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September 24, 2002     The Ortonville Independent
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September 24, 2002

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2001-2002 Bellingham Public School (ISD #371) Systems Accountability & Annual Report on Curriculum, Instruction and Student Performance 2001-2002 BELLINGHAM PUBLIC SCHOOL (ISD # 371) SYSTEMS E. ACCOUNTABILITY REPORT & ANNUAL REPORT ON CURRICULUM, INSTRUCTION AND STUDENT PERFORMANCE F. (Formerly called the P.E.R. REPORT) The purpose of this report is to fulfill the 2001-2002 intent of the Reporting Legislation which required local districts to disseminate information and activities carried out by the District Systems Accountability Committee. The information will be published in "The Ortonville Independent" and reported to the School Board and all district residents. This report was approved at the Monday, September 16, 2002 School Board meeting. A copy of this full report may be obtained from the district office. Item # 1 - Student Goals for meeting Graduation Standards EDUCATIONAL GOALS FOR BELLINGHAM ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (Revision Planned) During the 2002-03 school year it is planned that a full revision of these goals will be done to replace and update them. G. H. In order to achieve our philosophy the Bellingham [GOAL Public School has adopted BOARD'S will be able to deal with people, organizations, and society. To value, understand, and accept the diversity of humankind, each learner will be able to make informed and fair choices. In order to address human problems through group effort, each learner will develop the knowledge, skills, and essential knowledge needed for life. Each learner will be able to effectively resolve conflicts with and among others. Each learner will be able to act on contemporary events and issues with a perspective of their historical origins. [GOALS I-K DEFINE BOARD EXPECTATIONS FOR THE EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF STUDENTS. THEY INCLUDE DEVELOPMENT OF A POSITIVE SELF-CONCEPT, SETTING AND ACHIEVING PERSONAL GOALS, AND COPING WITH CHANGE.] I. Each learner will develop a positive attitude toward self and a positive self image. J. In order to set and acquire personal goals, each learner will develop the ability to set goals and make decisions. K. In order to cope with change, each learner will have the ability to adapt, tolerate, and understand the conditions of their surroundings. L DEFINES THE EXPECTATION FOR the following district-wide STUDENT LEARNING ABOUT ^. I ..... I^ o_ ^:^I HEALTH AND ONE'S PHYS.,ICAL cumumm vu. Ol,u SELF ] emphasis has been placed " . . . . .... L" In qraer, to leaq a on aevetopmg aria. _. ....... ..... . , ,. implemefiflffg edhcati :i ,". ',. tr., b. , ...... A.4 .... ,. eacn learner wm stagy learner can develop the knowledge, skills,, attitudes, values, and feelings to achieve each goal to the maximum extent possible. These learner goals are a general statement emphasizing the purposes and goals that each student should experience during their high school career. The professional staff is charged with providing an educational delivery system to meet the goals as adopted by the local board. [GOALS A-C DEFINE BOARD EXPECTATIONS FOR COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT. THEY INCLUDE BASIC SKILLS, GENERAL KNOWLEDGE, AND THINKING SKILLS.] A. In order to effectively participate-in learning activities, each learner will master basic literacy in reading, writing, listening, speaking, mathematics, and technology. B. In order to lead a meaningful life, each learner will accumulate and apply knowledge and develop an understanding of beliefs, values, and decision making for life. C. In order to resolve issues and meet needs creatively, each learner will develop thinking and decision-making skills. [GOALS D-H DEFINE BOARD EXPECTATIONS FOR STUDENTS SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT. THEY INCLUDE UNDERsTANDING AND DEALING WITH INTERDEPENDENCE, DIVERSITY, GROUP EFFORT, CONFLICT RESOLUTION, AND DEVELOPING AN HISTORICAL PERSPE.] D. To value and understand the diversity of humankind, each learner and apply the concepts of health, fitness, and safety needed for life. [GOAL M DEFINES THE BOARD'S EXPECTATION FOR STUDENT