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December 1, 1998     The Ortonville Independent
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December 1, 1998

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Editorial comment Science has spoken: Global warming is a myth (Editors note: This article was submitted by Vic Stolpman, taken from The Wall Street Journal, Dec. 1997) Political leaders are gathered in Kyoto, Japan, '. working away on an international treaty to stop "global warming by reducing carbon dioxide . emissions. The debate over how much to cut emissions has at times been heated--but the entire enterprise is futile or worse. For there is not a shred of persuasive evidence that humans have been responsible for increasing global temperatures. What s more, carbon dioxide emissions have actually been a boon for the environment. The myth of "global warming" starts with an accurate observation: The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is rising. It is now about 360 parts per million, vs. 290 at the beginning of the 20th cen tury, Reasonable estimates indicate that it may eventually rise as high as 600 parts per million. This rise probably results from human burning of coal, oil and natural gas, although this is not certain. Earth's oceans and land hold some 50 times as much carbon dioxide as is in the atmosphere, and movement between these reservoirs of carbon dioxide is poorly understood. The observed rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide does correspond with the time of human release and equals about half of the amount released. Carbon dioxide, water, and a few other substances are "greenhouse gases." For reasons predictable from their physics and chemistry, they tend to admit more solar energy into the atmosphere than they allow to escape. Actually, things are not so simple as this, since these substances interact among themselves and with other aspects of the atmosphere in complex ways that are not well understood. Still, it was reasonable to hypothesize that rising atmospheric carbon dioxide levels might cause atmospheric temperatures to rise. Some people predicted "global warming," which has come to mean extreme green house warming of the atmosphere leading to catastrophic environmental consequences. CAREFUL TESTS The global-warming hypothesis, however, is no longer tenable. Scientists have been able to test it carefully, and it does not hold up. During the past 50 years, as atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have risen, scientists have made precise measurements of atmospheric temperature. These measurements have definitively shown that major atmospheric greenhouse warming of the atmosphere is not occurring and is unlikely ever to occur. The terpperature of the atmosphere fluctuates over a widd range, the result of solar activity and other influences. During the past 3,000 years, there have been five extended periods when it was distinctly warmer than today. One of the two coldest periods, known as the Little Ice Age, occurred 300 years ago. Atmospheric temperatures have been rising from that low for the past 300 years, but remain below the 3,000-year average. Why are temperatures rising? The first chart nearby shows temperatures during the past 250 years, relative to the mean temperature for 1951-70. The same chart shows the length of the solar magnetic cycle during the same period. Iose correlation between theseto parmetersthe shorter the solaf:ycl (and fierce the rnore active the sun), the higher the temperature-demonstrates, as do other studies, that the gradual warming since the Little Ice Age and the large fluctuations during that warming have been caused by changes in solar activity. The highest temperatures during this period occurred in about 1940. During the past 20 years, atmospheric temperatures have actually tended to go down, as shown in the second chart, based on very reliable satellite data, which have been confirmed by measurements from weather balloons. Consider what this means for the global-warming hypothesis. This hypothesis predicts that global PRINTING Is Our Business THE ORTONVII.I.E Iffi3EPEffi3ENT temperatures will rise significantly, indeed catastrophically, if atmospheric carbon dioxide rises. Most of the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide has occurred during the past 50 years, and the increase has continued during the past 20 years. Yet there has been no significant increase in atmospheric temperature during those 50 years, and during the 20 years with the highest carbon dioxide levels, temperatures have decreased. In science, the ultimate test is the process of experiment. If a hypothesis fails the experimental test, it must be discarded. Therefore, the scientific method requires that the global warming hypothesis be rejected. Why. then, is there continuing scientific interest in "global warming"? There is a field of inquiry in which scientists are using computers to try to predict the weather---even global weather over very long periods. But global weather is so complicated that current data and computer methods are insufficient to make such predictions. Although it is reasonable to hope that these methods will eventually become useful, for now computer climate models are very unreliable. The second chart shows predicted temperatures for the past 20 years, based on the computer models. It's not surprising that they should have turned out wrong - after all the weatherman still has difficulty predicting local weather even for a few days. Long-term global predictions are beyond current capabilities. So we needn't worry about human use of hydrocarbons warming the Earth. We also needn't worry about environmental calamities, even if the current, natural warming trend continues: After all the Earth has been much warmer during the past 3,000 years without ill effects. But we should worry about the effects of the lyydrocarbon rationing being proposed at Kyoto. drocarbon use has major environmental benefits. A great deal of research has shown that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide accelerate the growth rates of plants and also permit plants to grow in drier regions. Animal life, which depends upon plants, also increases. Standing timber in the United States has already increased by 30% since 1950. There are now 60 tons of timber for every American. Tree-ring studies further confirm this spectacular increase in tree growth rates. It has also been found that mature Amazonian rain forests are increasing in biomass at, about two tons per acre per year. A composite of 279 research studies predicts that overall plant growth rates will ultimately double as carbon dioxide increases. LUSH ENVIRONMENT What mankind is doing is moving hydrocarbons from below ground and turning them into living things. We are living in an increasingly lush environment of plants and animals