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December 24, 2002     The Ortonville Independent
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December 24, 2002

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Editorial comment KINDERGARTEN Mrs. Maas Dear Santa, I want a skateboard and squirt gun for Christmas. RaeAnn wants a Barbie and Shane wants a fourwheeler. My morn wants a new pan and my dad wants a new shed. Love, Riley Thompson Dear Santa, I want a doll for Christmas. Joseph wants a car. Mom would like some new dishes and dad wants tools. Love, Hannah Mathes Dear Santa, I want a Polly Pocket and a Bath and Barbie. I don't know what Teil or room and dad want. Love, Jerika Eppel Here's hoping the holidays are filled with the best of everything for all our friends and neighbors, everywhere. We appreciate your patronage and sincerely look forward to seeing you in the future. Happy Holldayst Agassiz & Odessa Mutual Insurance Company ODESSA, MINNESOTA Clues ACROSS 1. Formerly (archaic) 5. Pop 10. Pigeon pea 14. Art _, around 1920 15. Hydroxyls + 2C 16. Romanian city 17. Esau's descendants (Bible) 18. Insert mark 19. A blue dye 20. Weather report on the range 23. Makes computers 24. Drive obliquely, as of a nail 25. Begetters 29. Beauties 33. Herbs . 34. Self-immolation by fire 15 L-F -i il!,00 I 81 - ! 64 I I I 68. Destinies Clues DOWN 1. Shangri-la 2. Change 3. Lives north of England 4. Salt water fishes 5. In a way, develops 6. Two-toed sloth 7. Dominate 8. Clay soil layer 9. Extensive landed property 10. Non-standard speech 11. A hired laborer on a farm or ranch 12. Continent 13. Easter or water 21. Gadand 22. Mauna , Hawaiian 36. Unit of weight (Indian) 37. Wrath 38. Law 39. Highly contagious viral disease 40. Wyatt _, OK Corral 42, Marks to omit print 44. Insect repellent 45. Occupies 47. Swiss lake 49. Take by theft 50. Licensed practical nurse 51, Michael J. Fox movie of 1985 60. Opaque gem 61, Goatlike antelope 62. A growth-regulating chem- ical sprayed on fruit trees 63. Monetary units of Italy 64. Plant disease 65. Source of the Blue Nile 66. Performs 67. Take hold of (Brit.) volcano 25. More abstinent 26. Airs 27. Beloveds 28. Deals 29. Picture component I I -- -,---I E_-p!t!a I 30. Andreas __, Tyrolese patnot 31. Barkin, actress 32. A way to fry 35. Cablegram, abbr. 41. Predicaments 42. Swears 43. Treat with acid 44. Having toothlike pro- jections in the margin 46. Spnnkle 48. Central processing unit 51. Feadess and daring 52. Celery (Spanish) 53. A cause for feeling concern 54. Empty container used as a counter- balance to obtain net weight 55. Biu-Mandara 56. Sells 57. Mounted soldier 58. Monetary unit of South Afdca 59. Amounts of time III III Dear Santa, I want a hockey det, a hockey stick, a stocking cap, and a Spiderman web squirter. Sara would like a basketball and Alyssa wants a mouth guard for basketball. It is cool that Rudolf can fly Love, Joshua Tinklenberg Dear Santa, I would like a new watch and some CD's. Ashley would like new blocks. Dad wants some hunting stuff and morn wants stuff to clean the house with. Love, Austin Haas Dear Santa, I would like a Snow Angel Polly Pocket. Alex wants a monster truck and Maddie wants a new Pooh Bear blanket. Mom needs socks and dad needs a blue cap. Grandpa and Grandma would like a new house. Love, Mackenzie Gustafson Dear Santa, I would like a Polly Pocket. Craig wants a train and Chris wants a tractor. My room and dad don't need anything. Do you like to put presents in stockings? Do you like me? I like you! Love, Nicole Emde Dear Santa, I would like a Playstation 2. I got one for 3 days and had to bring it back. Dylan wants a new flashing light truck that beeps. I will share the Playstation with him. Mom wants a candle and dad want paint for the bathroom. Love, Tanner Arndt Dear Santa, I would like a Polly Pocketsand sparkling pencils like Hannah has. Does Rudolf give you a ride? I would like a baby brother but I already wish for that on St. Patricks day. Love, Stephanie Arndt Dear Santa, I want a snow angel Polly Pocket and a Barbie car. Erica will want a Barbie and Spencer will want a monster truck. Mom would like some pretty angels and dad would like paint for cars. Santa. will you bring me a present or not? How is the white snow monster doing? Love, Cassandra Stengel Dear Santa, I want a Hot Wheels shark plrk and a monster truck. Daniel and Raul want Hot Wheel stuff, too. I don't know what my sisters want. My m0m ......... and dad don't usually get much. Love, James Sitter Dear Santa, I want a bunk bed and a new fishing pole. Thanks. Love, Daniel Sitter Dear Santa, I want a monster truck and a motorcyle for Christmas. My mom wants a ruby ring. Sara wants a cross necklace. Grandma wants a diamond ring and Grandpa 9cants new tools. How does Rudolf fly? Love, Dylan Loraff Dear Santa, I want a Barbie and a ball. Mom wants earrings and dad wants clothes. Grandma wants blue pop. Love, Kendra Heipler Dear Santa, I want a computer game that plays music and a police car with a siren and lights, Haliegh warns a doll that talks and dad wants tools. Morn would like jewelry and Andrew could use a CD. Love, Zachary Dittei :q 00P'YP00Pq ,,*'=,, Tun LIGHT :" UP=; Wh ]esus is eer han Santa