LEARNING REGARDING CAREERS AND VOCATIONS.] M. In order to lead a productive life  and actively contribute to the economic well being of our society, each learner will develop the work readiness skills. Item # 2 - Results of LOCAL Assessment Data Since we are a K-6 building (7 th graders begin attending either Ortonville or Laq Qui Parle High Schools) this report is limited to results achieved locally. Our primary concerns are the results of the Iowa Test Of Basic Skills and the State Benchmark Testing (in reading, writing, and math) in Grades 3 & 5. Our students have all done satisfactory work. Although students have produced a range of scores those in need of assistance have been remediated. More detailed results of student performance are available from the district office. Bellingham has an enrollment of 76 students for the 2001-2002 school year. There are 13 students in 6 th grade, 9 in 5 th grade, 6 in 4th-. grade, 12 in 3 d grade, 12 in 2 nd grade, 11 in 1,t grade, 9 in Kindergarten and 4 pre- school students. During the past year there have been no testing exemptions requested or granted in our school for the state testing programs. (Formerly called the P.E.R. REPORT) MINNESQTA STATEWIDE TESTING PROGRAM (2001- 2002): SUMMARY OF TESTING PROGRAM It is necessary to report the testing program to the State Department of Education on a periodic basis. The following chart gives the name of the test used, the grade tested, the objectives of the test and how the results are used. No changes are planned for the current program. Test results for 2001-2002 focused on Mathematics and Language (both are required). "Othose students who have gonL.n to other secondary buildings all have passed the basic skills tests as required for reading and math in 4. grade 9 and writing in grade 10 except for two students in Grade I0 in writing. Although there have been a few cases where repeat testing has been necessary nearly all have met these requirements for graduation. Item # 3 - District 5 Improvement Plans for 2002-2003 . Revisions in the delivery system for the requirements of the Graduation Rule continue to be necessary continued to review curriculum areas to improve articulation and student performance. Staff continually review the results of performance testing in Reading, Writing, and Math as these tests were given in Grades 3, 5, & 8. Where changes are indicated they will be made. Staff continue to review and revise the District 371 School Goals in light of the Graduation Rule. Adjustments in the delivery of curriculum areas will be made as required by changes in the Graduation Rule. TEST NAME Iowa. Test of Basic Skills Benchmark Tests GRADES 1 to6 3and 5 PURPOSE To assess student performance Ch. 1/Title qualification AOM assistance Grade 3 tests in math and reading while Grade 5 also tests in writing as well as math and reading. USE OF RESULTS Student performance Program assessment Program participation Graduation process Student performance Student progress Program assessment NOTE: The Stanford Achievement Tests have been discontinued since they duplicate the ITBS results and are redundant. No other major changes in the current testing program are proposed but the standardized results will also be used to monitor student progress in meeting the Profiles of Learning through the grades. . IOWA TEST OF ]IC SKILLS (Tested in April 2002} - Scores shown below are the Bellingham-'student o due to changes in state requirements. Staff will be involved in revisions of lessons and classes to embed to standards in their programs rather than using "packages" as has been done in the past. Staff will review curriculum areas, with an emphasis on reading, to improve articulation and student performance. Staff will review the results of performance testing in Reading, District Implementation Manual - This is used to drive the state's Graduation Requirements. Although this document is undergoing constant revision, a copy may be obtained by request from the office. It will give you information on the requirements set by the state for graduation. It contains the policies and procedures used by our school. Item # S - Amount and types of revenue for scores in National Curve Equivalents (NCE's). 