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September 20, 2011     The Ortonville Independent
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September 20, 2011

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ORTONVILLE ELEMENTARY STUDENTS AND STAFF held their annual cancer walk sponsored by "Holly's Whispering Angels" walk team on Friday, Sept. 16 at the Ortonville track at the Athletic Field. Many family members, friends and those from the community also came out to walk that day to show their support. The students raised a total of $1,787 for the 2011 "Walk of Hope". Rise and Shine with Yoga! back to straight. Switch legs. Repeat The Innovative Use of Yoga for up to 10 slides on each leg, all the Getting out of Bed with Safety and while keeping your belly button pulled Confidence. toward your spine. Wake up. Get up. Many of us start 3. Single knee to chest. Lying on our day with those simple tasks, not your back, pull one knee at a time giving it much thought. But almost 28 toward your chest. Hold for five percent of Americans over 65 report seconds while breathing deeply. having difficulty getting out of bed. Repeat with the opposite leg. Work While Americans are living longer up to three times and hold each knee and expecting a better quality of life for up to 20 seconds. than their predecessors, the ability to 4. Trunk rotation. Lying on your get out of bed with safety and back, bend your knees, keeping your confidence has a profound effect on feet on the bed at least hip-width whether you are able to live up to apart. Gently roll the knees from side those expectations, to side as far as possible without Fear of falling can make older discomfort. Hold for 10 seconds, adults so cautious that they often opt working up to 10 repetitions. Caution: to stay in bed or on the couch. And no Do not push through pain; you should wonder they're afraid: The Centers for feel only a gentle stretch in the spine. Disease Control and Prevention 5. Ankle pumps. Lying on your reports that each year, 360,000- back with legs down, flex your feet 480,000 older adults sustain fall- towards you, and then point them related fractures. In 2007, 18,000 away from you. Hold each position older adults died from injuries related for up to 10 seconds, working up to 10 to unintentional falls; in 2008, 2.1 repetitions. million older adults were treated in Coming to a Seated Position emergency departments for nonfatal This exercise helps you sit up injuries from falls, and more than while protecting your spine. While 559,000 of those patients were lying on your back, bend the knees, hospitalized, feet flat on the bed. Pull your belly But staying in bed has its own side button to your spine while continuing effects, including blood clots, muscle to breathe. Slowly roll to your side, weakness, bed sores, decreased keeping your shoulders in line with balance, dizziness with movement, your hips. As you bring your legs off feelings of nausea, and depression, the bed, use your arms to push your The more hours in bed, the worse torso into a seated position on the these conditions become, until getting edge of the bed. Keep your belly out of bed seems hopeless and even button to your spine during the entire scary. What happens during the nights move. You may use this same that makes getting out of bed difficult technique to lie down. for so many of us? As we sleep, Breathing muscles often get tight and stiff and After coming to a seated position, ligaments can lose some elasticity, use yoga breathing techniques to bring The synovial fuid that lubricates the sufficient oxygen to the blood and the joints can become a little thicker, brain before standing. especially in the older population or 1. Come to the edge of the bed those who are moving and if possible, with your feet on the floor and your out of bed. A gentle yoga routine hands pressing gently against the sides before and after rising each day is a of the bed for support. perfect way to accomplish this. 2. Breathe naturally through the Yoga Routine in Bed nostrils and merely observe your Rising from a lying to sitting breath for a few moments, without position requires strength in the core trying to correct or challenge your abdominal muscles and the hip breath. Observe how the abdomen flexors. These yoga exercises, expands on the inhale and contracts on practiced while still lying down, will the exhale. help to lengthen and strengthen those 3. Begin to gently deepen the muscles. Remember tobreathedeeply breath, observing its ability to through the nostrils during each lengthen on bottf the inhale and the exercise, exhale. Focus on bringing the breath 1. Simple stretches. Start with a to the abdomen rather than the chest. deep inhale and slow exhale. Stretch 4. Repeat 15-20 rounds of inhaling your whole body, extending your legs and exhaling this way, focusing as down to the end of the bed and your much as possible on nothing but your arms up over your head if possible, breath. Alternately point and flex each foot. Yoga Routine after Standing 2. Heel slides. Lying on your back Once you are standing, you can with the legs down, slowly slide one add movements to further strengthen heel towards the buttock, then slide