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September 24, 2002     The Ortonville Independent
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September 24, 2002

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L Editorial comment GUEST EDITORIAL.., Eight ways to ruin your town by Jeff Eckoff, executive director of the Minnehaha and Lincoln County (SD) Economic Development Associations An earlier column explained the Eight Easy Ways to Ruin Your Town. Back by popular demand, here s an updated list: 1. Stay away from town meetings and be sure to criticize the way "they" run things. You don't have to be there to know that somebody else is not doing it right. 2. Complain bitterly about the climate. Dwell on the cold winters, the hot summers and the generally tough conditions for people who live here. Let the world know that this is the last place anybody would want to live and work. 3. Knock your city and county government. Spread the word about the stupidity of your elected officials. After all, they re all just out to get you anyway. 4. Don't buy anything locally. Use discount stores in the city and direct mail catalogs for all your purchases. It s a lot more important to save a buck than to save a local merchant. 5. Snipe at the local paper. Tell anyone who will listen that those "media people"are just no good; they never print any of the news YOU want to read. 6. Boycott community events. Tell yourself and everyone else that it's not your job to show up for ball games, concerts and school programs. Who really cares if anybody participates in those things? 7. Be more negative. Everybo.y knows that all kids are delinquents, all businessmen are crooks andall public officials are just looking out for themselves. Try to get in as many bad remarks about the town as possible. 8. Be skeptical, cynical and critical about anything designed for the community s progress and betterment and do it all as loudly as possible. Blame 'progress" for every difficulty, economic development for changing things from the way they were in the "good old days," and disagree with anything that makes things "different in your town. -from South Dakota Newspaper Association Verlyn ,Shelstads to observe golden ib :': [i Verlyn and Beatrice Shelstad are celebrating 50 years of marriage on Oct. 4th, 2002. Their children and grandchildren hosted a celebration of this happy occasion. They invite friends and relatives to congratulate their parents by sending cards to their home in Clinton. I Z5 26 Z7 33 36 4O 4 .>3 29 34 37 49 53 50 51 52 58 J 81 84 Clues ACROSS 2. Prison 1. Matured 3. Nigedan people 5. Calendar month 4.  Carvey, comedian 10. Vestments 5. The visual ability to 14. Biu-Mandara resolve fine detail 15. The cavity in which 6. A soft velvet the large intestine 7. Give advice, explain begins 8. Chill 16. Salvador , Spanish 9. Household god adist (Roman) 17. Preparing to spy 10. Loves 20. Salty characteristic 11. Molten rock 21. Horses ' 12. Water blister 22. Fed 13. Gentlemen 23. Lucid 18. Stares wJ 30: Stnps 31. Suggestive of the supernatural 32. Infections 38. Lender 39. Pave 41. Fly larva 42. They 45. Judge 46. Station 47. Likes furor 49. Girdles worn by Greek women 50. Made it 51. Gaucho weapon 25. Beam important traffic 29. Kindnesses 33. Emit sound 34. Will Smith role 35. Allow 36. Coils 37. Beneficial 40. Fiddler crabs 41. Yellow edible Indian fruit 43. Erik __, composer 44. Legislatom 47. Spells 48. Web or camp 49. Pooch 50. Offend 53. Broadcast 58. Frustrate the posse 61. Ancient Olympic Site 62. Omnivorous mammal of Central and South America 63 Ooze 64. Fathom 65. Ludicrously odd 66. Tense Clue= DOWN 1. Siberian river 19. Rattan 52. Enthusiastic 23. Small evergreen 53 Mamilla shrub 24. Plant part i Jar Chilled 25. Beef cattle Support 26. Roils-, luxury car 571 Catch sight of 27. Saudi Arabian island 59. Sorrel 28. Compass pt. 60. Negative 29. Doctor's patients ,  a  o , lN vile a v a ! - --'i^ ojln "E-'6 "7 001.1 o ,   t_ . Geo P, Werner D,D. (Edi. note: Following s one of a series of articles by the late son of an Evangelical minister who moved his family to Odessa from Minneapolis, living there from 1931 to 1934. Your're reading his memories of life in a small Minnesota town as written tO his granddaughter Elissa Kiskaddon. The author was born in 1917 in Sleepy Eye and lived in Blue Earth and Minneapolis before moving to Odessa. One of his classmates in Odessa was Rev, Dr. Ihno Janssen, now retired in Walnut Creek, Cal. Some of the memories are from when the author was a volunteer in mission on the island of Sumatra, Rev. Werner passed away late in the year 2000. "MY SISTER, HARRIET, RELIVES THE PAST" (continued from last week) Harriet sat back in her comfortable chair in her living room, and thought back to an instance when one of those poor farmers hit upon a plan to pay for his annual subscription. She said. "One morning this farmer, it may have been Mr. Sitter who lives several miles north of town, pulled up in his old truck and proceeded to unload 12 roosters. He told my dad that these were worth 10 each and this would pay for his subscription." I asked her, "What on earth did we do with those 12 roosters?" Her reply came readily. "Dad, with all good grace, accepted the roosters as payment But we had no place to put them. So my father went to the local hardware store and bought some chicken wire to build an enclosure." I was put to work helping to erect this chicken stockade beside a small outbuilding in our back yard. I cut a small hole in one of the walls at ground level and the roosters were duly installed in their new home. But all was not well with this