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November 2, 1922     The Ortonville Independent
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November 2, 1922

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NOVEMBER 2, 1922 THE ORTONVILLE INDEPENDENT I PAGE Y [ Officials of Farmer Organizations En- dorse Volstead Andrew J. Volstead during his nearly twenty Congress always has stood by the interests of the farmers, many years he had to make the fight almost alone, and with organization to help hirm recent years several nation-wide farmer organizations have formed, and have had their representatives in Washington to for the passage of the laws desired by the farmer. No one. with greater authority than Grey Silver, J. D. Miller, W. Holman and other men who have been on the job at of the work of the individual congressmen. In Coness- J. Volstead of this district, they found a sincere friend a staunch supporter, and do not hesitate to give him the trong- tadorsement. The following telegrams are self-explanatory: COPY OF Inquiry By C. F. Kirk : DIRECTOR STEVENS COUNTY FARM BUREAU Morris, Minn., Oct. 26, 1922 GREy SILVER, General Counsel of the American Farm Bureau and to J. D. Miller, General Counsel of the National of a portion of the property being the home-I inter,trl will ho hr,I ' ln  ..................... for and stead of the husband of said Mmme We "t against said discharge of said repre- dorf. The petition of William Wellendorf as i sentative and the sureties on his bond. representative of the above named insane I It is Further Ordered that notice person having been duly filed in this Court! hereof b  -ven to all oar;tieo int o presenting that it is necessary and for the t __ . ., --. p a o.- best interest of all persons interested in the e(I Dy pUDllSnlng thls order, once in real estate sought to be mortgaged and ask each week, for three successive weeks ing that this Court authorize the guardian rrir t i,1 1 hav n,i,l -r of said Minnie Wellendorf to consent in writ- " - "  . --J --.  7 " ......... ing to the execution of said mortgage. [ the exarmnatlon of sald flnal account, Now, Therefore, You and each of You are l in The Ortonville Independent, a hereby cited and required to show cause if] weklw e,- ,'; '; o,; "-" any you nave, oelore tills t.,OUrt at the JUI" i I.  , .1 .  -- . bate Court rooms in the Court House, in the llsneo a ne ly oI urt, onvllleo City of Ortonville. County of Big Stone. Dated October 18th, A. D., 1922 State of Minnesota, on the 20th day of No- (l  R h /",wf october. 1922 at 10 o'clock A. M.. why the -- /  -- -. prayer of said petitioner should not be grant- R.B. HUDSON, ed. ; Ordered further that this notice be serv- ed on all persons interested by publishing the same for three successive weeks prior to said day of hearing" in the Ortonville Independent. Witnesseth. The Judge of said Court and Seal thereof this 21st day of October, 1922. R. B. HUDSON. Judge of Probate Court. W C, Preus, Attorney. (lst. pub. Oct. 26. $ wks.) MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE SALE Default having been made in the payment of the,sum of Six Thousand Seven Hundred ThirCy-four and 18-100 ($673418) Dollars, which is claimed to be due and is due at the dat of this notice upon a certain Mortgage. duly executed and delivered by George W. Judge of Probate. (lst pub. Oct. 19. 3 w.) MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE SALE Default having been made in the payment of the sum of Five Hundred Eight mud 83-100 ($508.83) Dollars, i which is claimed to be due and is due at the date of this notice upon a cer- tain Mortgage, duly executed and de- livered by Edward W..Vancura and Marcella Vancura, his wife, Mortga- gor to Wililam F. Rudolph, Mortgagee, bearing date the 3rd day of July 1920, and with a power of sale therein con- tained, duly recorded in the office of Washington, D. C. was the attitude of Congressman Andrew J. Volstead to- legislation desired by the American Farm Bureau Fedora- associated farmers organizations; and if favorable, how was his work for such legislation. Answer fully and wire collect. C. F. KIRK. Director Stevens County Farm Bureau. COPY OF