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October 27, 1998     The Ortonville Independent
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October 27, 1998

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WANTED- YOUR VOTE KNUTSON County Auditor notices IOTICE FORECLOSURE SALE TO VERIFICATION OF AND IDENTITY OF THE WITHIN THE BY LAW IS NOT ACTION. ATTEMPT TO COLLECT ANY INFORMATION BE USED FOR THAT -: IS HEREBY GIVEN that OCcurred in the conditions of mortgage: February 16, PRINCIPAL AMOUNT OF ;100,000.00 R(S): Clarence F. Connelly, husband First State Bank of West Central Bank of PLACE OF RECORDING: Big Stone County 142 of Mortgages at Number 140936. DESCRIPTION OF The Northwest quarter Twelve (12), Township Twenty-four (124) North, (47) West of the 5th railroad and road rights WHICH PROPERTY IS property described in Big Stone County, )UE AND CLAIMED TO OF NOTICE IF ANY, PAID BY An installment of .Was due on April 1, 1998. 1rarest due, through 1998 in the amount of total amount due, installments and rough the date of the requirements with; that no action been instituted at law debt secured or any part thereof; n completed and the mediation agreement are in to the power of sale said mortgage, the above will be sold by the County as follows: D TIME OF SALE: 1998 at 10:00 a.m. SALE: Sheriffs Main County Sheriff's Second Street, Ortonville debt secured by said taxes, if any, on said lnd the costs and attorneys fees to redemption the date of said their personal BY LAW FOR BY THE MORTGAGOR, PERSONAL OR ASSIGNS, TO FIVE WEEKS ORDER IS ENTERED sTAI"0"ffE !.o32 DETERMINING, R THINGS, THAT THE PREMISES ARE A RESIDENTIAL LESS THAN 5 UNITS, USED FOR PRODUCTION, AND 11th day of September, Oct. 5, 12, 19, 26, 1998) BIDS CONTRACTORS on iven that sealed the Big Stone at the Auditor, 20 SE 2nd 1 56278 until the 10th day of the construction of O6-63O-98 of Big Stone Lake Une and Bridge 5411 meters ; of work are: EXcavation CL V nletem )osals and examined or )unty Engineer's Minnesota Street, 56278, (320) 839-2594. retains the right to or any part of a be sealed, identified on and accom Big Stone County amount of at least five total bid. Said check event that I to enter into a contract. Withdraw a bid within 30 time of Judith Paffison, Auditor Stone County, Minnesota 27, Nov. 3, 1998) ELECTION of the aeotion of Yellow of qui Parle, a General in the Election named at Yellow Bank Election Precinct on Third (3rd) k of at which the will the hour of ten (10) the hour of eight (8) 1998 Mary Kareis, Clerk Town of Yellow Bank i Pade County, Minnesota 20, 27, 1998) PROCEEDINGS OF THE BIG STONE COUNTY BOARD October 6, 1998 Chairman Torgerson called the meeting to order at 8:30 A.M. with Commissioners Lane, Krueger, Throndrud and Maas present. Also present was Bill Watson and Judith Pattison. Motion made by Maas and seconded by Lane to approve the minutes of the following Regular Board meetings: September 1st and September 22nd; Special Meeting - September t0th, Special Meetings on Ditch #2 - September 11th and September 18th. Motion carried. Environmental Officer Darren Wilke was added to the agenda as well as discussion of costs associated with re- notification of the Environmental Assessment Worksheet pertaining to County Ditch #2. Motion made by Lane and seconded by Throndrud to approve the agenda. Motion carried. Motion made by Krueger and seconded by Maas to instruct the County Attorney to submit a letter to SiouxEngineering requiring their payment of the additional costs incurred due to their mishandling of the EAW notification process. Motion carried. Motion made by Lane and seconded by Maas to inform Otter Tail Power to supply the electrical heat supply to the Main Street Industries building on a 24 hour basis rather than the 8 hours as originally planned. Motion carded. Darren Wilke informed the Board that a public notice of intent had been published by the Big Stone Huttenan Association regarding controlled discharge of waste from the colony. Mr. Wilke and Mr. Lane wilt meet with members of the colony in order to provide them with alternative measures of dealing with the issue. Gloria Arndt, County Recorder, distnbuted information pertaining to the number of documents that her office is handling and how the revenue being generated continues to increase. The Board authorized, temporary full time employment status for deputy Karol Stotesbery had