key muscles. Big Stone Arts Council points in between. The event is free This month we have a special and open to the public. event planned for our monthly Many visitors begin the tour on meeting. We will meet on our usual the north end at Doug Holtquist's night (Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 6:30 p.m.) lakeside sculpture studio and then but at different locations. Following head south to the Stattelman's Red a 5:30 p.m. director's meeting that is Barn to see a variety of art by Mark open to the public in the Community Mustful, Neva Foster, Barb Ash, Room (47 2nd St. So. adjacent to the Beverly Schultz, Brent Olson, John Granary Food Coop in the O'Kaye and Bette Wanke, JoAn Melchild and building), there will be a reception Erlys Sis, then continue on down the across the street at the Cultural lake road to Mary Taffe's studio, Center Initiative Outreach downtown to Sherman Studio to Headquarters (below the Senior enjoy the art work of Don Sherman Center) featuring the photography of and Rob Rakow, and end up at Java Maureen Murdock. Please join us if Jule's Bistro to check out an you think you might enjoy assortment of art by Deb Larson, refreshments and learning more about Edie Barrett and Kathleen Marihart Maureen and her work as a while getting a bite to eat and great photographer and author. The coffee.' reception is open to the public so Also during Meander hours, Betty enjoy the get together. Johnson of the Big Stone Apple For more information go to Ranch is holding her annual Harvest or contact Liz Fest on the Meander route (just a Rackl, 273-2146 or Deb Larson, 839- mile and half south of the Holtquist 7084. studio). Betty is a Meander sponsor It is time for the 2011 Meander! and is featuring visual artists, Kris The Meander is a regional self Ninneman and Nola Lockwood, and guided "trip on a tank full" tour of writer, John Salls. artist studios, galleries and shops For more information and to along the upper Minnesota River receive a brochure about the event, featuring 45 artists in 35 studios from visit or call Madison to Montevideo and toll free 866-866-5432. Ortonville to Granite Falls and a!l 1. Mountain pose. Standing tall with the feet hip distance apart, press into the floor while you engage your abdominal muscles, bringing your belly button toward your spine. Gently roll your shoulders back, arms at your side. On each exhale, squeeze your belly button toward your spine. Repeat for 10 breaths, working up to 15. This helps strengthen abdominal muscles and balance. 2. Simple torso twists. In the same standing position as above, twist the upper torso from side to side, letting the arms loosely swing around the body. Be sure to keep the abdominal muscles tight by keeping your belly button pulled toward your spine and hips as stable as possible. This movement increases balance and helps to loosen the spine as it bathes your spinal joints in synovial fluid. 3. Chair pose. Lean against a wall, feet parallel and hip distance apart, hands on hips. Press the feet into the floor as you bend your knees, engaging the tops of the thighs. Bring your belly button toward your spine. This pose strengthens all leg muscles as well as the muscles of the buttocks. 4. Tree. Using one hand on a wall or chair to support yourself, shift your weight to your left foot. Standing tall, with your belly button toward your spine and your shoulders back, lift the right heel off the floor, bringing it np~r the left ankle. Bring the arch of the right foot toward the left ankl~e, keeping the ball of the right foot on the floor. Hold for 10 seconds and alternate feet. Work to hold for 25 seconds. The tree pose helps to build coordination, balance, and leg and hip flexor strength. Getting up in the morning doesn't have to be a dreaded or dangerous activity. Keeping your muscles lengthened and strengthened using these simple yoga poses will help build confidence as well as flexibility and strength, so you can rise and shine for years to come! Information adapted from article provided by Kathy Glenn, Janet Hennard and Jayne Shale for the Fearless Caregiver Weekly 3-22-11. If you would like more information on "Rise and Shine with Yoga" feel free to contact Gall Gilman-Waldner, Program Development and Coordination - Minnesota River Area Agency on Aging, Inc. and Professor Emeritus - University of Minnesota at 507-389-8869 or e-mail Gall at Additional resources are available by contacting the Senior LinkAge Line at 1-800-333-2433 or visiting the MinnesotaHelp.Info website at www.MinnesotaHelp.Info. The 2011 Meander, the Upper Min- detailing the locations of the studios native of Clara City and is coming nesota River Art Crawl, will take place will be sent to anyone who calls 1-866- from her current home of New York on Sept. 30-Oct. 2. 