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November 17, 1998     The Ortonville Independent
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November 17, 1998

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-I)UTTONS will perform their Christmas show Monday, Nov. 23 in Milbank for members of the  Concert Association. | * • • • • , • • • • i0000tton family to perform " Monday 0000r00stmas concert of_l, ,o0000i,i0000m00iy00O .m roll into Milbank, SD, for numbers including old time fiddle, Y 275 }, lgChristmas concert spon- country, bluegrass, ballads, gospel, c e . never IU the Chautauqua Concert patriotic, classical chamber, classical missed a show! " The performance will 30 p.m. at the Milbank -"&apos;li! atre. [Le. n Family creates a rare Ing experience you will t. Their genuine warmth  rapport with audiences is by their professional pre- They are an international • F Llrp that makes the transi- solos and duets, and of course lots of Christmas selections. Members of the family include seven children plus mom and dad, and they amaze audiences with their instrumental virtuosity. Each young person plays with proficiency at least three instruments including violin, banjo, guitar, mandolin, bass, cello, viola and keyboard. They also exhibit They have numerous videos and recordings to their name, and have appeared on national and internation- al television networks: RAI-TV in Rome, Italy, TFI in Paris, France, and NBC (TV movie "American River"). For a great show of well known music superbly and energetically per- formed, and for a simple, friendly, family concert experience, The 41 to classical without superb vocal harmony which is Dutton Family cannot be topped!!! beat. ,t'lrrn with a wide variety enhancedlings, by the fact that they are sib- rental survey being conducted River Cluster of of Minnesota is conducting a this fall. Counties are Big Stoag, Parle, Swift, and The purpose of thd D gather data from the coun- ed..i  prepanng education- I['?_. ese materials will be .}able to landowners and tl for use in land rental i'land educational pro- ! be developed to address ltified by the survey rs and farm operators .,, il,_ "re COunties will be asked to 1998 land rental rates an estimate of rental rates landowner and receive a copxorthe land rental survey, please return it to the UniVersity of- Minnesota Extension Service office in Big Stone that will be payable in 1999. They are County, at 20 SE 2nd St., Ortonville, also asked to list the number of acres MN, 56278-1544. If you do not rented, the degree of drainage, type of receive a copy of the survey, contact rental contract, when rent payments your hcal Minnesota River Cluster are made, and whether or not there are Extension office, and one will be sent. buildings or other facilities incl .>.to you. The survey responses are in the rent. - strictly confidential and are used only If you are a farm operator xfr for educational purposes. If you have questions or would like more .information contact Extension Educator, John Cunningham at 1-800- 279-2518. meals Nov. 17 through Friday, & Vi Mehlhop, Mary ilsdorf  ov. 23 through Friday, .o Thanksgiving): Bud d and Lorene Robertson, W Leger II I NORTHEAST ORTHOPAEDIC CENTER Serving N.E. South Dakota and Western Minnesota for 13 years Seeing patients weekly at the Ortonville Hospital. Call Lori Larson at 1-320-839-2502 for an appointment. WE NOW ACCEPT MEDILRE ASSIGNMENT • m (G05) ecz-z630 or 1-800-658-4763 Mallard Pointe Business Park Watertown, SO Ilidmd £ Vemr, U. Lm l. Kolodydni ILD. • I00IG STONE COOPERATIVE gNNUAL MEETING NOTICE FOR THE STOCKHOLDERS OF BIG STONE COOPERATIVE TIME: DATE: Tuesday, Dec. 1, 1998 PLACE: The Matador Supper Club Hwy. 75 Ortonville, MN 7:00 p.m. Dinner 7:45 p.m. Meeting Entertainment by Kevin Hotwood ® Please call the office at Clinton if you plan to attend. (320) 325-5466 or 1-800-325-1132 Spouses