elaus Santa lives at the North o/e. }ESldS is everflwhere Santa rides tn a sleigh ?F__SMS rides on the wind and walks on the water. Santa comes Dut once a flear. ?ESIdS is an ever-present help. Santa fills flour stockings with oodies. cJffSIdS supplies all flour needs. Santa comes down flour chimnefl Mninvtted, ?ESMS stands at the door and knocks, and then enters flour heart ou have to wait m line to see Santa. c]ff-SldS is as close as the mention o[ His name. Santa doesn't know flour name; all he can safl is "Hi, little Doff or girl, what is ffour name?  ffSMS knew flour name De[ore we did. Not onlfl does He know our name, He know_ our address, too. He knows our historfl and [uture and he even know5 how manfl hairs are on our heads. Santa has a Dellfl like a bow/full of jellfl. ?ff.SMS has a heart o[ love. 111 Santa can offer is HO. HO, HO. ?F_Sl/IS offers health, help and hope. Santa safls, "ou'd better not crff." cJF_-SMS sa, "Cast all flour cares on me [or 9 care for gou." Santa liUcle helpers make toffs. Jff__qMS makes new life, mends wounded hearts repairs and builds mansions. Santa mafl make (jou chuckle, but ?ESL/IS gives flou jot d that is flour strength. While Santa puts gilts under flour tree, ?ffSldS became our gift and died on the tree. 9t obvious there is reallfl no comparison. We need to rememter WHO Christmas is all about. We need to put Christ back in Christmas. cJF__SMS is still the reason for the season. es, 7es is tetter: he tS even Oetter than Santa Claus. In Memory of our late publisher His Favorite Christmas Message He was born .in an obscure village , the child of a peasant woman. He grew up in another village, where He worked in a carpenteLh.o P until He was thirty. Then for three years He was an itinerant preacher. He never wrote a Ix)ok. He never held an office. He never hada family or owned a home. He didn't go to college. He never visited a big city, He never traveled two hundred miles from the place where He was lrn. He did none of the things that usually accompany greatness .He had no credentials but Himself b-'O.x.,,Hc was only thirt)'-lhec hen thv tide of pul'Jic opinion turned against ltim His friends ran awa)'. One of |hem denied Him. He was turned over to HiS enemies and went through the mocke D' of a trial. He was nailed to a cross between two thieves. ,9, While He as d)'ing ..... His cxcct:tioners gambtcd for His gamaents, the only property He had on earth. When Hc was dead. Hc was laid in a borrowed grave through the pit) of a friend. Nineteen centuries hae come and gone, and today He is the central figure of the human race. b-'xg. All the armies that ccr marched, all the navies that eer sailed, all dc parliaments that ever sat, all the kings that ccr reigned, put together, have not affected the life ,)f man on this earth as much as that ...... GGONE S 0LITAP.,Y May Christmas and the New Year , Bring You Many Blessings \\; The Ortonviff Independen! (U.S.P.S. 412-460) JAMES D. Publisher/Managing SUZEl-rE KAERC Editor and Advertising ARLENE WlESE Office Manager KATHIE LANTIS Computer and Composition . EMILEE OKESON Compositor/Receptior ARDIE ECKARDT Reporter/Photograph( BILL DWYER Pressman BOB SHEROD Pressman TIM GRONFELD Camera Department NANCY SCOBUC Collater PHIL BLAKE Layout Tues., Dec. 24, 2002 Vol. 8 Contitit the ORTONVILLE JOURt Every Tuesday at 29 2rid Oetoifle, MN 5278 Periodis Postage Paid at Ortonville SUBSCRIPTION RATI $30.00 per year in Big Stone Parle, Traverse and Swift C( M'mnesota, Grant and Roberts in South Dakota. $34.00 for i counties in Minnesota and Soul All others, $38.00 par year. 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N: We reserve tho right to r advertising without obligation our decision. POMClES: News: Our goal is to report th fully and accurately as pos staff's opinions will appear o opinion page. Editorials: Opinions publishe ' whether locally written other sources is intende0 late thinking and discussion at readers. Opinions expressed tor are her own and not neceas of other staff members. expressed in items from othe tions may be contradictory to own views, bt are offered for eral interest. Phone 320-839-6163 or I 839-3761 to place dlsplay.! sifted advortiMng IP Ortonville Independent. mail @ ortonvilleindepende Tuesday, Dec. 2  SANTA : Santa, you ! I A race car coat. I klas and the u! r Santa, lse bring r bucket on it Deere co es that are at are red e a feed tra md a remo flease. :4, r Santa, tse bring m s, a Barbi d make-up r Santa, Id you brir It's all I wa r Santa, ant a Barl: bike and t ! dollie, Santa, ant somet eal cool, a r a dump 5rt. That's enough. Lr Santa, s is from ( . I like a ( lr Santa, writing [mas " lel puzzle, nosaur toy How are ,. doing ri r Santa. mt batmm ia- Santa, t a bran actors witt into the s[ new load( luck....thai ar Santa, lye you! ackpack I like a ba ; Your welt Ir Santa, are you like sort d maybe s. Santa, We Santa )pter, am I want a e more t( a toy ba It Santa, 'ouid lil t' doll, b bring I also s so it i, and st gOing  le? A 'S one n shoes. B ar Santa, rant a H( at comes :and lots  Santa, eed a ia's go eld, be, ; it's gre tive, an Cried an as, some tVlerry our " Santa Rld yo toy? I nay bro | like m rrow. I': ou! IND WAb tSday, [ Page 2 - INDEPENDENT