0000udcm, s. ,would, be expected t'sacire at iabout 50.0-for each grade. The counts at the start of each column indicate the number of students who were tested. Please note that in every instance performance at Bellingham exceeds the national expectations and in many cases the performance is significantly above the national standards. This is an unusually good set of scores, that is better than most schools in the state and shows a consistent high level of performance over a period of years. Writing, and Math as these tests were given in Grades 3, 5. & 8. Where 7 :. they will be made. 4. Our school will continue to review and revise the District 371 School Goals in light of the Graduation Rule. Adjustments in the delivery of curriculum areas will be made as required by changes in the Graduation Rule. Item # 4 - Progress on Previous Improvement Plans 1. The phase in of the Graduation Rule Gr 1 Gr2 Gr3 Gr4 Gr5 Gr6 Number Tested 12 12 13 06 09 13 Reading 54.8 54.0 53.5 72.6 56.1 66.9 Language 62.2 59.2 52.6 68.3 59.7 70.2 Mathematics 61.7 54.6 61.5 64.3 69.3 77.7 Social St. 61.3 62.1 66.4 51.0 63.3 Science 52.4 57.8 79.1 66.1 68.4 Sources of Info 54.4 61.8 68.8 63.8 73.9 Total Score 58.7 56.3 58.2 73.5 62.5 71.6 MN Comprehensive Assessment (Tested March, 2002) - The results for this series of tests were not available at the time this report was prepared but, based on other test results, it is expected"that they will do very well. MN Grad Standarcla Results (Tested in 2001-2002) - This past spring students were tested again in Reading, Writing and Mathematics under the new Graduation Rule program. Results for all students in grades 8, 9, 10, and 11 are shown below. requirements as revised is complete. All areas have been offered by the end of the year. 2. Revisions in the delivery system for the requirements of the Graduation Rule are being made to incorporate changes/revisions of the Rule. Staff are involved in revisions of lessons and classes to embed to standards in their programs rather than using "packages" as has been done in the past. 3. Staff members have MATH Total Pass Fail Grade 8 7 7 0 Grade 9 2 2 0 Grade I0 3 I 2 READING Grade 8 7 6 1 Grade 9 1 1 0 Grade 10 2 1 1 Grade 11 1 1 0 WRITING Grade 10 11 9 2 Grade 11 1 1 0 Decision Making FUNDING Funding for curriculum activities is regulated by the UFARS accounting system which allocates money for a variety of purposes. Information on budgeting is available through the district's annual budget and UFARS reports as approved by the school board each year. Funding for curriculum activities comes under such areas as staff development, systems accountability, and (to varying degrees) in the form of ordering for supplies, textbooks, special programs. Item # 6 - Advisory Committee, Date term expires, Method of election, s Appl/cation Date SYSTEMS ACCOUNTABILITY PROCE88 The committee is responsible to fulfill the intent of the Legislation. Any district resident who would like to be a member of the Committee for the 2002-2003 school year is asked to contact the school. The Bellingham Board of Education makes it known to all interested parties that the terms of the active members will expire by September 1st of each year. All interested candidates should notify the school officials of their interest to serve on the Committee. Selected members of the Committee will serve for a three year period of time and may be selected as a first time member or as a continuing member. The Committee members selected prior to the state requirement were members of the Parent Advi Committee. The Parent Advisory Committee members were cross sectional school district. parties were respond if serving on the Interest in people, involvement, the Bellinghag good working are consideratia !  selection proce l The PER repealed and Educational legislation adopted to Minnesota with a "Systems ..:.Am= , The new legisla tl a definition of " learning ts ..... enable studen Otla, graduation s "Curriculum" plans for experiences knowledge, positive attitudeS" Systems process there af Policies, AdviSOrY make-up and Procedures. (1) district t instructiOnS :; curriculu  Ilti. (2) process for  --" each  progress (3) "ys{em r reviewing instructior curriculU (4) plan for instrUcfiOf (5) in including (pursumat 121.66081 integrafiO instrucfiO curriculU Advisory (1) shall . plaS and (2) to the the reflect the (3) shall pupils possible c (4) the rn00e the districf  (s} Page 6  INDEPENDENT TuesdaY'"