as a result of'the carbon dioxide increase. Our children will enjoy an Earth with.tice as much plant and animal life as that with which we" now are blessed. This is a wonderful "I n00nks a million I Dear Percy: I am involved in a very special project: building the YMCA of Marquette County. I grew up in the Upper Peninsula. As a teenager there was nothing to do after school. Fortunately, I muddled through those difficult years without malting too many serious mistakes. By some people's standards, I've gone on to enjoy a successful career. Every day, I remind myself just how lucky I am. Today, I truly think it is harder for teens to make good decisions than it was in my youth. With the alarming increase of single parent homes, accessibility to drugs and sexual promiscuity, our kids are truly "rolling the dice." Our new YMCA will provide a field house for basketball, tennis, soccer, volleyball and hockey. We'll also have a swimming pool, wellness center, teen center and kid's gym (ages 5 to 10). Any male or female of any age, race, faith, ability or income will be welcomed. NO child will ever be turned away due to lack of funding. Up until now, if anyone wanted to use a facility like the YMCA they would have to travel about 70 miles. -In order that everyone will have equal accessibility, our building site is in the heart of Marquette. The total cost is $3,000,000. Thro0gh great efforts we have raised $2,400,000. I feel so strongly about this project that I recently made a donation of $100,000, leaving us $500,000 short of our goal. I realize your roots lead back to the U.P. which is partly why I'm appealing to you. I also know you're extremely generous, and if you could, would send us the entire $500,000 needed. However, I know this would take away from all the people you do help, who would never find assistance any place else. Percy, I'm asking you to tap into your greatest resource. If you would ask each of your readers to send $1, we'd realize our goal. It's a monumental favor to ask, but what are friends for? Mary Tavemini, t:e President CellularOne, Marquette, Mi Dear Readers: In the l$-plus years l've written this column, I can count on 2 hands the number of times l've asked you to contribute toward a cause. And in those few instances, it has always been for an and unexpected gift from the industrial revolution, individual and never an ....... J-iroons are needed tQ feed and lift from, r organization, Pt ofthe reason poverty Vast numbers of people across the globe, ' This can eventually allow all human beings to live long, prosperous, healthy, productive lives. No other single technological factor is more important to the increase in the quality, length and quantity of human life than the continued, expanded and unrationed use of the Earth s hydrocarbons, of which we have m 2O CLUES ACROSS I. Parody 6. Papier- , art material 10. Musical composition 1 i. Excite 12. Stationed 13. City in Italy 14. City in Italy 15. Aircraft part 18. Surrender claim to 2 I. Changes state 25. Spanish city 28. Water chestnut 32. S. American nation 33. Bateleur, for one 34. Yucca, for one 35. Nuzzles 36. Chair designer 37. Business proven reserves to last more than 1,000 years. Global warming is a myth. The reality is that global poverty and death would be the result of Kyoto s rationing of hydrocarbons. - Arthur B. Robinson and Zachary W. Robinson are chemists at the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine Special Service next Sunday at Baptmt here Next Sunday, Dec. 6th, at 7:30 p.m., New Life Community Baptist in  Ortonville,  invites you to Jm join them as they ring in the r/ira season commem-  orating our Savior s birth, as they host Donna Hulst in a Handbeil Christmas Concert. Donna is an accomplished Malmark Handbell performer, having played four octaves of 49, rich sounding, bells at over 700 engagements including a performance at Mr. Ruslunore. A freewill offering will be accepted at the concert. For more information call lhe church offices at (320) 839-3440. SOLUTIONS ACROSS I. Spoof 6. Mfiche I 0. Toccata I I. Elate 12. Based 13. Palermo 14. prate 15. Nacelle 18. Remise 2 I. Reacts 25. Granada 28. Trapa 32. Surinam 33. Eagle 34. Agave 35. Noses 36. Eames 37. Trade being, if I raise funds for one organization, why wouldn't I do the same for any other organization that enlisted my help? Well, in this particular case, I have many reasons to break from my norm. I've become Increasingly distraught over the youth in our great nation. There's no doubt about it-we are faced with a serious dilemma, in that our children are basically being raised by themselves. We begin with the single parent home. No morn or dad when the kids get home. They're left to entertain themselves with the TV and we all know what we can find on TV.a lot of sex and violence. And that is just the 6 o'clock news. From there it gets worse. This future generation may have the most advanced technology, but the only exercise they're getting is having their fingers on a keyboard. We have to start exercising their b(lies, as well as their minds. The type of programs the YMCA offers build strong muscles, in addition to teaching discipline, commitment, team work and fair sportsmanship. This facility will provide a safe environment for kids to help keep them off the streets-a structured environment with parameters and supervision. Don't we owe this to our children? That's why l'm going out on a limb and asking each of my readers to send $1 toward this worthy cause. l've donated $1,000, but with your help, we would move a mountain in Marquette. You may mail your donation to: The YMCA of Marquette County, P.O. Box 441, Marquette, MI 49855. Your help would make me so proud, because it would create a legacy of just how caring my readers are. We may not always have one another, so let's see together, what we can achieve today. Thank you! Editor's note: check your local radio station for Percy Ross' call of the day and visit his web site at Write Percy Ross, c/o the Ortonville Independent, PO Box 39000-B, Minneapolis, MN 55439. Include your phone number. All letters are read. Only a few are answered in this column; others may be acknowledged private!. 16 29 I CLUES DOWN I. A fast horse, for one 2. Central, pivotal 3. Central Florida city 4. Musical composition 5. North Atlantic islands 6. Moses , NBA star 7. Thre-dimensional 8. Tripod 9, Provide 16. Government agency, abbrev. 17. Skeletal mule, inlbrmal 19. Sense organ 20.  Fleming 22. Freshman 23. Domestic cat 24. Fundamentals 25. Celts 26. Texas team membe 27. At right angles to the center of a ship 29. Severity 30. Squash bugs 3 I. Surfaced SOLUTIONS DOWN I. Stepper 2. Polar 3. Ocala 4. Octet 5. Faeroes 6. Malone 7. Cubic 8. Easel 9. Endue 16. EPA 17. Lat 19. Ear 20. lan 22. Entrant 23. Siamese 24. Basics 25. Gaels 26. Aggie 27. Abeam 29. Rigor 30. 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