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September 28, 1922     The Ortonville Independent
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September 28, 1922

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OCTOBER 5, 1922 Ill[ I00D[P[PiD[I00T EVERY THURSDAY THE ORTONVILLE INDEPENDENT PrOp0s00 0 t BEARDSLEY ITEMS @ + i I Pulse of the Press i & Merchants Printing Co. Worth Thinking Over menomeflts "The man who wakes up and fir, a Managing Editor himseli famous, has never really been aleep,' says the Glenwood Herald. Which is velT true. Success comes; to the with nard work, intelligent planning and persistent application. Elbercl Constitution tiut)baru said that genius is one per cent insipration and 99 per cent pers-  piration. Boys going out to take jobs . and fnake the beginning of their start Paper of Big Stone County. i in the worm will be fuither along ten years from now if they have knowl- of the as second-class matter edge of this fundamental fact than 18, 1920, at the postoffiee at will the bys wh never findanythmg --|-- --IP OH -----[-- [[e 0] rill ]eso[a Minn., under the Act of around the house to read except the 3,1879. Minnesota Leader, with its endless fault finding. Thirty years ago the $2.00 PER YEAR man who is President of the United i States was head devil in a print shopBubmltted by the Legislature at Rates on Application at $1.75 per week. We noticed Debs its General Session, 1921, to made a speech the other day and told l his hearers that the)" might as well! the People of Minnesota at the Advertising Representative t General 1922 Election TO- PRESS ASSOCIATION ] quit because there are no opportuni- ties in A,merica except as you can aether with Statements of Advt. Representative. grab off a natural resource some-  where r annex a new kind f a graft" Pufp0se afld Lfet SELECT LIST. i What sort of a chance has a boy to Bank - - St. Paul, get on in the world whose parents St. - - - Minneapolislhave little printed matter around the ,,i house except that kind of stuff-- of each NOW THAT ITS ON i Ing Prairie Leader. that the fall election campaign I, Nothing Strange About It Prepared by started in earnest over the Some editorial writers have com- +I||rNOrIuLI[IUHU L' HILTON can expect to hear any- merited on the recent LaFollette lana- l about the failings slide in Wisconsin as if it were some- in offices who are up ior Opposing candidates will thing difficult to account for. There Attorney-General of Minnesota. delve into the records of is nothing strange about it. The Wis- Addressed to office holders and one may consin senator has made two bad blun- them to lay bare every mistake ders in his political career; he sought to bloektheWarafterwehadenter- MIKE HOLM ed it, and he is advocating the abro- ports of speeches that have en delivered by new aspir- gation of constitutional guarantees Secretary of State. Would be inclined to believe by the device of a congressional veto is wrong; that the whole on Supreme Court decisions. But, out ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA, OFFICE OF ATTORNEY GENERALt gone to pot; that opportu- side of these errors, grievous as they June 30, lS. may be, the Wisconsin senator has HONOnABt.E M,KE HOLM, vanished, never more to re- - an entirely new set of rendered distinguished service to his Secretary Capitol. of State, are elected. And while state and to the nation. BIR: strife is going on the pub- We would dislike to see LaFollette As required by section 46. General Sic- assured only new promises elected President; he is not the right yeartUtes 1913,f thei statehave thef Minnesotahonor to fOrfurnishthe that would tend to revive type for the chief executive office of rou, herewith, a statement of the puts conditions within a period the land. We would dislike to see!poses and effects of all amendments pro- posed to the constitution of the state months and bring about an Congress made up entirely of LaFol-iD f Minnesota by the legislature of 1921 from one end of the ettes--but we are mighty glad thatgnd which are to be submitted to the the other, affecting all there is at least one LaFolette in i electors of sid state at the general elec- Of industry. Perhaps a Congress. A congress composed of i tin in 1922. PROPOSED AMENDMENT NO ONE Would be beneficial in some Smoots, Underwoods and Lodges Chapter 528, Session Laws of Minnesota but what the public would would be unthinkable. while all of the propagan- The government needs brakes, but trrmenttheto yearsection192110 propoSeSof articlean9 amend-of the is a clean-cut man- it also needs motive power. By a ju-onstitution of said ztate. Said section office seekers, dicious distribution of conservative ,ow reads as follows: "The credit of the state hall never to charge present of- and radical elements we shall insure be given or loaned in aid of any ins with having made mis- ourselves a goverrment of progress--- divtdual, association or corporation.  