Reply By Grey Silver WESTERN UNION TELEGRAM Washington, D. C., 4:15 P. M., October 27 1922. Director Stevens County Farm Bureau, record on agricultural measures desired by farm bu- almost one hundred per cent favorable. Letter GREY SILVER. COPY OF Reply By Charles W. Holman Washington, D. C., 9:53 A. M., October 27, 1922. Director Stevens County Farm Bureau, your telegram to J. D. Miller, who is in Utica, today, Congressman Andrew J. Volstead has been a true friend of legislation favorable to agriculture. For and a half years he championed and lead to victory the Capper- cooperative bill authorizing Agricultural Associations to be and do business in interstate commerce, removing from constant fear of federal prosecution under the Sherman act and placing them under the jurisdiction of the Secre- of Agriculture. He also voted for the Voigt anti-filled milk Very dear to the hearts of dairymen. "His position as chairman House Committee on Judiciary makes him one of the most in- members in congress. CHARLES W. HOLMAN, Executive Secretary, National Milk Producers Federation. r." fore, is far beyond the experimental Buck. and Florence Buck. his wife. Mortg- agors, to Cold Bros Security Co.. a corpora- tion of Big Stone City. P. O. Grant County, S. D.. Mortgagee, hearing date the 14th day of October, 1919. and with a power of sale thorein contained, duly recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds in and for the County of Big Stone and State of Minnesota. on the 20th day of October. 1919. at 9 o'clock A. M.. in Book 44 of Mortgages. on page 600. Which said Mortgage, together with the debt socurd thereby, was duly assigned by said the Register of Deeds in and for the County of Big Stone and State of Minnesota, on the 7th day of July 1920, at 2 o'clock P. M., in Book 57 of Mortgages, on page 27. And Whereas, the said William F. Rudolph, Mortgagee and holder, of aid Mortgage, has duly elected and Cold Bros. Security Co.. a corvoration of Big does hereby elect to declare the whole Stone City. S. D.. Mortgagee. to Butlaad Say. principal sum pf said Mortgage, due ings Bank of Rutland, Vermont, by written o,l osThl,a o *ho aafo ^ i -tio assignment dated the 9th day of November -, l--J-,-- .... , * -.' ....  1919. and recorded in the office of said Reg. unaer me erms ann conlons oz istar of Deeds. on the 20th day of December. I said Mortgage and the power of sale 1919, at 9 o'clock A M, in Book 54 of Mort- [ therein contained, aria wher th o, gages, on page 425 .... '  "' ', - 'a '" - -- w- } IS actually due and claimed to be due: ................................ an a tt " " thay by virtue of the power of sale contained[ d p yable a he date of this notice in said Mortgage, and pursuant to the sta-Ithe sum of F/feen Hundred Twenty- tute in such case maria and provided, the lsix nd 50-10n lglS6 5a rlla- said Mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale of l ._,-.- . ._ sT . : {  - the premises (k, scribed in and conveyed by said ! Wltll Inheres|; ;nereon a ins rate ol Mortgage. via: 6 per cent per annum from the 19th The Northeast Quarter (NE/4) of Section (16) in Township One Hundred Twenty-throe (128) of Range Forty-seven (47). containing 160 acres more or less in BIs Stone County and State of Minnesota, wtth the heredita- meats and appurtenances; which sale will he made by the Sheriff of said Rig Stone Coun- ty, at the front door of the Court House, in the City of Ortonville, in said County and State, on the 9th day of Deemher, 1922. at 2:30 o'clock P. M. of that day, at public vendue to the highest bidder for cash, to pay said debt of Six Thousand Seven Hundred Th/rty-four and 18-100 Dollars and tnterest and the taxes, if any. on said premises, and One Hundred i$100.00)) Dollars. Attorney's Fees, as stipulated in and by uid Mortgage in ease of foreclosure, and the disbursements allowed by law. subject to redemption at any time within one year from the day of sale, as provided by law. Dated October 20th. A. D. 1922. RUTLAND SAVINGS BANK. Rutland, Vermont. Assignee of Mortgagee Gold & Cold, Attorney for Ass|gneo, Bi Stone City, S. D. (First Pub. Oct. 26, 7 wks. ORDER FOR HEARING ON PETI- TION FOR SETTLEMENT