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December 22, 1998     The Ortonville Independent
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December 22, 1998

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Impeachment House Republicans head over the clef They have done it; the Republicans in the House of Representatives have impeached President Clinton on grossly inflated charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. In taking that extreme step -- and in barely avoiding the adoption of two accusations that were even more ridiculous -- the Re- publicans thumbed .their noses at the U.S. Constitution, at fairness, at com- mon sense and at the people. The institutional recklessness dem- onstrated Saturday by the House GOP grossly exceeds the personal reckless- ness Clinton demonstrated in his rela- tionship with Monica Lewinsky. This impeachment deserves the ignomini- ous death it will certainly get at the hands of the U.S. Senate. If there is to be a motion of censure, its most fitting subject now would be the House GOP caucus. With cards, letters, phone calls, faxes and e-mails, the American people should pass an informal censure motion of their own. Some Republican House members no doubt believe their votes to im- peach were in the country's best inter- est. They are mistaken. Like lemmings rushing to the sea, they allowed them- selves to be led over a constitutional cliff by a rabidly anti-Clinton coterie directed by Majority Leader Dick Ar- mey and Majority Whip Tom DeLay. Saturday's votes were not about the rule of law, not about the sanctity of the Constitution. They were about get- ting Clinton. They were an outgrowth of a six-year war waged against the president by a radical, fundamentalist right because he threatened its intru- sive moral and cultural agenda for the nation, That consuming anti-Clinton hatred has its base in the president's prochoice attitudes, but extends across a broad policy spectrum from his support for gay rights to his views on education reform. Never was the viciously self-right- eous nature of the case against Clinton clearer than Saturday, when Speaker- designate Robert Livingston an- nounced his intention to decline the speaker's post and leave the House. Livingston said that, because he had been unfaithful to his wife, he was quitting-- an example he called upon Clinton to follow. Incredibly, Armey and DeLay offered profuse praise for Livingston's action, confirming that they indeed view purity in one's pri- vate sexual behavior as a prerequisite for public service in the House and in the speaker's chair. Balderdash; as Democratic Whip David Bonior of Michigan emphatical- ly responded, Livingston should not resign and he should not have called on Clinton to resign. Now the question moves to the Seh- ate, where the dynamics change dra- matically. In the Senate, a two-thirds vote is required to remove Clinton from office, and the Armeys and De- Lays of the world do not command that kind of power. The charges against Clinton must be proved in the Senate, not merely asserted as they were in the House -- a point that was argued eloquently by both Christopher Shays, a Republican, and Iohn Con- yers, a Democrat. In the Senate, the president and his defenders will have an opportunity to cross-examine witnesses whose un- challenged testimony House Republi- cans selectively used to buttress their case for impeachment. Finally, in the Senate, what will be exposed is not presidential malfea- sance, but the "politics of personal destruction" that House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt so well de- scribed. The House regrettably reject- ed Gephardt's plea not to "capitulate to the negative forces consuming our political system and our country." In the Senate, the American people de- serve better; they deserve, as Gephardt said, an end to "the practice of de- stroying imperfect people on the altar of an unobtainable morality." Courtesy of Mpls. Star Tribune Big Stone City Gaff Maxwell, Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 15th. Phone 839-2207 The Robert Zahnows, Bob and Sis Torgerson visited her son ' Juanita Carlson, and Arvin and Kevin Remund at Milan on Tuesday, Jennifer Mueller were dinner guests of Bodo and Bea Steinke's home in Appleton on Saturday, Dec. 19th to celebrate Christmas. Bodo and Stacey Steinke and family spent the weekend of the 18th, 19th and 20th with Peter and Pam Steinke and family. On Wednesday morning, Dec. 16th Naomi Sandlin attended an interdenominational Bible Study in Milbank at the hom of Vi Berkner with about fifteen ladies present. At the close the ladies went to the Millstone for lunch. Calvin and Naomi Sandlin attended the open house for the Big Stone Historical Society on Sunday afternoon, Dec. 13th. Of special interest was the huge beautiful collection of waterfowl from many pans of North America. These were donated by Charles Hanson. Mr. and Mrs. Duane Torgerson and Ashley and Nicholas of Jordan, were Sunday afternoon visitors at the home of Geneve Comero. SECOND GRADE Mrs. Thompson, Teacher Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a remot control car and a dirt bike that raceses. Love Scan Leuthardt Dear Santa, I want a doll, a beanie baby, and a spice girl doll. How is rudolph. Love Brittany Halvorson Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a nintendo 64, and a nintendo game called Chopper Attack. Also a lap top computer. Love Ben Johnson Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a Nintendo 64 with WWF game, a new skateboard and a huffy bike. How are you. Love Dylan Jorgensen Dear Santa, For Christmas I'd like a barbie head and a spy kit the last thing is a Betty Spaghetti doll So'how is Norl). 