expired. Action was tabled in order to proceed with the agenda. Stacey Dammer arrived at the meeting. Representatives of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service presented two easements from the Minnesota Waterfowl Association and requested Board certification. Landowner Warren Schoen, county assessor Lila Benson and deputy assessor Barb Amundsen were in attendance. It was explained that waterfowl nesting will be the primary purpose for the land and since the property remains in private ownership, the tax status will remain the same as it is currently. An additional benefit from the three wetlands which will be restored, should be dedved by Stoney Run. Motion offered by Krueger to approve the certification since wetlands Will be restored, it is within a fragile area and there is no detriment to county landowners. Motion was seconded by Lane and unanimously ap roved ............ arrell Pettis, county engineer, distributed copies of the highway " department agenda. Motion made/by Lane and seconded by Mass to authorize the engineer to publicly advertise for a used motor grader, with bids to be opened at 11:00 AM, November 10th. Mr. Pettis informed the Board opening of the bids for the Odessa bndge project would have to be delayed until October 20th at 11:00 AM. Motion made by Krueger and seconded by Throndrud to approve the contract and bond of Bituminous Paving Incorporated for CP 06-601-98. Motion carded. The Personnel Committee commented on the consultants report regarding the highway department accountant position descdption. Motion made by Lane and seconded by Torgerson that the position be upgraded by one grade, retroactive to the first payroll in January, 1998. Voting "AYE" were Lane, Krueger, Torgerson and Maas. Voting "NAY", opposed to the retroactive payroll date was Throndrud. Motion carded. Much discussion was then held regarding the county drainage system and planning for repair and clean-out projects. Mr. Pettis reported that the approved work on Joint Ditch #10111 has proceeded extremely well and the landowners had requested that additional funding be approved. Motion by Lane and seconded by Krueger to authonze that an additional $10,000.00 be spent, with Lane to contact the Stevens County Commissioners who sit on the Joint Ditch Authority to obtain their concurrence. Motion carded. Motion made by Lane and seconded by Mass to instruct Mr. Pettis as ditch inspector, to inspect ditches 3, 17, 18, 19, 5, 21 and 14 and prepare a report for the Board's consideration. The Chairman declared a recess in the meeting for noon lunch, to resume at 1:00 PM. The meeting was called back into regular session at 1:00 PM. The matter of staffing in the Recorder's office was then brought back to the table for Board discussion. Motion made by Throndrud and seconded by Maas that the position be restored to the previous level of employment. Motion carded. Motion made by Throndrud, seconded by Mass and carried to adopt the following resolution: 98-45 BE IT RESOLVED, that Douglas Tomschin act as the legal sponsor for projects contained in the County Veterans Service Officers Grant Application submitted in August of 1998 and that the County Veterans Service Officer is hereby authorized to receive grant funds from the Minnesota Department of Veterans for funding of this project on behalf of Big Stone Cll'-':l'--"" FURTHER RESOLVED, that Douglas Tomschin has the legal authority to apply for financial assistance and the institutional, managerial and financial capabili.ty to ensure adequate constructron, operation, maintenance and replacement of the proposed project. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that Big Stone County has not violated any Federal, State or local laws pertainingto fraud, bribery, graft, kickbacks, collusion, conflict of interest or other unlawful or corrupt practices. Motion by Krueger, seconded by Lane and carried to adopt the following resolution: 98-46 WHEREAS, Big Stone County certifies that the funds requested in this application accurately reflect the SLA portion of the county-wide emergency management program; WHEREAS, if thi SLA grant application is accepted, and SLA funds are made, available, Big Stone County agrees to abide by all SLA Program Standards. BE IT RESOLVED, that Big Stone County agrees to provide the required 50% match of the SLA approved amount. Motion made by Throndrud and seconded by Lane to approve payment for shrubs for grounds improvements at Toqua Park. Motion carded. (Lane is to verify the amount before payment is to be issued.) Motion made by Lane, seconded by Maas and carried to approve the following transfer of funds to the Highway Department: uitch #2 .................................. $509.07 Ditch #4 ................................... $ 87.28 Ditch #7 .................................. $423.64 Ditch #8 .................................. $435.48 Ditch #24 ................................ $812.66 Jt. Ditch #4 ............................... $ 64.34 Courthouse ............................. $232.04 Ditch #14 ................................. $ 81.84 Motion made by Lane, seconded by Maas and carded unanimously to adopt the following resolution: 98-47 WHEREAS, the annual economic impact of domestic and International travel and tourism in Minnesota is $9.1 billion or approximately $25 million per day; and WHEREAS, travel and tourism provide over 170,300 Minnesotans with jobs and $3.7 billion in wages and salaries: and WHEREAS, travel and tourism employment growth is far out pacing total US. non-agricultural employment; and WHEREAS over the last decade, the combined domestic advertising budgets of state travel offices have increased by over 26% while the Minnesota Office of Tourism's domestic advertising budget has fallen by 20%; and WHEREAS, the tourism industry contributes significantly to both the economy and the quality of life in Minnesota; NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the advertising and marketing budget of the Minnesota Office of Tourism should be permanently increased by $5 million to make it more competitive in regional, national and international markets. The budget should be further increased by a one time investment of $2 million to allow the technology enhancemen!s necessary to develop Minnesota s image in the global marketplace and more proactively position Minnesota as a worldwide destination for the next century. Meadowbrook Insurance Group representatives Barb Flitsch and Joan Grotjahn were present to discuss Big Stone County retiree benefit issues. Present was Ronda Maas, Diana Hutts, John Haukos, Mark Thompson, Gall Mittelstaedt, Sharon Finke, Lila Benson, Gloria Arndt and Bill Watson. A summary of a legal opinion regarding retiree benefit issues was distnbuted and resulted in considerable discussion. A great deal of information was reviewed and a decision reached to contact the retirees whose health insurance remains with the active employee group and arrange a meeting with them to discuss options for them to consider. There being no further business before the Board, Chairman Torgerson declared the meeting adjoumed at 3:00 PM. ATTEST: Judith Pattison, Auditor David Torgerson, Chair PROCEEDINGS OF THE ORTONVILLE CITY COUNCIL MONDAY, OCTOBER 5,1998 CITY COUNCIL CHAMBERS 7:00 P.M. CALL TO ORDER AND ROLL CALL: Mayor Ellingson called the regular meeting of the Ortonville City Council to order at 7:05 P.M. with the following present: Council Members Present: Mel Reinke, Mary Gustafson, Bill Hynnek, Dan Oakes, George Elliott (7:07) Council Members Absent: Butch Mittelstaedt City Staff Present: Roman Taffe, Gary Dinnel, Roger Anderson Media Present: Ryan Stattelman, Ortonville Independent Also Present: Cindy Chamberlain, Rick Chamberlain, Millard Voeitz AGENDA AMENDMENTS: A motion was offered by Reinke, seconded by Hynnek and passed unanimously to approve the following agenda amendments: Recognitions/Preeentations a. (Delete) Jeanette Knip b. (Delete) New Life Community Baptist Chumh New Business: f. Dept. of Agriculture g. City Council Appointment h. Street Project Pay Request #3 CITIZENS TO BE HEARD: Millard Voeltz from Western Lumber and Steel was present to ask if the bid had been awarded for the storage building at the Hilltop location. And asked that if there was a change in the size that he be allowed to rabid. Ellingson responded that the bid was awarded to Lundberg Construction and that any changes would be handled as change orders with Lundberg. CONSENT AGENDA: Gustafson moved and Elliott seconded and it passed unanimously to approve the consent agenda with the exception of bills which were requested pulled by Gustafson. REPORTS/MINUTES OF CITIZEN BOARDS, COMMITTEES AND COMMISSIONS: TREE BOARD The Council discussed the Tree Board minutes presented and several members voiced their concern over