OF AC- COUNT AND ON PETITION FOR DISCHARGE OF EXECUTOR OR day of October, 1922, and whereas the said power of sale has become operative, and no action or proceed- ing having been instituted, at law or otherwise, to recover the debt secured by said Mortgage, or any part there- of: Now, Therefore, Notice is Hereby Given: That by virtue of the power of sale contained in said Mortgage, and pursuant to the statute in such case made and provided, the said Mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale of the premises described in and conveyed by said Mortgage, viz: Lots Eleven and Twelve (11 and 12) of Block Thirty-two (32), Origi- nal Plat of the City of Ortonville, Min- nesota, in accordance with the official plat thereof now on file in the office of the Register of Deeds, said land be- ing situated in Big Stone County and State of Minnesota, with the heredita- ments and appurtenances which sale will be made by the Sheriff of said Big Stone County, at the front door JOHNSON I stage. ADMINISTRATOR. FAVOR N0.1 i Farmers of Minnesota need and[ In the Matter of the Estate of J. i shouki have an institution of this I R Jenkins, Deceased. [I i kind--an institution that i founded t STATE OF MINNESOTA, County of ion the idea. of g/'ving seice to agi-[ Big Stone---. In Probate Cou/r. CUlmre ramer tnan m lag a prozi ...... ! .... , ;, Ing [ On recelvmg and f111ng the petltmn I ",, .....  of A H. Sturges representing, among The Democratic platform lndorsesl .. " .......... ]Amendment No. 1 withont ,mivoe- oner nlngs, na ne is ne represen- .......... ! tion and our State Central"%L-mitte -- tative of the estate of the above nam- uanaloates urge . m e - , ........... "n ea aeceenh ana tna ne nas fully --  " Rural has I structed every speaker not to ................ to upport i ........ m ...... .: ,-u ...... :,. aamlnlserea smo estate ann ille(l his redlts Plan fro- "Votin Yo__" ,m tho Amonctrnont Ilnal accoun nereoI, aria praying  _ ^;;_^. ,, that a tlme and place oe IlxeG Ior  has bee, =p,,, ...... urging support for The statement rew,l frnm Ms@ hearlng said petitlon, the examlna- No. 1 Rural Crests--- nus Johnson Farmer-L-bor candidat tlon ann allowance oz sam accou , m November 7, were issu- f,n,. ' "  and the making and filing of the fi- : by the three candidates "endment No 1 is one of the nal decree of distribution of said '. The statements are in t most forwr,1 1;, ,,;,'  o,; estate; and that a further time and ledges contained m the] lation that hag ln ffd Minnpgts place be fixed for the hearing of stud Democratic and 'armer-] in many  day ;t i ha t, ,io peulon or me mscnarge ox sa a repo platforms. [ that h;-meam'n ;"-'=:o.d- resentative together with the sureties m J. A. O. Preus, Repub-[o'n th"ea== ,'":,-=,,*';:,":"" on his Bond. " " ......................... - ........ aid--it" "or rd Inderhus, Democratlc,[ directed system of agricultural lon It Is o.rerea, na s a pet ion  Johnson, Farmer-Labor,] time credit that will lift farmin= ou the examination and allowance of said ublie )y J. F. Reed, chair-' of the moire - h,b Io- a final account and the filing of the armers Special Commit-im,to ,,,,, ,K=ti,= q.ho final decree in said matter be heard dment No. 1, in the order en'd-nen'-ain'#w]":?:= ". at the Probate Court Office in the ey were received, after lief but it rolls awl he sne "of[ Curt House at the City of Ortonville, m asked to wive the corn- '-- ........ ? -- -  in said County of Big Stone, on Mon- " . ., s" . . , coIslgUtlOnal reszmcmns so ma a - "" 13t" "a o "'ova bar -- D ,sition win respect to tne n,o-ab, i,;o+,,,, ,.o. o,,o, o say ne n a y x  m , . ., ] na, .......................... 1922, at I0 o'clock in the forenoon of neat received from J.A. '%[hor *he -'o - ; ..... o .. said .day. cumbant and Republican vote for;le anenVcent."typeople; It Is erifcderre,2:atisad ,rPe - . :[ as well as farmers, should vote for it, uuon .Io . hiS, a go_ _ a ep - non by the voters ot]  ;, n ;.. ,, =.., .,..a.. ,g. ,. senmuve, togemer vtn me sureues ..................  "'"" " ' " n he te No 1, the rural eredits l wi,- ................ on hm bo d be ard at the Proba  m a, nor is l special legsla- Court Office at the Court House in the constitution, is nec-1 tion i favn - o ), oo )replete the program ofi "I "'w ',:t-' " '-"a* the City of Ortonville, in said County rm legislation which the! throughout" the last" ssion''o'"h'e of Big StorO.Monday, the 13thdanY re tried o pu inzo et- t le...o... .. a-a . .i-.-_# .^, ox ovem , z, a xx oct cz ssed, it will supplementi hee:':: ;:':'Y"]-,? the forenoon of said day; at which dth the marketing legis-tto ov".:." .... 7. "v" :)v, time and place representative of said  app e 1 oy VOlng Ior It,. lmplv , n 1921 and which is now ............. , ....... ; estate will be allowed to make proof [ a[locg Wa n.o y.o I neca.use manz that he has complied with said final ......... i s o n galns 1. -ires amens- a ...... nd with aP the ord .... hi if the amendment is pass- 'Y-':;-"'_T_;_ '.'., ' muse m- Court in said matter, and all nersons ItO ...... I purl plangs oI zne r armer-Lanor ..... sense ne a. uraen on ne]platform, and represents a public or Will i me sOlely I0r) ni ,, ivftth:rs.faw;e r It tWihlell - Women voters are urged to "Vote , . ,Yes on the amendment in a state- a chance to place safely and at fair inter- meat issued by Mrs. E. Y. Ripley of of the Court House, in the City of Ortonville in said County and State, on the llth day of December, 1922, at .10 o'clock A. M., of that day, at pub- lic vendue, to the highest bidder for cash, to pay said debt of Fifteen Hundred Twenty-six and 50-100 ($1526.50) Dollars, anl interest and the taxes, if any, on said premises, and Seventy-five ($75.00), Dollars, Attorney's fees, as stipulated in and [by said Mortgage in case of fore- closure, and the disbursements allow- ed by law; subject to redemption at any time within one year from the day of sale, as provided by law. Dated Octor 19, A. D. 1922. William F. Rudolph, Mortgagee. W. C. Preus, Attorney. CITATION FOR HEARING ON PE- TITION FOR ADMINISTRA- TION Estate Of B. A. Hess STATE OF MINNESOTA, County of Big Stone---as. In Probate Court. In the Matter of the Estate of B. A. Hess, Decedent. The State of Minnesota, to Sylvia Hess, Mrs. Katherine E. Hortman, Benjamin A. Hess, and all persons in- terested in the granting of admin- istration of the estate of said deced- ent: The petition of Sylvia Hess having been filed in this court, rep- resenting that B. A. Hess, then a resi- dent of the County of Big Stone, State of Minnesota, died intestate on the 22nd day of September, 1922, and praying that letters of administra- tion of his estate be granted Sylvia Hess and the Court, having fixed the time and place for hearing said peti- tion. Men,hga, Minn., a member of the ex- farmers, it will furnish interest and loans the interest, may be paid sums from year to entire debt is cancelled. conflict with the federal system, but will supple- see how it will be harm- business inter- be helpful to farmers, the state as a whole." received from Ed- Democratic candidate No. 1 is the most vital voters this fall, and I the imvortance of favor- all of my speeches. I i be adopted, primari- Will be a potent factor: ownership of our land l tiller of the soil. This through a low rate of running for a long as well as those in the support the amend- is certain to be helm! the state's basic will neither con- the federal farm it will strength- its work. have been for more and the idea, there- ecutive committee of the Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation. "Amendment No. 1", says Mrs. Rip- lay, "is of special /mportance to wo- men, on the farm, because it will rave the way for better conditions in the farm home. Every woman, whether she lives on the farm or in the city, who goes to the polls and does not vote for the amendment, in effect will be voting against it, be- cause blank ballots count against it just as much as those marked "No". Many a man would enjoy being cast away on a desert island. Then he wouldn't have to call on his wife's re- lations. "Looking for the good in others is the surest way of evolving it in our- selves." @ 1 LEGAL NOTICES LTI'ATION FOR HFkRING ON PETITIO TO MOTGAGE LAND. STATE OF MINNESOTA, County of BI I Stone--ss. In Probate Court. In the Matter of the Guardianship of Minnie