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September 21, 1922     The Ortonville Independent
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September 21, 1922

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PAGE 6 : ........ " '1 II1 Rule Sh;::::mendus }li i Reduction Public Debt III ! 1 {l{ Red::[tie::'Y OvTer::lii:2: iPupblu'liDebt 1/! ! [ III Expenses--Congress Cuts l) l | I ll Budget Requests. / ]tl | OM.MITTEE 2t/ PreMdent !fording took office on ductions in appropriations and esti- I March 4, 192!. The first complete: mates made a most gratifying reduc- I Kscal year of government business tion in the expenditures. The peak ' " cr ] under hs adnunlstratio:l began on of ordinary expenditures was reached i July 1, ]921, and closed on Juneiin the fiscal year 1919, $18,514,000,- i 30, 1922. The Budget Bureau was 000. The drop to the fiscal year 19201 'created in June, 1921, practically is most extraordinary, the total for I stmui.taneously with the com=xence-that year being $6,403,000,000. Furl ment of the fiscal year. The esti- the fiscal year 192! a further reces-I hinted expenditures tentatively sub-sion brought the total down to $5 I mltted by the various departments 115,927,689. For the fiscal year] for the fiscal year 1922 aggregated 1922 the total, as heretofore stated, I $4,550,000,000. The operations of came down to $3,795,000,000. This! that fiscal year have just closed By sum includes $422,000,000 of public he application of pressure by the debt retirements chargeable to ordi F THE ORTONVILLE INDEPENDENT THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER I1 ! ' .....  _" _ 4'[ Changes to Be Made in Postage I side was a blackboard setting forth l sentence: ] L LEGAL NOTICES [ [ Radical changes as to color and de-j the advantages of the place, and mak-i "We Had ,,T Kill a Man To  [ sign are being contemplated in post- ing up in enthusiasm what it lacked t a Cemetery. NOTICE OF MORTGAGE_ FORE- , g[a e stamp,s in denomination : in modesty. Van Horn was the coun- J " J CLOSURE SALE .. ] from one cent to five dollars. Thisl tv seat,.the center of various miningl Congress, like ,most other Default having been made in the change is being contemplated with a I industries, its climate was second to i stations, furnishes free air. conditions of a mortgage containing a vle: to prevent losses by the post-i none and finally as a climax came this ! speed up. power of sale executed by Hilda D. officeepartment due tb lack of dis-i, : ' -"1 reerks. and George W. Freerks, her tinctive.,features: At present all l .... usuand, mortgagors to. David E. stamps ran"ng in denomination from | dSl,  ! bears d,to .h,;,= 1 a .......... : .... one to seven cents bear the portrmt, 'I',IL| 4g*"lI, Jlrw, P",akll'km'99 -,M tqll cleier, mortgagee, which mortgage ' i record in tte-oic" Yaa of George Washington, while those l  r ,U r ,,jlig--renenno.l I Deeds for Bi; Stone  doun:7"Iinne - from 8 cents to five dollars carry an I  " (! sots o's July 31, 1919 at il o'clock etching of Benjamin Franklin. The _ . __ - . . 2 . " A. M., in Book 44 of Mortgages, page new plan is to retain the portraits of 5S1. That there is now due and Washington anti Franklin on ceain ] For  ,t your Dealer . Made in fiv claimed to be clue on the debt secured leadihg figures in American histoD'l by said mortgage the sum of Two Thound Eighty-one dollars and fourteen cents ($2081.14). Now therefore, notice is hereby giv- en, that by virtue of the power of sale in said mortgage contained, and mortgage will be foreclosed, by a sale of the premises, described in and con- veyed by said mortgage, to-wit, Lots One (1) and Two (2) in Section Twenty (20) and Lots Two and Three and Four (2, 3, and 4) of Section Twenty-one (21) together with all meandered land, all in Township One Hundred Twenty-two (122) North of Range Forty-five (45) West of the 5th P. M. in Big Stone County, Min- on others. A special stamp for love' letters, insuring tender treatment in the hands of postoffme employees s: proposed.--Montevideo News. FOR  YELLOW PENCIL WITH THE RED BAND Wanted, a Man Wanted, a Man; "A Regular Man" With an eye to see and a head to i plan, i With a steady nerve and a heart that's clean, I A patient soul and a mind serene;'. A Man of utterance clear and true{ Who knowns the value of silence, i too; t A ,man to laugh in the face of fate, ! A Man to dare--and a Man to wait! i Wanted, a Man whom men can trust Whose smile is kindly, whose wrath is slow, But a terrible wrath for men to know Whose plans are evil, whose cause unjust; Wanted, in brief, a big true Man, And for one who's formed on that sort of plan The world ;ill offerinfame and pelf The price he chooses to name him- self! Berton Braley. Some Printer "May I print a kiss on your lips?" I said, And she nodded her sweet permis- sion. So we went to press, and I rather guess We printed a full edition. "One edition is hardly enough," She said with a charming pout. So again on the press the form was placed And we got same "extras" out. The Falcon. President, Budget Bureau and with the coopera- tion of the heads of departments and other administrative officers, the or- dlnary expenditures for 1922 actual- ly amount to $3,79,000,000, a re- dction of $755,000,000 from the figure submitted by the departments exerted through the nary receipts and should be elimi- nated from the $3,795,000,000 in or- der to obtain a fgure comparable to ependiture figures for the fiscal years 1919, 1920 and 1921. The 1922 expenditures, therefore, exclu- sive of public debt retirements, are $3,372,607,899. The reduction of at the beginning of the fiscal year. 1922 under 1920 is $3,030,000,000 ee- r fi''u'uyt''" -'*"-- moo mmcateu suvmi,.te"-- -- --n in De-land the reduction of 1922 under 1921 ' a fie Clt Ior tills i l me fiscal year of $24,000,000 How s $1,743,319,789. succesfu'l the efforts of the adminis- Evidence of the value of the cen- tration have been in holding down itralization of Congressional responsi- expenditures and conserving revenue bility in connection with the public is attested hv the fact that instead i ..... . " approprmtions m urnisnea in the! Of R dehclt there was a surplus for, he year of .$2!4,000,000. ]fact that Congress appropriated for The total public debt of the Unttedi1923 $312,172,292 less than the States on June 30. 1921, one yearlBudget Bureau requested. In otheri ago w $3 977 000,000 This sum; . ' ....... words although frequently charged nad been re2uced on June 30, 1922 i ' . .......... to $22 (6 a0 000, a reduction of with being the spenuznmtt orancn ot $1,014,;;00,;'00.' i the go,ernment, in point of fact the The policy of t.he administration i Congress appropriated seven per cent. has been a return to normal condi-Iles than the budget estimates asked tiong t public ependitures How ! " '  for ell his ha been accomplished is{ The people ot the United States amply reflected by a glance at the ex- penditure figures of preceding years. The lepnblican party ginned con- dh'ol f the Congress in the elect.iong of 1918 and came into power in Con- gross on March 4, 191.9. I:Ring the l:erlod the administra- tion wa. Dern)cratic and the Congress as Re;ablican, requests of the Demo- cratic executives for appropriations were reduced by tbe Republican Con- Eress by nearly $3,000,000,000. Apprnpri,tions are the yard stick of e:penditures. The enforced re-i 00.,l=hiry Tale " BILLIE BROWNIE'S NOTES It was to be so gay in Brownieland and Fairyland and Elfland and Gnome- ]and," faid Btllle Brownie, "that I de- cided to take a few notes after the last omey I had. /knew that with all the parties and edvitles I would not have a chance to tell the other Brownies of my adven- tures, so I wrote down what I had seen, and now I would love to read you all my notes, if you would like to hear them. "Oh, Indeed, we would,  mid the Brownies "It was true we have been very gay lately. There have been so many pa tim add little trips and vBflts and ad- vqmrea for all of us, and every little la'tll  has been so busy that there mm't been any time for a good .Brownie chat," said Beanie Brownie. : %o, tell us, Blllle, what you saw 1 your last trip. And read  your motel That was a good idea of yours to take notes. An excellent idea." lad you think well of it," said BII- Me. "But first of all I have a fish story to 11 you and It is supposed to be a "My Friend Lulu." true fish story. I mean by that It Isn't a fih tory. Oh, yes, It's a fish SRory, but it Isn't a 'fish' story." 'Dear me/' said Bennle Brownie, nave you a fever, Blllle? Whatever In the world Is the matter with you?" "We are worried," said the other Browmes. "Whatever is the matter with Bll- lte2" they sit asked. "I s12 have to explain," sold Blllle. I don't wonder you were all much alarmed and surprised. You see, I )neant that my story was a fish story, ls It was about a fish. But I also meant tmt !t ya,t a 'fish' sto_ry in the Wa_ have just reason to be proud of the financial record of this administra- tion. While other countries are struggling with huge deficits in their budgets and are burdened with enor- mous taxes and staggering public debt, the United States has shown a surplus for the fiscal year Just closed and at the same time accomplished a most gratifying reduction in lt pub- lic debt. .# ta-t p-e6pI6 mesh vheff fley-say 'ass' story. You know, some people speak ef a 'fish' story and they mean that it is a story which Is fishy--or not true--- and a story which is filled with flour- Ishes or exaggerations. But my story is about a fish, and It is also supposed to be a true story. It' was of Grand- father Trout who swallowed a baby muskrat, so that Mother Muskrat, with her two other children, went all about the neighborhood saying, 'Stay near the bank when you're young. Stay near your mother when you're young. Stay away from Grandfather Trout when you're young. For Grandfather Trout wouldn't mind having a baby muskrat In his tummy.' "I dldn't know. that a trout--even an enormous trout could do such a thing, but it seems they can. "However, the muskrat children have had a very real example set before them I "I heard that Charlie Ooyote had hid. den on a number of occasion from hunters and had escaped them because his coloring blended nLcol with the landscape, or mery. "And I aiso took a no af tl fact that the Cootes were becomt more plentiful. "Mrs. Moantat Ia tel4 me tat they often moved  ODe place to