the continued bickering noted in the Tree Board minutes. Reinke moved and Ellingson seconded and it passed unanimously to approve the Tree Board minutes of October 1, 1998 as presented. LIBRARY BOARD The Council discussed the Library Board minutes and instructed that they be more prompt on turning in their meeting minutes to the Council. Ellingson moved and Gustafson seconded and it passed unanimously to approve the July 16, 1998 Library Board minutes as presented. SAFETY COMMITTEE Anderson was asked why he hasn't ordered a Tommy Lift as noted in the minutes and he said that the staff couldn't decide what vehicle to install it on. Reinke told Anderson it was his job to select the vehicle and move ahead. Anderson stated that it wasn't even really necessary to purchase the lift and he was then instructed to attend the next Safety Committee meeting to discuss this with the Committee. Reinke moved and Gustafson seconded and it passed unanimously to approve the September 24, 1998 Utility Committee minutes aspresented. NEW BUSINESS The first item for new business was the proposed change order for the storage building to be built at the Hilltop facility. The original structure was to be 100' x 60' but after meeting with the contractor and the City building official it was determined that the 100' length would reduce the usefulness of the existing building as it would extendpast a proposed overhead door andso Lundberg submitted change order #1 to change the length to 80'. Elliott moved and Hynnek seconded that the following resolution be adopted: RESOLUTION 98-126 HILLTOP STORAGE BUILDING CHANGE ORDER #1 BE IT AND IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that the City Council of the City of Ortonville hereby approves change order #1 to reducing the size of the Hilltop Storage building to 80' x 60' and that said change will result in a decrease in cost of $1,3(X). The following voted aye: Gustafson, Hynnek, Elliott, Reinke, Ellingson, Oakes and the following voted nay: none Resolution 98-126 was passed this 5th day of October, 1998. The next item discussed was a proposed change order on the water transmission line by H & W Contracting, LLC in the amount of $2,832.02 for increased costs related to the river crossing. Gustafson moved and Reinke seconded that the following resolution be adopted: RESOLUTION 98-127 WATER TRANSMISSION UNE CHANGE ORDER #1 BE IT AND IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that the City Council of the City of Ortonville hereby approves change order #1 in the amount of $2,832.02 due to increased costs associated with the installation of water pipe across the Whetstone River. The following voted aye: Gustafson, Hynnek, Elliott, Reinke, Ellingson, Oakes and the following voted nay: none Resolution 98-127 was passed this 5th day of October, 1998. The Council next discussed a request by St. John's Catholic Church for a ermit to hold a bingo event on ovember 17, 1998. Elliott moved and Reinke seconded and it passed unanimously to approve the permit application as requested. The next item was the water treatment PAssoclant pay request #17 by Banner & iates Reinke moved and Hynnek seconded that the following resolution be adopted: RESOLUTION 98-128 WATER PLANT PAY REQUEST #17 BE IT AND IT IS HEREBY /RESOLVED that the City Council of the City of Ortonville hereby approves pay request #17 in the amount of $1,264.63 to Banner Associates, Inc. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that said payment be withheld until existing pump and computer problems are resolved. Those voting aye: Gustafson, Hynnek, Elliott, Oakes, Reinke, Ellingson and those voting nay: none. Resolution 98-128 was passed this 5th day of October, 1998. The next-item discussed was a request from Holly Amst for a license to sell cigarettes at her restaurant. Ellinson moved and Elliott seconded and it passed unanimously to approve the request. Ellingson next informed the Council that USDA Rural Development had preliminarily selected Ortonville as one of three cities in Minnesota for a pilot program for development and planning services. He said the City should be proud of its accomplishments which made Ortonville stand out among the other candidates. Next discussed was the Council vacancy and appointment thereto. Ellingson moved and Elliott seconded and it passed unanimously that prospective candidates be instructed to wdte a letter to the