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November 23, 1922
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PAGE 8 THE ORTONVILLE INDEPENDENT THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1, __ i i i. m m ] @ @- WANT ADS STGLEN -- $25 in War Savings i Statps. Dent Cash. Taken from "x the home of Mrs. I. A. Fletcher. Re-&apos; "0000O00nville,Nti"MinoM'00 L FierCer.29.1 The Special Articles Appearing He ch Week Are Reprinted From The Official Organ Of The FOR RENT--One furnished room. In- quire of Mrs. Ken Welch, phone 329. 29-1 FRILLS ARE USED t 00The Home Town Booster The Domestic Science Depaxtment, The egotist never judges 4! ! of 'lhe Womens' Club will meet De-I the san.arls o/hi own : comber 7 at the home of Mrs. C. C.i i Olsen. All merabers are urged to be i A pessimist is a man who present, i both suspenders md a belt. ,The Jabot Effect or Ruffles In ' 6traight Rows Afford an Interesting Arrangement. Well-clressed women An search of smart bloes to wear with navy blue Suits would undoubtedly apply the term of "real" tot one group of offer- lugs nted recentl, for they are gen. Ineiy attractive. One of the most erlginal designs was a frilled over- blouse. Frills are almost exclusively offered on waists for tailored use, anti a most agreeable surprise is waiting for those who have never seen them in combination with a finished o*er- blomse pattern. One manufacturer has included this frilled overblouse in several highly specialized mpdels. White, flesh and bisque are the color medlLms, and a particularly rich effect is found in those of bisque tone because of the shaded lace that is dyed to match it me perfectly. In developing these frilled styles. one Is offered in a typical Jabot effect edged wtth lace in scalloped pattern.  Another shows two straight rows of ruffles on either side of a double set- ring of hmd-made irish lace. This :waist at0'acts immediate attention because the pattern of the lace In- 'eludes severalolarge rosette stitches that reach the proportion of large buttons :rod which form ornaments of rich appearance. The peplum parts, of these georgette blouses have a 4]nlshed touch in the employment of horizontal tucks that are found on many. Medal|loUD of antique filet lace in Its novel design are used as trim- ruing on several styles. These med'fl- lions are set in irregular fashion to give s pointed effect to the sleeves and are used in foursomes to form a novel collar. Tucked squares cover the surface of one overblouse, and ]hand-made lace medallions are cen- tered In these to good advantage. To point out 1:he fine detail in exe- outing these blouses, one waist offers :u bosom front formed of embroid. feted net combined with Irish lace. It is the season for georgettes, and for. that reason they have been empha- sized. Crepe de chines of a fine qual- try are al presented in the same models for those who prefer this ma- terial WAN'rED---Orders for 50 fancy dress- ed Ducks and Chickens delivered for phone NATIONAL BUY-AT-HOME MOVEMENT 212-L2. Mrs. J. H. Chapman, Orton- ville, Minn. "29-1 Original Articles Copyrighted, Owned and Controlled by The Home Town Booster Co, Ft. Wayne, Ind. NR SALE--Two fine pure bredboars "* HELP SOLVE YOUR t,oo gather strength like the dogs, made wildwith hunger, were lrices reaonabte. A.J. Lawrence, growing oak--reach far out into the l moving about. They were a constant *29'2 Beardsley, Minn. soil on every side---gather the best for menses to his well being. It was a "FOR SALE---Roan Shorthorn Bull, a TOWN'S PROBLEMS battle for suprem,acy, at the epring calf and a fine animal. Price keep using and improving it. Be- same time his hunger and rest were to il x: in each other und .in their corn- be considered. Thrown constantly on right. Benj. Stegner, Jr., Beards-i   ;munity. Work for each other. Stick the alert in self preservation, the Icy Minn. 29-2 In every city one now fifids an or-i to the j#b---work on to the end--and fight for securing needed food and FOR SALEr-- Milk Cows. I am offea'- ganization whose memrs devote ; then turn it over to their children, not rest made }tim gaunt and his fast grow ing my herd of milking Shorthorns. much thought, work, time and money ashamed of the effort they have made ing indifference to personal care, axis- If you want some real cows, here is for the advancement and improvement or the results obtained, ing from a positive demand for vigi- your chance R.T. Stegner, Beards- of the home community to make it a! Community work is large work-- lance against hungery animal