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June 29, 1922     The Ortonville Independent
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June 29, 1922

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JUNE 29, 1922 0RTOH00ILLI: ll00DI:Pi:HD[NT gD EVERY THURSDAY by the Farmers & Merchants Printing Co. A. Kaercher Mmaaging Editor Official Paper of Big Stone County. Entered as secondclas matter 18, 1920, at the postoffice at i Minn., under the Act of 3, 1879. 0N $2.00 PER YEAR Advertising Rates on Application | Foreign Advertising Represents|lye ] AMERICAN PRESS A,SSOCIATION / Northwestern Advt. Representsative MINNESOTA SELECT LIST. Exchange Bank - St. Paul S. 6th St. - Mimaeapolis THE PLACE OF PARTIES. Political parties are the instruments by which thinking men and women promulgate and then praetice i principles for the control of the in- fluences which surround the place they[ call .THE.IR HOME. . --tmerlcan government is a govern- .men| by political parties. It was so i intended at the foundation of our con- stiLutional system. The very genius I of our institutions requires that there i saall be two great parties, one to ex-Z ere|so the authority and bear the re-I sponsibility of conducting the actual government, the other to serve as check and critic, not obstructive but constructive, the two alternating in power as their respective policies and theories of legislation and administra- Mar, may from time to time best serve he varying needs of the nation. It s this way that the best results of constructive statesmanship h a v e been attained and the great- est progress made in the science of government. The duty of the American citizen is choose intelligently and on princi- Pal between the two great parties which alone are capable of patriotic to affiliate themselves lay- with the party of their deliberate choice; to pal"ticipate actively i its management and conduct. It is gen- erally recognized to be the duty of every American citizen to vote at elec- tions. Similarly it is the duty of ev- !eryone to participate in the elections of his or her party. If citizens of the Republic were generally to abstain from voting we should expect the af- fairs of the country to be neglected and abused. So if members of a par- ty abstain from interesting them- selves in its direction it is bound to suffer abuse. It is from such neglect on the part of citizens that the evils of party management have arisen. "Since then it is the established pri'aciple of the nation that its gay- I ermment shall be conducted thru the t agencies of two major parties, it be- t comes scarcely less incumbent upon| citizens to recognize those parties, to 1 exercise their political activities. ,i,a t them and thlu them, and, if ever the). desire changes in them, to make them "from the inside." To assert inde- pendence of all party affiliation and to support only such party candidates and measures as may occasionally ap- peal to u wuld be only a little less illogical and reprehensible than to withhold complete allegiance to the government |{self and to support it ohiy when it particularly pleases us to do so. "LOVERS OF PLEASURES M(RE THAN LOVERS OF GOD,." The United States Commissioner of Education estimates that during the .ear 1"920 while the world starved,'l i e expended for joy-riding, automo- i .lie, luxm-icus living, tobacco, jew-i e- and other unnecessary luxuries i z-,'00,000,000. During the same me 'e gave to missions to promote nr:st s Kingdom abroad, $37,886.040, or comparatively we expended $600 in luxuries for "ourselves and $i to evangelize the world abroad. "WHAT YOU  SHOULD KNOW ABOUT TUBERCULOSIS" uoerculosis is caused by a germ which has entered the body of an ira!i- v|dual whose resistence against it is too low or weak to stop or prevent its gro-th and development. ! There are two main sources of tu-i berculosiht a ^ ,  man nd cattl. . the gelTns from the human being tZ generally spread by means of! ne spittle or sputum coughed up from the lungs, and carelessly disposed of, and are responsible for practically all of the lung tuberculosis. The disease develops chiefly ampng those, who in early., childhood, were exposed to in- fection from some individual of the household who suffered from this mal- ady. It may, however, develop mong adults not infected in childhood be- cause of a weakened resistence and ow account of very intimate tion with one having the disease over a prolonged period. The germs from cattle are mainly transferred to the human being thru the edium of milk, butter, and cause the disease, Principally in cFdldren, which appears as tubereulo- %of tlie glands, bones and joints. tuberculosis is not inherited but de- velops more often in family groups THE ORTONVlLLE INDEPENDENT PAGE S because of the opportunity for lengthy]  Evungelil Ammtiem. [ ple's meeting open to all. Midweek! lows: Sunday school at 10:30 a. mo and intimate contact with the invalid I i Tll' i[XIlO i I (Big one City) I prayer meeting Thursday evening at t Preaching at 8:15 p.m. Ladies' Aid by members of the family, l f I :HI I|.H I[ |[[[ ,. i ! C E. Zech, Pmrtor ] 8:00 p. m. Women's Missionary So- i meets every two weeks on Thursday It may be prevented by avoiding[ t tJIutlLltiklL I ! mhint, /ti , o , [ciety last Thursday of the months atl afternoon a: 2:30 o'clock. infection. The first five year of life t  ........ ! Sunday school at 11"00 o , Yo ,,,,-/2:30 p.m. Class in Catechism every t Adelaide--Services every other manual ,.utneran t.nurcn, i  ....... 8 Satur a should be most carefully supervised.] ....  .... o .... Peonle s Alliance at 6"45 n m Prayer [ d y afternoon at 2:00 o clock. I Sunday afternoon. Sunday school ee- l uaessa:----erv ...... :oo p. m. m!me+ r.. " [ o I " mlants exposed to infection during ngand Tea.chert' aming Class C rre l--Sunday services as fol-lery Sunday. the first few months have slim chances the English language. Sunday school i 1 a - + - 3n ,, ,- i wenesaay evening, "-o p m xou ! tand Bbe el ss .. :  v ....... " " " , of living to childhood. No infant or / . . . are cordially invited to attend these]| young child should be forced to asso-[ . . . i servlces. [l elate with one suffering or suspected Pleamt Valley Methodist Episcopal i * * * : .... -_ of having tuberculosis. Cow's milk I  , Church. : , __ ! United Evangelical Church. I | //   from non-tuberculin tested cattle! Kegmar servxces every unaay ax- i .......  . It J// f  ] ternoon at three o'clock. Sunday school! it. w. aias, rasor 1|  ti][k' ' /L "! i should be pasteurized before feeding] at twelve o'clock. . I Big Stone City.--Sunday school gt L| [[] ]  to infants and children. Healthful [ i 10:00 a. m. Preaching services at 11:00 || |]l  | habits should be taught all children. Fresh air, night and day, winter and[ Congregational Church. is. m K. L. C. E..meetingat.ff:00 p. ]1 [! / II ! ...... i rn. rreacmng serwces ar "#:o p. m. ti Ill I/,,'- rlN \\; ,:] :,'x [l summer, good wholesome food and [ 'aut a. oczoven, raster, i Prayer meeting and Bible class will be/I 1| I//.A  a \\;\\ 1:"- 1\\; [! rest are due the growing child. I July 2nd: Sunday school, 9:30 a:held every Wednesday evening at 7:0|| | [/tlPJ \\;]ms,  O\\;  The real early symptoms of tuber- m. Morning preaching service, 10:45 p m; " || :| |I{[ ]]][ [; " t"  culosis are usually so slight as to mis- a. m. Sermon subject: "National l Johtmon.Sunday school at 2:00,/l |1 LA "_ /.-l/W" I: ]W || lead the patient and often his phy- t Weaknesses. The morning servceand preaching services every alternate| ,]| \\;,_.q]e/ 0  I  ' sic|an, into the belief that the disease[wilt be followed by a communion!Sunday at 3:00 p.m. ]]" 1[ _.j/ ,9 J  is not present. However, always think| service" ! , . , | 1 - . ./j [ of the possibilities of tuberculosis even I * * * i United Evangelical Church || 1|  . {(" J_ / || with slight and apparent trivial symp- I Methodist Episcopal } N.A. Eller, Pastor. | J  ' k/F toms, such as slight fever every day, I usually in the aternoon or evening,[ Rev. G. L Haggans, Pastor (Odessa-Correll-Adelaide Circuit) t|  l.,  -, -:.light and increasing loss of weight I Public worship next Sunday morn-i Odessa--Sunday services as fol-/| k\\;  /z and strength or endurance, slight but ing at 10:30 in the Methodist church.! lows: Preaching at 10:00 a. m. K.L.t| -jL-_  _: C. E. at 8:00 m. This is Young Pea- Sunday School at 11:45. Sunday eve-: P. l| " persistent cough which may be (Ixv or ning we unite with the Evangelical " ]| den .... ,.... ....... .-1 ...... al. I-1 .... only the clearing of the throat in the morning. Slight but continuous church in the Camp Meetings at Chau- " UOllVt::lllt:;llUt:; :LII k,UllkTAd, t, k.ti hoarseness is suspicious of early tu- tauqua Park. bercuJosi:, of the lungs and spitting * " " demand two watches of blood is a most sugge,tive syrup- Christian Science, SEE tom. Sunday services at 10:45 a. m. In the office and on the road, and when a man Remember that the germs do not ap- Subject. "God." Wednesday service at 8:00 p. m. All pursues h/s outdoor hobbies, a strap watch prov pear in the real earl)" stages of the DOWel[ disease' as they cannt appear be- are welcome t these services" Free H[gM( an invaluable possion. fore some destructive changes have reading room in their hall (Shumaker 8o too should a woman wear a strap watch for sport. developed in the lungs, building). Open every Tuesday and s Theintricatemechanismofherdresswristletshouldnot Sanatorium treatment in Minnesota Friday from 3 to 5 p. m. shows favorable results in 94 per centl . . . bcput to the continued stress ofsuch rigorous activity- of the early cases, 76 per cent of the} Trinity Lutheran Church. " of" moderately'advar.ced cases and 42 per I Rev. Aug. Bartling Pastor. Yet with evening drcss a maffs strap watch bcomes cent of the far advanced cases. Not-] Service every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. 6rd(ev[lle incongruous and a woman's sport model an ortment of * withstanding the favorable results of t Every third Sunday services are in the doubtful taste. Theywhohold convenience an correct sanatorium treatment of early tuber- i Engllsh language and the other two dress as things of consequence, possess two watches-- culosis we had last year 1,868 deaths Sundays in the German language, a strap watch for bmincss and the epokr.e, and a dress in Minnesota from this disease. This Sunday school after each service in watch for social wcar. is not surprising for among the 10,- English. 