transaction which proved to be disas- ter. Well before sunrise all the roost- ers would start to crow. It seemed that they were in some sort of com- petition to see which one could crow the loudest. This, Harriet assured me, was no laughing matter. "After sunrise we never could go back to sleep. And it was not only for the first few days. :i I I Trevor David Nolting was born Sept. 14, 2002 at the Rice Memorial Hospital to Ashlie and Daniel Nolting. Grandparents are Nancy and Taylor Tubbs of Appleton and MaryAnn and Donald Nolting of Ortonville. An Open House baby shower to II.gTOl:/>aid:olting will be Sept. 29, 2002 at the Tim and Kim They crowed in the chicken coop; they crowed in their enclosure; they crowed every day of the week includ- ing Sunday. We were going crazy with the racket and our neighbors weren't any too happy about the situ- ation either.'" 1 didn't discuss this with Harriet, but as she was talking 1 wondered if those roosters crowed with might and main because there were no hens among them. They were like prison- ers without any conjugal rights. If the ACLU had been in operation in those benighted years, I am sure my father might have been sued for cruelty to God's creatures, deprivation of their natural rights. But Harriet continued with what seemed to be the only logical solution to the problem of our crowing roost- ers. "They ended up in mason jars," she said, rather matter of factly. "Dad and Mother canned them." For the uninitiated and those unfa- miliar with primitive methods of pre- serving food before the modem times i of frozen foods and freezing com- partments of refrigerators, canning was a process of cooking food and sealing it in glass jars. There were two kinds of jar covers - the kind one screwed on with a clamp that could be squeezed togeth- er with two handles or a wire con- traption that snapped over the glass top and sealing it with a rubber wash- er between the lid and the jar. It was also possible to boil these jars in a large kettle with the meat, vegetables or whatever in them and then seal them. Either way it was a job. (continued next week) IIIIII Iii'i World Wa. r 111 Memories from Heiga Barr s scrapbook 'l Danielsonhome, from2-4pm.  i i00111 I001/11 Benson fibromyalgia (Editor's note: This is one in a series of articles, many from The group meets Oct. 7th The Benson Area Fibromyalgia Support Group will meet Monday, Oct. 7, 2002 at the Swift County Benson Hospital dining room, 7 p.m. Scheduled speaker will be Barry Jungwirth, register pharmacist and owner of Clark's Rexali Drug in Benson. Topics will cover information on new medicitions and uses for those with fibromyalgia, arthritis and chronic pain conditions. For more information please contact Joyce Nokleby at 320-843- 2004 or the Arthritis Foundation- North Central Chapter (MN, SD, ND) at 1-800-333-1380. Find a honey of a deal in the ONCE AGAIN... MANY THANKS Recent new and renewal sub- scribers to The Independent which we gratefully acknowledge with thanks for your loyalty: Orville Swenson Georgia Krieg Vincent Haliock Corwin Holmquist M/Ms. Michael Stern Brett Bucholz Jim Martinson Wells Fargo LaRaine Sirheim Chari Marvel Virgil Hoffman Lori Martinek Dale Warrick Scott Dahle Dean Lockwood Syd Eddy Northern Lights Ethanol Plant Larry and Kyla Powell Phyllis Schluter Donald Schumacher Lyndon Johnson Royce Weilendorf Marian Kasecky Patterson, Thuente & Assoc. Kim Danielson Tom Andreasen Aljean Svendsgaard Don Henrichs Greg Thompson Nathan Thompson Independent, found in a cherished scrapbook compiled by Ortonville's Helga (Mrs. Sam) BarT.) Sg00. Vincent Parker t warded Air Medal Sgt. Vincent Parker, a tail gunner with the 15th Army Air Force in Italy, has recently been awarded the Air Medal, it was learned here this week. He arrived overseas in October. A few days before Christmas he wrote a letter in which he said: "We just cheated Jerry out of every kind of death he had to offer. I can't tell you much, but take the song, "Coming In On AWing and A Prayer" and read it all over and don't leave out the introduction. I told the navigatorLf he didn't get us back again, my motla - er would sure be mad. We all embraced him when we finally got back on the ground. "I can hardly wait to tell you some things in person. I sit here just burst- ing with secrets. I have ?? missions completed but from now on they won't go so fast. I expect to be home again when your grass is green." A week later he wrote: "I have the Air Medal now but I don't care about getting ribbons to wear. All that counts is a shirt and a pair of pants with me walking around inside of them." "Vince" is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Parker of this city. ! AT r.= LOWEST AVAILABLE0000. l' Debt Consolidation Loans n., i  I O 1.HomelmprovementL0ans LoAw s Iv I .Mortgage Refinancing AS J I :Home E0U00 Loans l. c as, For Any Reason , No Income Check  1.secona Mo00ages / 00409 00'584 FUNDING CORP. Page 4 l| d I lll i "-- INDEPENDENT ll ll The Inde ( OOB| JAMES D. SUZETTE Editor Office KATHIE Computer and EMILEE I BILL TIM NANCY Tues., Sept. 24, 2002 Gtirn the Peodicals Posge paid I $30.0( Parle, Minnesota, Grant in South counties in Minnesota All others, $38.00 Postmaster: The Ortonville Ortonville, RATE ALL . A FEBRUARY Big Stone, La Grant =nd Rolr Febcuary ........... 3000 March ................ 27.50 April ................. .25.00 May .................. 22.50 June ................. 20.00 ,kay .................. 17.50 ALL OTHERS IN  .................. 28.4o May ................... 25.56 June .................. 2272 Juy ................... 19. 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