invited. Bruce Hoernemann, Secretary Board of Directors Nov. 17,1998 MN D-Day ("Don't Smoke Day") is Nov. 19 MN D-DAY/the Great American Smokeout is Thursday, November 19. Officials from the American Lung Association of Minnesota and the American Cancer Society, MN Counl (cosponsors of D-DAY) say their organizations are ready to help those who want to quit. "If you smoke, probably the single best thing you can do to improve your health and life expectancy is to quit smoking," says Jim Taylor, president of the American Lung Association of Minnesota. "For help, call the American Lung Association or the American Cancer Society." Larry Mahoney, chair of the American Cancer Society, MN Council adds: "If you don't smoke, don't start. Over 80% of lung cancer cases, the single biggest cancer killer, are directly attributable to cigarette smoking." Both officials agree that now is the time to think of a plan for quitting• "Don't wait for the holidays," says Taylor. "Make a commitment to quit on D-DAY or your own personal D- DAY and find an understanding friend you can call for support. Once you set a date, stick with it. Resist the tempta- tion to have just one." "Change your routine to avoid sit- uations when you typically smoke. Make it difficult to access cigarettes. Destroy your cigarettes or at least don't leave thera in a convenient place," says Mahoney. "Finally, plan to reward yourself after one week, one month and one year of being smoke- free." This is the 24th year the American Cancer Society, MN Council (ACS) and the American Lung Association of MN (ALAM) have teamed up to pro- mote D-DAY. For help in quitting or on how to promote D-DAY in your worksite, community or school, con- tact ACS at 1-800-ACS-2345 or ALAM at 1-800 642-LUNG. Ortonville Schools ISD # 62 Annual Report on Curriculum, Instruction and Student Performance Each year Minnesota schools are required to communicate to their communities a summary of the process they use to review and improve instruction, curriculum and assessment. In this annual report you will find: a'summary of achievement on statewide testing; a review of progress made on last year's improvement plan, this year's improvement plan and a review of the Assurance of'Mastery(AOM). Statewide Testing Rults The graduating chsses of 2000 and 2001 will 13€ required to pass the state reading and math tests and meet the local credit requirements to be considered for graduation. Beginning with the graduating class of 2001, all students will need to pass a written COmlxmtion test i. addition to the reading and math tests given by the State of Minne- sota. Beginning with the graduating class of 2002, all students will need to pass the reading, written composi- tion aad math tests given by the State of Minnesota, meet the local credit requirements and complete work in a minimum of 24 content standards in ten different Learn- ing Areas. TEST RESULTS Readla z Test Ciaof 2000 Studateaed 23Pardi7 Clt of 2001 Sttula teated  Pam167 Clam of 2002 Sutda tared 68 Pained 43  Tat Rmlts Claof2000 Stu<ktted 12 Pained6 Clad of 200 ! StmlmU tt 79 Paamx167 Class of 2002 Students testat 69 Pased 47 Smnmer Remits Ca'ad 8-1 i Rullng Te Studa treed 18 Pmm 5 Mathemae Tt ,uck= reded 16 Puted 4 Statewtde "l'eing The 1997 legislature mandated a system of Statewide Testingand Accouatality. Beginning in the 1997-199g school year all students enrolled in grades three, five aad eight are to be tested with a single statewide test for the purpose of system accouatability. For statewide testing all students will take tbe same test. Additionally, tlre is no Ftinimum SOre  for individaal students. Thc results will be used for school district accountability information Third  will be tested i. rcadiag and . FL gradm w be  i rU mathematics and writing. Tbe are four aekievemcnt levels that represent the expectations for academic success in Minnesota. Level IV: Students