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August 2, 2011     The Ortonville Independent
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August 2, 2011

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Editorial comment i EDITORIAL... Time Ripe For Complete Govt. Overhaul and a Gutsy Leader to do the Job! (By JDK) We hope and pray everyone reading the headline above takes it serious and takes into consideration the parts we feel are in dire need of fixing .... before it's too late. Before we lose the great and beloved country our forefathers founded and gave their lives for, and for which millions of Americans have since given their lives and/or are living a handicapped life today in fighting for that freedom. Take a look at what we feel really, really needs fixing: 1) Make it a crime if members of our two major parties can't agree upon governing our country within a normal "common sense" thinking time period, and if they fail to realize they are working for us taxpayers, not their own greedy selves...and if they committ that crime, they should be financially penalized. 1A) If they fail to come to agreement in a normal time period, and thus are forced to shut govt. works down, they should pay out of their own pockets for their own time during the shut-down ..... in addition to all those who are idled from work, for however long the shut-down lasts. 2) Make it a federal crime for any and all lawmakers who fail to abide by our American Constitution! 3) Establish, as soon as all lawmakers can come to their senses, a mandate that for however long it takes, both federal and all state governments start DE-LAWING all the laws currently on the books that are not FOR ALL AMERICANS, instead of those for self-purpose for either individuals or lobby groups. Eliminate all laws on the books placed there because some lobbyist group was able to profit from its enactment .... like spending taxpayer dollars to see how long a turtle can live underwater, etc. etc. In this de-lawing process, make it mandatory that every law in place today is studied with a fine-tooth comb, regardless of pages contained, in the law. Cut out all laws that encumber a person s freedom, that do not take into consideration that every American can think sanely for himself and does not need a big daddy govt. telling us what to do almost every minute of our lives. Do away with the law making gay marriage legal. If two otthe same sex are desirous of living together, fine ...... let them do so. To hell with the law. The law of marriage as defined in the dictionary is a union between a man and a woman, which is more than common sense ...... it is human-sense! Start this process of seemingly always having to enact a law so that consituents think the lawmaker is worth his salt .... stop it before one of the big boys come up and pass a law taxing the very air we breath...and don't laugh to think someday it will happen for another means of filling the govt. coffers. 4) Make it illegal for lawmakers to automatically give themselves a raise, or raise their per-diem costs, without a state or federal referendum placed before us taxpayer employers. In connection with this, eliminate the law that for years has given retired lawmakers a pension for life. Also, make it mandatory that all lawmakers pay for their own health and life insurance, just as us employees do. Make a limit of two terms any lawmaker can serve, compelling him to return to private life to live with the mess he has created. As touched on briefly above, ELIMINATE ALL LOBBYISTS! They work Only for social interests. A P.S. to talk about pay .... there may be some merit to enact legislation that makes it mandatory that all govt. employees, included those elected, be paid the same hourly pay that their counterparts are paid. We think this is only fair, that the bosses(taxpayers)be allowed to set their own salaries commensurate with the employee's wisdom, ability, and talents! 5) STOP ALL FOREIGN AID TO ALL COUNTRIES. Do you realize our nation last year alone gave $200 billion dollars in aid to Pakistan. For why? Eliminate all military bases overseas that are not in direct need for our nation's security. Bring all our current military men home, releasing them from harms way! If our country is ever threatened from terrorists or any alien force...strike back as with our.weapons, as President Truman did with the atomic bomb that quickly ended World War II and saved thousands, perhaps millions of American lives. Don't fight terrorism with human lives...we have the weapons, and let the world know we will use them if ever our freedoms are in danger. Stop wasteful millitary spending that obviously is present to feather the coffers of some individuals or private company. For example, it s a fact our nation currently has a total of 13 aircraft carriers, whereas the nation with the next largest number is Italy .... and that country has only two aircraft carriers. 