000 who have been treated in Minne- * For Bargains in ou extensive showing of watches dressed in the sota Institutions to date only 17 per Zion Lutheran Church. popular Wadsworth White Gold Cases is especially cent were in the early stages of the Rex,. Arnold Nelson, Pastor. interesting. disease. What is the answer? Insist Regular services Sunday, July 2.: on early diagnosis, accept early and Preaching in the Swedish languag eat Used C 0 proper treatment."-- Robinson Bos-10:30 a.m. Sumlay school at 12:00. ars worth, M.D. Evening sere-ice in the English lan- guage at 8:00 p.m. * and When Editor Frederick Eugene Du . . . i Toit of the Chaska Weekly Valley I Norwegian Lutheran Church. i Iterald died just prior to Memorial I "Rev. J. Walseth, Pastor i Day at the age of 76, after a life- I Regular sen, ice next Sunday at: Tractors time devoted to his country, to Min- t 1t:00 a. m., in the Norwegian lan-i nesot.a and to hfs home town, a great| gauge. Evening service at 7:30 p.m.i Wadsworth Oases Make Watches Bcautift, l patriot, statesman and citizen went to[ at Milbank, S. D., in the English lan-i his reward. A veteranoftheGrand]guage. Confirmation classwillmeetl P? LM Army of the Republic, he was a true] next Saturday at 10:30 a. m., in the I Leave it to To Do It and sjmpathetic friend of the A,meri- Swedish M. E. church, t can Legion. [ RED CROSS NOTES } J" Food [11 wealth ofthe2r(ation lies in the healthof its children. Serving a The Malta w. c. T. U. donated a um00ro00n00an Empire with eign relief last week. The third free tonsil clinic was held at the Ortonville Hospital last Thurs- day. Eighteen had their tonsils re-Petroleum move0. 1;-: 1'1HIE UNIIVF.IAL CAR Miss Rogoshaska, county nurse; made calls in Beardsley one day last week. Her total number of calls for ]! N maintaining its extended and thoroughly organized th week is twenty-six. I system of distribution, which reaches every farm in Arid mber-- the lowest first Work, play, and sleep are necessary the 10 Middle Western States served, the Standard et, the ot upkp and me to health. Oil Company (Indiana) is rendering a distinct service, /aahet resale value ban.F motor not to the agricultural district interests alone, but to all car over ha/It. --A scientific examination of your eyes Free of Charge by a Specialist. A the people. moderate charge for glasses if you The importance of thts servme max be visualizedwhen need them. See Dr. Simpson at it is known that Palm's July 5. ' 48 of the wheat ......... 65% of oats 53% of the corn 41% of the hay grown in the United States during 1921 came from this territory. The farmers of this great area (app?oximating that of Great Britain and Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Holland, Denmark, and Germany combined) use large quantities of petroleum products in producing this vast amount of food stuffs. Kodak Tho, have come to depend upon the regular visit 0| the dark green tank wagon of the Standard Oil Cam- ' yOU g Power-driven machinery is essentialtomodern farm aS 0 ' ing operations, and it is the responsibility of the Standard Oil Company (Indiana) to see to it that the "Barefoot boy with gasoline, kerosene, and lubricating oils and other'petro- leum products are in the hands of the farmer when he cheek of tan!"hcre needs them. he isyou'll meet , i To render this service requires an enormous organi- Thousands of salesmen now him afterwards in your zation of highly trained men under efficient n]anage. ment. It requires a tremendous capital investment; using Ford Runabouts have in- Kodak album. With refineries; bulk service stations; tank wagor; and service stations to cope with the need of supplying creased their earning capacity a Kodak you bring ' an agricultural area of the sizeand importance of these up to 35%--and more. A point the trip back. 10 Middle Western States. Le t u s sh ow y o u In undertaking the responsibility of supplying the weU worth your serious eonsid- needs of the farmer for petroleum products, the oration. The entfi'e expense--- Kodaks from our com- Standard Oil Company (Indiana) has assumed a job of plete stock. They're magnitude and importance, including operation and main- Became it knows that it* organization will not break tenance rarely exceeds railroad priced as low as $6.50, down under stress; that its facilities will enable them to fares. Let us prove how a Ford and they're all auto-, meet the demands made upon it; that its personnel has" graphic, a deep interest in seeing that every manufacturing and Runabout will help you earn distributing schedule is maintained, the Company is able to guarantee an adequate and sustained service, mqre money. Terms ff lesired. 6unaerson pru00 (0. Standard Oil Company H.L. McDOWELL Ortonville. Minnesota. (lmtla) Graceville, Minnesota 910 So. Michigan Ave., Chicago