Council indicating their "vision" for the City for the next five years and to submit such letter to the City office no later than October 15th for further consideration by the Council at the next meeting. The last scheduled item of new business was pay request by Quam Construction. Elliott moved and Hynnek seconded that the following resolution be adopted: RESOLUTION 96-129 STREET PROJECT PAY REQUEST #3 BE IT AND IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that the City Council of the City of Ortonville hereby approves pay request #3 in the amount of $266,593.98 to Quam Construction Co. Those voting aye: Gustafson, Hynnek, Elliott, Oakes, Reinke, Ellingson and those voting nay: none. Resolution 98-129 was passed this 5th dayof October, 1998. CITY ATTORNEY REPORTS & RECOMMENDATIONS: The City Attorney recommended that the City not proceed with a utility rate reduction as a tool for the EDA to attract new business. They suggested that a grant program might be a better type of program as it would be considerably more flexible. CITY CLERK-ADMINISTRATOR REPORTS & RECOMMENDATIONS: Taffe informed the Council that USLink phone service had offered a quote for the City phone usage. As the savings were considerable, the consensus was to proceed with that option. An update was given on the Personnel Policies discussed at the last Council meeting. Taffe suggested that the entire handbook be reviewed, amended and then reprinted. The Council tentatively set November 4th as a time to review suggested changes to said handbook. It was pointed out that the Water Board still had not been started. Ellingeon asked for one mere citizen to appoint to that board. BILLS: Bills were reviewed and it was determined that a plaque for the USA Today article highlighting Ortonville's Goff course should be charged entirely to the Clubhouse. ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business before the Council, Oakes moved and Elliott seconded and it passed unanimously to adjourn the October 5th meeting of the City Council of the City of Ortonville at 8:42 p.m. Roman C. Taffe, City Clerk-Administrator David Eilingson, Mayor '.. PROCEEDINGS OF THE BELLINGHAM SCHOOL BOARD October 19, 1998 The Board of Education of Ind. School Dist. #371, Bellingham, MN met in regular session on Monday, Oct. 19, 1998. The following boardmembers were present: Richard Johnson, Glen Radermacher, Mark Weber, Kevin Rademacher, Tim Hsnrich, and Joe Karels. Student board members, Kali Maatz and Garratt Henrich, were also in attendance. Pat Wojciechowski represented the BEA, and Margaret Adelman represented the Playground Committee. Karels called the meeting to order, at approximately 8:10 p.m., and welcomed everyone in attendance. Rademacher moved, Radermacher seconded, and all voted in favor to adopt the agenda, as presented. Henrich moved, Weber seconded, and all voted in favor to approve the minutes as presented. Weber moved, Henrich seconded, and all voted in favor to approve the Accounting Report as presented. Copies of the PrePayment Report, for Board Checks, were distributed and briefly reviewed. The format of the report was discussed, and the desire for a more detailed report was stressed. Supt. Seller informed the board, that we had recently installed the SMART Finance Program, and there should be many report options available to us, that would show more details. He and Dabble Hoffman (bookkeeper), will see what is available. Radermacher moved, Henrich seconded, and all voted in favor to approve the monthly bills, which totaled: $ 41,634.57. Radermacher moved, Rademacher seconded, and all voted in favor to approve First Grade Preparedness aide contract for Mary Ann Anderson, as presented. Weber moved, Radermacher seconded, and all voted in favor to approve and sign the Assurance of Compliance Law Prohibiting Discrimination, as presented. Johnson moved, Henrich seconded, and all voted in favor to authorize Debbie Hoffman, Distdct Bookkeeper, to make necessary transfers between the Flex Account and the Savings Account, should the need anse, during the FlexPlan Year. Copies of the 1997-98 Audit were distributed. Supt. Seller reviewed the audit with the board, and pointed out various items of interest. Johnson moved, Radermacher seconded, and all voted in favor to approve the Annual Audit for 1997-98 as.rPhrese nted. e upcoming MSBA Convention, set for Jan. 13-15, 1999 was briefly discussed. Copies