Nor shall there be any further issue every turn is ridiculous. Cer- a government that will move forward, of bonds denominated 'Minnesota of them have done some but move safely.--Dawson Sentinel. tate railroad bonds.' under what purports to be an amendment to sec- tion ten of article nine, of the consti- should be noted and that Supreme Court Ruling tutlon, adopted April 15. 18:,8, which. candidates seeking to fill The supreme court of the state has is hereby expunged from the consti- ' tution, saving, excepting anJ reserv- of the men in office are ruled that grand jury indictments are tug to the state, nevertheless, all fault with every possible not necessary in cases carrying a pen- rights, remedies and forfeitures ac- office-holder has made but alty of less than ten years' imprison- cruing under said amendment." done any good, if he has merit. The court hohts that county t as Iffollows:amended' said section n-ill tea4 passage of constructive attorneys may proceed in prosecutiig "The credit of the state shall never assured you will hear noth- aecud persons by information rather be given or loaned in ai.:l of any lndt- - + vldual, associ.tlon or corporation, e- than indictment where the possible cept as hereinafter provided. Nor easy matter for anyone to penalty is less than ten years. This hall there be any further is.le of To offer constructive important decision wisimplify and ds denominated 'Minnesota  State s a different proposition, expediate criminallcurt procedure Railroad Bonds' upder what purportl to be an amendment to section 10 ox and greatly lessefi the expense of article 9 of the constitution, adopted OUR RICHEST MAN prosecutions to the counties and cities April 15. 1858, which is hereto ex- Ford has issued orders to of the state. The wonder is that this punged from the constitution, saving, excepting and reserving to the state, head in his em- method of dealing with minor crime nevertheless, all rights, remedies and up production with a cases has not been thought of oefore, l forfeitures accruing under said the daily output of In view of this decision the Stupor- foramendment'the purposePrvided'of developinghwever'the agrt-that April 1 next year. Turn- tance of the county attorney's office cultural resources of the state, the at the rate of 1,- becomes greatly increased. He virtu- state may establish and maintain a anually is some proposition ally will assume the functions by the system of rural credits and thereby loan money and extend credit to the establishment. Meanwhile responsibility hitherto pos.ssed by people of the state upon real estate up money to an extent the grand jury in such cases and much security in such manner and upon fabled wealth of Croe- depends upon his fairness and good such terms and conditions as may be Last year, af- judTn.ent in safeguarding, the rights negotiatePrescribedbondsbY laW,to provideand to lsSUemoneyandto an enormous income tax, of individuals and of the state.-- be so loaned. The limit of indebted- profit of $110,000,000, ac- Warren Sheaf. hess contained In section 5 of this ar- ticle shall not apply to the provisions a published statement in of this section, and the purposes for This would capitalize at The Three C's which the credit of the state or the aforesaid municipal subdivisions sum of $2,000,000,000 In the past, we have heard consid- thereof may be given or loaned as him the richest, man in the erable about the three R's readin', herein provided are declared to be with the largest income. 'ritin', and 'rithmeticand they have public purposes.'" The PURPOSE of said amendment le to his income will be measura-, done much for the welfare of all. develop the agricultural resources of the He announced he has It is our opinion now that this sac- ttats by authorizing the lending of money in cash deposits in the{ tion needs the three C's-,Coja, Con- knd credit of the state to the people upon real estate security. which makes him the Cadence and Co-operation. The dairy The EFFECT of said amendment, If power of the nation and cow will put us on a permanent pros- adoptedt will be to authorize the enact- the world.