6) Make it an offense to call any American by any other name than American, and make the English language our official and mandatory means of communication. As currernt GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain, a black man, recently said, "I am an American...not an Afro-American! The same for any other nationality. Let nobody from any foreign nation become an American citizen unless they are profiled and highly screened that their pupose is to defend and build America. We understand those of the terrorist world have as their sole pupose in life is to kill Americans. Let the world be known in plain language that America's sole purpose is to elimiate and/or kill .... without any stupid trials...anyone who is intent, or shows intent to destroy America. 7) DECENTRALIZE INDUSTRY throughout our state and nation. Whenever a company plans expansion, they should be induced by being offerered a tax break if they would locate their expansion outside the already over-crowded metro areas ..... into smaller communities. For sure, workers would be better off, saving lots of money, time and stress that they are experiencing today in the metro areas. Perhaps not everyone is in agreement with all the above, and that is understandable ..... for as the saying oes, "you can please some folks some of the time, ut you can never please any or all of them all the time." If you agree with what we have said, perhaps you may deem it worthy of passing it on to some of our employees, namely our taxpayers??!! Letters to the editor Letter to the editor: I'd like to address a few of the concerns about possible restructuring in Big Stone County government. I'd like to make it clear that I'm not speaking for the other commissioners or the county employees. If there is something in this letter that makes anyone angry, it is solely my responsibility. -Please don't blame Representative Falk or Senator Kubly. This isn't their idea - it is just part of the legal procedure that needs to be followed and even if the proposed legislation is passed next year that simply gives Big Stone County the option to make changesit does not require them. If you're opposed to the idea of restructuring attacking Kubly and Falk won't help. The correct procedure is to start a reverse referendum and there will be ample opportunities to do so and plenty of publicity in how to do it. -No one is trying to push anything through. We're talking about this so much in order to keep everyone informed and allow the voters to develop their own opinions. It is a multiyear process and, quite frankly, even without these particular changes there will be innovations and alterations in local government for the foreseeable future. It is simply the times we live in - doing things the way they have always been done is not an option. To put the discussion in a nutshell, as of now the Assessor, Environmental Officer, County Engineer and Family Services Director are hired employees of the county, while the Treasury, Recorder, and Auditor are elected officials. The discussion is about whether to change those three jobs from elected to hired, and then combine departments in the courthouse for the sake of efficiency and savings of taxpayer dollars. -This isn't a ploy to allow commissioners to appoint their buddies. The process to hire the last department head involved an interview team that had other county employees and two people from completely outside the county. The position was advertised all over the state and the person hired was someone no one knew. That's the way things need to be done -jobs are becoming more complex and we need to hire people who will provide the most value for the taxpayer's dollar. Every job in county has a job description and required skills. For instance, I like to think I'm a fairly competent guy, but if I wanted a job with the county, my resume wouldn't even get me an interview for 80% of the openings. I wouldn't be qualified for ANY of the department head jobs. And that's a good thing, because the taxpayers deserve the best qualified people doing their work. I had one- caller tell me that he felt the offices of- recorder, auditor, and treasury should be open to everyone. I disagree. These are complex, technically demanding jobs and becoming more so. Certainly anyone can apply for a job, but I believe they should be filled by the people who are best qualified. Big Stone County collects a lot of money in taxes; we need to be as frugal as possible with it so the taxpayers get the most value for their dollars. -Finally, please don't panic and please don't get angry. We are being open, transparent, and deliberate. We've all seen how well government works when people start shouting. There is plenty of time and plenty of opportunity for education, involvement, and