866-5432. This brochure can also be City to perform. Tickets will be avail- For thousands of years art and cul- downloaded from the web at able at the door and for more informa- ture have had their beginnings along Share thetion please contact the Dawson-Boyd the great river valleys. Some things weekend with friends and family visit- Arts Association at 320-769-2955x246 never change, ing a wide variety of artisans and artists or at On the first weekend of October fol- in their studios. The Meander featured artist for low the Minnesota River Valley from New artists this year include Martha 2011 is Kerry Kolke-Bonk. A painter Granite Falls all the way to beautiful Roisen Alvarado, a fiber artist showing who lives near Appleton, she does wa- Big Stone Lake north of Ortonville and on her home farm place, the Lac qui tercolor, acrylic, and collage work. see remarkable art and artists. Parle Valley Vineyards near Dawson, She's lived in or near Appleton for It's a long weekend full of art, Corey Speh, wood artist showing at nearly 35 years and her Meander music, entertainment and food. It's a Hinterlands Vineyard near Clara City, brochure painting exhibits that history chance to take to the road to enjoy the and Tom and Delite Ludvigson, furni- and insight by its portrayal of an old quiet, lovely, fall scenery and revel in ture artists showing at their home south windmill, white coneflowers, and mod- the exuberance of the talented artists of Madison. ern wind turbines," What goes around and artisans who make this such a spe- This year the Meander Kickoff comes around". cial place to live and visit. Event on Friday, Sept. 30 will be in This three day event showcases This is the 8th annual art Meander, a downtown Granite Falls, from 4-8 p.m. some of the best of what western Min- free self guided tour of artists studios featuring music, food and entertain- nesota has to offer. featuring 45 local artists from the ment. For more information on this A portrait of the old, the new, and Upper Minnesota River Valley. The event, contact Nicole Zempel at 320- the neverchanging and only a brief studios will be open starting Friday, 564-4039. sample of what awaits you on the river Sept. 30 from 2-6 p.m., Saturday, Oct. On Saturday night, Oct. 1, A Night trail. Visit to 1 from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. and Sunday, Oct. of Jazz with Nancy Harms will be play- plan your trip to this fall's Meander. 2 from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. A free brochure ing in DawsOn at 7:30 p.m. Harms is a Farm Management Financial management with high prices, By Justin Williamson, Minnesota West Farm Management Instructor, Welcome As we look forward to what we hope is a bountiful fall harvest and near record high prices, many farmers may struggle with managing the volume of dollars that you are now dealing with. For most farmers, especially those who are a little more seasoned, trying to figure out what to do with the "extra" dollars has not been the norm. In a typical year at this time you would be prioritizing your needs to see what you could afford to purchase this year. For many crop farms you now have the ability to take some of those items off the wish list and put them to work on your farm. The question is: What capital purchases can you make that help you manage your business from all angles? You want to do some tax management while at the same time allow your farm business to handle a few more acres, or at least make it easier for the acres you currently farm. Here are a few thoughts on some management practices to think about during these times. One idea may be to improve the efficiency of your operation by investing in cost-saving technology might be a start. Automatic guidance systems and seed shut-offs save money in the long run. Another option may be to reduce debt by looking for the highest interest rate loans and paying them off. If the fee or penalty charge is minimal, fix interest rates on anything that you can. Improve your grain handling facilities that allow you tO be more efficient production for you. during those crunch times. Invest in Perhaps the most important factor good labor on the farm. If you have while managing all of this is to make employees that do a good job and you some changes or capital purchases would like to keep them around and without accumulating debt that you interested in your farm, give them a cannot afford during normal times. If raise or a bonus. It makes it a lot you cannot afford the cash easier for them to stay tuned into the expenditure with $3 corn, then do not details which equates to better spend the money when corn is $7. owersport$ and Marine 209 NW Ist Street Ortonville, MN 320-839-7143 : 2 Certnfned P onal Technncnans! Personal Watercraft oATVs Shrink Wrap Your Boat for Indoor/Outdoor Storage! *Some restrictions may apply ii New Life Community Baptist Churc il I Girlfriends i. Women s Ministry I ii Cordially Invites Women of All Ages to ! -I-kro k'Pro m] - 9am-2pm Sat , ! New Life Community Baptist Church ii 605 Minnesota St. N - Ortonville, MN ii "Releasing God's Power" is a conference designed for women of all ages w.ho desire to grow spiritually through a deeper prayer relationship with God., Cost: $8 includes morning coffee & muffins and a delicious lunch RSVP by e-mailing ).newlife@mi rtonville Taekwondo Reeistration Demo All Welcome! September 25th 201 I 5:00 pm Ortonville Community Center 200 Monroe Ave. Contact information Head Instructor Mrs. Naomi Even-Aberle rnissnaomie@st'rong heart mar.tiala r t 1 -307-216.0332 I ii 'i Page 16 INDEPENDENT Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2011