life Icy, Minn. *29-2 better place in which to live and work. ! work you cannot measure in dollars gav him an unkempt, slouchy appear- Every. small :own should also have;and cents---work that will repay you ance entirely at odds th his former FOR SALE--Roll top desk. Inquire of an active eommmfity organization with ' with more than mone--with a much well groomed self. Yes, he was alone! A. B. Kaercher & Company. *29-2 all reputable citizens of the town and better town and a contented, indus- His wish had been gratified. What i surrounding country as members. Thei trious, happy people, which is suffi- wouldn't he have given for a friend primary purpose of an organization of; eient reward for any citizen who has just then? Someone to talk to. Some- this kind is to stimulate community in- I adopted as his life's rule the Golden one to fight the animals with him How terest, create public sentiment, inspire i Rule, "do unto others as you would FOR SALE--I have Registered Short- confidence, and solve the community's have them do unto you," which is after horn cattle of both sex, and will sell most difficult problems.  all the only  orth while human ele- at reasonable price. Will take good Such an organization quickly pro-' merit." bankable paper. Mathias Eide, Clin- motes community loyalty and effort, both of which are absolutely essential i A DREAM AWAKENED THIS MAN ton, Minn. *28-2 in building and maintaining a bigger . . . . FOR SALE---Full blooded white Wyan better and busier home town. I  ceraan ew York man about town 7 w'ezt to his club one evenin in a bad dolts roosters at $1 a piece while The community organization musiframe of mind. Business was bad, arouse enthusiasm in all its move- ..... w ..... they last, time limit ten days. Hone- mento T .... + W "" ";t*'"' * ..... i SOaCKS oreang rung ann me worm ry E. Witte, 2 miles east of Often- -- .... r ........ a  seemed opsy- rvy wn n m. te expecamn ome man ma o ne re - "oun .... w"h -h .... v i ville. "28-1 lizti ^_ ^ ^ _.bli .... i .... P one IZ azam [  e zooa, msza or re o. ut a pu etve w  "[nan,,r A h,n mis,qocoa is -;-r Each and every membe derives p o- t .......... WANTED--Girl for general huse" , ..h ^ t  .......  .-n lasr'e oaa, as om ne numerous po- Work, small salry. Inquire at The .......  ......... s ............. - -i ......... ............   enD ne drank during ne evemng, ano Independent office. 29-1 men ox ne eommumv ana ne Deer- . ,,  ,, ..... ,, . ........ - . , . imaly, on oezng jOllle(1 oy a num- men o rne conumons under wmcn "" ber of lively fellows, roundly cursed FOR SALE--.Mmut 25 ton of hay, & they live and transact business. They them and remarked: "To hell with mile east of Golf Links. W. D. share in this as citizens, everybodyI want to be entirely a- Heathman, R. N. 1 *27-2 It is to men of this character and lone,," Going into a less frequented caliber that the world owes its real ! part of the club he threw himself upon HEMSTITCHING---Will do hemstitch-i advancement and its education. The l a divan and was soon asleep. And he ing at 10c per yar. Mrs. A. L. selfish citizen leaves no record--Noth- dreamed! He was alone! The great Waddams. tf. ing that can benefit the ptblic or help city of New York was before him. posterity. When he <lies, he is really Evewthing was quiet. He was ab- FOR SALEChester W.hite Boars. and truly "dead" in every sense of the solutely alone! No one answered his Papers furnished. One three-quar-word, bells for service. The taxis and cars ter blood Brown Swiss Bull, also Therefore, the community organize- were idle. The hotels and business Rose and Single Comb White Leg- lion, more than any other agency deals places were deserted. He was the only horn Rooster for $1.00 each or 6 with the "human element," and plan-soul in the great city of New York. For $5.00. Write to D. A. Mittle- ning, as it does, the best thngs pus- The banks with their millions of gold stadt, Bellingham, Minn. *25-4 sible for the community, t must not were open to him. He sought food but LOST--Brown and schite Scotch Collie, ! be looked upon as an institution that there was none prepared and no one to notify Win. "Cummens. "20-1 can go ahead and force its way cook any: Rusty tracks, sagging trol- through to success.. It must be an ley and telephone wires, dark and communities, cities and statesare per- "affirmative" orgamzation, not a dreary store fonts, idle business and imanently built only upon the princi- 'negative" body. Optimism must gov- autos testified to former activities. Yell pies of each individual