reasonable debate. Over the next year the voters in Big Stone County will be deluged with information and chances to provide input and guidance. Sincerely, Brent Olson Third District Commissioner MFU supports small family dairies By Doug Peterson, President of Minnesota Farmers Union, Madison Recently, Representative Collin Pe- terson presented a dairy reform pro- posal to'National Farmers Union. The proposal attempts to resolve a number of critical issues that prevent the cur- rent dairy safety net from functioning adequately. While Ranking Member Peterson's proposal acted to initiate meaningful and necessary dairy reform, the pro- posal in its current form rewards large our web si,e a, k.w.orto nvilleindependont...J Correction In last week's article about the MCCL Most Adorable Baby Contest a name was incorrectly identified. It should have read, second place went to Isaac Matthew Klepel, son of Erick and Kerry Klepel of Odessa. Grandparents are Marlowe and the late Judy Klepel and Ron and Rhonda. Behounek. dairies, while not providing the neces- sary support for small dairies to suc- ceed. The primary problem with this proposal is that it appears that the largest farmers will reap the greatest benefits at the expense of smaller fam- ily farms. Currently in Minnesota there are 4,302 dairy farms with the average herd size being 104 cows. National Farmers Union has created a resolution that outlines solutions that would benefit all United States dairy farmers. The resolution includes pro- posals such as a refundable assessment collection on all milk at all times, an implementation of a variable make al- lowance, and an effective supply man- agement program that utilizes a fixed base. It is encouraging that the issue of reform in the dairy industry is being taken up in Congress, but it is clear that this legislation can be improved to cre- ate a safety net to support all family farm dairies. We will continue working with policymakers to ensure that any proposed dairy policy reforms do not exacerbate an already dire situation. MN Online High School Small school Unique courses Responsive teachers 1.800.764.8166 x 111 r 1 Letters to the editor Letter to the editor: Residents and Voters of Big Stone County do we want to lose our rights to vote? That is the question we should all be thinking about in the near future. While reading the Zommissioners meeting minutes in the Northern Star dated June 21, 2011, I see that Commissioner Olson reported that he contacted both Kubly and Falk and that Kubly will author a bill to allow the Commissioners to appoint the Auditor, Treasurer, and Recorder. I can not think of a more unfair way to run our government. What are you thinking? I for one do not want to lose my power to vote. If we sit back and do nothing that is exactly what will By JDK Regarding our recent story on Richard Matthews and the Orton Hotel, two long time friends and readers enlighten us today on some mis-infor- marion, from Doug Orton, and some additional info on Richard from Chuck Corson. Their separate accounts ap- pear below. First off, Doug writes "although I do not have any rememberance of Dick Matthews, I do well remember Alvah and Bertha Davis Matthews and the Orton Hotel. As a youngster, I admired the beautiful drum set that Dick had at their living quarters in the Hotel. As for ownership of the Hotel, I need to set the record straight. The Orton Hotel was the original homesite of Or- tonville's founder, Cornelius K. Orton. After the death of Cornelius' wife, Au- gusta, in 1914, the property passed by will to her four children. Son, Clark, then enlarged the home and converted it into a hotel. He operated the hotel until 1918, when he found a manager and on May 1, 1918, Bertha Davis be- came the manager of the Orton Hotel, which she later purchased. A Warranty Deed was executed on Feb. 28, 1922, by the Orton children, selling the prop- erty to a Theodore M. Bay. Bertha and/or Alvah would have bought the property sometime after 1922, and did not build the Orton Hotel in 1913, as was stated in your article. Best per- sonal regards to you and Sue....and please know we enjoy The Independ- ent as always." Thanks Doug for set- ting the records straight...the info you mention was taken from earlier Inde- pendents. ***** Long-time friend, dating back to OHS days and the Follies, Chuck Cor- son sends us more interesting facts re- garding his association with the late Richard "Dick" Matthews, and the Orton Hotel. As most readers know, Chuck's remarkable career in show business....after his start with OHS Fol- lies....found him as Program Director for many years at Disneyland Park in Annaheim, CA. Chuck writes: "Our family moved to Ortonville when I was six years old, and my folks ..... Ray and Ebba Corson....opened Corson's Fed- erated Store on main street. We lived at the Orton Hotel