1991 D, 2992 JLn?J &y 0.63 0.24 -0.3S 0.66 Fa 0. 8 0169 0.01 0.51 Hach 1.82 1.62 -0.20 1.1S J4p11 2.32 3.43 1.11 1.60 "ly 2.98 3.32 0,34 1.34 Jxne 4,10 */.51 3.41 7.90 tly $.21 S.32 2.11 3.55 Aust " 3.09 3.81 0.72 1.90 . 1.86 2.71 O,e5 1.71 Oce..obe  .93 0.6 -1,24 0.36 NrlmbqE 1. 1.18 0.16 1.4Se Dtclml 0.64 0,47 -0.17 0.4S Total 24.20 30.99 6.71 22.83 Blg Courat:y Charles llanmon Fat:lit on A.rtlchoke LaLke 1,,'pd.a by John Oarmlnqha.m Decee= 15, 19911 Def. 1993 Def. 1994 De. 1995 Deft. 1996 De'Z. 1997 Def 0.03 1.01 O.3B 0../ 0.13 0 1 -0.02 2120 1.9"/ 319 256 -0,17 0.26 -0.,12 0.93 0.25 0.29 -0.39 0.SE -0 12 0 53 -0 15 -0.67 1.58 -0.24 0.53 -1.29 3.48 1.16 0.';2 -1.30 1.43 -039 -0.'/2 2.10 -0.22 4.31 1.99 2.98 O.G6 0.60 -1 72 322 0.90 2 "71 -1.64 3.50 0.52 1.50 -1.48 3.39 0.41 4.25 1.2"/ 0 gg -1 99 2.9| 3.80 5.62 1.52 2.22 -1.88 2.98 -1.12 1.54 -2 S6 2 01 -2.09 313 0.34 8.14 4.93 5.41 2.20 6.Sl 3.30 5.0S 184 363 0.42 5.15 -1.19 2.611 -0.41 2.26 -0.113 5.19 2.10 3.3g 0.30 3 59 O.SO 3.371 -0.15 2.02 0.16 2.55 0.69 3.58 1.72 3.22 136 137 -0.49 0 411 -1.53 0.47 -1.46 2.94 1.01 3.04 1.11 4.23 2.30 3.59 1.E6 4.69i O.E 2.1g 1.1"/ 0.94 -0.08 0 24 -0.'8 1.5"2 055 0 64 -0 38 1 55  1.13 1 91 Rnd R Om Loa -0.19 0.97 0.33 0.24 -0.40 0.55 -0.09 1 74 I 10 0 I7 -0 47 ........................................................... -1.45 3054 6,26 24,S9 0,31 3284 8 56 28.87 459 24 36 0 08 21. Total excess IP'eclpl.alon J,nuag'y I, 1991 'gogh Ho-naber 30, 1998 -i'UalS 29 64 1riches Sending warm wishes for a bright and beautiful Holiday Season. ORTONVILLE PLUMBING & HEA'I SCOTT, JERRY AND MIKE ORTONVILLE Dec. 15th. Sunday evening, Dec. 13th Sis Torgerson attended a Christmas party and dance held at the Ramkota Inn in Watertown. It was held for the special children. Melvin Ballhagen of Beardsley and Ada Herrmann of Ortonville were Sunday, Dec. 13th dinner guests of Ervin and Lamoine Herrmann. Lorraine Schnaser visited at the Michael Keith Home in Milbank on Sunday afternoon, Dec. 13th. Also joining them were Mr. and Mrs. Bar), Keith and Brady of Aberdeen. Myron and Lorraine Schnase were dinner guests at Gladys Brehmer's Wednesday, Dec. 16th and celebrated Gladys' birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Voeltz spent a pre-Christmas weekend get-together at Mr. and Mrs. Mark Adolphson and family of Edina. Herbert Zahnow of Clinton was a coffee guest of Evelyn Zahnow on Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a baby Dill doll. I also want a spice girl doll and diary. I also want some jewerly. How are you? Merry Chistmas! Love Samantha L Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a nintendo 64, with 10 games. I want a squirt gun and a laser beam. I want a nerf ball. Love Cameron Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like a doll that talks and eats and cries. I would like a magic attic club doll her name is Alison and she is so pretty ! I would like the CD aqua because I just love that CD. I just like it! Love Jillian Wandersee Dear Santa, I woud like a ninetendo 64, a new bike, a nitrodozer. How are you. Love Jake Henrichs Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a new bike for Christmas, I want a new nintendo for Christmas, I want a new pair coveralls, How are you? Love Paul Kellen Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like a remote control car, a Nintendo 64 and a new game boy. How is Rudolph? Love Bryant Zahrbock Evelyn Zahnow Sunday noon, Dec. Rudolph the red nose reinde&. How t [ 20th for Evelyn's birthday which is on are you doing? Are you reddy to go Monday, Dec. 21st. on the sleigh in 8 days? The Steinke family gathered at Love Brittany W Here's hoD/off it all adds up to on outstanding season for all our friends and neighbors! ANDERSON TAX & ACCOUNTING May the true spirit of Christmas envelop you and your loved ones, as together we rejoice in the birth of our Saviour. Rausch Bros Monument Co., Inc. Box 37 * Ortonville. MN 56278 Big StOne Cily. SD 572115 Phone |605) 862-8155 Ortonvflle, Minnesota Phy//ts, Deb, Rhonda, Pam I FIRS , Lynn K W'uhing you a mondrous and magical season. and peace skit! upon the Earth for all mankind. OIs0n Plumbing & Heating Len & Evy Olson Octomib, W Someday your world will be a different place. :. Someday you'll look at energy in ways you never thought possible. Someday you'll have chok:es to make. Someday is here. And so are we, to light your way. Page 2c 00INDEPENDENT Tuesday, Dec. 22,