contributing his ern its action and pessimism must be he had gained his wish---he was thor- share to the joys and pleasures and as-" discouraged and forgotten, oughly alone. Not a human soul suming his share of the tears and sor- The members of such an organiza- could he find. Only huge.rats and rows of his fellowmen. Double Wedding Solemnized '0e0rati0n Featured on Waists "> ,=.I Organize Foreign Mission A pretty double wedding took place for Tailored Use. ,I American Legion Notes  Society; Officers Selected in Minneapolis on Wednesday of last M I week in which three of the partici- Minnesota veterans who received I A Women's Home and Foreign Mis- pants were young people from th|S less than $200, as a Minnesota bonus, I sion Society was organized in the vtinLty. Esther Gjengdal was mar- are entitled to free tuition equal in[ Big Stone Lake Mission Congregation ried to Melvin O. Lyseng and Josie value to the difference between their last Thursday at the home of ChaD. Gjengdahl became the wife of Leon- actual state bonus and $200. For in- Lindholm. . ard Albertson of Modovi, Wis, Mr. stance, if a buddy received $75 cash Mrs. Ida C. Young organizer of and Mrs. Lyseng will make their home bonps, he may still avail himself of Woman's Home and Foreign Mission in Minneapolis and her sister and her $125 worth education in any school or Society of the Free Mission Church, husbond will live on a farm near Men- college approved by the Minnesota was present. An interesting talk on dovi. / Department of Education, provided he the work of the. Society and of the applies for the tuition before July needs in the home mad foreign fields   ist, 1924. Application should go to was given by her. A good meeting  .................................................................. Minnesota Soldiers Tuition Dept., Old was enjoyed and seral members re- ,rBIBL E TH0GI-rr Capitol. ceived. Mrs. Oscar Lof, President of J j =-FOR TODAY-= THIS GETS 'E'M the Ladies Aid, acted as chairman. llm.m, =[[ Cloquet Post puts up a $2 attend- Miss Anna Lindholm was elected ance prize at every meeting. This is Secretry-Treasurer of the new organi- .": ....... ': ..............  ........... ,"" ........... paid out of the post fund. The post zation here. THE POWER OF FAITH:--Jesus roster on seperate cards is phced in , :. said unto them, if ye have faith as a a hat and the 50th name drawn is the ' Autoes Colide; Damages S!ight grain of mustard seed, ye shall say lucky man, if present at the meeting. Because Old Sol peeped hs head unto this ,mountain, Remove hence to L not veer sent, the "rt". oroes over l, from .... beneath a blanket of clouteD..ra" until the next meeting ani is doubled lter sundemy Wednesday morning yonder place and it shall remove: and and so on until the lucky member is l causes an accident that occurred nothing shall be impossible unto you-- present to claim his reward. Oh boyll at ......... the corner of the Schoen-Swenson Matthew 17:20. (Note Cloquet Post with 275 members 'urnzrure ompany .m wmcn aur.os Love is never too blirul to distin- set the lucky umber at 50, Which uriven oy w. xa. taaueck and W. C. means that no prize is given unless at least fifty members are present. Smaller posts wouht set the winning number correspondingly lower). Help A Buddy E. W. Tolzman, Adjutant, American Legion Post No. 459, Minnesota Lake, requests that Arthur Blakenheim, Ser- ial No. 2100248, private, 9th Infantry, Roy P. Hennum, Serial No. 8126387, Private, 112th Infantry, Joseph Paz- deriski, Serial No. 3335029, Private, 56th Infantry, Arthur R. W. Pretzer, Serial" No. 3121588, Private, 308th In-i fantry, communicate with him that he1 may be enabled to secure for a buddy wounded in the Argonne offensive, compensation to which he i entitled. New Orleans At New Orleans the Legion made tentative plans for-- A Father's Auxiliary to the Ameri- can Legion. A national home for destitute amt orphaned children of deceased Legion- aires. A mutual aid and benefit division having as a branch  loan bureat The American Legion Fathers Aux- iliary authorized by the national con- vention but definite action on the. na- Uonal home and the mutual aid depart- ment will not be taken until a special comani.ttee investigates nd reports eoncering these innovations. Other Natlonal Plans 'Among other interesting steps au- thorized at New Orleans were-- The preparation and distribution of a Legion poster and a Legion motion picture film .showing how .to respect the Flag. The setting aside of he Friday be- fore the first day of May