at this level demoastm evidca of advanced academic performance, Imowlcd and skills that exceed the level necessary for satisfactory work in the mgh Smxds m tel-ma grades. Lew.l ITI: Students at this level demomslntc evidence of solid academic pcfformaoc¢ and  in the knowledge and skills necessasy for satisfactory work in tl  Staudards in tl elc=*nml7 grades. Level If: Students at this level demonstrate evidence of partial knowledge and sldils necessaxy for satisfactory work in the High SUmdards in the elementary grades. Level I: Students at this level demon,q.mte evidence of limited knowledge and skills necessa for satisfactory work in t High Standards int grades Pen:emt oFStndents st Radk Maemml4 L.vd [ 13% 6% B 30 46% Level [] 53% 46% IV 4% 2% Grude Five Remltn Perem ef Stadem at Rmq Mmh Wrtt Level l 25% 16% 1% L.evd H 42*/* 59% 54% Levd 111 29*/, 25% 23% Level IV 4% 0% 8% Progress on Dbtrict Improvement Plan= for the 1997-1998 School Year 1. AB K-12 Staffw  la lamle dlld  111 lrente of trm ato  --a to  wm mamh a' woal in hu . depmmmt 1 indivldu mti,p wi e Oarkulum  Std' amnbm malded ele Pime n inaninl mof=ma, d mml, MmO', F.Z:SU md   a'Ca=L z. namt =afrO'--: ..... p.-=..- ........ '.. t dm, Jn an Ixormm mmmem u, thdr Jetmln¢ mm. Sv.l s'mmxn kma,u ndmed paorm plums md  m'mm/ben d mir mu or modiS m nd mcmnaz pudml. ae['mmn were givm the  m wedt m mcir imp phm fer the iVadmtim role thia . Folk up work with the Cuniodum Dima will take ptme dmiq flu: oi yt. ;3, To d am i pB   wu   n,, . mmual ws qqxoved by d,,- OrtonviUe Sch4 Bom.d md he DepmUnmt of CFL Amy Ldm=r, • ImJae ar u=,:her, devdoped a ptolFam that wu reed duriagthetchooi yto prpm=mdmu forthe BmdcT=t ia Reading. A  Inolm b both ,,,, md reling wu reed to help prepan: muana for a,- M=m, tmi ,Womm3,. & Nt'w  wm to be dt, vdoll la tl folloag m valhm o-, t, dmt,m MMd tebool lat'vmtkm pml[mm t=dtpaam eat a amem mr. A CAD cm'rt¢lm Cuniculum wu  k| a:h ofthz ==u. District Improvement PLans for 1998-1999 INDEPENDENT 1. Improve tadeat performaace on the Minneseta Comprehenve  ha grade, 3 aad 5. 2. Improve ttndent performance on the Battc Stan- dards Tests in reading, mathematics and written composition. 3. All staff member= to implement performance ttuneaU aeeording to the District Implnentadon Plaa 4. To implement the technology plaa developed by the Technology Committee. 5. To evaluate ceune offerings in light of the Proffie of Learning rquirementt 6. To develop a program of prevention in pRp students for the Bask: Standards tesU. 7. TO further develop a remediation plan for the sudenU who do not pass the Basic Standard= tes 8. To reestablhh community involvement in the SAR mad Graduation Rnle implementation p 9. To lish the cnrrieulum reviewal cycle. 10. To act upon the recommendations of the North Central Report completed last year. 11. To make use of the opportunities provided in the Goals 2000 Graat. Assurmuce of Mastery (AOM) Ia grades K-6 AOM r,,,,hi,g funds are used m de remedial sem(a:s to   i. reading and math. The studeats arae identified using the Iowa Test of Basic Skills or other forms ofdistrict testiag. Testing Schedule for 1998-1999 School Year Bic Tests Test of Written Composition Grade 10 January 20 Test of Reading Grade 8 aad those in 9-12 who have not yet passed the tests Test of Mathematics Grade 8 and those in 9-12 who have not yet passed the tests Summer Testing Opportunity July 20 Reading July 21 Mathematics July 22 Writing Spring Basic Standards for Seniors Only April 20 Mathematics April 22 Minnesota Comorehensive Assessments Reading Grades 3 and 5 March 9 and March 10 Writing Grade 5 March I I Mathematics Grades 3 and 5 March 16 and March 17 Enrollment Total students Enrolled Grades 9-12(Oct. '97) 312 Total students Enrolled Grades K-12(Oct. '97) 768 12% of students were classifed as special education 38% of students qualified for free/reduced lunch Page 3b + • / , +