of the Calendar of Events were distributed, with various events brought to the board's attention. The election procedures, for the upcoming election (Nov. 3, 1998), were noted.Upcoming points of interest, included: Parent/Teacher Conferences, Nov. 10, 1998 from 3:30-7:30 p.m.; A brief board meeting, on Nov. 10th, at 7 p.m. to canvass the board, and finalize the election results; and Lobby Line 1- 800-864-6722. Margaret Adelman addressed the board, with her concerns on the recently installed tether ball system. She also asked the board about the procedures required for putting a "write-in" candidate on the election ballot, for the upcoming election. Another item of concern to Adelman, was the progress of any grant writing applications for the new playground equipment that she, the committee, and members of the community are stnving for. The next regular board meeting is scheduled., for Monday, Nov. 16, 1998 at 8:00 p.m. With no further business, the meeting was adjoumed. Richard Johnson, Clerk/Treasurer by dh Flu season is fast approaching In Minnesota the "influenza season" is from November to March or April each year. The best time to get the flu shot is during October and November. This year there was a delay in the delivery of vaccine to the medical providers. Most of the vaccine is now being delivered and if your clinic does not have it yet, it should be there soon. Listen to the local radio stations or read the local newspapers for announcement of the vaccine arrival and dates of upcoming flu clinics by your medical provider. If you are seen for regular care or are hospitalized ask your doctor about getting a flu shot. Influenza is a serious disease that is caused by a virus that spreads from infected persons to the nose or throat of others. It is NOT the same as "stomach flu." Most people are ill with influenza for only a few days, but some get much sicker and may need to be hospitalized. The most frequent complication of influenza is pneumonia. Symptoms are fever, cough, chills, sore throat, headache, and/or muscle aches. People at risk for getting a serious case of influenza or complications - or people in close contact with them - should get the vaccine. These include everyone 65 years of age or older, residents of long-term care facilities, anyone who has a long-term health problem (heart or lung disease, diabetes, asthma, kidney disease or anemia), anyone with a weakened immune system, children six months to 18 years of age on long-term aspirin therapy, women who will be more than three months pregnant during the influenza season or anyone who could transmit influenza to those that would be at high risk. Others who should consider getting the "flu" shot include: people who provide essential community services, travelers (especially those going to Alaska or Texas where there are current outbreaks), students and staff at schools and colleges to prevent outbreaks and anyone who wants to reduce their chance of catching influenza. When you get the flu shot, you should also check with your medical provider to see if you need a pneumonia shot and/or a Tetanus/Diphtheria (Td) shot. You may get your flu shot at your medical clinic. For those 65 and older, the flu vaccine is covered by Medicare. If you have questions ot you would like more information on flu shots, contact your medical clinic or local Countryside Public Health office. WlC voucher pickups set WIC voucher pickup for November are as follows: Nov. 2 - Countryside Community Room, Ortonville, 9:00-3:00 Nov. 5 - Prairie V Conf. Room, Madison, 9:00-12:00 Nov. 16 - Hi-Lo Apts. Comm. Room, Graceville, 9:00-12:00 Nov. 19 - Appleton Municipal Nursing Home, Appleton, 9:00-12:00 The County Nutrition Education Assistants will be available. Markets No. 1 Wheat ...................... 3.35 Soybeans ........................... 4.77 Corn ................................... 1.46 Oct. 27, 1997 No. 1 Wheat ...................... 4.03 Soybeans ........................... 6.45 Corn ................................... 2.35 O MARY LARSON for Soil and Water Conservation District #4 Supervisor Lae qui Parle Soft and Water Technician Soil and Water Conservation Degree Interned at Big Stone Soil & Water Conservation Dist. Community Minded Person I con make =h/na's Mp/00far you/ ad inserted and paid for by the candidate in her own behalf, RR 1, Box 103-C, Ortonvilh, bin 56278. 27,1998 00INDEPENDENT Page 1 lb