of each year to be designated "Amercanization Day' on which the 12,000 Legion posts of the nation will hold patriotic exercises. The starting, on January 1st, 1923, of a nation-wide campaign, in con- junction with the U. S. Veterans Bu- reaU, to adjust all outstanding claims against the government of sick and I injured wax veterans. small a soul he was. Alone. In a great city of splendid opportunities. But of what good, alone ? He could get millions in gold, but had no one to spend it with. Lots of public utilities but no one to *run them. No lights, no pleasures How sadly alone! He now most thor- ' oughly realized the need of companion- ship. He realized for the first time in his life how utterly dependent he was upon his fellowman. He knew now that he was wrong and he only. It was the smallness f a mean man, he self- ishness of an individual alone tha divorced him from the plehsures of companionship. He was gnawing at the husks of discontent. He knew now that goedfellowship and the little courtesies which we extend one to another are the things which make life worth while. His soul craxed the companionship of a man. He was struggling in a battle with the odds and ends of a morbid, selfish life. He was dreary and wanted fellowship. One cannot live alone! He awoke. He went forth from his dream a bet- ter man. He had received the mes- sage, age old, "Love thv neighbor as thyself." He had learned: in truth, that each man is dependent upon his fel- lows:th/tt it is only through eo-opera- i tion and fellowship that the living of our lives is worth while, that homes, Braun collided. Halleck who was blinded by the sun was driving towards the depot, he at tempted to turn at the intersection. He failed to see a car approaching from the south, driven by Mr. Braun. Alho Braun applied his brakes the car jammed that of Hallecks, doing but slight damage to the latters car. The chronic borrower is almost as quick at making friends as at break- ing them. guish the dollar mark. Holland and her colonies have no tariff and believe in free trade. .... J  T i Save Your Clothes I-iave them Dry Cleaned and pressed, maybe they need a little repairing also, you will be surpris- ed the difference it makes. Ortonville Dry Cleanerp QUALITY FIRST- -THEN SERVICE [HFLUENZA AS a preventive melt and inhal Vicks night and morning. Apply a little upnostrils belrore mingling with crowds. Good News in Every Bank Small though the Bank Book is, if you practice Thrift, it will always hold more good news for you than even the daily news.  will always bring a smile and strengthen your hopes of a prosperous future. If you want an incentive, just take wat few dollars you can spare this week, bring them to zs and start a Savings Account. We will add interest. ORTONVILLE STATE John Carlson, President. C. J. Stark, Cashier. H.A. Stuek, Au't. FORD Prices again REDUCED We herewith announce an- other reduction of $50 in the prices of the entire line of FORD automobiles which makes the present price $62 under pre-war price of Ford autos. New Ford prices: Chassis ........................................................ $235.00 Runabout, Regular .................................... $269.00 Touring, Regular ........................................ $298.00 Truck ............................................................ $380.00 Coupe ............................................................ $530.00 Two Door Sedan ........................................ $595.00 F. O. B. DETROIT The Four Door Sedan is a new model car which possesses features that will recommend it for Comfort, appearance and style. It is fine de-luxe car with the defflated price. H. L. McDowell ._ FORD DEALER GraceviHe ." ." Minnesota DO NOT tie up with anyone for your 1924 CALENDAR Requirements UNTIL you have seen thd superb samples of Art Calendars and Wall Pockets which we will show you the first of the year. This famous line for which we were fortunate to secure the exclusive agency for this territory, ranges from the most inexpensive to the finest calendars made. There will be something for every taste and requirement to select from. Keep your money at home. The dollar the salesman of a calen- dar house in a distant city takes out of town is lost forever. The dollar spent with a growing local concern somehow finds its way back into your cash register. Every time yea send to another town for anything that can pe pur- chased at home you are beostihg that town and knocking your own. Dollars ain't like 'eats, they don't come back. The Ortonville Independent