WelJendorf, insane. The State of ]aesota to all Persona In- terested in mortgan lands helonglng to William Wallendor and In which it is neces- sary for the guardian of said Minnie Weilen- dorf to be authorized by this Court to con- sent In writing to such mos by a You Can Get This Dandy Car You may be the lucky winner of this dandy Ford Sedan. We are offering this brand new car as a means of introducing our product to thc public. You do not need to send us a sngle penny. Just clip out this ad and send It In with your name and address filled In below, Ws will maii you full information which @mpietoly explains our plan, Our company has a reputation backed by strong financial re. im,drces and a record .of moro than 25 eare of fair and IKluarc very promise mac by us [$ fulfilled to the letter, So if you deeire the Ford Sedan, shown above, answer this ad- vertisement at once. d o ,. your emmuniction to J. U. Werden, 605 4th Ave. S. Minneapolis, Minn. Therefore, you and each of you, are M., why said petition should not be hereby cited and required to show gr.anted. cause, if any you have, before this Witness, the Judge of said Court, Court at the Probate Court Rooms in and seal of said Court, this 18th day the Court House, in the City of Or- of October, 1922. tonville, in the County of Big Stone,! (Seal) R.B. HUDSON, State of Minnesota, on the 13th day lW. C. Preus, Probate Judge. f November, 1922, at 10 o'clock A.] Attorney for Petitioner. It makes no difference what accommoda- tion you may seek here, if it is in our line, you will be served to your ultimate saris- faction. We will cash your checks as gladly as accept you funds for deposit, offer freely any advice we are qualified to give will serve you in any way a Bank can serve. Don't hesitate to ask a favor here just because you are not a customer of this Bank. We are here to serve and we welcome each opportunity to do it. IililHIllillllgillllfllllittlllllllllllilUillllllltll I II IIII I IIII II Industrial Harmony lPl'omotes Better Service IIIII I IM " t ABOR controversies are productive of needless loss to employe, employer, and to the public. This basic fact has long been recognized by the Standard Oil Company (Indiana) a,d is one reason why the Company has stressed the necessity of industrial harmony within the organization. It knows that through such harmony it can render the public a better service, and that by rendering such service the Company, its employs, and the public will profit. In the Standard Oil Company (Indiana) every man earns his job; none inherits it. Ever}" man has con- fidence in the knowledge and experienee of his superior. Every employe knows ttlat when he has earned promotion be will be sdvavced, brtbis is the time-honored policy of the Company, and, nat- urally, creates a spirit highly favorable to exeeb lence of service. Every member" of the Board o! Directors of this Company holds his Isition because of his experi- ence and because he possesses specialized knowl- edge f the oil industry. From the Chairman of the Board to the man who fills your tank at a Standard Oil Service Statiov, every empioye is inspired by a real desire to make the Company of the utmost service to the community. !ndustrial harmony within the organization is the goal toward which the entire organization is striv- ing. Every man and woman knows that such harmony works for happiness and contentment, promotes efficiency, and increases their power for service. Industrial harmony means industrial progress. Industrial .progress is made hrough co-operation, not through antagonism ; through peace, not through controvers ; through conservation, not through dissipation of energy. Industrial harmony inevitably results in profit tot he public by reducing the prices at which commodities may be sold. This is well exemplified in the Standard Oil Company (Indiana). The eonditions obtaining in this organization are not aeeidental ; they are largely the result of a sane, eonstructive program "which avoids the foolish waste of rad/ca/experiment, the e0stly breaches of economic law, the unhappy consequences of social injustice." Standard Oil Company ( I., ) 910 So. Michigan Ave., Chieag0000o I I