--Pioneer Press. perity basis. The cow will be the ment of laws by the legislature for the establishment and maintenance of a sys- salvation of the country, tom of rural credits. The legislature will AT IS A FRIEND And we need confidence---confidence be empowered tO provide money by the Issuance and negotiation of bends of the Drier in "Our Dumb Ani- in our fellow men, confidence in our- Irate to be loaned upon real estate secur- selves, town, state and nation. With- Ity to the people of the state, anti will be were talking about friend- out that confidence and mutual trust enabled to preserlbe the terms and con- of them praised Emer- and regard we will never arrive any- dltions upon which such money may be lent lad such credit extended. There will essay. The other said, where, be no limit of Indebtedness In this respec% what Emerson ote Co-operation is the keynote of all and the state will be enabled to Issue and negotiate as many bonds for this purpose but I am willing to ac- success. The power of an), one man as it deems advisable. Vnyself the definition of a in any community does not amount to PROPOSED AMENDMENT NO. TWO by some unknown much, but co-operation, the working Chapter 52, Session Laws of Minneseta somewhere the of all the people together for the cam- for the year 1921. proposes an amendment printed on a little slip of mon good and the common cause, will to the constitution of the state of Mlnneo ota by adding a new section to article 9, me read it to you." surely work wonders. Let's try the to be known as section L. to read as Cole s a friend?" he read. "I three C's!--Winnebago Enterprise. lows: You. It is a person with " "Every Person, co-partnership, com- party, Joint stock comItny, corpora. dare to be yourself. Your tion, or &oclation, however or-for naked with him. He seems ! [ RED CROSS NOTES ] whatever purpose organized, engaged in the business of mining or pro- to put on nothing, only e ducing iron ore or other ores in thl are. He does not l Miss Rogoshaska, County Health state, shall pay to the state of Man- better or worse. Nurse, visited School Districts Yes. nesota an occupation tax on the vale nation of all ores mined or produced, YOU are with him you feel 27, 37, 38, and 48 this week, inspect- which te shall be in addition to all feels who has been de- ing in all 63 children. In connection other taxes provided by law. said ta to be due and payable from such per- You do not have to with those inspections, she made 20 son, co-partnership, company, otnt can say what ealth calls on parents of school child- stock company, corporation or long as it i_.enuinely ran. elation however or for whatever pure those contridic- po organized, on MaF first f tim nature that lead others At the present time the Health calendar yr next fonoad te Nurse's salary and expenses are an- mining or produclntthereof. The vl- breathe free. You rarely paid by the County Chapter of nation of o for the purpo of i. t-mlnlng the azount of ta to ha coat and loosen the d Cross. However it has been paid shall be ascertained in the nho can avow your lit- computed that if the County should aer and method provided by taw. and envies and hates and grant the $500 it was asked for, it providedFUnds derivedfor shallfrmbe aportioned;th$ tax hereinflf. meaness and ab- would increase the taxes on an aver- ty per cent to the state general revo opening them up to age quarter section of land to the enue fund. forty, per cent to the per- manent school fired nnd ten per cent are lost, dissolved on the amount of nearly twenty cents, to the permanent universit funL The of his loyalty. He under- The tuberculosis clinics announced neoekglsltUroprovtzlonlShall by laWfor ca r_ ,make outthe do not have to he care- last week for the 25th and 26th of the proviaio of this uetiom' October will be held in Graceville and The PURPOSE of aid amendmM le abuse him, neglect him, Ortonville, in Ortonville on the. 25th  dieect the lslatuee of the te of Minnesota to Impose and to keep In efftt Best of all, you can and in Graceville on the 26th. These an oouatn tax upon those engaged In him. It makes no .mat- clinics are held under the auspices of the bu,inu of m,n!.n$ or produelm I you. He is like fire the County Public Health Association, a or other ores m this state, In dRton to other taxes Imposed by law, at II rate, do. He is like and financed by the sale of Red Cross based an the valuatn of the ore pro- all that you say. Chrishmas seals. ,Dr. Barfield of tluced, to be dsermlnld by the legislature that warms you to the Granite Falls, will be in charge. All nd to iwev_ide for the proportlonMe dis. trlbutlon elf such taxes to the general tnderstands, who have any suspicion that they may kevenue fund, the permanent school fund, with him, laugh with have been in contact with tuberculosis and the permaaent university fund. pray with hin in any form are urged to be examin- The EFFECT of the amendment, If kdopted, will be te direst the legislature Underneath it all he sees ed at these elinics.. Remember the to Imlm and keep In eINmt suah a tax places and dates---Ortonville October uon those engaged In mild buslnmm; and is one with with 25; Graceville October 26th. to mulls that the proc4ds of suodh tax. be shill be distributed In the manner to be yourself.--Min- ]h)lk)wlng, t.wit: /tRy per ent to the The confirmed nagger and the m u,al revenue fund, f .y . .m -- .  ,,__ ._ __lto s pel'nulnent ionool Tuno! and lr4m {"----- " chrome gcxer never m.ow r,p.ey am I N omto the nrmaMnt unlv deceive others easily, your such. They consider themselves kind-illml - - _ +- "-- roure uliy ]y advisors and beneficient critics, for a time, but Nature ....... i OLIIiF'I- klI.TON, .. I aria usunnoo !  ,i , AM_ Ma D" Kenney visited in Browns Val- ley Wednesday. C. Dale left for his home in Duluth Thursday. Miss Campbell spent Saturday eve- ning in Browns Valley Miss Mary Kenney was an 0rton- ville vi:-:itor Friday. Miss Ruth Bone spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Win. Bone. Miss Anna Kenney spent a few days last week visiting relatives "Miss Maydalene Bormes has return- ed home, after a visit in St. Paul. Vincent O'Brien, of Benson, has been employed at the A. Dunleavy store. A. Dunleavy has erected a fine new store house in the rear of his store * property. Mrs. L. Woodard of Menominee, Was., is visiting with friends in Beardsley. Isabelle Flynn went to Morris Tues- day evening for a visit, returning Wednesday morning. The Lady Foresters gave a miscel- laneous shower for Miss Parker, Thursday evening. Mi Marie Leisdon arrived here Saturday from Fargo to visit at the home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. W. Wright autoed to Aberdeen, S. Dak., Sunday to visit l their daughter, Estella. t Miss Merlyn Prevey left Thursday] morning for Minneapolis, where she has accepted a position ' t Ethelwyn Weir left Momtay for[ Minneapolis, where she will take up her studies at the University, The Women's Study Club held a very interesting meeting at the F. C. Craft home Tuesday evening. The W. Theimer family have moved from their farm to the rooms over the McDonald Hardware store. Mrs. George Clymer left for Lisbon, N. Dak., Sumlay, having been called on account of the sermus ilIness of her father. Mrs. Thos Reardon, Mrs. Louis O'Leary and Mary Miller, visited at the Pat Hanratty home in Beards- ley last Monday. Miss Ruth Bone, who is teaching at Moorhead Teachers' College, arriv- ed Friday evening for a short visit at her home. She returned Sunday evening. Miss Marthia Ehrnst left Sunday for Fairmont, N. Dak., Where she will teach school the coming year. She was accompanied by her parents, who took her by car. A parcel shower was give? by W. C. O. F. in the Frate)fity hail last Thursday evening in honor of Miss Alice Parker, who will be married on October 4th to John McAloon. She t received many beautifful presents. A I bounteous luncheon was served. All l report a fine time. ] Miss A. E. Kenney of Mmneapohs who had been visiting in Beardsley a few clays, left Friday evening Tor Lin-i ton, N. Dak., for a short visit. Philip Kenney, Mary Kenney, Caroline Ul- rich and Beatrice McDonald accom- panied her in a car as far as Orton- ville, where she took the train. i Some women would not expose! There was a time when a girl ac 1 much if they were as liberal about; I ed as though she was afraid you might wearing clothes as they are about i see her legs. We said THERE was a wearing paint. I time. The Cash Value of Tractor Power "rTIME is the essence in good farming", ,[writes Frank I. Mann, one of the most successful farmers in the United States. "'To judge the value of a tractor on the farm it must be considered in relation to its ability to do farm work at the time to give most profitable return from the crops grown." Mr. Mann goes on to show that farm work is subject to continual delays from adverse weather conditions, and the one great ad- vantage of the tractor is in enabling the Farmer to handle peak loads on time. In one case cited, tractor power enabled the farmer to sow a good acreage of spring wheat on March 23, which early seeding gave him a return of 44 bushels per acre, thus illustrating the cash value of tractor power. A tractor to do its work must have petro- leum products. The Standard Oil Company (Indiana) takes great pride in the fact that its organization is able to supply the needs of these tractors in 10 Middle Western states with petroleum products of superior quality. No matter how unexpectedly the farmer's peak load may arrive, he will find that this Company has ever ready at his call such gaso- line, kerosene and lubricants as he may need. Owing to the isolation of many farmer and farming districts, this task of supplying pe- troleum products at dependable intervals is a big and often an exceedingly difficult one. Nevertheless, the Standard Oil Company (Indiana), inspired by its obligation to the communitY, has always met rural needs for petroleum in a big way. The Company con- stantly is extending its operations to provide facilities which under all conditions enable it to meet the demands made upon it, and to guarantee a reliable and sustainod service even in+periods of strew. Standard Oil Company (l) 910 So. 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