for a few weeks until we found a house on the penin- sula. Alvah and Bertha were like grandparents to me, and Dick was like an older brother. Hotel clerk Nina was my 'nanny' while mother and dad were setting up the store. Dick always had big band records playing in the living room and had a set of drums and would play along with the big band sounds. I was hooked at an early age. Dick was my mentor and teacher and I learned from him about the great bands of that happen. I would like to see in print the reasoning for this. Is there lots of money to be saved, and if so, HOW. I am simply disgusted to think this can be happening out here in Greater Minnesota where we already have little to say, and those in St. Paul hardly know anyone that lives west of Willmar. I will be contacting both Kubly and Falk on this matter and hope many of you will do the same. We DO NOT need this bill. Maybe my one vote won't mean much, but I want it to be counted. Alice Stielow Clinton era. Dick was a heck of a drummer. He was several years older, but we did share the big swing band passion. One time he even took me with him to the Prom Ballroom in St. Paul to hear the fabulous drummer Gene Krupa and his band. With that big band history in my past, you can imagine how grateful I was for the opportunity Disney gave me to relive that past and personally meet many of my big band idols. Here's a kid from Ortonville, hosting a luncheon one day with Duke Ellington sitting on my left and Count Basie on my right. Harry James became a good friend and I even had the opportunity to introduce Harry's wife then, Betty Grable, to Walt Disney. Betty would come to the Park with Harry on Satur- day nights because she knew that Walt often spent Saturday nights at the Park. One Saturday night, I met with Walt and asked him if he would mind meet- ing Betty Grable...and he was as thrilled as she was at the meeting. Some of my fondest Disney memories are those experiences with my child- hood idols. Thank you Richard Matthews. " From yours truly, thank you Chuck, for the update on your great musical career! We have long admired your God-given talents, and always proud to share them at times with our readers. Do it more often, eh????? Yet another small worlder. MaryAnn Gimmestad informs us that husband George, while watching a recent Twins game on TV, was shocked when the camera focused in on brothers Garnett and Rich Steiner, Or- tonville natives, now retired from their careers and work- ing as ushers at all Twins home games at Target Field. George says the two brothers were seated side by side in one of the rows, looking as "cumfy and cozy" as could be! You may recall yours truly had a surprise meeting with Rich's wife "Cookie" a few weeks ago in Wayzata...dust south of Plymouth where she and Rich now reside. For sure, without a doubt, our most optimistic of all readers are Walter and Harriet Althaus of Los Altos, CA, for- mer area residents for many years. Re- newal time period for most of our readers is for a year, and a few for six months. But not in the case of Walter and Harriet Althaus. For the second time, if memory serves us right, they have renewed their subscription for a total of FIVE YEARS...pald in ad- vance. What sweetheart readers you are, and we assume you are not only in the best of health, but must also be pretty sure you will be around for at least five years?????? We hope we are around in 2016 to see if you renew for another 5 years!!!!!! Love ya both! If you've read numerous letters-to-the-editors of late, you know how we feel that is the majority of our County residents highly disapprove of doing away with elected offi- cials. We are definitely among those who support to NIX the idea and can't imagine anyone thinking the elimination of elected officials is a true rep- resentation of govt. FOR THE PEOPLE. We commend County Commissioner Brent Olson for a letter he has in this issue, shedding more light on the subject. He urges us all not to paulc....but you can bet there will be lots of PANIC should the plan even come close to becoming a reality! The Ortonville Independent lus,s ,,,.,s0) JAMES'O: 0000RCHER Publisher / Managing Editor SUZETTE KAERCHER-BLAKE Editor and Advertising Sales MIKE SWENSON Associate Editor DENISE FRETTE Advertising Rep . Tues., Aug. 2, 2011 Vol. 93; No. 29 Continuing the ORTONVILLE JOURNAL STAR Published Every Tuesday at 29 2nd St. N.W. Ortonville, MN 56278 Periodicals Postage Paid at Ortonville, Minnesota SUBSCRIPTION RATES $35.00 per year in Big Stone, Lac qui Parle, Traverse and Swift Counties in Minnesota, Grant and Roberts Counties in South Dakota. $40.00 for all other counties in Minnesota and South Dakota. All others, $45.00 per year. Postmaster: Send address changes to The Ortonville Independent, Box 336, Ortonville, Minnesota 56278. 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