another. "She said he was fld of change. "And I took a hast tr to the zoo and saw my friend Lulu. Lulu, you know, is a kanlpareo from Atralis. and she told me that she had carrll her baby all the wall from Australia In her pouch. "She said.that It made the traveling for baby much euler, and o she was more comfortable. Oh, she is a dear soul, is Lulu Kan. garoo with her short front legs and her great long back onsa. What leaps she can give I And I think Baby Lulu takes right after her. ' So were the notes I took from my last trip. Oh, yes, It is niee to see" all the different creature, and Blllle Brownie can wear his Ingle suit 8o he wlli not be seen by people l" Be UNful. Because you are not called on to earn your living, that does not .excuse you from the obligation to be a useful human being. The girl who has fin. lshed school, but does not go to work, should have Just as many useful hours In, the day as the stenographer who gets to her work at half-past eight in i the morning. If you do not have tel work to earn your living, you eed to] work to make omethlng of youme' --Girls' Companion, Why Bible Is Truthful , "What proof have we that the Bible is a truthful book, IRtle glrl' "Mamma says It must be true be. cause It says in one place ._tht'all are liars." Want Ads Get Results. nesotm Said sale will be made by the sheriff of said county at the front door of the court house in Ortonville, Big Stone County, Minnesota, on the second day of November, 1922 at ten o'clock in the forenoon, at public yen- due, to the highest bidder, to pay the amount then due on said mortgage and the taxes if any on said premises, together with attorney's fees and costs and disbursements allowed by law. Dated September 8th, 1922. DAVID E. GEIER, Mortgagee. Ray G. Farrington, Charles H. Bolsta, Attorneys for Mortgagee, Ortonville, Minnesota. (First pub. Sept. 14) 7 w CITATION FOR HEARING ON PE- TITION TO SELL, MORTGAGE OR LEASE LAND Estate of Rueben A. Martinson and Cyrus J. Martinson, Minors. STATE OF MINNESOTA, County of Big Stone---ss. In Probate Court. In the Matter of the Estate of Ru- ben A. Martinson and Cyrus J. Martinson, Minors. The State of Minnesota, to Julia Martinson, Mrs. Judith Liknes, Ed- win J. Martinson, Mrs. Edna Nord- quist, Mrs. Selma Regan, Wilford H. Martinson, Victor D. Martinson, Vi- Wan H. Martinson, Elsie K. Martin- son, Ruben A. Martinson, Cyrus J. Martinson and all persons interested in the mortgaging of certain lands belonging to said minor wards. The petition of Julia Martinson as xep- resentative of the above amed minor wards, being duly filed in"this court I representing that it is necessary and] for the best interest of said estate l and for all interested therein that] certain lands of said wards described I therein be mortgaged and praying that a license be to her granted to I mortgage the same. 1 Now, Therefore, you and each of you, are hereby cited and required to i show cause, if any you have before this court, at the Probate Court Rooms, in the Court House in the City of Ortonville, County of Big Stone, State of Minnesota, on the 25th day of September 1922, at 10 o'clock A. M., why the prayer of said petition should not be granted. Witness, The Judge of said court, and the seal of said court, this 31st day of August, 192. (Seal) R.B. HUDSON, Judge of Probate. W. C Preus, Attorney for Petitioner. NOTICE OF MORTGAGE FORE- CLOSURE SALE. Default having bee made in the conditione of a mortgage containing a power of sale executed by M. Ferch and Julia Fereh his wife, C, J. Fetch and Mathilda Ferch his wife,[ C. F. Ferch and Emma Ferch his wife,[ mortgagvrs to the State Bmnl of l Correll, mortgagee, whteh bank is now known and doing business as Farmers and Merchants State Bank of Correll, Inc., which mortgage bears date the 21st of February, 1918, and fried for record in the office of the, Register of Deeds, Big Stone County, Minneeota, on March .3, 1918 at 9 o'clock A. M., in Book 53 of Mortguges on Page Ii0. That there is now due and claimed to be due on the debts secured by said mortgage the sum of Two Thousand and nine Hundred Ninety-one and 65-100 ($2,- 991.65_) Dollars. Now therefore notice is hereby given that by virtue of the power of the sale in said mortgage contained said mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale of the premises described in and conveyed by said mortgage, name- ly the Southeast quarter of the South- east quarter (SE% of SEK) of Sec- tion Twenty-one (21), Township One Hundred Twenty-one (121) Range Foy-four (44), Big Stone County, Minnesota, which sale will be made by the sheriff-of said county at the front door of the Court House in Or- tonville, Big Stone County, Minneso- ta, on Saturday the 7th day of Octo- ber, 1922, at 10 o clock in  fore- noon at public vendue to the highest bidder to pay the amount then due on said mogage and the taxes if any on said premises together with at- tornefs fees and costs and disburse- meRts allowed by law. Dated August 5, 1922. STATE BANK OF OORREI now Farmers & Merchants State Bank of Crrefl; Inc., Moree- Cliff & Purcell, Attorneys for Mortgagee, Ortonville, Minnesota. First pub. Aug. 17 ..... 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