Honest partici- vide. Items not included in Project provided if you request one. If you A total of 30 bonus deer permits able at the City Clerk's office pation. Project Backpack receives only Backpack are art shirts, socks, lunch have any questions, please call Kelly will be available for the hunt. which Apllications must be submitted to total numbers: not names of those eli- bags and paper plates. Bousquet at 320-305-0633 or the New will run from Sept 18 to Dec. 31. A that office with a $7.50 administrative gible. Project Backpack started when a Life Community Baptist Church at proficiency test and a $7.50 adminis- fee by the close of business hours on Distribution Night will be Wednes- small interdenominational Bible Study 320-839-3440. trative fee will be required to qualify. Wednesday, Sept. 1. Applications can Archers must also possess a valid be mailed to: Minnesota archery deer hunting Ortonville City Deer Hunt license or all season deer hunting " 315 Madison Avenue license to participate Ortonville. MN 5627.8 Qualifying applicants will be (320) 839-3428 pointed that only four of those shown are living today, namely yours iruly, BACK FOR ITS THIRD YEAR IS PROIFCT BACKPACK. This year the distribution date will be Wednesday, Dave, wife Lois, and Brad Hanson - Ate. 11 beginning at 6 o.m. at the New Life Community Baptist Church in Ortonville. Start-ul school supplies wh ..... ( ose address we do .not know at are provided to families in the Ortonville and Big Stone City schools in grades K-12 who are eli ible for free.or this time). - reduced meals. 00-00llr00Tl00 Rrohrn00r Lql county c0mmass000ner Primary Election, Tuesday, August 10 r The acne drug, Accutane,, has been linked to serious abdominal illnesses, even months or years later, including Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Ulcerative Colitis, and Crohn's Disease. If you have suffered from any of these conditions after taking Accutane,, call us now at I-B00-TIIE-EAGLE about monetary compensation. No fees or costs until your ease settles. We practice law only in Arizona, but associate with lawyers throughout the U.8. GOLDBERG & OSBORNE iI 1-800-THE-EAGLE ' rt- ( 1,800-84. 3-3245) www. Page 2 ' ' ' ' F 't  i "i , " t1 ' I,l00,rl, Ill I,I1 lt, I Iilll,, 00INDEPENDENT Irl !l00'lli=ll00lllll, l'Ii IILNI00 Ir, III$ [I] ill I illll[IIlll00:lllWIHlil00llllllli,l'00 II,:;,L; Tuesday, August 3, 2010 kll ;III llillII|00!"l:00 I:i[III"l]iiii